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List of China Modern Torture Methods (slideshow)

Posted by Author on March 29, 2007

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Evidence has surfaced of over 100 torture methods being employed against Falun Gong practitioners from the year 1999 till now in China’s labour camps, detention centers, and mental hospitals, in where over 100,000 practitioners have been detained.

[rockyou id=61598035&w=426&h=320]

List of China Modern Torture Methods:

1. Burning
2. Electric Shock
3. Sexual Abuse
4. Psychiatric & Drug Abuse
5. Force-feeding
6. Savage beatings
7. Freezing and Exposing
8. Water Dungeon
9. Forced Abortions
10. “Death Bed”
11. “Tiger Bench”
12. “Hell Confinement”
13. “Small Cage”
14. Forced to Jump from Tall Building
15. “Flying an Airplane
16. “Squat
17. “Handcuffed in a Painful Position”
18. “Tied up”
19. Sitting on “Triangle-ridged Iron Plank”
20. “Carrying a Sword on the Back”
21. “Chain”
22. “Tied to a Bed”
23. “Tortured under a Bed”
24. “Tied to Trees”
25. “Solitary Confinement”
26. “Rope Tying”
27. “Hanging over the Head”
28. “Hanging by Two Thumbs”
29. “Hanging Upside Down”
30. Hung Up for Extended Period of Time
31. “Dog Bite”
32. “Snake Bite”
33. “Cutting of Flesh”
34. “Impaling the Fingers and Toes with Bamboo Stick”
35. “Needle Piercing” and “Toe Smashing”
36. Cigarette Burn
37. The Rampant Spread of Scabies
38. Forced to Sit in a “Sewage Pot”
39. Garbage Stuffed into the Mouth
40. Phlegm Poured into the Mouth
41. Force-Feeding with Urine
42. Force-Feeding with Feces
43. Deprivation of Sleep
44. Restricting the Use of the Toilet
45. Prohibiting the Use of Sanitary Napkins
46. “Covering a Shed” or Suffocation

More torture methods used by China police can be found under torture section on Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group website, and will be continuously added on this list later.

See Youtube video What is Falun Gong (falun Dafa), and here below Why is Falun Gong persecuted in China

Youtube Video: How did the persecution of Falun Gong happen in China

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81 Responses to “List of China Modern Torture Methods (slideshow)”

  1. “List of China Modern Torture Methods (slideshow) |
    Status of Chinese People” americanhorrorstory ended
    up being a marvelous post, cannot help but wait to read through alot more of your articles.

    Time to waste numerous time on the internet hehe. Thanks a
    lot ,Patsy

  2. tara gray said

    how about all you people start a petition or something, instead of being key board warriers, make a stand and fight for what you believe in and what you think is right, because posting long paragraphs on a website is not going to change a thing

  3. ambot said

    i just hope and pray that their government will be buried to death. So greedy and sadistic.

  4. John said

    These torture methods are indeed severe, but I don’t understand why the Falun Gong practitioners don’t either emigrate or give up their beliefs.

  5. Paul Stencell Jr said

    Wow it makes me glad that I live in Canada, but I was raised to have respect for oneself and others too. I sure know that if I lived in China I’d walk a straighter line than I already do now because that society lives a very law abiding rule over their something our society should take more pride in ourselves I think. That chinese race may be different from our from western race but they have their Sh@t together wheir we don’t, we could sure follow their lead and take better control of our people and then our countries people would be One like Chinas !!!!!!!!! GO China !!!!!!

  6. Chinese people need to realize AMERICA is not any different from china when it comes to torture and injustice and also Chinese people should know when they lost their men it’s not because of the powerful government it’s because the evil government or police was all created by woman and their mother decide weather or not the torture and the MONSTER should be continue the reason why china has over population and torture simple because woman can’t understand the value of family planing and abortion RIGHT.

  7. David M. Maddigan said

    If the Chinese will do these things to there own people think what they might do to others outside of there racial group if they ever had the chance. The truth is all dictatorships are evil and practice some kind of genocide on the people they rule over. In that respect communism is no different than nazism. Stalin killed more people than Hitler and Mao killed more than both of them combined. The world will not be safe until all dictorship is eliminated and democracy is the universal form of government in the world. Only then will opposing view points have a chance to exist.

  8. Anne said

    The Lord God in Heaven is watching what China’s government officials are doing to their own people. He knows continually what is happening to them. He hears their cries. He will judge China’s officials. God loves people, because he created them. People should never be tortured by their own government officials for living peaceably with their fellow man. These atrocities that are being done to the Chinese people by the local Chinese police, will only result in further and stronger uprisings and eventually, government over throw, just as it has happened in the middle east to those leaders in eastern countries, who tried to forced their will and control over their own people, because they thought that they could. History proves only otherwise. Former communist Russia is also a very good example of this very thing.

    • lukas said

      looks like god doesn’t watch them at all, or he is just having a laugh at their expenses. why would god (if he exists) punish them later rather than doing something about it now?

      otherwise i find it rather amusing that the Americans just don’t bother to throw a few bombs *cough* no oil *cough*

      • Tom said

        Uhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm Do you know how many things we depend on China for. You sound like a child by carelessly refering to a bomb you should realy think about what you say before you post it.

  9. cheese said

    ????? SICK

  10. bob said


  11. Tom Krzyzanowski said

    The reason I would never go to that place, crazy people run it. If I had my way I would kick the embassy out, and build a huge wall to keep the commis in, normal people can come live here, leave the commis there.

  12. Tom Krzyzanowski said

    One of the growing reasons I will never not even with a free ticket visit China, North Korea, much of Africa and Israel. Lot’s of nice places to see but insane people are running the countries so it makes it out of the question. At least until they greet me at the airport with my own personal tank, granades and machine guns. Only way I would even consider a free trip to any of these places.

  13. Ann said


    • Randy said

      The USA will not intervene because our economy pretty much is owned by china…if they cut trade with us our economy will be even worse than freezes economy it’s all about politics

  14. Misto said

    I’m Chinese and I have to say many people in China are not aware of this happening in the country.The so-called “Communist Party” never does anything good for the people and we are just so disappointed.Those who tried to stand up for the people,see what happened to them.The current Chinese society is a mess.

  15. EccentricSage said

    And this is the government that now holds most of my country’s debt, and who want their currency to be the new international standard.

    That is why this is not reported on in America. Greed and corruption.

    Now we have so many allies who we depend upon who are among the very worst human rights offenders. What have we become?! I’m so angry at my parent’s generation for letting us get to this point before my generation and younger generations were old enough to even understand international politics.

    • Leena said

      No need to lay blame on any particular generation. Everyone wants to point a finger and excuse themselves from responsibility. Previous generations (the masses) were more ignorant due to limited media sources. If anything, our generation will be held more accountable because it is pretty hard to escape knowledge in this information age. Lastly, there is nothing new under the sun. As long as there is greed, a need for dominance, and hatred, human suffering will continue. Think about how YOUR country began? Slavery, torture, rape, and murder. Stop the madness, REALLY. This country was NEVER based upon humanity. It’s called Manifest Destiny.

  16. gg said

    Man’s inhumanity to man is perhaps the most gut wrenching reality in life. How one human being can do this to another shows the indifference of man: he will torture, maim, and kill then go home
    and sit at dinner with his family as if it were a 9:00 – 5:00 job. I sometimes wonder, if you are
    brainwashed as a child, is it possible not to have any feeling at all for another being? If so, how is
    it that these same people can have families, who they care for, and not “feel” when they are torturing women and children?

    I just came back from China, and I found most of the people to be so warm and friendly. But
    there was a big military presence. A little unnerving to say the least.

  17. John said

    What happen to those big mouth human right people?
    I don’t see these pictures expose on the tube.
    Where’s the media?
    I’m nauseated, not by these pictures but by the stinking media that will not run then on every tv channel in the U.S.A.

  18. colombia said

    I have read in Lobsang Rampa’s books about the torture of Tibetan people and the way they are torturing their own people even at this age.Cannot believe humans can go that far.We all must be united to stop this!

    • Konchok Rangdrol said

      @John Thanks for writing, I totally agree. Im American, and Canadian and im writing now to US asking why news media is not covering the story of the young monks being burned, and the recent attack on 2,500 monks in Ngaba county, eastern Tibet, (Chin. Sichuan province). I saw things like this that they did to female nuns 20 years ago and I was young and I cried. Im in Montreal now hoping to do a 40 day hunger strike–im used to them–in support of the 2,500 monks. The Chinese police want to starve them to death! Theyve surrounded the monastery with barbed wire and fences, and cement wall so they cannot get out. CHinese police are angry because same monastery protested in 2008, same month March, and at that time Chinese “disappeared” 500 monks!

      Why US doesnt cover? Because UPI (united press international) is owned by Rev. Moon, whose family also one The Washington Times, a conservative US paper!!! Its all about propaganda, controlling the news. We have to write to congress, but Rev. Moon is friends with the Bush family for the past 20 years, and countless Congress members!

      We still have to complain and ask radio, TV, news shows, to carry the news about this.

      Im watching PBS and show is about China providing health care for 1 billion people…not about the rape and murder of men, women and children, and monks and nuns!

      Be well, and dont forget that there is goodness in the world, otherwise life becomes hard to live.

      take care,


  19. enozth said

    I like your website. Thank you for great information. I will come back to your website again.

  20. I’m Chinese, and I was put into the horrible labor camp in 2001, and put into jail in 2009 again. Nothing else, but I’m a Falun Gong practitioner. Several practitioners who are together with me in BeiJing TuanHe labor camp in 2001 were dead because of the horrible torture. Please check:
    Mr. Li Yanzhong
    Mr. Ding Guowang

    I just want to say that the horrible persecution to Falun Gong is the cruelest one in China, even in this world, and all these information are true, it’s really a disaster of the world. You can get more information from:

    While I’m lucky since finally I left China successfully and asked protection to Norway government, and now I’m wishing that all people know this persecution and do something to stop it.

    Also people can deeply check the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party which caused too many problems in China and the world. It’s good at making lies and killing, so it’s just too evil to see what it has done and what it’s doing. You can get more information from:

  21. Really it is matter of great concern. How the people are toleratig this?It Is cruelty of china of very high degree and we are against of this barbarian activity which is done be basted chinese on tibetan. we have sympathy on tibetan brother & sister. Founer President Of Union Of Indo TIbet Friends. (A.K.S.Rathod.)

  22. This form of torture must not be countenanced. I guess China’s government is pretty much aware of this and as such, it must act or else this will continue to blemish its badly hailed reputation as a nation.

  23. Amar Singh Deori said

    I have read in Lobsang Rampa’s books about the torture of Tibetan people and the way they are torturing their own people even at this age.Cannot believe humans can go that far.We all must be united to stop this!

  24. I read your article with great pleasure. You have very good information sharing. thanks

  25. kendralee said

    I think the government and the police force are very discusting and VERY VERY ignorant. As far as I am concern, if they are going to continue torturing and killing people, then they should be shot and pissed on!!!! For those that read this comment, please excuse my language, but it just makes me sooo very angry for people getting abused just for standing up tp what they believe in. And for those in China, I am sorry but your government is F**ked in the head. Someone needs to get him out of power and elect someone that actually cares about the people. I have no patience for idiototic people like your government and the police force. The police is suppose to be there to serve and protect you…NOT torture you. You keep practicing your beliefs, who cares what your government thinks. He can kiss everyone’s ass…including mine because I now will be studing the art.

  26. brian said

    The world; especially the U.S. needs more free trade agreements with this animal government. Yeah; right! They do not conduct themselves as any type of society. They are simply an aberrant existence.

  27. BirkeLaFolle said

    That’s terrifying. What a pity the world turns a blind eye to the persecution of Falun Gong. Journalists prefer to defend rights of terrorists – they weep for all the Hamas thugs. The Falun Gong adherents are innocent people worthy of admiration – they don’t give up their believes in spite of facing horrific inhuman tortures. Still, hardly anyone cares about them. Isn’t their tragedy mediagenic enough?

  28. van gool frederik said

    dear readers, only united we’ll be able to fight these horrible tortures.The more we are the louder our voices.Chinese leaders should know that everybody knows how they behave and that we are aware.

  29. Shawn said

    I’m totally shock after reading and seeing pictures of innocent people tortured. How can the f*cking Chinese government do this to their own people? How can the policemen follow such an order? Where’s the humanity? Some sick f*ckers must be running that country. F*ck the Chinese government. I will not buy anything that’s made in China again. Can’t believe there is such a thing like this going on now.

  30. chris said

    When i was eating in a Cambridge Chinese restaurant i mentioned to the manager (woman) about torture of FALUN GONG these Young Chinese students said to me that they deserved it…because the falun gong cult was American…which i thought was really stupid,especially as these students were all dressed in American Baseball Caps and American jeans.i was very angry about these stupid moronic students who blindly believe everything the chinese Communist party tells them…..PS WELL DONE GOOGLE…and if the Chinese Security or their Gestapo type people are reading this …F***K OFF !!!!! and a big F***K OFF to the OFFICE 610 who specialise in torturing their own people….You people in Office 610 would have made the Nazi Doctors mildly shocked… Need I Say More..23Skidoo

  31. dves said

    This is very discouraging. I am a Police officer in our country but I and my companions and all of the Police Troops never torture people like that. That’s abusive. I can’t believe it.

  32. There are many issues in China which have been covered by Western media, and I have worked hard to archive the footage from many networks on my channel

    I am not able to verify if the incidents of human rights abuse are still occuring in China, but you can see what has happened across the country during the last few years. I place my videos in different Playlists which you will find on my video channel, there are some within ‘Politics & War’, and more in ‘Human Rights Issues’.

    I hope things have got better for people in China, because people in China deserve reward, not punishment.

  33. Dreddloxx said

    I could’nt care less about the Chinese,as they are oblivious to the pain they inflict on animals AND each other. the whole continent of Asia needs wiping off the face of the earth as it is full of verminous sub-humans that serve no useful function to the planet other than breeding like rats.

    • Raphael said

      U sound just as bad Dreddloxx…the whole of Asia?? Sounds something similar to what Hitler would have said… check yourself first before u pass judgement as u might find yourself being one that needs wiping out.

  34. David Taylor said

    I did not mean to stop the useful dialogue. Surely someone else has read and has some thoughts since April 4. Please keep the comments coming so that the world gets a better chance to hear and see the truth.

  35. Andrea said

    This is a tragedy a horrible epic no one should have to go through life like this innocent people suffering daily as others sit with their feet up enjoying every second. In time of need people need to get together and for a common purpose stop the Chinese police from continuing with their torments and evil ways. Just because it isn’t us doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. Imagine it being you, your whole life taken away because someone wants to make it a living hell. Most people have only heard a few words about this others don’t even know and for the people who do know it’s our job to make it known. By not doing anything we make a decision by being apathetic and you can either do the right thing or not. This is bigger than most problems however because a large amount of people in china’s population die everyday suffer every minute from violent and brutal attacks and the people really can’t do anything. They’re starving, bruised , locked up, sexually abused, they can’t see their families, they’re alone with only a slight hope of a miracle. When’s that miracle going to happen? We have to step up to the plate and say something. If this was happening in America I would hope for some other country to step in and help. It’s the honorable right respectful thing to do and that’s what we need to do. Life is about helping others less fortunate and finding things along the way. Not about taking and being a glutton. I’m 14 years old and believe it or not even I can see the wrong in this. And if you find this matter of fact to be funny or not important than you definitely are sick and need help because this is far from funny, it’s actually the most serious thing. It’s only going to get a whole lot bigger in time and then we’ll have to fight bigger battles. Find ways to prevent this even if it’s the littlest thing.

  36. Mango Tree said

    Take all this torture and all this “Chinese government” style of barbarianism and REMEMBER the Tibetans. This has been going on for Tibetans since 1959 folks. How can the world sit by and allow this genocide, torture, imprisonment, injustice, religious prosecution, PLUS the theft of the entire Tibetan country??????????

    We each can do what we can do, which is SOMETHING. I support two Tibetans living in China, by a method which I cannot say because Chinese spies are everywhere. I am writing a book – a true story of the life of a girl who was imprisoned after going to India to school at 8 years old, her mother being threatened if she didn’t return, so she returned…only to go to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only due to some “connections” did she ever get released, but now she is blacklisted and can never work in China, not to mention her own homeland, Tibet. This is the little I can do. What are you doing? At least write to your congressman, demonstrate, go to Washington, do SOMETHING. If each one of us who reads this post does ONE thing to support human rights, we COULD possibly get somewhere. Too many people talk and take no action. Go to China as I did and witness this INHUMANITY in person. STOP BUYING products made in China thinking you’re helping the Chinese people. 90% of the industry is owned by the People’s Liberation Army. Folks, your dollars spent on Chinese products are our doom, not to mention how they support torture and inhumanity. Take a stand. Decide today and we can make a difference TOGETHER. Watch “Cry of the Snow Lion” for a good overview of the Tibetan situation. PLEASE PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. David Taylor said

    The format of this page needs to be revised so that visitors can readily see the reported news without having to scroll so far down. Many don’t even know to scroll down that far before getting the story much less finding how to respond.
    That said, let there be no doubt that the sum total of all that there is on this website, at and others make clear that the Chicom (CCP) remains one of the most tyrannical, brutal,deceptive,evil,barbaric bunch of hooligans who walk the face of this earth today. If you doubt for one moment that they are attempting to dominate this world, then you are gullible beyond belief. For more than forty years, I have studied their behavior and you may rest assured that they have gotten worsr post-Olympics than they were before the games.
    We just confirmed that the Chinese government has been involved in extensive internet hacking in more than over 103 countries at more than 1300 locations, spying on government and other sensitive emails in what can be described as no less than outright espionage. They have spies planted in Oxford and Cambridge Universities,and in financial institutions in other countries who are more active today than ever before. Madame Liu’s escapades have involved the Australian Minister of Defense and involvd him in meetings and dinners with more than six of the highest ranking Chinese military leaders and numerous other military officers.
    This week,when a courageous young reporter asked a spokesman for the Chinese Ministery about the whereabouts of Gao Zhisheng and the circumstances surrounding his dissapearance, he became visibly shaken made a hasty retreat.
    We have demanded and continue to demand information about the Nobel Peace Price Nominee and have been met only with silence, but that episode was a deafening loud admission of the evil involvement of the Chinese government in his abduction and probable torture.
    Men and women of conscience all over the world have begun stepping forward–helped his wife and children escape from China and gain refugee asylum in the US–demanding that China come forward on Gao’s whereabouts and safety.
    Chinese controlled television stations spew the government’s propoganda about one world living in harmony (to be ruled by China is what they have in mind), while Gao almost certainly has been being savagely tortured or murdered in some dungeon. As ignoramuses usually do, the Chicom has probably painted itself into a corner in that it probably cannot free Gao because he is in such bad shape or he is dead. Therefore, we can only hope and pray that at some time in the future he will be released.Our hearts and our prayers along with our diligence must remain with Gao, and may he feel our prayers and our diligence in the meantime.
    While we focus on Gao, however, we must not forget the larger picture of China’s attemp at world domination. For as long as history has been recorded regarding China it has been clear that “ethnocentricity” has been at the center our Chinese culture. In fact, as former ambassador to

  38. David Taylor said

    The format of this page needs to be revised so that visitors can readily see the reported news without having to scroll so far down. Many don’t even know to scroll down that far before getting the story much less the finding how to respond.
    That said, let there be no doubt that the sum total of all that ther is on this website, at

  39. Chris said

    Hi people,

    we ALL can do something against these horrible facts : STOP buying goods imported from China. Economic war defeated Soviet Union, it can also defeat China.

    Please think about this …

  40. Claudia Peters said

    When i hear the word China, I immediatly think about the cruelty this country inflicts on animals.Isn’t it crazy that I think that?That I associate China with animal cruelty?And that while there are many Chinese people that are animal lovers.But that falls into nothing compared to the cruelty I hear coming from that country.I’ve seen the video’s where the butchers first gives pain to a dog/cat before it is skinned ALIVE ! The horror…Cats and dogs and many other animals like this aren’t bred for human consumption, like cows and pigs (not that that is okay)
    I think it is appaling,cruel,barbaric,heartless,totally screwed up,selfish,and totally F***** up ! China (and Japan) are in my book the number 2 countries when it comes to animal cruelty,they need laws,enforcement.But then again,laws won’t happen because no one in their governments care about animals ! I just hope that the majority of China and Japan’s citizens that are animallovers will speak outrage against their Governments

  41. rowan said


    • Shea said

      its wrong to help animals before people……

      • rob caldwell said

        it is also a well knwon fact that serial killers start on animals then go in search of the bigger thrill ! because animals no longer satisfy there thirst for something so vile they then move onto people usually starting with children or people smaller and more innocent then go the whole hog !
        its wrong to put animals before humans but surely if animals are the start then putting a stop to that is the beggining of putting a stop to what then hapens to people by these scum i for one will not be takeing part in anything chinese from now on !

  42. Tom said

    My god i had no idea this was happening, and against people who are trying to spread the notion of truth and compassion, its reminiscent of the holocaust. What is wrong with the Chinese government? What can be done about it? Im not saying the American world police should step in but who can stand up for the Chinese people? This is appalling i feel sick knowing that in our modern society things like this still go on unabated.

  43. Denny said


  44. Denny said


  45. Ohh what a bad.Very scary.

  46. This torture isn’t addressed by governments because they support it. Their silence, though knowing, condemns them all. Think about that the next time you read how much the leader of your country is doing for you. Please keep up the good work, we are winning, but the fight is long. Peace, Jim

  47. The photos of torture are so horrific. I urge everyone to see the award winning documentary
    Tibet:Beyond Fear that documents the torture of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Nun and how they had the courage, inspired by the Dalai Lama, to move beyond fear despite all of the terrible things that were happening to them. Now they have found a way to let go of their anger and forgive their former torturers. They understand that the Chinese people are also suffering. The film also highlights how are actions can help free political prisoners in China.

  48. james mackenzie said

    this is inhuman. imoral and things like this only propogate more violence many people seek condoliance in religion and it is things like this that make me question every belief about myself and the world we live in. there is only one question we can ask and that is why? fear fear is the answer.

  49. […] our reluctance to engage in activities like harvesting organs from unwilling subjects, and our total lack of imagination in the area of law enforcement are obstacles that would have to be overcome, but I am sure that with a positive […]

  50. Goldsaint said




  51. Thanh said

    We adamantly object and condemn China’s transgressions of Vietnamese sovereignty on the Spratly and Paracel Islands.
    We request that the United Nations intervene in this act of transgression by the Chinese government onto Vietnamese sovereign territories of the Spratly and Paracel Islands. It is an act of defiance and is contrary to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

  52. m said

    i am horrified…how such things can happen nowadays, after thousand years of people existence.When people stop kill others…where does this aggression come from ?! but i think that silence is the worst.. world should know what’s going on not only in China but in many other places ! i hope wholeheartedely that somewhen freedom will be evrywhere

  53. China is supported by powerful Western countries who will not condemn the Communist/fascist ideals that China is spreading across the World, especially in many African countries.We are paving the way for the Monster.

    Visit to see videos on China, Burma, Sudan and Zimbabwe, all of which have recieved military and financial aid from China.

  54. Laura said

    This is not done by a Communist government– do not let this give TRUE Communism a bad name! China is a totalitarian dictatorship! The leader said he was Communist because otherwise he wouldn’t get any support. I am not Communist but I want to inform you of this.

  55. Cindy said

    this is torture… This is wrong what China is doing to Tibet.
    Because, we all are humans… No one deserves such torture… Not even animals…
    Why is there so many wars… MAKE PEACE PEOPLE

  56. Paul said

    Dear all peace loving people,
    All the world should stop investing in this evil communist
    country ,we should learn from history !! all the international
    banks invested in Nazi Germany it didn,t help it made it
    worse !!to help the People of China and Tibet and the world
    no more investment in China until it reconises human rights !!!
    With unity Paul !!!

  57. sophie rudder said

    Please tell me who the individuals are that allow this to happen. We have to find the top people and expose them because they must be very sick and sick leaders to allow such human suffering. Until we present the people who order these actions then nothing will change. Until we are told who it is that is s sick and perverse within the small Chinese Communist Government, I will presume, as do many millions, that it is the President of China himself. It is Hu’s responsibility to order this to stop right now if he wants to.
    yours sincerely

  58. Will the world never learn? How can we stand by and look on? How can companies sponsor the Chinese Olympics and how come can they host the games? Boycot – Boycot now! I know it will cost you money but by buying poducts made in China you are endorsing all the arrocities this goverment practises. Demand to know from where parts of the products you buy are manufactured. Demand a better “made in” regulation not only listing the final country of production. Please humans wake up – people and animals are suffering and dieing and if you think China is too far away – think again – it’s just around the corner!!! This should be covered by TV stations and made available to the broad public!

  59. One of the oldest civilizations has deteriorated to this level of brutality,how far behind is the rest of the world’s civilizations?? Not too far, I do believe. AWAKE WORLD BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!If indeed it is too late already.

  60. Aeva said

    How the hell can things like this still be going on in the world, and so few people know about it?

  61. […] for af de hjemlige pladderhumanister. Nej, i Kina går man anderledes grundigt til værks – man har stor erfaring fra den kinesiske historie, som er blevet vedligeholdt bl.a. ved at torturere tibetanske […]

  62. Artikal said

    The total lack of human rights in China is leaving a vile foot print in our world. This has been going on for too long now. Western Govts should feel shamed that they are putting wealth before good moral values.

    I will not be watching the Beijing Olympics, and I will not buy any products from the sponsors for the next 4 years. I will not allow my integrity to be compromised by ignoring the suffering of so many Chinese people.

  63. Prince Fedrick said

    I thought china is a place of cultural heritage, and i always longed to visit it. But now i came to know that it is a place where barbarians live, and there is no value for human life. Now i’m scared to see it even in maps.

    • Meghan H. said

      Not all people in China are barbarians. And don’t say most of them, cuz it isn’t true. Yes, there are THOUSANDS of people who torture others against religion or what the other looks like or what they wear, etc. And I HATE the people who do that. And I always feel SO bad whenever I see/hear something like this happening to an innocent person! It’s horrible!
      But I’m going to China next year. I live all the way in the US and has never been out of this country. I’m both excite and nervous. But at the same time, I believe that not ALL people are bad either. I totally PROMISE you that! Just because you see that SO many people are being tortured by 100,000 people or whatever, doesn’t mean that the other 1 billion in China are bad. Quite a bit of them may be, which would probably end up being a LOT of them. But China is WAY over popular. And u CAN’T say that EVERYONE are barbarians!!! I can’t even believe you even said that! You hurt me by just SAYING it! I LOVE Chinese people. Besides the ones who do drugs, kill, and torture other people and some other stuff. But other than that, I love them because I think that a lot of the girls are really pretty and some of the boys can turn out to be really cute. lol. But that’s not the point. All humans should be treated equally and some deserve better. All Chinese people, Russian people, Mexican people, you name it, is JUST like us Americans, besides their life styles are a little different. But it shouldn’t matter because we’re all humans and God made us that way weather you like it or not! So people, PLEASE treat other people half way decent. You should at LEAST pretend to like them, even if you don’t. I used to get bullied ALL the time when I was younger. Then I changed… I became a different person slowly year after year. Then you come to realize who your true friends are and what to do when you have a bully hanging around you. It’s terrible and I hope that this never happens/happened to you. And I’m sorry for the people who had the same problem as I. Please, PLEASE respect other people, EVEN if you don’t like them, just pretend you do, or just ignore them. If they tease you, don’t give them a reaction. Just show them that you don’t care what they say because it isn’t true. Stick up for yourself. And if you can’t get away, fight your way free. Either way, you’ll end up fighting, most of the time. Good Luck! <3

  64. Van said

    These Commie bastards make me sick!

  65. […] of China Modern Torture Methods / Tortures exist at any corner in China : FG […]

  66. […] Or popular Chinese Torture methods. […]

  67. em said

    Why are there NO comments?! The box is FAR down the page, but it IS there.

    Have COURAGE.

    Make sure your voice is heard … not just on this blog, but contact your representatives in government; tell your friends, colleagues; write about this yourself; don’t buy Chinese goods.

    If you do not act, then your silent inaction helps the Chinese Government in its genocide and terror.

    Because few spoke out, this is WHY:

    ___ Armenian Holocaust happened in World War 1, at the hands of the Turks

    ___ Jewish, Gypsy, handicapped Holocaust happened at the hands of the Nazis during World War 2, in Germany.

    ___ Tutsi and Hutu tribe warfare in Rwanda resulted in genocide for one tribe, as the world did nothing.

    ___ The Darfur region of Sudan has genocide happening right now, as does China, against the Falun Gong religion. Have we learned to speak out, yet?

    Every life is precious. If you do not stop rogue governments, they end up on your own doorstep. So, whether for altruism or self-interest, you need to act.

    We are all diminished by such behavior. Our world is imperiled by silence and we are made unhealthy in our spirit, mind and body by this disprespect and lack of caring for others.

    We are all connected by real lines of energy. THEIR PAIN DOES AFFECT YOU. If you have any doubt of that, read my blog.

    Help make a better world. Find your courage!

    “Everyone knows someone who needs this information!” (TM)
    Use this for Prevention or for Sharing.

    • unknown said

      wtf how do u expect peaple to stop buying chinese goods when they makes 70% of all goods in america

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