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Photo: China Modern Torture Methods (10)- “Death Bed”

Posted by Author on February 12, 2007

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Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group

Evidence has surfaced of over 100 torture methods being employed against Falun Gong practitioners in China’s labour camps, detention centers, and mental hospitals.

Torture Methods (10) – “Death Bed”death bed

The “death board” (or “death bed”) is a particularly hideous torture device. It is an iron or wood board with handcuffs and shackles to lock the victims four limbs in a stretched position.

A victim is usually confined to a death board for a minimum of seven days. As movement is completely restricted, the confinement of a victim on the death bed leads to painful muscular atrophy.

In severe cases, the victim even loses control of bladder and bowel movements. The excretion of stool and urine is directly on the iron bed, resulting in an unsanitary condition.

To save them-selves the trouble of cleaning, the torturers usually strip the victim down to a T-shirt or even naked, adding to the humiliation.

Since the victim is not released from the board for many days, torture on the death board is usually coupled with the torture of force-feeding.

The death board was originally devised for use against political dissidents subjected to the death penalty.

The muscular atrophy resulting from the death board torture will cause the victim to wither and collapse on the ground at the moment of sentencing making the government seem powerful and the victim defeated.


1. Ms. Song Yanqun, English teacher, tortured by death bed, body weight drop to 67 lbs in year 2006

Ms. Song YanqunMs. Song Yanqun (photo left) is from Shulan City, Jilin Province, North-east China. She is an English teacher from Dade Japanese-language School in Harbin City. She was illegally sentenced to twelve years of prison after the Shulan City Police Department Police abducted her on November 27, 2003.

In May 2005, she was tied to and stretched on the death bed when the prison implemented persecution to forcibly “transform” Falun Gong practitioners.

Since then, her legs have lost feeling and remain cold all day long and her right arm bones feel extremely painful.

She could not even write since her hands are shaky. Her brain feels numb and cannot function normally, and her lungs feel intense pain. The pulmonary tuberculosis is rapidly worsening.

The two-year torture has caused Ms. Song to become very emaciated. (more details can be found from this report )

2. Wang Xiufen, female, in her 30s, English teacher at Jilin Zuojia Special Products School, resident of Jilin Province

On February 4, 2000, the guards at Heizuizi Labor Camp, Changchun City, Jilin Province took Ms. Wang Xiufen to a room and confined her to a death board.

A guard then ordered a criminal inmate to open the all the doors and windows. They pulled her underwear down, and pull her T-shirt up to expose her to the cold wind.

Ms. Wang was left on the death board and in the cold for 18 days.

The torture left Ms. Wang paralyzed from the waist down, even after being taken off of the bed.

3. Wang Xiuzhi, female, college instructor, resident of Jilin Province

In May 2001, the guards at the Heizuizi Labor Camp assaulted Ms. Wang when theydeath bed saw her doing Falun Gong exercises. Five guards took turns beating and shocking her with electric batons. Afterwards, they confined her to a death bed.

(Picture: demonstration: death bed)

She was not able to get up and had to defecate and urinate on the bed.

This torture lasted 8 full days, during which time her arms were in an extremely painful position.

On the ninth day when they untied the belts, her arms were completely numb.

She was not able to take care of herself for two months after this torture.

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>> Photo: China Modern Torture Methods (11)- “Tiger Bench”

List of China Modern Torture Methods (slide show)
China: 2508 Family Members’Open Letter Expose Torture, the Epoch Times, Dec 11, 2006
Lawyer’s 3rd open letter urge China to stop the Brutality(1), December 12, 2005, Gao Zhisheng

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29 Responses to “Photo: China Modern Torture Methods (10)- “Death Bed””

  1. Anthony B. said

    Jintao, you can go straight to Hell, you vile disgusting piece of rat excrement! Death upon you torturing inhuman Commie bastards! I sincerely hope one day the world becomes decent enough to deal with you criminals!

  2. Aaron Younger said

    Mr. O’Keefe, I agree with what you are saying about the Israelis having to take abuse from the thugs who occupy Palestine, but I couldn’t find where it was written in this article against Israel. I obviously missed something in the report. Anyway, thanks for speaking out for the right side including the Catholics

  3. Thomas O'Keefe said

    How dare you lump the Catholic Church into this discussion. This is the problem with fools such as you. You lessen every issue with your idiotic, broad-based accusations and innuendo. You lash out at Israel without mention of that which the Israelis have had to endure from the Palestinians. Get your facts straight and stop complicating this issue. Focus on the Tibetan monks and their sufferings and when you’ve solved that problem then tell the world what they’re doing wrong.

  4. Anthony Barnes said

    As horrible as all this is and as horrible as the Chinese govt. is,it would not commit such heinous crimes if the govts. of the world did not allow it to. By continuing to do business with China they are supporting the Chinese govt. and in supporting the Chinese govt. they are partakers in and guilty of the evils it has committed against the Chinese people. Shame on the U.S. and all other countries that do business with China. Shame. God shall judge the U.S. and other wicked countries harshly. He will show the same lack of mercy that the Chinese govt. and its supporters have shown unless they repent and economically sanction China. There should be no trade between China and other countries that do not abuse and murder their citizenry. PERIOD.

  5. This is awful. No human can endure that hideous torture.

    • I HATE CHINA! JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE POOR, TORTURED PEOPLE! THIS IS SO WORSE THAN PRISON, MAN! IT’S TIME TO REALLY REBEL AGAINST THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CHINA! And in the meantime, let’s hope the Communist party doesn’t find me. Go on, censor my website, I won’t get violent. I swear.

      • said

        I am a Communist party member. How dare you have comment like that. We will cease you and your family until all death. With your comment, you disobey your country and against the rule.

  6. Solufast said

    Extremely cruel torture, i think people should raise their voice against such punishment practice.

  7. Ron Sluijs said

    And they are as least as cruel to everything that lives only for the Panda the chinese are friendly as a statussymbol. I am never ever going on a holyday over there.

  8. mikemike said

    I cannot wait to go to war with China. It’ll come within 3 years of this date. Though most of the world will be left in rubble due to the inevitable use of nuclear weapons, at least the Chinese communist bastards will be dead and their people will be “free”, if only as America defines “free”.

  9. Rahul said

    Mao killed 70 million people while Hitler “only” killed 6 million people. However, the media considers Hitler to be the most evil person on earth. Doesn’t make sense – does it?

  10. Mohamad said

    I would rather die quickly and never live again than have this done 2 me and live the rest of life… I feel VERY strongly bout dat

  11. Bob Smith said

    I am surprised the the world even exists with this going on if I could do anything I would torture the torturer and see how they like the death bed and if they say they would still do it 2 other I would strap them on again and….well NEVER let them off!

  12. Pallavi Sharma said

    I fail to understand why the world is quite, why not these big people who always have to say something good or bad don’t do anything… Its getting worse there and still people are not aware of it.

  13. (=x.x=) said

    O.o wow… i wonder who could have thought of doing this… do you who?

  14. Sooo painful said

    Wow! This is insane. Who could ever do this to another human and not feel remorse for the pain they are causing. The tortures should them selves be tortured for what they have done. No humanity exsits in these “people” they are just beasts and should be treated as such. Just sick!

  15. Houri said

    Wao!! unbelievable~! so cruel!

  16. supri said


  17. David Taylor said

    Many people have nothing but their lives because they live in a certain place. Most of us don’t think about because it is not us or anyone we know. Those people, however, are our brothers and sisters and we must never forget that.China once was a great country with a flourishing civilization.It is likely that it would still be if not for the chicom (I use that word because it does not appear that they have it in their filters yet and maybe this has a chance to get through to the people). The chicom have thus far ruined a great people and a great nation. It did not become great because it tortured human beings. Mark, would your approval of tortue include your own torture? It could be arranged and we could give a live feed to the world–just let us know, I am certain somebody out there could oblige. Until that time, however, I think you are drunk, or otherwise out of your mind. When you sober up or regain your sanity please know that many of us here wait for your repentence and request for forgiveness because despite this horrendous mistake you are our brother and we love you.

  18. […] Force-feeding 6. Savage beatings 7. Freezing and Exposing 8. Water Dungeon 9. Forced Abortions 10. “Death Bed” 11. “Tiger Bench” 12. “Hell Confinement” 13. “Small Cage” 14. Forced to Jump from Tall […]

  19. tankx
    very interesting!

  20. elims said

    Wao!! unbelievable~! so cruel!

  21. Buy keftab said

    Author, it’s your best post in this blog. I sent it to all my friends! Big thanks for article.

  22. Horrified Person said

    I’ll take waterboarding over this Chinese hell any day. The incidents at Abu Ghraib were not ordered by or condoned by the American government. Some bored, cruel american soldiers were responsible and they were all punished. As for waterboarding, it seems the number of people subjected to this was very small.

    Torture is illegal in America. It should be illegal in China as well. It only goes to show that the Chinese government is a bunch of tyrannical monsters with zero humanity and they should all be executed for these crimes against their citizens.

    Comparing the light torture that happened in Iraq to the tremendous extremes of torture committed in China is absolutely RIDICULOUS! The Iraq torture was a joke compared to this Chinese insanity.

  23. sally white said

    cannot believe that people can inflict such agonizing pain on one another. if it was done to them, see how they would like it.

  24. samuel said

    there is something serieously wrong here if america get imvolved in afganistan then why not in china these people should be dead

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