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    Reporters Without Borders said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agency”, that “Xinhua remains the voice of the sole party”, “particularly during the SARS epidemic, Xinhua has for last few months been putting out news reports embarrassing to the government, but they are designed to fool the international community, since they are not published in Chinese.”
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10 things to know

10 things you have to know about China

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1. Large scale forced human organ harvesting:

Organ Harvested from live Falun Gong adherents, in China Labor camps, hospitals, prisons and military facilities, started from 1999 till present

bloody harvest, by David Matas, Esq. and Hon. David Kilgour, Esq. Canada
UN report on China organ harvesting

CTV Newsnet Live: Press conference from Ottawa (on China organ harvesting)
(You need the latest version of Media Player to watch the video)

– Youtube Video: Press conference, by David Matas and David Kilgour:
Part1, part2, part3, part4

2. Largest wave of resignation from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, has happened from the end of year 2004:

Till July 2013, more than 140 million Chinese have quit the CCP and its affiliate organizations– the Chinese Youth League (CYL) and the Chinese Young Pioneers (CYP).  People are continue quitting at a rate about 50,000 to 70,000 per day.

This wave started from the end of 2004,  triggered by the publication of “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” , by the overseas largest Chinese-language media The Epochtimes.

The publication revealed for the first time a historical account of the CCP’s formation, its advocacy of violence and deception, its destruction of traditional beliefs and the disaster it has brought upon the Chinese people.

Chinese  people post their statements on the Quit CCP Statements website (in Chinese)

More information can be found from

3. China’s modern Gestapo organization- the “6-10 office”

Formed by former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Jiang Zemin, the “610 office” has its central office in Beijing, and branches in all the Chinese cities, villages, governmental agencies, institutions, and schools.

It is an organization that is allowed to exist outside of the established framework of the CCP and the Chinese government. The power it has far exceeds that which is officially authorized under the Chinese constitution and other laws; furthermore, it is free from budgetary constraints.

This organization does not have any legal basis, which is very similar to Nazi Germany’s Gestapo and the “Central Committee of the Cultural Revolution” during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

More details from ‘s special report: General Report on the “610 Office”

4. Torture widely used in more than 300 Forced Labor camps located all over the country

Details: List of China Modern Torture Methods (slideshow)

5. As many as 80 million Chinese died after the Communist party gained power since 1949

This number exceeds the total number of deaths in both World Wars combined.

Details: On the Chinese Communist Party’s History of Killing (external link), by the Epochtimes

6. 5000-year-long traditional Chinese culture was destroyed by the Chinese Communist party

Especially in the 10-year-period “culture revolution”, from 1966 to 1976

Details: On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture (external link), by the Epochtimes

Youtube Video: First half, Second half

7. Tibetan shot to death by Chinese soldiers, October, 2006

Youtube Video: Olympic host China -Their Soldiers Killing Innocent Tibetans

Reports: Video footage shows Tibetans shot in the back by Chinese soldiers, October 13th, 2006

8. Armed police publicly open fire to villagers in south China, December, 2005

Place: Dongzhou village, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, southeast China
Date: Dec. 6, 2005
Reason: Farmers protest the government plans of partially infilling the bay and build a new power plant

Details: Dongzhou protests, from wikipedia

9. Gulja killing- Hundreds, perhaps thousands of ethnic Uighurs killed by armed police, 1997

Place: Gulja (Yining) city, Xingjiang, northwest China
Date: Feb. 5~6, 1997
Reason: calling for an end to discrimination against ethnic Uighurs

Details: Torture Campaign Leaflets, Amnesty International

Rebiya Kadeer’s personal account of Gulja after the massacre on 5 February 1997, Amnesty International

10. Beijing Tiananmen massacre – June. 4, 1989

Thousands of students shot to death by tanks and soldiers on Tiananmen square in capital city Beijing, in 1989

Place: Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
Date: June 6, 1989
Reason: University students protested corruption, appealing for democracy

Details &Video : Videos: Tiananmen Square Massacre 18 Years Ago in China

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  4. Cheers to that Michael. The responsibility that they should place at their powers has been abused on great lengths.

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    Amazingly I didn’t know those things about China. Hopefully someday I can visit and use these resources. Great Article!

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  22. AMcGall said

    Nobody really gets it here. It’s not about the military strength, it’s about the economic strength. Communist China has seduced the world with their cheap labor. The large, multinational companies lust after such profit-making treasure.

    Until the large, multinational, greedy, companies get some kind of conscience, Communist China will continue to grow into an ever larger evil cancer.

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  36. A human being said

    It is shocking and earth shattering. We should boycott every product made in china. So that they will not use our money to kill their people and become danger to the wold. Now, i am convinced that China is a real threat to our freedom and Independence. When they do this to their people what they will do to us is allowed to grow like Hitler.

    USA’s former leaders are should also share some blame because they have allowed China to become powerful. China brought technologies off the selves and involve in nuclear armament of failed states like Pakistan and North Korea USA kept mum at that time. Moreover, they have allowed China to become economically strong.

    Now, whole world will face the consequences of a fasict, comunist Nuclear power state with Intercontenental balestic missiles and nuclear submarines.

    God bless the humans.

  37. Mao Zedong said

    Truth…. we need to know the truth.

    All the truth for the world.

    Truth will set china free.

    Truth with set all her people free.

    Truth will set world free free free.

  38. Scot said

    Hello enjoyed your article very much as a white american we don’t get to hear about half of this in our history books. I’m trying to have a debate on how the majority of the Chinese citizens are lower class(poverty). Meaning some is telling me that a large part of citizens in China is middle class. I do not believe this and having a hard time finding out how much of china is lower class(poverty), middle class, upper middle class, and elitests.

  39. David said

    Your website provides solid sources revealing the truth of world today, esp. China which is suffering from the evil things done by CCP. Let’s be alerting all the times in case of facing the present China!

  40. Hi Really nice blog I just wanted you to know that I am first time on your blog and I really loved this oneand I can tell youve put a lot of time and love into it. Just printed this page for myself and another for my sister.I like the ideaId love to link to this if you didnt mind! It gives me ideas on what to post better articles on my website: Please check my blog over here Do you like it??

  41. Gabriel said

    I’m christian and not follower of any other religion or cult. However I’m respectful to any other ideas. People should choose freely in what are their beliefs. As a matter of fact, I like how the Falun Gong practitioners act, they’re peaceful and tolerant. I’m against any human mockery, I don’t bound to any man and I don’t want anyone bounded to me. Inside we’re all the same and like brothers and sisters know that you all have my support.

  42. samuel welsh said

    We need to surport chinnese people in thier fight for a fair country
    so chia will be a democratic country

  43. thanks super blog

  44. unknownplz said

    China should really use their money on their laws and ending slavery and the other bad stuff that’s going on. There’s so much riots and I really think they should do something about education; a good education where teachers are trained properly.
    No only that, they should do some community thing where they raise money and use it in their community for fixing houses and stuff.
    If China has enough money to buy America, why not use it for something good and make people happy?

  45. thanks super site

  46. Keir said

    Have just added this link to my site (after the fascists decided to completely block Blogspot which isn’t even in Chinese, about protecting Chinese from all the diseases the government lies and covers up, or about China at all!)
    Now I’ll give these fascists a reason to block my site.

  47. cookiis said

    the site name should be called ‘ten things to know about the chinese communist party’, because the ccp doesnt represent china. china is a wonderful country with a rich and diverse culture. it is the chinese communist party that is ruining its reputation, and we can’t call the ccp ‘China’.

    • johnny14678 said

      Agree completely. One of my pet peeves is the way western media constantly uses the word “China” when what they are actually talking about is the unelected CCP regime, which not only is not equivalent to China (=the nation, the people, the civilization, the culture), but does not have any legal, political, or moral right to represent China.

      • Keir said

        But the Chinese allow this regime to rule, oppress, control, occupy. The middle class is interested in one thing only: keep the money it’s been allowed to make. Allowing the poor to have any say or help jeopardises their status, and so the people are as implicit in the regime’s use of torture and fear as Germans during the Nazi regime.

  48. z man said

    I believe the government will fall soon, sooner than we think. The chinese people are more resilient than any other culture.

  49. Puertorican said

    It is the chinese goverment who is at fault. the people will rebel, at some point, A new China will emerge.

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  51. Renny said

    You have to be fool like
    MyZone – to Believe that china tried to “help” Korea, After ww2 the chinese who WE/USA Helped turns around & helps North korea, so to this day NorthKoreans Starve & live
    in a Prison, 16 other countries fought along side US. as with 1991
    Gulf war. China Lies & its media is Propaganda, millions have left the communist party.

  52. shk said

    Read all of these comments

  53. kitchen87 said

    What a nice China.There is a lot of interesting thing in China.I think I want to visit China early 2009.

  54. Hans said

    “As many as 80 million Chinese died after the Communist party gained power since 1949”. I don’t believe till you show me you how you get it.

    • chinaview said

      Hi Hans,

      There’s a lot discussions on this topic. One of the most popular calculation is as following:

      – 1949-Early 1950s, Land Reform Campaign, as many as 4 million died
      – 1950~1951, Suppress Counterrevolutionaries, 1~3 million or more died.
      – 1952-53: Three-Anti Campaign, 200,000-300,000 suicides
      – 1958-61, Great Leap Forward (The Great Famine), 38~43 million died.
      – 1966-76, The Cultural Revolution, 1~3 million died
      – 1949-76: Laogai (labor) camp deaths, 20~27 Million

      or (by Rudy Rummel, Professor Emeritus of Political Science):

      1949-1953 (totalization) = 8,427k
      1954-1958 (collectivization) = 7,474k
      1959-1963 (Famine/retrenchment — famine itself not counted) = 10,729k
      1964-1975 (Cultural Revolution) = 7,731k
      1976-1987 (liberalization) = 874k
      Total = 38,702k
      Reversed: famine (1959~1961) 38,000k
      Revised total: 38,702k+38,000k=76,702k

      * Courtois, Stephane, et al. 1999. The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression. Harvard University Press. ISBN: 0674076087
      * Jung Chang. 2003. Wild Swans: Two Daughters of China. Touchstone. ISBN: 0743246985
      * Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. 2005. Mao: the Unknown Story. Knopf. ISBN: 0679422714
      * Rummel, Rudy J. 1991. China’s Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900. Transaction Publishers. ISBN: 088738417X
      * Rummel, Rudy J. 1997. Death by Government. Transaction Publishers. ISBN: 1560009276
      * Rummel, Rudy J. 2003. Power Kills: Democracy As a Method of Nonviolence. Transaction Publishers. ISBN: 0765805235

      * Rummel, Rudy J. 2005. Reevaluated democide totals for 20th C. and China


      Uncounted Millions: Mass Death in Mao’s China, Daniel Southerland, Washington Post, July 17, 1994

      and many more.

      One thing like to remind, because of the nature of cover up and censorship of the Communist Party, there’s no, and impossible to get, the official number of the death in the past. All the numbers above are based on researcher’s and intellectuals’ research.

  55. Montana said

    wow!! I have just stumbled across your website!! Thank you….the world needs to know the lies and deceits spun by the Chinese Communist Party. The day that “truthfulness, compassion and tolerance” is allowed to be practiced freely in China, is the day China will be free!! Long live Falun Gong!!

  56. rjjrdq said

    I think Obama mentioned that we need to help our Chinese friends go green. Yeah, that’s what he’s concerned about…

  57. I urge everyone to see the award winning documentary
    Tibet:Beyond Fear that documents the torture of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Nun and how they had the courage, inspired by the Dalai Lama, to move beyond fear despite all of the terrible things that were happening to them. Now they have found a way to let go of their anger and forgive their former torturers. They understand that the Chinese people are also suffering. By understanding our common humanity, that we are all part of one human family, we can take action for positive change. The film also highlights how are actions can help free political prisoners in China.

  58. @ Westforeast

    A similar comment was made on my blog, here the comment with my response:

    China 2007 vs. China 1967 (or even 1977) – which China is freer and where are the workers actually more akin to slaves ?

    First, implied in this question is a very low standard to measure the current Chinese regime by. It is, of course, a very small achievement for the current regime to be less bad than that of Mao, whose regime was one of the most brutal of the 20th century. So, rather than asking your question, I would ask ‘Do the Chinese people have the best possible government that they could have?’ By this somewhat more ambitious (but less morally compromised) criteria, the current regime falls far short. Another question could be: Is the current regime even doing reasonably well to attend to the needs of the Chinese people?

  59. I like this site very much but would rather this section be titled “10 Things you have to know about the current Chinese government.” Some comments on my site had complained about my post re:Tibet as being anti-Chines racists, and re-reading, I could see how someone could have come to that conclusion. We shouldn’t allow our criticism of the present Chinese government become criticism of the Chinese nation or culture. I have enough respect for Chinese culture to state simply that such a great nation deserves a much better government.

    What is especially sad is that USA, especially large USA corporations are collaborating in the ongoing repression in China. Especially unwelcome is the line of reasoning that somehow Chinese are different than other humans and don’t care about their freedoms.

    Amartya Sen has done a particularly careful job disassembling this line of reasoning in his excellent book, Development as Freedom.

    In 1986 when I was in poland, no one their believed change was possible. But it came.

    Somewhere in china there exists a leader who will initiate that change. It will happen more quickly than most people realize. The current Chinese leadership should reflect on the way power transition occurred in Poland, where the old regime ended up being part of a peaceful process, and the way change occurred in Roumania, where the old regime clung to power with resolute determination that resulted in their violent overthrow. Which method will the current Chinese leadership chose? Good leaders will accept change, even if it means they lose some control.

  60. hinlalato said

    very interesting. i had a nice read here. thanks for the information

  61. Thanks for giving me these advices! I will have them in mind when i go there.

  62. chinaview said

    To west4east:

    Can you find out a second government in the world that have made more than 80 million citizens died in past 60 years?

    Do you think ‘bad thing’ is good enough to describe the genocide that is planed and carried out by the Chinese government, of which the organ harvesting is just one part?

  63. west4east said

    China has done more good than bad for its people, and I honestly don’t understand why some people just can’t stop publishing ONLY the bad things?

    Can you mention somewhere that China made the largest “human living conditions improvement” in WORLD HISTORY, in the last 30 years?

  64. Hannü said

    Speaking of Tibet and Tiananmen, the latter is little known in the former. This has affected how the Tibetans view their own history and destiny.

    Dialogues Tibetan Dialogues Han
    – travelogue and chat with Tibetans in Tibet

  65. istgah said

    very nice and very interesting
    tankx !

  66. Cricut said

    Thank you for this article. I am glad the truth is getting out. The saddest thing to me about China is the horrible lack of regard for life. I am involved in special needs adoptions and the way they treat infants there is so horrifying. Botched surgeries, no surgery at all where needed, beautiful children thrown away like garbage before and after birth. I can’t respect a country that treats human life this way.

  67. Cathy Zhang said

    To that Jin person:

    My origin traces back to China Have you heard about the recent milk scandal? Or is your brain too oblivious to care? I love my home country, but adding Melamine into baby milk is highly unethical and it is a pure act of evilness.

    With the revelation of the problematic baby milk, many other food products such as the food fed to pigs are also tested positive for Melamine.

    The milk scandal is not only a mere mistake made by the unscrupulous Chinese Officials , it reflects the dark, sinister side of a country. A country who “proudly” hosted the 2008 Olympiad Games with the motto: “One world, One dream.” The dream of what? The dream of adding poisons into food for a high profit? Or the dream of worsening the already ill reputation of China in the world?

    If you read any newspaper or watch any chinese government supported TV channel, you only hear the GOOD things about China. Sure, I agree there are many great things about China that we all should appreciate. However, the bad things, such as this scandal are somehow carelessly eliminated. The people of China have the RIGHT to know what’s on.

    When I conduct an interview with my dream school or my potential employer. I meet people. They smile when they see the long list of recommendations and excellent qualifications on my resume/CV. However when they look up and see my face, they frown.
    Black hair + Brown eyes + Yellow tinted skin = Chinese = Unethical and evil

    When you first meet someone, they are like a piece of white paper, untouched. My piece of paper has already been spotted and tainted because of my origin, my ethnicity, my home country. They relate the Chinese Communists/Criminals to the Chinese People. The citizens did not do anything wrong, however they have to carry the burdens and the ill reputation.
    Chinese Communists =/ Chinese People

    Recently, the Chinese Spacecraft was successfully launched (Applause for China). HOWEVER, why didn’t the Chinese Government invest the money for the exploration of space into the investigation of poisonous/unacceptable Chinese manufactured foods?????????????? They do not have the right to go outside Earth when the poor infants are suffering from kidney failures and malnutrition!

  68. The Great Oreo said

    Jin is a plonker. Yes dear we know freedom of speech isn’t allowed in China, and I’m sure you wish it wasn’t on the internet either.
    The web is all about freedom of speech I’m afraid, so whilst you can make your point, you can’t tell others not to.

    Now stop being so silly and go and do something constructive like some proper research on the horrific things that make up China, all the abuses to people and animals. Silly boy.

  69. chinaview said

    To Jin:

    You said “I recommend the website owner try translating this website into Chinese and print the contents out in papers and take a plane to China right now and spread these printed paper to ordinary Chinese he/she see on the street”

    Unfortunately, to cover its crimes the Chinese government not only censor information in Chinese but also in English, the Chinese people even don’t have the rights to access the English website such as BBC, New York Times, Reporter without borders, Amnesty International, human rights watch, then how can they dreaming of getting the same information in Chinese on China street?

    The fact is, if you do like what you said at above, you will be arrested and put into prison for “subversion” . Do you like to try?

    From your words I can see, you are either speak representing the Chinese government or lack of the knowledge of The Communist Party’s crime which has been covered up all the time.

    A reminder, your “F*****” words are not welcome on this website. Please try to learn to speak with fact but not dirty words.

  70. Jin said

    I am a Chinese myself, having been living in both China and western countries for many years, I stumbled upon this website and was shocked by the existence of suck a website, its absolutely all lies, and I challenge the website owner does not have the nerve of letting my comment seen by others. I have nothing to say, except that, I want to say, for those who want to tell lies to fool themselves and others, good luck to them, for what ever “noble” or “morally superior” reasons they might have~~~~~I recommend the website owner try translating this website into Chinese and print the contents out in papers and take a plane to China right now and spread these printed paper to ordinary Chinese he/she see on the street, I bet he/she will have a very enjoyalbe time with voiceing his/her “truth”~~~~

    If the website owner is NOT Chinese, I say You Mind Your Own F***** Business and stop acting like you are F**** sanit!~~~~If the website owner is Chinese, I say You go paint yourself White like Micheal Jackson and NEVER use our Langauge again.~~~GO **** yourself liberal democratic hypocrit F***head!~~~

  71. disgusting…disgusting…disgusting. these people are horrible!!! who would force a CHILD to go to a labor camp, suffer torture and have to get married to adults?!? and why do people have to suffer compulsory organ donating. OMG!!!

  72. herb said

    To ‘P’:

    In essence, china is ‘colonizing’ Tibet, not improving it. They are giving huge incentives for nationalist chinese to move there and eventually predominate to get rid of one of China’s headaches.

  73. China can do what it wants as no one can do anything to them. The sleeping giant is about to awake and the rest of the World will start to feel the pinch sooner rather than later.

  74. Wee TAM said

    Terrorism is a state of mind
    I’m sure if they really wanted to the people of China who find themselves in this predicament could give rise to an opposition party backed by home grown terrorists who have the ability to bomb and maim the oppressors whilst bringing to the fore their cause for freedom. Gaining much needed media attention and sending shock waves throught the very heart of the Dragon. COME THE GLORIOUS DAY

  75. Shanan said

    Yes, I see a lot of news on this site on abuses suffered by the followers of falun gong, but these same courtesies have been extended to Christians for a long time.

  76. John said

    The Chinese government also persists in violating international law: most noticably in the way it handles North Korean refugees within its territory. It refuses to acknowledge North Korean refugees within its borders, and instead sends them back to North Korea, where they can face imprisonment, torture and even execution.
    Even though China is a party to the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, China continues to leave North Korean refugees no choice. If they try and remain in China while avoiding detection, they surrender all basic rights. They are unable to access medical treatment and have no recourse to justice without exposing themselves to dangerous repatriation. Consequently they are vulnerable to all sorts of physical and sexual abuse. If they are detected and repatriated, their fate back in North Korea can be even worse.

  77. sean said


  78. Margaret said

    No mention of the treatment of Christians in China.The government-sanctioned Church body, the Three Self Patriotic Movement, ensures that religious freedom for Christians exists as a thin Veneer. It doesn’t take much to scratch the surface and expose the injustice beneath.It carefully restricts the selection and training of members of the clergy, church publications, the location of church buildings and even the teaching of children under the age of eighteen.
    Those who attempt to practice their faith without the interference of a controlling regime, i.e. most Christians in China, choose to meet outside the official churches and meet instead in house churches. These are fraught with danger: fines, arrests, torture, labour sentences are a daily occurrence. Christians in China can pay a high price for their faith.

  79. Mo Riley said

    I love China and its people

    I love the United States and its people.

    One life, one world.

  80. Whitman989 said

    As long as we have Chuck Norris, China will surely fail.

  81. joe verghese said

    I fail to understand why the rest of the world can actually sit back and allow the olympics to ever happen in a place where there is total disregard for any sort of life.

    From killing tibetans to skinning animals live to eating tiger balls to selling organs of prisoners to selling junk products around the world, what are these people? Damn the government, it is something to do with being chinese i suppose. “I eek bors of animars and i be stlong man aaahhhhhhhh!”

  82. […] read more | digg story […]

  83. Antoine said

    Tibet is Saving the World

    Yes, you read the title correctly, “Tibet is Saving the World”. More precisely, Tibetans, through their sacrifice, have opened the eyes of the world to enable freedom loving people to more clearly see the illegitimate Chinese government’s evil intentions. Make no mistake about it: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is planning to dominate the world politically, economically and culturally, and their cancer is spreading far faster than most people now realize. The hosting of the Beijing Olympics is simply another step the CCP has undertaken to attempt to legitimize their form of corrupt government. What the Tibetans have done in Tibet is nothing short of a last gasp of hope for a culture that will surely disappear in China and which the CCP has targeted for extinction if China succeeds in its geopolitical plans to rule the Earth. In the CCP’s supposed quest to “improve the lives of all Han Chinese”, no culture, religion, government or organization will stand in its way. In fact, it is not far fetched to believe that CCP considers the world to be their own property, and it is just a matter of time until everyone will have to obey them. HOWEVER, thanks to the long glowing embers of hope in Tibet, which give hope to all freedom loving people, we may just be able to reign in the CCP’s master plans. If a war does happen (God forbid!), it would be better now than later – a war in 10 years time would surely not leave anyone alive on the planet. Fortunately, Freedom is contagious and Truth is infectious, even among Han Chinese who have been forced fed CCP propaganda their entire lives, and perhaps our other heroes may just be the Han Chinese themselves who recognize the evil of their own government and decide to bring their corrupt leaders to justice. The list of heroes for freedom is becoming longer and longer, and are now too numerous to mention here, but those who stand out the most in my mind are the Tibetans in Tibet who stood up to the CCP knowing full well the harsh consequences that would follow. In their hearts, they realized that it was not only for the future of Tibet, but also for the future of the world itself. The world will forever remember their sacrifices.

  84. spides said

    yeah… so.
    It pretty much sucks all the terrible breaches of human rights being perpetrated by the chinese government but it really has nothing to do with the us military. I think america must have an inferiority complex or something, scared of losing the title as worlds strongest superpower? get over yourselves and see this for what it is. The chinese people don’t care about beating america, they just want basic human rights, something which the american capitalists don’t want because those labor camps produce such awesomely cheap products to help boost their companies profit margins. I don’t know what is sadder, the horrific torture and killing by the chinese government, or the ridiculous and irrelevant comments posted on this site.

  85. p said

    I have just come back from working in China. I noticed many things that contrasted greatly to my peaceful NZ. My world prior to visiting China was an illusion (not that i am saying that i see the world that much clearer now lol..).
    From a distance it is easy to criticize the regime in China. I can think of thousands of instances where condemnation is due. To temper this one must do a little questioning of what one believes (ask why etc). Idealism is important but it must be tempered with reality. Even a short visit to China will impress upon you the difficulties the country faces. I doubt any other country on earth has even faced these kinds of pressures.

    Before I left for China I thought that China should be democratic etc. Now I am not so certain. Democracy would most definitely weaken an already extremely weak structure. The reasons for this weak structure are many, but one of the most important is the abuse of power by western nations during the time of what the Chinese call the 100 years of shame. This abuse led to rise of Mao etc.. So perhaps the responsibility for the shape of China today could be shared a little more with the west.

    Back to the present.
    When I was in China I definitely noticed a latent anger towards their situation. The problem is that the people don’t really know who to blame or how to go about changing it. Memories of the horrors that political chaos always brings in China is etched into the collective psyche. So their extremely practical minds stick with what is kind of working (better than other conceivable options presently available).

    Quite frankly I am a little afraid for the Chinese if conditions there worsen enough for the people to openly attempt political change. I possibly favour the idea that its better the devil you know rather than a worse one that could come out of such chaos. If you doubt me, read a little history to find out what conditions make a tyrant appear.

    It is better for the world’s stability if the present regime continues, for now at least, despite being so corrupted. Perhaps with real and genuine assistance from the rest of the world China could be eased gently from its present predicament. I end my rant with Idealism. duh

  86. Vincenzo said

    I can honestly say I have no family in mainland china anymore. Either we all left or were killed b/c we were land owners and whatnot.

    Regarding not doing anything though, I think it’s just a way to receive benefits for those who use china for manufacturing. If china were like the US, then we wouldn’t get our products as cheap as we currently do b/c we would have to pay the chinese workers more.

  87. China is a ridiculous place. As Baozi says, people don’t have a say and they know it, although I don’t know how much they are aware of this or how much they care or whatever, because they are programed so well into believing in the system.

    What is happening though, I think, is that they are getting more and more info from the outside world about what free societies do. This change is inevitable since China is open to business with the West. What this all looks like to me is China wanting to have its cake and eat it too, the government realizes that the only way forward is to participate in the world economy, but the world is very different and will inevitably influence China, but I think the government is trying to hold on to its crappy communist ways. As we see above.

    yes, we should be aware of Media and its bs in the West, but we in the West are free, we do pretty much as we like, we are not to be compared to the poor Chinese who have no say.


  88. Baozi said

    China = a controlled , censored paradox of unstability….
    people in china dont have a say and they know it….

    But for the rest of us westerners …. we are fed a stealth “cocktail” of media spin and bullshit about freedom rights and democracy…. ….only problem is that so many westerners really belive this media illusion …..

    never under estimate the powers of suggestion…. we all create our own realities…..

  89. Anti-China said

    Kill China! Kill all Chinese all over the world!

    • Inge said

      Are you not aware how the Chinese people suffers enough? They did fight for their freedom in their own country in the first place… It far from over, Chinese people had enough and was force to shatters all over the world looking for a place so they have the freedom they want which the China don’t provide for them. Therefore NOT all Chinese people were bad! Think of 80 million of Chinese people were killed since the second world war so what this suppose to mean when you said you want all the Chinese people dead? Shame on you!

  90. We paved the road for them – consuming more and more for less. Wake up world! Remember the steel from 9/11? It was shipped to China! Resources have gone up in demand and price due to China’s high demand. Globalization is today’s weapon – no army is needed = just credit cards, commercials and the ever rising consumerism!

  91. Momatella said

    As long as we waste our breath arguing among ourselves, we are losing valuable time and leverage. People are being tortured, Tibetan monks and citizens beaten, and a military incursion into their country to silence and “spruce up” before the Olympics!! If we stand by and do not fight BEFORE the Olympics, we will lose our chance to be heard as a potential TIDAL WAVE of protest to the White House, Congress, IOC, etc.
    You have NO idea how much China wants this chance for world-wide attention to promote their propoganda!
    Stop QUIBBLING, UNITE, and ACT! And get this info out on the Internet to all you know! Pound the media!! Rattle the skeletons in the closet!!

  92. Avni said

    America will live forever, in the heart of every human being who respects and loves freedom. It is the first and the foremost country in the world that stands for freedom, human rights, prosperity… or as close as it can get. We love America, and we love Americans because they value freedom most, and everything else comes with that. The chinese have been around for many thousands of years, Americans only for a few hundred years, but they have kindled in the world human mind the spark of human freedom and prosperity. That’s why America is THE superpower of the world, it will always be and we can only envy that or like myself, too bad I’m not an American to be able to take pride in this. God bless America, the Chinese will follow eventually.

  93. eileen said

    china does not need a military when they are poisoning our children, the future of the usa. we will have no fighters in 20 years if we keep buying their products.

  94. Thanks for sharing. Interesting for me

  95. Mahesh Mehta said

    Where is the Human Right Activitiest. The whole world should act against such method.

  96. auntie naa said

    until the chinese stop these human right abuses, i curse anything chinese in JESUS name, Amen. the Christians are the apple of GOD’s eye so to harm a Christian means you have harmed GOD’s eye and that’s not going to happen, they should be ready for disaster after forcing the Christian women to have abortions.

  97. MDvs said

    Many consider the Chinese military to be so fierce. They see the large numbers, the growing naval force, the massive build up of all things military. China does have an unbelievably large military. Only trouble is, it’s mostly a mob type mentallity. When confronting a force such as the American Military, there is NO WAY the Chinese forces can stand.

    I’ll share a quick comment told to me by a German Special Forces person. “We can kill you Americans. But, we can not kill your spirit. This causes us to fear you”!

    No, China will NOT, and can not distroy the US Military Forces. Not possible. The only thing that will completely distroy America is OURSELVES!! America will distroy, and is well on it’s way to doing so!

  98. dlh said

    just wait, it’s coming, the dragon will show it’s teeth very soon, China’s navy will surpass all others,rocket ships will stop any aircraft carrier patrol, sub’s will be so numerous, no navy will stand up, the land force is unstoppable, they will be arming the african nations, they have large air transports to move their force where ever they want to, and boeing is building more, their oil tankers will soon be converted to solder transports,the ol kgb,cia, their noting compared to what china has walking around, they can build,build,build, they go 24/7, and don’t forget, their trillion in black ink, not in red, usa,russia,etc, all broke, china is just getting starting, why attack america when you can buy it!!, oil? no problem, just a hop north into russia, they have more soldiers than russia has people,,,,,,,,,,,no nukes, no nukes, no nukes,,,,ya right, the dragon can spit fire

  99. Robert said

    They have the largest army in the world, yes, but not the most powerful. That’s the United States.

  100. michael fruik said

    china, is now the modern equivalent of 1935 germany. 5 years from now, after they hold the olympics, much worse things are going to happen. what i ask is why are we allowing this to happen? it used to be, “everyone help their economy!!” but what is being missed is how we are helping them to be worse. we are giving them the opportunity to have power to abuse!! they have the largest, most powerful army in the world. they know this. and they know that all we are going to do is slap them on the wrist while they make bombs. good job, usa. good job. NOT. i will shoot myself before im forced to speak chinese. but before i do that, i will fight every last one of the communists until i have no bullets left.

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