Photo: China Modern Torture Methods (1) – Burning


Demonstration: Burning

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Evidence has surfaced of over 100 torture methods being employed against Falun Gong practitioners in China’s labour camps, detention centers, and mental hospitals.

The goal is to eradicate Falun Gong, either by coercing its practitioners to renounce their belief, or by physically destroying them if they refuse.

The tactics range from long-term sleep deprivation, being surrounded with loudspeakers demonizing their practice 24 hours a day, to being force-fed with human feces, or shocked and even raped with electric batons.

Torture Methods (1) – Burning

Painting: Burning

(Picture right: Painting: Burning) Numerous reports have emerged from China of police and labour camp authorities burning Falun Gong practitioners with cigarettes, car lighters, irons, and hot metal rods as a way to force them to give up their belief. Sometimes, hot irons are heated to be red-hot, then used to burn practitioners’ flesh or pierce their nipples. Many have reported being burned repeatedly with cigarettes, including on their faces, necks, and genitals.


1. Tan Yongjie, 27, severely burned with hot irons by police

Torture victim, Mr. Tan Yongjie

On June 2, 2001, while Tan Yongjie was being illegally held at the Luobo Labour Camp in Guangdong Province, three police officers tortured him.

(Photo right: Mr. Tan Yongjie, torture victim. Picture from )

First they beat him and tried to force him to write “repentance statements” denouncing Falun Gong. However, Mr. Tan did not say a word.

Later, the guards tied him to a pillar. One guard heated up a rusted iron rod on an electric burner

Mr. Tan Yongjie's legs burned by Chinese police guards

until the rod turned red, then pressed the rod against Mr. Tan’s legs in over a dozen places while asking: “Do you still want to practice Falun Gong?”

(Photo right: Mr. Tan Yongjie burned on legs by guards. Picture from

Mr. Tan was seriously burned. His legs shook and he cried out loudly. He was in so much pain that he lost control of his bowel functions.

The guards then dragged him back to his small cell and locked him in. He could neither walk nor sleep because of the pain. Later, the guards ordered him to care for an orchard. They thought that with such wounds he would not be able to go very far, but he escaped.

He arrived in Hong Kong on June 10 and fled to the United States……. ( more details of Mr. Tan’s story)

2. Ms. Wang Huajun, burned alive by prison authorities

Ms. Wang Huajun Burned alive

Ms. Wang Huajun

36-year-old Wang Huajun lived in Fengjiashan, Macheng City, Hubei Province.

Police seized her on the morning of April 18, 2001 because she was telling people about the persecution in downtown Macheng. They beat her viciously until 11 o’clock that night.

On the verge of death, she was dragged outside of the city hall, drenched in gasoline, and set ablaze. She burned to death at about 1 a.m..

Police told witnesses, such as one female street cleaner, that the woman had set herself on fire. A “suicide note” – miraculously uncharred by the flames – was found inches from her burnt body, along with her ID, which the police had confiscated months earlier……. ( more details of Ms. Wang’s case)

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      • that is so wrong what there’re doing to those poor people.that should be illeagle for them to do that. if i was their president i wouldn’t allow that in my country.that’s sad what those poor people went trough.think about it ………………would you do that to those poor people.i don’t like that.i would protest.i wonder what her family was like.what if she had children?think about what if that was you.then what would you say?that’s just wrong.i proved my point.i’m satiffied now that i express my self.:[/:]

  1. am totally upset by these type of non human right in Tibet………..due to the repress under red Chinese patrol……… plz people of the world kindly support for us.through these way they had killed so many tibetan people….may rise up for tibet soon…long live Dalai Lama.

  2. no differnt from the animal farm….when the slapheads get rich the dynasty will collapse and the cycle will repeat itself as it has from the days of the pharos romans greeks vikings napoleon brit empire etc etc so why stress the land of the free aint so free wall street bankers got a free pass while hurricaine katrina victims are still denied justice must not forget those despots being propped up by the west for our convenience and rthe list goes on…..

  3. i can’t see any reason to why they would want to burn people alive and people mainly that practice something that is peaceable and doesn’t cause any harm. >:(

  4. Where does one begin to discuss this? I am beginning to think life on Earth is actually Hell. China must be the largest country committing these crimes against humanity, and it is too bad we as Americans sold our future down the river to the likes of such a country. I fear this will not improve, and it breaks my heart.


    did u kno they beat pregnant woman

    and thats the cops the suppossed “good guys”

  6. I agree, the photos tell the horrible story better than just words.
    These things break the hearts of normal and good people. They still talk about how bad Hitler was while the CCP, which is worse than he ever was, continues to murder human beings with impunity. These evil doers will all have to meet God one day and then there will be nothing and no one to help them escape from hell.

    • YE TOTALLY MAN! The God that allowed them to be subjected to these abuses will totally punish these evil doers.

  7. This is really terrible… And the worst thing is that there is nothing we can do about the situation. USA, the only country strong enough to do something about those communists is up to its ears in debt, they owe huge sums of money to China.

    It seems that only thing that can be done at all is telling people about what the Chinese government is doing. I think it is also very important to put the pictures back (they are disabled right now). Most people don’t bother to read these long texts but pictures make the things clear in seconds and touch everyone deeply.

  8. Ok dude WTF is wrong with these people like holy crap burning people thats rank man these people are like hitler.

  9. After all, these Chinese servants of evil confront us with the beastly side of the human heart and mind. I will fight these kinds of state terror until my days are done!

  10. this is completely inhumane! those people will rot in hell and so will anyone who agrees with what they are doing.

    • You can’t make peace with savages such as the Chinese government. We sometimes need to fight wars to keep our freedoms

  11. I m totaly upset by this type of unhuman & worst then beast type torture.Those people who have torture the general people, I think they don’t know from where they born…the are worst then a bustard…if I have the power to treat them surely I will make a cage for them in the zoo,they are also 1 type of beast and their food will be ….

    they should be fired on firing range.

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