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China: Lost-land farmer’s representative tortured, his lawyer denied meeting

Posted by Author on October 16, 2007

Breaking News, SOH Raido Network, October 14th, 2007-

(click to play)

An insider disclosed that Yang Chun-Lin (the representative for the lost-land farmers in Fujin City) has been tortured in prison. His lawyer, barred from meeting him so far, will again raise his request to meet Yang. The State Security claimed that lately, the case, classified as ‘subversion of state power’, has been transferred to the Procuratorate.

In the morning of 8th October, a family member of Yang Chun-Lin demanded a reply from the head of the interrogation team as to why they inflicted torture on Yang Chun-Lin. The head named Xu had nothing to say in response. The sister of Yang Chun-Lin went to visit him in jail but was denied a chance to see Yang Chun-Lin by the jail authorities who even refused the clothes his family brought to him.

“Recently, it’s been raining and snowing there. I was told that the jail is very cold even in the summer time, not to mention it’s coming close to winter. My brother Chun-Lin uses his clothes to wrap around his feet. We sent him some clothes, and socks but jail officers refused to accept them. They asked us to save money to buy our way inside the jail. I told them that we haven’t got any money.”

An inmate who shared the cell with Yang Chun-Lin and was recently released told Yang’s family that Yang Chun-Lin was badly tortured in jail. The jail authorities used the torture, commonly known as the “Iron Cage”, to torture him. The insider disclosed that the“Iron Cage” is a punishment that confines a person in an iron cage where four limbs are completely strained open, each fastened to a fixture at four corners of an
iron bed. During the punishment, one remains completely still and will not be released even at times of eating, drinking and convenience. Because Yang advocated the concept of democracy and human rights to the inmates, the jail authorities resorted to inflicting torture on him.

The State Security claimed that they would transfer Yang Chun-Lin’s case to the Procuratorate as a suspect of ‘subverting state power’. Li Fang-Ping, the defending lawyer hired for Yang has been barred from seeing Yang Chun-Lin, but he is attempting a second time to meet Yang. The lawyer Li Fang-Ping believed that Yang Chun-Lin’s collecting of signatures on the petition, “Human Rights come before the Olympics”, and his demanding of the thorough investigation on corrupted officials who confiscated farmers’ lands, are within the scope of freedom of expression as a citizen.

“We had gone through the legal procedures, but so far they have not replied to us. We wonder if this is caused by incomplete procedures somewhere or is a message saying that our meeting with him is denied. We attempted twice to meet him and waited there for one week. If they really found flaws in our filled out form, then, we could withdraw it and redo another one. But they will not agree to withdraw the form.”

Since Yang Chun-Lin was arrested on 6th July by the special interrogation team set up by the Heilongjiang Provincial State Security office and Jia-Mu-Si City Branch, they have been applying all kinds of means to make Yang renounce and repent, but all their efforts have ended in vain.

Because Yang Chun-Lin actively supported and participated in a relayed hunger-strike ignited by Beijing renowned human rights lawyer Gao Zhi-Sheng, the local police bureau and the State Security followed him, and spied on him. He was summoned for interrogations four times by the State Security officers. To help folks in the northeastern region defend their basic rights against autocracy, he stepped into the lost-land farmers case of Fujin City in 2007, raising the slogan “Human Rights come before the Olympics”.

Yang Chun-Lin spent over half a year under arduous conditions on the outskirts of Heilongjiang, (Fujin region) and had collected over seven thousand real names of lost-land farmers to support the boycott of the Olympics. Due to poverty, he ate and stayed in the open air (regardless of the weather) walking hundreds of miles under heavy snow of 30 degrees below zero, to and fro between Jia-Mu-Si and Fujin. His feet bled with blisters and both feet were swollen and purple due to injuries. He visited one village after another, household after household, patiently explaining to the lost-land farmers who have been under the thumbnail of the Communist Party for over ten years, helping them seek a way out of misery, and to end their sufferings by effectively defending their human rights.

The seven thousand names he gathered on the petition of “Human Rights Come before the Olympics” (with the letter of the appeal) have been submitted to the International Olympic Committee and UN Human Rights Organization via Pan Qing, the liaison for the Alliance of Global Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights Defense.

The above news is brought to you by Qin Yue, reported by Chris Thomas and Jenny Settle for Breaking News on SOH Radio Network.

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