Western Intelligence Agencies Ban China Lenovo Computers Over Hacking Issues

Britain’s intelligence agencies, including MI6 and MI5, have allegedly banned the use of computers manufactured by Chinese company Lenovo due to concerns that the machines come hardwired with a vulnerability to hacking. Continue reading

China Hackers Target Remote Conferencing Devices: Dell Researchers

(Reuters) – A Chinese hacking group tied to the breach of security company RSA two years ago has targeted a maker of audio-visual conference equipment in a likely attempt to tap into boardroom and other high-level remote meetings. Continue reading

Will Bo Xilai’s Case Haunt the Party’s Beidaihe Meeting?

China’s first group of “model workers” recently gathered in Beijing. This shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have been gradually stationed in Beidaihe. This is the first Beidaihe meeting (summer meeting in beach resort district of Beidaihe) for General Secretary Xi Jinping. Will the trial of Chongqing Party Secretary, Bo Xilai, become the main topic discussed and the focus of international public opinion? Continue reading

China Chemical Plant Exploded On the Same Day State-run Newspaper Claimed It’s Safe

BEIJING, China – An explosion Tuesday at a Chinese plant that produces the toxic chemical paraxylene has added fuel to a growing movement opposing such plants, on the same day that a state-run newspaper prominently urged the public to accept the industry as safe. Continue reading