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Archive for the ‘Czech’ Category

Standing ovations, five curtain calls: Shen Yun “an extraordinary event”, says Former Czech Minister of Culture

Posted by Author on April 20, 2010

BRNO— Standing ovations and five curtain calls hailed Shen Yun Performing Arts the evening of Monday, April 19, at the Janacek Theatre. The crowd held its share of influential minds, and Brno’s own Milan Uhde was among them.

“[The] dancing performances were excellent-remarkable,” said the well-known writer and former politician. “The dancers are great, the show is nice, and I am glad I’m here.”

Mr. Uhde’s career as an essayist, playwright, and prose writer has touched two centuries. Mr. Uhde is a recipient of the State Medal of Merit in the Cultural Sphere. He also served as the first Minister of Culture for Czechoslovakia, after the non-violent overthrow of the communists in the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Mr. Uhde served in Parliament and the Czech National Council from 1990 to 1998, when he returned to his lifelong literary endeavors. He has also helped to mentor the next generation at the Academy of Literature.

Mr. Uhde found out about the show from a former student, Ms. Jana Novotná, an emcee in today’s Shen Yun performance. “I used to teach Ms. Jana Novotná at the Academy of Literature, and one day she called me and told me that this would be an extraordinary experience, so here I am.”

During the years of communist oppression in his homeland, Mr. Uhde had to continue his creative work underground, and he became an influential dissident writer during the years of communist rule in Czechoslovakia. He continues to write essays against racism, and on tolerance and freedom. With his unique perspective, Mr. Uhde appreciated the great artistic skill of the dancers of Shen Yun, and he felt a message resonate within their work.

“I was watching the dancers, and their art was great,” Mr. Uhde said. “This is one of the few ways of showing that the situation in China is not normal, that its economical success is conditioned by enslaving hundreds of millions of people, who seem not to be aware of it, but I think they are, and I believe, that one day, their time will come. So to me, this was a reminder, that someone sees the situation as it is. My impressions are good, I’m glad, that I came.”

Mr. Uhde was most taken by the performers. When describing Shen Yun, he always returned to expressing his appreciation of the dancers’ techniques. “It’s spectacular, you can’t see something like this every year. It’s an extraordinary event, something authentic. … What they can do is just amazing.”

All in all, the Czech cultural hero was very glad to have seen Shen Yun. “It’s worth it, it’s a lifetime experience.” (The Epochtimes)

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Shen Yun Show Schedule in April 2010 (Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand)

Posted by Author on April 4, 2010

From Shen Yun Performing Arts’ Website

Tainan, Taiwan
Apr 1 – 4
Aarhus, Denmark
Apr 2 – 3
Regina, SK, Canada
Apr 3
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Apr 5
Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 5 – 6
Changhua County, Taiwan
Apr 6 – 8
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Apr 7 – 8
Linköping, Sweden
Apr 8
Kaohsiung County, Taiwan
Apr 10 – 13
Oslo, Norway
Apr 10 – 11
Chicago, IL, United States
Apr 10 – 11
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Apr 14
Dresden, Germany
Apr 14 – 15
Taichung, Taiwan
Apr 16 – 18
Vienna/Wien, Austria
Apr 17
Denver, CO, United States
Apr 17 – 18
Brno, Czech Republic
Apr 19 – 21
Omaha, NE, United States
Apr 20
Yunlin County, Taiwan
Apr 21 – 23
Milwaukee, WI, United States
Apr 23 – 24
Paris, France
Apr 24 – 25
Taipei County, Taiwan
Apr 25 – 27
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Apr 27 – 28
Auckland, New Zealand
Apr 30 – May 2
Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium
Apr 30 – May 11
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Above: video of Shen Yun Performing Arts’ show in Europe in 2009. Video length: 11’21”

(video) Shen Yun in North America 2009 (1)-  USA: Reviews, Comments and Feedback from Audience
– (video) Shen Yun in North America 2009 (2) – Canada: Reviews, Comments and Feedback from Audience
– (video)  Shen Yun in Asia 2009 (1)- Korea, Japan: Reviews, Comments and Feedback from Audience
– (video)  Shen Yun in Asia 2009 (2)- Taiwan: Reviews, Comments and Feedback from Audience

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Czech President Will Not Attend China Beijing Olympics

Posted by Author on March 27, 2008

AFP via Times of India, 27 Mar 2008-

PRAGUE: Czech President Vaclav Klaus said on Wednesday that he would not attend the Olympic Games in Beijing, following criticism that he has not done enough to protest China’s crackdown in Tibet.

But Klaus — who has previously expressed concern over the situation in Tibet — played down the significance of his decision, which he said was extremely unlikely to weigh heavily on the Beijing government.

“I am not sure that the absence of a politician from the Olympic Games opening ceremony will serve as a warning. This applies even more so for a politician from a country that has 130 times fewer inhabitants,” he said.

“Those who decided in the 1990s to award the games to China cannot be surprised today that China is such as it is,” he noted, in a statement published on his personal website.

Klaus was the third Czech politician to announce his decision not to go to Beijing, following in the path of Prague’s Mayor Pavel Bem and the country’s sports and education minister, Ondrej Liska.

Report from Times of India

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Czech Audience Praises ‘Chinese Spectacular’ Show For Exposing Communist Suppression

Posted by Author on March 12, 2008

By Marco T’Hoen, Epoch Times Staff, Mar 11, 2008-

PRAGUE, Czech Republic—The Chinese Spectacular may be a thorn to the Chinese communist regime, but one audience member at the Prague performance praised the show for exactly what the dictatorship resents.

Susanna Hrotkova, who works at Maitrea, a holistic education company in Prague, attended Divine Performing Arts’ Chinese Spectacular on Tuesday at the Prague Congress Center.

“It is a very nice show, and the performances overall looked very delicate,” said Hrotkova.

“I liked the real beauty of the show. Like the flowers, and the colorful things in the skies, like rainbows and stars. Such wonderful and beautiful things.”

Hrotkova said she also enjoyed the Chinese music, which was often “very gentle sounding.”

“It was very dynamic performance.”

Like in other cities, the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic attempted to interfere with the Prague presentation of the Spectacular. The interference included letters to politicians and an ad on the front page of a Chinese newspaper telling Chinese people not to attend the show.

That interference became public knowledge after the embassy sent a letter to the largest television station in the country asking it not to attend the Spectacular. Instead, the host of a popular morning show revealed the letter to the entire country while interviewing two of the Spectacular’s performers.

Hrotkova hadn’t seen the morning show but had no doubts the communist regime would try to interfere with the Spectacular.

“I guess that the current Chinese government doesn’t like good, traditional things,” she said.

“I believe that they would not want other people to see it because of the show’s history. They had the Cultural Revolution in China for the purpose of getting rid of all China’s previous traditions and values. They were against all culture; they wanted people to dress the same as everybody else. This show is completely the opposite. It is so colorful and very nice.”

The Spectacular will hold its final Prague performance Wednesday before continuing the European portion of its global tour with dates in Berlin and Stockholm.

For information about upcoming Divine Performing Arts shows, please visit:

The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of the Chinese Spectacular. For our complete coverage please visit:

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Torch Against Human-rights Abuse In China Arrives In Prague

Posted by Author on September 7, 2007

By CTK, Prague Daily Monitor, Czech Republic, Published 6 September 2007-

Prague, Sept 5 (CTK) – The Czech Republic joined the world-wide Human Rights Olympic Torch Relay in protest against human rights abuse in China as the torch arrived in Prague Wednesday.

The relay protests, under the motto “Olympics cannot co-exist with crimes against humanity,” against the Summer Olympic Games to be held in Chinese capital of Beijing in 2008.

The human rights torch was taken over by MP Marek Benda (senior government Civic Democrats, ODS) near the memorial to the victims of the 1989 anti-communist Velvet Revolution in Prague today.

The torch was then carried through Prague streets by wheel-chaired activists and finally brought by deputy PM Martin Bursik, chairman of the junior government Greens (SZ), to the Old Town Square.

The organisation of Olympic Games in China will cover up human rights abuse there, Bursik said.

“To do something against it we can express solidarity and demand the abolition of working camps and freedom of speech [in China],” Bursik added.

The relay, started off in Athens on August 9, is to run through more than one hundred cities in Europe, Australia and South and North America and will end in Asia before August 2008.

“I would like Beijing to accept the torch as the true Olympic torch,” one of the Czech activities told CTK today.

The participants in today’s protest carried banners saying “We do not want Olympics without human rights”, “Stop to torture in Chinese concentration camps”, “Human rights without frontiers” and “Let us stop trading in organs of living people.”

CIPFG, the organiser of the event associating about 350 organisations, lawyers, physicians, journalists, politicians and personalities from all over the world, wants to end today’s protest by lightening candles in front of the Chinese Embassy in Prague.

Support for the relay has been expressed by former Czech president Vaclav Havel, Bishop Vaclav Maly as well as a number of Czech politicians, actors and singers.

Original report form Prague Daily Monitor

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