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Archive for the ‘the Party Culture’ Category

How Students in China Are Indoctrinated with Communist Party Culture (1)

Posted by Author on June 6, 2010

By Yang Zijiang, via The Epochtimes –

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ruled China for more than 60 years, relying on violence and lies to remain in power. Through manipulation of the educational system—in particular through “political education”—the Party seeks to control the souls and spirits of students.

The harm this has caused extends back a few generations; therefore, sweeping out the effects and poisons of the “party culture” is not only a very difficult project, but must be a very systematic and urgent one as well.

I have been teaching in mainland China for 35 years. I am a teacher by profession, and my specialty is youth psychology research. I have worked in elementary schools, middle schools, and universities. I have experienced serious emotional and spiritual persecution in different periods of time under the CCP’s rule. Therefore, I consider myself to be in a position to tell young people just how “Party culture” affects them and in what aspects.

The tactics used by the CCP to force students to devour their souls are many, varied, and insidious. From kindergarten to the university, the tactics and purposes of the CCP-instilled “Party culture” are all the same.

First of all, the CCP designates all young people as the “heirs of communism.” Consequently, 300 million youth must take the CCP’s guiding principle of “fighting for communism throughout their life” as their goal and guiding principle. It clearly aims to control their hearts and souls, spirits and wills. Without exemption, 300 million young people must join the regime’s related political organizations. Children over seven years old must join the “Communist Young Pioneers” (CYP). They must raise their fists to pledge to “always be prepared to fight for Communism!” They also become the next level up in the reserve force of the “Communist Youth League” (CYL) .

Especially today, the CYL forcefully recruits youths of suitable age to join the league. The CYL then becomes the reserve force for the CCP. It can be said that “Party culture” is systematically feeding doctrine to these young people throughout the CYL’s activities. Its members must sincerely pledge to receive its influence.

Universities and colleges in mainland China have all systemically established “league committees” (Full name: “Chinese Communist Party Youth League Committee of such-and-such). These claim to be the “Party’s powerful assistants.” However, in actuality they are the Party’s powerful thugs.

The party committee’s control over university students is mainly operated through the League Committee. Today, League Committees in universities cooperate with the University’s Party Committee to execute its plans to recruit new Party members. It uses different kinds of political benefits to attract and force students to join the Party to increase Party membership. At the same time, it cooperates with the “propaganda department” and “political counselors” in different classes to influence students’ political views and perceptions.

Every student is given a political evaluation. The implementation of the two tasks of recruiting news members and influencing students thoughts makes today’s university students completely lose the true purpose and meaning of being at a university—to receive a higher education. Instead, they almost become tools of the CCP. (to be cont’d)

Read the original Chinese article. (From The Epochtimes)

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Video: Why Does China Consulate Interfere With Chinese Culture Show

Posted by Author on April 13, 2007

You may heard that traditional Chinese culture was deadly destroied by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) during a 10-year period of Culture Revolution started from 1966.

Even till today, CCP’s efforts to against traditional Chinese culture still not stopped.

Here’s the news: Chinese officials in New Zealand are exerting pressure on sponsors and VIPs in attempts to block support for an international Chinese cultural show – Divine Performing Arts, which is hosted by independent TV network NTDTV, held at The Civic Theatre in downtown Auckland on Thursday, April 5, 2007.

Here’s an video report about the incident on Youtube:


Some facts about the Culture Revolution:

During the Culture Revolution, “Starting in August 1966, the raging fire of the “Casting Away the Four Olds” burned the entire land of China. Regarded as objects of “feudalism, capitalism, and revisionism,” the Buddhist temples, Taoist temples, Buddha statues, historical and scenic sites, calligraphy, paintings, and antiques became the main targets for destruction by the Red Guards.

Take the Buddha statues for example. There are 1000 colored, glazed Buddha statues in relief on the top of Longevity Hill in the Summer Palace in Beijing. After the “Casting Away the Four Olds,” they were all damaged. None of them has a complete set of the five sensory organs any more.” On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party – Part 6

* Note: “Four Olds” – old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits

Question: Why is Communist China so aggressively against Traditional Chinese culture?

Brief answer: the Communist theory opposes traditional Chinese culture. The traditional Chinese culture is an obstacle to the CCP’s dictatorship and challenges the legitimacy of the CCP rule.

Then: What is the traditional Chinese culture? What is the Communist Party’s Philosophy? Why and how did the CCP destroied traditional Chinese culture?

Here’s a great youtube video made by NTDTV answer all the above questions which is produced original from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party – Part 6

Also, some words are extracted from the Nine Commentaries and are put under the vidoe for your reference.

First half Second half of the video


Detail answers:

First, The “philosophy” of the Communist Party completely contradicts the authentic traditional Chinese culture.

“The traditional beliefs of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism offered the Chinese people a very stable moral system, unchangeable “so long as heaven remains.” This ethical system offered the basis for sustainability, peace, and harmony in society.”

“Traditional culture respects the mandate of heaven, as Confucius once said, “Life and death are predestined, and wealth and rank are determined by heaven.” [20] Both Buddhism and Taoism are forms of theism, and believe in the reincarnation cycle of life and death, and the karmic causality of good and evil.

The Communist Party, on the contrary, not only believes in atheism, but also runs wild in defying the Tao and assaulting heavenly principles.

– Confucianism values family, but the Communist Manifesto clearly promulgates abolition of the family.
– Traditional culture differentiates the Chinese from the foreign, but the Communist Manifesto advocates the end of nationality.
– Confucian culture promotes kindness to others, but the Communist Party encourages class struggle.
– Confucians encourage loyalty to the monarch and love for the nation. The Communist Manifesto promotes the elimination of nations. ” – extract from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

Second, Traditional Culture Is an Obstacle to the CCP’s Dictatorship

“Loyalty in traditional Chinese culture does not mean blind devotion. In the eyes of the people, the emperor is a “son of heaven”—with heaven above him. The emperor cannot be correct at all times.

Therefore there was a need for observers to point out the emperor’s mistakes all the time.

The Chinese chronicle system had historians record all the words and deeds of the emperor. Scholastic officials could become teachers for their sage kings, and the behavior of the emperor was judged by the Confucian classics.

If the emperor was immoral—unenlightened to the Tao, people might rise up to overthrow him, as was the case when Chengtang attacked Jie, or in King Wu’s removal of Zhou. [23] These uprisings, judged from traditional culture, were not considered violations of loyalty or the Tao. Instead, they were seen as enforcing the Tao on behalf of heaven.

The dictatorial CCP could by no means accept traditional beliefs such as these. The CCP wanted to canonize its own leaders and promote a cult of personality, and so would not allow such long-held concepts such as heaven, Tao, and God to govern from above.

The CCP was aware that what it did was considered the most heinous and enormous crime against heaven and the Tao if measured by the standards of traditional culture. They were aware that as long as the traditional culture existed, people would not praise the CCP as “great, glorious, and correct.” Scholars would continue the tradition of “risking their lives to admonish the monarch,” “maintaining justice at the expense of their lives,” and place the people above the rulers. Thus, the people would not become CCP puppets, and the CCP could not force conformity on the thoughts of the masses. ” – extract from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

Third, Traditional Culture Challenges the Legitimacy of the CCP Rule

“Traditional Chinese culture believes in God and the heavenly mandate. Accepting the mandate of heaven means that rulers have to be wise, follow the Tao and be attuned to destiny. Accepting belief in God means accepting that authority over humanity rests in heaven.

The CCP ruling principle is summarized as, “Never more tradition’s chains shall bind us, arise ye toilers no more in thrall. The earth shall rise on new foundations; we are but naught; we shall be all.” [27]

The CCP promotes historical materialism, claiming that Communism is an earthly paradise, the path to which is led by the pioneer proletarians, or the Communist Party. The belief in God thus directly challenged the legitimacy of the CCP’s rule. ” – extract from On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture

For the details about traditional Chinese culture, the Communist Party’s Philosophy, why and how did the CCP destroied traditional Chinese culture, please watch the following youtube video:

First half Second half

Leaked Document: Chinese Embassy Tried to Silence TV Network in Canada, April 4th, 2007

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Letter: “Yin Yang Boundary” between China and Hong Kong

Posted by Author on December 30, 2006

By Hua Xiong, to, Dec 25, 2006-

My nephew is a director of a hospital. He and some hospital staff, totaling about a dozen people, visited Hong Kong for couple days in October. When he came back, he told me what he had observed. He said the following:

Having been in Hong Kong has really broadened his outlook. It is like a completely different world. I am not going to say much about Hong Kong’s prosperity, its local customs and practices, or its places of historic interest and scenic beauty, etc. The most memorable and amazing thing for us is that Falun Gong is public and legal there. Everywhere we went, Falun Gong practitioners were telling the truth about what’s going on and promoting their practice by distributing flyers and discs.

Marine Park was extremely exciting and very special, there is one section of road about 70 to 80 meters long with “Falun Gong” banners & drawings on both sides of the road. Big banners saying “Heaven Will Eliminate The CCP, Only By Quitting The CCP Can One Be Safe” could be seen everywhere. The book titled “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was broadcasting on the tweeter ……

Because this was the first time that we came to this special administrative region, we were really a little bit surprised when we saw things like that. Some staff asked me: “President, can we accept those materials?” I said: “Since everyone else has the freedom to do so, so can we.” Then they asked me again: “Can we read them?” I said: “As long as we can accept them, then of course we can read them.”

Back home, we also get some “Falun Gong” materials occasionally, but not like today. We got The Epoch Times newspaper, The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Dissolving the CCP’s Culture, some CD/DVDs and other materials. Some of the materials we have never seen or heard about back home. We were all so delighted that we could hardly bear to put them down.

Some people stopped walking and sat down to read the materials. When the tour guide saw this, he said: “You can’t do this, hurry up, there are so many other places to go!” One Chinese tour guide told us: “Those people who distribute materials receive a salary from the U.S. government.” Once I heard this, I felt there was something wrong because my husband’s brother practices Falun Gong and he often tells me: “Our Dafa practitioners are risking being arrested, beaten up, sentenced or even our lives to save people. The money we use for those materials are all saved from food and living expenses.”

So I asked that Chinese tour guide: “Can we ask how much salary they get each month?” The tour guide’s face turned red all of a sudden, he said: “Hurry up! Catch up with your team.” People all laughed at him.

When we were leaving Hong Kong, we were not expecting it when the Chinese tour guide suddenly told us “All tourists, please hand over all Falun Gong propaganda materials and throw them into the garbage can. If you are found to have even one piece of paper on the plane, you will be sentenced to jail for seven days and fined 5,000 yuan (US $600). You won’t be allowed to post bail until your work unit issues a certificate.”

We were shocked and spontaneously asked him, “Why?” The Chinese tour guide said “Do not complain, this is the Chinese Communist Party’s order, explanation is not needed. If you don’t obey, you will have to accept the consequences. In short….there is a yin yang boundary here.” ( – original report from the epochtimes’ website)

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Eternal Fear Marks the Chinese Communist Party’s History

Posted by Author on November 26, 2006

The Epoch Times- This is the second of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party., On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party


III. Demonstrating Evil Traits

Eternal Fear Marks the Party’s History

The most prominent characteristic of the CCP is its eternal fear. Survival has been the CCP’s highest interest since its inception. Such interest managed to overcome the fear hidden underneath its ever-changing appearance. The CCP is like a cancer cell that diffuses and infiltrates every part of body, kills the surrounding normal cells and grows malignantly beyond control. In our cycle of history, society has been unable to dissolve such a mutated factor as the CCP and has no alternative but to let it proliferate at will. This mutated factor is so powerful that nothing within the level and range of its expansion can stop it. Much of society has become polluted, and larger and larger areas have been flooded with communism or communist elements. These elements are further strengthened and taken advantage of by the CCP and have fundamentally degraded the morality and society of humankind.

The CCP doesn’t believe in any generally recognized principle of morality and justice. All of its principles are used entirely for its own interest. It is fundamentally selfish, and there are no principles that could restrain and control its desires. Based on its own principles, the Party needs to keep changing how it appears on the surface, putting on new skins. During the early period when its survival was at stake, the CCP attached to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, to the KMT, to the KMT’s governing body, and to the National Revolution. After capturing power, the CCP attached itself to various forms of opportunism, to the citizens’ minds and feelings, to social structures and means—to anything it could put its hands on. It has utilized every crisis as an opportunity to gather more power and to strengthen its means of control. (to be cont’d…)

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<< CCP’s 3 Years of Civil War—Betraying the Country to Seize Power

On What the Communist Party Is(1)- 9 Commentaries, Part 1

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Intellectual: NetEase Online Survey Strike the CCP’s Nerve

Posted by Author on October 13, 2006

He Qinglian, Huaxia Dianzi Newspaper (Chinese), Oct 12, 2006-

In early September, an online survey conducted by NetEase incited a wave of political uproar with the finding that 64 percent of Chinese people “do not want to be Chinese in their next life.” As a result of this survey, NetEase Chief Director Tang Yan and Chief Commentator Liu Xianghui were dismissed from their jobs. Several world-renowned news organizations were puzzled by the reaction of the Chinese authorities.

It is well known that Chinese authorities cannot tolerate disparities in political views, yet this topic is apolitical. One cannot help but wonder where the Chinese government draws the line concerning repression of speech?

These news organizations naturally do not understand the significance of such a topic in China. The Chinese regime’s current existence relies on controlling the Chinese people solely through infusing them with pro-nationalism sentiment.

How does the Chinese authority utilize patriotism, which has persisted and evolved over thousands of years, to bring people together, thus solidifying its political stance? This involves historic factors and targeted, precise manipulation.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gained political power by tactfully using the Chinese people’s nationalist sentiments during the war against Japan over half a century ago. The CCP has since exploited educational institutions and the media to modify the contents of “patriotism” according to its own political agenda. Pro-nationalism education was emphasized less in the mid 1980s but regained popularity in the 1990s.

After the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, the CCP concluded that the problem was to be found within the educational system. It was determined that decreased amounts of pro-patriotism education, which is in fact pro-communism education, in school curriculums provided a channel for democratic ideology to spread among intellectuals and college students. This resulted in political instability in the late 1980s, so the government restored pro-nationalism education.

In April 1991, the Committee for the General Office of State Education issued a paper entitled, “Some Suggestions for Further Improvement on Pro-Nationalism Education in Middle Schools and Primary Schools.”

Then in August 1994, the CCP Central Committee published “Annals For Implementation Of Pro-Nationalism Education” which clearly states that the goal of such education is to, “Arouse nationalism, bring more people together, strengthen national respect and pride, establish and develop the most extensive pro-patriotism support network, and direct the people’s patriotism to the establishment of a great enterprise, a Chinese-styled socialism.”

The publication of the “Annals…” resulted in the development of various teaching methods to promote patriotism. These included founding a patriotism education headquarters, building a social momentum for pro-patriotism education, instilling and advocating reverence and rules of etiquette for the flag, national anthem and emblem, enthusiastically propagandizing acts of patriotism, etc.

The terms patriotism and nationalism can be used interchangeably. The three main points of nationalism are, “economic development, political stability, and national unification.” National unification implies opposing Taiwan independence.

The CCP declares itself representative of China, the Chinese people, and even the Chinese culture. It thus utilizes the so-called “pro-patriotism education” in schools to effectively spread its political propaganda among students. The students are taught to love socialism and, above all, love the founder of socialism in China—the CCP.

Furthermore, patriotism and collectivism are linked together. The middle school political studies textbook states: “Patriotism is advocated by the state and it is written in the law. The Constitution of the Peoples’ Republic of China (The Constitution) maintains: ‘The state advocates the civic virtues of love for the motherland, for the people, for labor, for science and for socialism; it educates the people in patriotism, collectivism, internationalism and communism and in dialectical and historical materialism.’ The Constitution also specifies various responsibilities of the citizens for the state, including the responsibility of loving the country. Therefore patriotism is not only a way of thinking, but also a legal responsibility of each citizen.”

How is “collectivism and patriotism” related to love for the communist party? Those who are familiar with the communist ideology understand that collectivism places emphasis on obedience of the individual to the collective. The highest level of the collective is the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and its regime. As such, individuals are to obey the CCP unconditionally.

According to the explanation given by the CCP regarding itself, it is the highest, natural representative of China, the Chinese people, the Chinese nation, and even Chinese culture. Therefore, to love China is to love the CCP.

We have to state that China does not allow the formation of associations. Any organizations, “units,” or “groups of people” are under the control of the government and its political organizations, with the CCP branch office as the highest leader.

Therefore, individuals’ obedience to the collective is obedience to the CCP. The results of this survey conducted by NetEase lets the Chinese authorities realize in no uncertain terms a fact that they most certainly do not like: The Chinese people’s opinion of the CCP is not a positive one.The CCP’s last tool, patriotism, has lost its power.

The Chinese people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the current situation by saying that “they do not want to be Chinese in their next life.” Special attention should be paid to the bottom line of this survey, which is that the Chinese people have rediscovered the proper dignity of a human being. (translated by The Epoch Times)

He Qinglian, renowned social economist, works including China’s Pitfall (also translated as China’s Descent into Quagmire), Media Control in China: 2004, etc.

Chinese website survey: I love China, China does not love me , Sep 20, 2006

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Communist China Prepares A Disintegration ‘Warning’ Video to Members

Posted by Author on October 1, 2006

The Epoch Times, Sep 30, 2006-

This August, on the 15th anniversary of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published a special documentary “Watch out for Danger in Peace Time — the Historical Lesson of How the Russian Communist Party Perished.” The video is being shown to all CCP’s members above the county level to warn them of the two issues that could cause the same fate in China – preventing peaceful transformation and corruption.

According to Hong Kong Mingbao, the video was jointly produced by the Central Committee of CCP’s National Party Construction Study Group, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The introduction of the video claims, “The historical video clips and pictures show the factors contributing to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and how the Russian Communist Party (RCP) perished after a 74-year rule.”

CAS completed the video on the basis of two projects: a National Philosophy and Social Science Project and “The Rise and Fall of the Russian Communist Party and the Soviet Union.” The second project is classified as a major project among the special projects in the CAS.

The video is divided into eight 40-minute segments.

1. The Historical Lesson – the Rise and Fall of the RCP.
2. The Basic Theory and Guidelines of the RCP.
3. The RCP Ideology.
4. The Party Atmosphere of the RCP.
5. The Privileged Class Inside the RCP.
6. The Organization of the RCP.
7. The Leading Group of the RCP.
8. The RCP’s Responses to Westernization and the Disuniting Strategy from the Western World.

According to an insider, CCP cadres and members must watch the video. The Philosophy Institute of the CAS organized its party members to watch it on August 22, according to the institute’s website, the institute’s Party Discipline Committee Secretary and Deputy Dean Xie Dikun stressed the importance of watching the video. Xie also requested that every department hand in their post-video discussion reports. On the same day, the Institute of World Socialism Study of CAS also organized about 60 people to watch the video and then discussed the content.

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CCP’s First Inherited Trait: Evil—Putting on the Evil Form of Marxism-Leninism

Posted by Author on September 22, 2006

The Epoch Times- This is the second of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party

(cont’d) I. The CCP Grew by Steadily Accumulating Wickedness

It is not an easy task to introduce a foreign and evil specter such as the Communist Party, one that is totally incompatible with the Chinese tradition, into China, a country with a history of 5,000 years of civilization. The CCP deceived the populace and the patriotic intellectuals who wanted to serve the country with the promise of the “communist utopia.” It further distorted the theory of communism, which had already been seriously distorted by Lenin, to provide a theoretical basis for destroying all traditional morals and principles. In addition, the CCP’s distorted theory of communism was used to destroy all that was disadvantageous to the CCP’s rule and to eliminate all social classes and people that might pose threats to its control.The CCP adopted the Industrial Revolution’s destruction of belief as well as the more complete atheism of communism. The CCP inherited communism’s denial of private ownership, and imported Lenin’s theory of violent revolution. At the same time, the CCP inherited and further strengthened the worst parts of the Chinese monarchy.

The history of the CCP is a process of its gradual accumulation of every single wickedness, domestic and foreign. The CCP has perfected its nine inherited traits, giving them “Chinese characteristics”: evil, deceit, incitement, unleashing the scum of society, espionage, robbery, fighting, elimination, and control. Responding to continuous crisis, the CCP has consolidated and strengthened the means and extent to which these malignant characteristics have been playing out.

First Inherited Trait: Evil—Putting on the Evil Form of Marxism-Leninism

Marxism initially attracted the Chinese Communists with its declaration to “use violent revolution to destroy the old state apparatus and to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat.” This is precisely the root of evil in Marxism and Leninism.

Marxist materialism is predicated on the narrow economic concepts of forces of production, production relations, and surplus value. During the early, underdeveloped stages of capitalism, Marx made a shortsighted prediction that capitalism would die and the proletariat would win, which has been proven wrong by history and reality. Marxist-Leninist violent revolution and dictatorship of the proletariat promote power-politics and proletarian domination. The Communist Manifesto related the Communist Party’s historical and philosophical basis to class conflict and struggle. The proletariat broke free from traditional morals and social relations for the sake of seizing power. Upon their first appearance, the doctrines of communism are set in opposition to all tradition.

Human nature universally repels violence. Violence makes people ruthless and tyrannical. Thus, in all places and all times humanity has fundamentally rejected the premises of the Communist Party’s theory of violence, a theory that has no antecedent in any former systems of thought, philosophy, or tradition. The communist system of terror fell upon the earth as if from nowhere.

The CCP’s evil ideology is built on the premise that humans can conquer nature and transform the world. The Communist Party attracted many people with its ideals of “emancipating all mankind” and “world unity.” The CCP deceived many people, especially those who were concerned about the human condition and were eager to make their own mark in society. These people forgot that there is a heaven above. Inspired by the beautiful yet misguided notion of “building heaven on earth,” they despised traditions and looked down upon the lives of others, which in turn degraded themselves. They did all of this in an attempt to provide the CCP with praiseworthy service and gain honor.

The Communist Party presented the fantasy of a “Communist paradise” as the truth, and aroused people’s enthusiasm to fight for it: “For reason thunders new creation, `Tis a better world in birth.” [1] Employing such an absolutely absurd idea, the CCP severed the connections between humanity and heaven, and cut the lifeline that connects the Chinese people to their ancestors and national traditions. By summoning people to give their lives for communism, the CCP strengthened its ability to do harm.

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<< On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party- Foreword
>> CCP’s Second Inherited Trait: Deceit—Evil Has to Cheat to Pretend to Be Righteous

On What the Communist Party Is(1)- 9 Commentaries, Part 1

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The Epoch Times to Publish ‘Dissolving the Party Culture’

Posted by Author on September 13, 2006

The Epoch Times, Sep 10, 2006-

Dissolving the Party Culture: a New Editorial Series Translated from the original Chinese.

The history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one of lies and violence. The CCP lies in two modes: The CCP covers up and distorts facts and it instills in people evil standards of judgment and distorted ways of reasoning. The CCP’s lies are backed, on the one hand, by violence, enabled by the state power that the CCP has usurped, and, on the other hand, by all the social resources the CCP has monopolized. Thus, people are forced to be immersed in the CCP’s way of reasoning from the very beginning of life, even before the first words are uttered or brains record the first memories.

Over time, not only do people have no way of knowing the truth, they have also adopted the CCP’s standards for discerning right from wrong, followed the CCP’s mode of reasoning to explain the Party’s actions, used CCP-stipulated behavior to express their opinions, and even criticized the CCP using the CCP’s own language. Thus, this so-called Party Culture has penetrated into every particle of society, and people are not aware how deeply engrossed they are in it.

The environment formed by the Party Culture enables the CCP to continue to exist and do evil. Under the Party Culture, people’s hearts, minds and behavior have all been significantly degraded, and many aspects of human life in society, family, education, work and interpersonal relations have deviated from the normal human state. This directly impairs all facets of people’s lives.

One important feature of culture is its inheritability. An evil culture cannot foster a healthy society or a benevolent political system, nor can it lead to a great nation. Thus, it becomes imperative for us to dissolve the Party Culture. Otherwise, its poison will continue to harm the Chinese people.

The Party Culture carries with it some features of a complicated ecosystem, such as its accommodation of variations, self-adjustment and self-propagation. The extinction of one or more species may often not lead to the collapse of an entire ecosystem. Some seemingly simple concepts, the language, and behavioral patterns of the Party Culture have all been supported by various lies, faulty logic, and false standards of right and wrong. These elements have been combined to support, and be supported by, the Party Culture system. As soon as some elements are exposed, other elements will automatically come in to supplement it so as to sustain the survival of the Party Culture system. To dissolve the Party Culture completely, therefore, requires systematic articulation, analysis, and reflection on it.

The Epoch Times Editorial Board will assume such a task. We will analyze the history, cause, expression, and harm done by the Party Culture, while discussing aspects of the authentic Chinese culture. These analyses will be published in a special editorial series entitled Dissolving the Party Culture. We hope through the re-establishment of morality and culture, the Chinese nation, after 85 years of abuse by the CCP, will smoothly move into a new epoch of prosperity and freedom.

The Epoch Times Editorial Board
September 9, 2006

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party- Introduction

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