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    Reporters Without Borders said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agency”, that “Xinhua remains the voice of the sole party”, “particularly during the SARS epidemic, Xinhua has for last few months been putting out news reports embarrassing to the government, but they are designed to fool the international community, since they are not published in Chinese.”
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Archive for the ‘radio’ Category

BBC “strongly condemned” China’s “deliberate” Blocking of Shortwave Service Broadcasts

Posted by Author on February 26, 2013

The BBC has “strongly condemned” the “deliberate and co-ordinated” jamming of the BBC World Service by authorities in China.

On Monday the corporation issued a statement after receiving reports that its shortwave frequencies were being blocked in China. Read the rest of this entry »

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Congressional Battle Brewing Over VOA Mandarin Service (to China) Cuts

Posted by Author on February 17, 2011

A fight may be brewing in the U.S. Congress over plans announced this week to end the Voice of America’s shortwave broadcasting to China.

Prominent conservatives have spoken out against the plan, which would see VOA move all its Mandarin-language services to the Internet. In addition, a Democratic member of Congress told VOA Wednesday he will urge the speaker of the House of Representatives to block the plan.

The proposal was part of the U.S. government international broadcaster’s proposed budget for the coming year, which also includes plans to shut down VOA’s Cantonese and Croatian-language services. Read the rest of this entry »

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VOA radio broadcasts to China signing off, while China boosts propaganda

Posted by Author on February 17, 2011

By Bill Gertz, The Washington Times-

The Obama administration will cancel shortwave radio broadcasts by Voice of America into China this year, as Beijing is expanding its propaganda operations in the United States and around the world.

Critics of the broadcasting cuts, announced Monday, said major reductions in staff and shortwave broadcasts will sharply curtail an important outlet for unfiltered news and information for large numbers of people in China, especially areas such as Tibet and western Xinjiang province, where pro-democracy forces are opposing Chinese rule. Read the rest of this entry »

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Uyghur Radio Worker Sacked, Detained for criticizing China policy

Posted by Author on September 12, 2008

Radio Free China, Sep. 8, 2008-

HONG KONG— Authorities at a Chinese government-run radio station in the remote Xinjiang region have fired and detained an ethnic Uyghur woman working there, apparently for criticizing government policy, Uyghur sources have said.

Mehbube Ablesh, 29, was removed from her post at Xinjiang People’s Radio Station several weeks ago, according to two colleagues at the government-run station in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Ablesh, who studied journalism, was employed in the station’s advertising department, although her exact duties there weren’t immediately clear.

“She was fired a month ago. Now we hear she is in prison and we don’t have any information about Mehbube’s prison situation,” one colleague said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We tried to lead her in the right direction but she didn’t listen to us.”

“Management already held a meeting and told all 60 employees that Mehbube committed mistakes. She wrote articles for Web sites. I don’t know which Web sites, and I don’t know what she wrote about or what she discussed, [but] she wrote articles for Web sites and so she has been arrested by the police,” the colleague said.

Another colleague confirmed her removal from the station “about one month ago.”

A third source, based in Europe, said he had been in contact with Ablesh and that in her messages she had sharply criticized top provincial leaders and the government’s policy of requiring Mandarin-language teaching. She may have been detained because of this, he said.

“Our department is a journalism department—people should be very careful because it is a very sensitive place,” the first source said.

“She prayed. But she didn’t wear a headscarf. What she did was wrong. The government provided her everything—a good job, everything. It is the same everywhere, in America too. If the government provides you a good job, everything, and you speak out against the government, you will be punished. Isn’t it so?”

Multi-lingual radio
A radio station employee, contacted by telephone, declined to discuss the matter.

“It is too sensitive to talk about issues like this. You can verify the issue through other channels. It may be a normal thing to talk about it somewhere else, but this is Xinjiang. It’s too sensitive,” the employee said.

Radio employees declined to comment further and referred questions to the police and Public Security Bureau. Officials at both offices declined to comment.

Xinjiang People’s Radio currently broadcasts a total of 111 hours daily in Uyghur, Mandarin, Kazak, Mongolian, and Kyrgyz, according to its official Web site.

Following a string of violent attacks in remote, northwestern Xinjiang, Chinese authorities are stepping up restrictions on Muslim Uyghurs during the fasting month of Ramadan. Police say women are being forced to uncover their faces in public, while restrictions on teaching Islam to Uyghur children are being intensified……. (more details from Radio Free China)

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RSF: Clandestine Chinese FM radio program broadcast to Beijing residents 12 hours before Olympic opening ceremony

Posted by Author on August 8, 2008

Reporters Without Borders, Aug. 8, 2008-

Members of Reporters Without Borders today broadcast “Radio Without Borders,” China’s only independent FM radio station, in Beijing just hours before the start of the Olympic Games opening ceremony. In a programme lasting 20 minutes, Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard and Chinese human rights activists called on the Chinese government to respect free speech.

“The Chinese authorities refused to issue visas to ten of our members but this has not stopped us from making ourselves heard in Beijing by means of a clandestine radio broadcast using miniaturised FM transmitters and antennas,” Ménard said. “Reporters Without Borders devised and carried out this protest in a spirit of resistance against state control of the media.”

The press freedom organisation added : “This is the first non-state radio station to have broadcast in China since the Communist Party took power in 1949. Only international Chinese-language radio stations broadcasting on the short wave would be able to break this news and information monopoly, but they are jammed by the authorities.”

The Radio Without Borders broadcast began at 08:08 local time on 08/08/08, exactly 12 hours before the start of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. The programme, in English, French and Mandarin, was heard in on 104.4 FM in different districts of the Chinese capital……. (more details from Reporters Without Borders)

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China Foreign Radio Station Correspondent Abandon Post

Posted by Author on July 28, 2007

AFP, Via, 26/07/2007-

A correspondent for China’s international radio station who has not been seen since apparently abandoning his post in Zimbabwe three months ago was officially warned on Thursday to return to work.

China Radio International posted an unusual notice in the English-language China Daily newspaper saying that Cheng Qinghua “left his post without authorisation” on April 20.

“He has been absent from work ever since and his action is a serious breach of the work rules of China Radio International,” the notice said.

“Cheng Qinghua is asked to report to work within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice. Otherwise he will be dealt with in accordance with relevant rules.”

A spokesman for China Radio International told AFP on Thursday that Cheng had left his Harare office without informing the radio station.

But other than to say Cheng was aged in his 40s, the spokesman refused to discuss the reporter any further.

Cheng is little known in the Chinese media community, and it appears that the Zimbabwe posting was his first overseas mission.

Searches for Cheng on the English-language pages of the Internet show his dispatches from Zimbabwe only in late last year and early this year, while his name does not return any hits on Chinese pages.

China Radio International is the Chinese government’s only overseas broadcaster and broadcasts in 43 languages, according to its website.

– Original report from China orders missing foreign correspondent to return to post

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Senior International Journalist’s Speech on CCP’s Nature

Posted by Author on October 12, 2006

By Wang Hong, Epoch Times French Staff, Oct 07, 2006-

Former director of the Radio France International Chinese Program, Mr. WuWu-baozhang Baozhang, recently spoke at a China Human Rights Forum organized by the local French government in Ceyrat, near Clermont Ferrand. Below is Mr. Wu’s speech.

(Photo: Mr. Wu Baozhang making speech on China Human Rights Forum- Epoch Times)

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to share some of my experiences as a reporter with you, and provide you with several keys to better understand the reality in China. I am also very pleased to be able to point out to you several new resources for news about China; these resources will provide you with more accurate information about the country as big as a continent called China.

What I would like to say first is that the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] never gave up its ideological roots; it still persists with Marxism which promotes violence and dictatorship. I would recommend that you read Manifesto of the Communist Party and Critique of the Gotha Program to better understand this. Last year the CCP created a unique budget that could not be found anywhere else on the globe. It granted twenty million yuan (about US$2.5 million) as funding to research Marxism. The purpose of the project is to publish more than a dozen text books to better promote Marxism among young students. An official researcher recently announced proudly that China is currently the only country in the world endorsing Marxism. In order to maintain Marxism for the long term, all CCP members are required to watch an eight-episode documentary film. The film warns its members not to follow the former Soviet Union’s path. Hence we need to remember the following facts when studying China.

Currently China is a dictatorship controlled by one party. In China, from the countryside to big cities, there are CCP branches in every organization, government office, enterprise and the military. Periodically and systemically, the authorities persecute any civil request for a democratic China, which includes political propaganda to demonize the target, followed by large scale arrests, torture and murder.

After the collapse of the planned economy, the market economy emerged whilst the CCP monopolized all the natural resources. It formed alliances with other communist countries such as North Korea and Cuba. It adopted imperialism in international affairs, which could be clearly seen in its dealings during the Sudan Darfur crisis and the Macedonia issue. Its foreign trade is filled with dumps, forges and smuggling―French Customs is well aware of this.

The results of these policies leave a growing number of victims each year. More than 70 million people died from persecution prior to the end of the Cultural Revolution. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the CCP intensified its persecution against people holding different political views or religious faith. There is still no exact statistics on how many students and other people died in 1989. The confirmed death toll of Falun Gong practitioners has reached more than 3,000 and countless more practitioners have disappeared. The persecution against Catholics who follow the Pope in Rome has never stopped. The current focus of the CCP’s persecution is against human rights lawyers, reporters, other free thinking scholars, and anyone who dares to criticize the corruption and persecution.

Coupled with the economic growth, corruption stems from the single party dictatorship that lacks any independent monitoring. More than 4,000 high level officials have fled overseas, taking US$50 billion of embezzled funds with them. Is it possible that some of them went to France? Insiders said that these former CCP officials are especially interested in buying castles in France. According to an official Chinese survey, 90 percent of wealthy people in China are government officials. The index for the difference between rich and poor is 0.4-5, which exceeds the warning level.

Nowadays in Chinese society, things look prosperous on the surface but are actually sliding towards hell. There aren’t any moral standards. One can do anything for money―vicious criminal acts happen one after another, live organ removal and illegal sales of the organs are unregulated, and female college students try to sell their “first nights” online.

The social conflicts worsen. Throughout the nation, group protests consisting of 50 or more people occur in excess of 200 times a day. The government only wants to preach without listening―tanks were again used to suppress the protesters (tanks were used in the Tiananmen Square Massacre 17 years ago).

The above issues in China pose a sensitive question to western society regarding the relationship between the West and the communist regime’s political power.

The latest research done by Chinese scholars questions the legitimacy of the CCP’s political power. Based on facts, they argue that communism in China is the restoration of the totalitarian and tyrannical system which existed before 1911. Hiding under the Chinese banner, this political power does not represent the country, and there are despots and those being oppressed. Do you think the CCP represents China?

Westerners extend friendship and compassion towards the Chinese people, whether those Chinese people are the CCP bureaucrats or their victims. Do westerners prefer a red communist country or a democratic country of the yellow people? What is the bottom line of cooperating with the CCP? Perhaps, unconsciously, western societies have contributed to the CCP’s suppression machine.

Where is your source for news of China? Is it some western media that does not mention issues that the CCP disapproves of? Is it the foreign Chinese newspapers funded by the CCP? Is it the propaganda institutes that the CCP purposely sets up for westerners? Or is it from the deceptive Chinese consulates after the banquet or luncheon? Sure, you can continue to heed these news sources, but you shouldn’t ignore the three independent news media founded in 2000 by victims suppressed by the CCP over the years: The Epoch Times newspaper, the Sound of Hope radio, and the New Tang Dynasty TV. These three independent media are serious news sources and their top articles prove it. For example, the reports on SARS, severe pollution in the Songhua River, persecution against Falun Gong practitioners and other religious believers, journalists and legal workers’ bitter fight for justice from the CCP, and the concentration camp in Sujiatun that removed organs from live prisoners. In particular, exposing the true nature of the communist party, these media never hesitate or lie. The Epoch Times published an editorial series in 2004, The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party , which has been passed around in China and resulted in 13 million people quitting the CCP.

I sincerely recommend these three independent media to those who don’t want to incur financial losses doing business, those who don’t want to be fooled by the illusion of a China created by professional propaganda channels, and those who don’t want to lose face. I gravely fear that China is approaching another period of escalating conflict. In China, the CCP members make up six percent of the population. The other 94 percent, after having awakened from a painful nightmare, have stopped believing in the coming of a good emperor. Some people worry that the spreading corruption will result in political upheaval like the one that happened in Thailand because the opportunity now exists for those who covet political power to make a move.

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