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Archive for the ‘Bombing’ Category

Explosion attack of police kills 7, in Xijiang, Northwest China

Posted by Author on August 19, 2010

By Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post Foreign Service, Thursday, August 19, 2010 –

— An attacker riding a three-wheeled vehicle attacked a contingent of security volunteers Thursday in Aksu city, in China’s restive western region of Xinjiang, killing seven people and wounding 14 others in the first such incident since bloody ethnic rioting shook the area a year ago.

A statement posted late Thursday on the Web site of the autonomous Xinjiang regional government said the volunteers were on patrol and standing in a line when the attacker struck. The statement said five security force members died at the scene, and two others died later in a local hospital.

The attack occurred in Yoganqi township, on the outskirts of Aksu city, on the highway linking Urumqi, the Xinjiang capital, to Kashgar in the west, the statement said. ……(more details from The Washington Post)

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China Police Beat Two Japanese Journalists After Attack in Xinjiang

Posted by Author on August 5, 2008

By Stuart Biggs, The Bloomberg, Aug. 5, 2008-

Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) — Two Japanese journalists were detained and beaten by Chinese police as they covered an attack on policemen in the western province of Xinjiang, China, Kyodo English News reported today, citing the journalists’ employers.

Masami Kawakita, 38, a photographer from the Chunichi newspaper, and Shinji Katsuta, 37, a Nippon Television Network Corp. reporter, suffered light injuries, Kyodo said. The two were taken inside a hotel and beaten before being released two hours later, the report said.

The two journalists were covering an attack which left 16 policemen dead in the city of Kashi, or Kashgar, yesterday, the report said. Chinese police said it detained two men after the attack, both of whom are members of the predominantly Muslim Uyghur minority group, Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday.

China has said domestic terror groups pose one of the greatest threats to the Beijing Olympics to run from Aug. 8-24. The Chinese government is using the threat of terrorism to clamp down on minority groups including the Uyghurs, some of whom want to establish independence, human rights groups say.

– Original from Bloomberg: China Police Beat Japanese Journalists After Attack, Kyodo Says

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Clampdown in China Muslim region after bloody attack on police

Posted by Author on August 5, 2008

AFP, Aug. 4, 2008-

KASHGAR, China (AFP) — Chinese authorities moved Tuesday to keep a lid on further information about a bloody assault on police in Kashgar with a truck, explosives and machetes.

At the hotel directly across from the site of Monday’s raid, which killed 16 policemen, guests were told in the morning that the Internet had been shut off across the city, on police orders.

Police entered an AFP photographer’s hotel room and forced him to delete photos he had taken of the scene. Plainclothes police followed journalists as they moved around the city.

“We can’t talk about that. You must understand if we talk about it, the police will come and arrest us,” said a shopkeeper in Kashgar, a remote city in northwest China’s Xinjiang region, who declined to be named.

Nevertheless some independent information emerged outside of the uniform coverage in China’s state-run press, which was all based on reports from the official Xinhua news agency.

Foreign witnesses described a “sickening” scene that unfolded as two assailants drove a truck at a group of policemen who were out jogging, then attacked the officers with small explosives and machetes.

“My wife almost threw up and had to lie down afterward,” said Wlodzislaw Duch, a Polish tourist who watched the assault from his hotel room directly across the street from the scene.

The Xinhua news agency said the two, aged 28 and 33, were arrested immediately, and identified the men as members of the Muslim ethnic Uighur group, a Turkic-speaking people that have long chafed at Chinese rule of Xinjiang.

The state-controlled China Daily, the government’s main outlet to foreign audiences, said the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), listed by the UN as a terrorist organisation, was “likely” responsible.

“There is little doubt that the ETIM is behind the attack,” said Li Wei, an anti-terrorism expert at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, according to the paper.

The attack showed the ETIM is now “into advanced planning” since “it has rarely used cars or trucks in an attack before,” Li was quoted as saying.

China has repeatedly warned the ETIM was planning to stage attacks on the Beijing Olympics, which starts on Friday.

However Chinese authorities have not gone on the record to blame the ETIM for Monday’s attack, allowing only unofficial “experts” to be be used in the state-run press.

Beijing Olympic organisers said they did not know yet if there was a direct connection to the showpiece sporting event, but insisted the Games would not be threatened.

“There is always the risk to the security of the Bejing Olympics,” Sun Weide, a spokesman for the Beijing Olympic organising committee, told reporters.

“That is why we have drafted hundreds of security plans, and now we are prepared to deal with these kind of security threats. We can guarantee a safe and peaceful Olympic Games.”

Xinjiang, a vast area that borders Central Asia, has about 8.3 million Uighurs , and many are unhappy with what they say has been decades of repressive Communist Chinese rule.

Two short-lived East Turkestan republics emerged in Xinjiang in the 1930s and 1940s, at a time when central government control in China was weakened by civil war and Japanese invasion.

The exiled leader of China’s Uighur Muslims condemned the reported killings.

“We condemn all acts of violence,” Rebiya Kadeer said in Washington, where she has been living in exile since 2005 after spending six years in a Beijing prison. “The Uighur people do not support acts that engender bloodshed.”

Original from AFP

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Grenade attack kills 16 policemen in Western China, Xinjiang Area

Posted by Author on August 4, 2008

The Times Online, Aug. 4, 2008-

Sixteen policemen have been killed and sixteen more injured in an attack on a police station in far western China, in what appears to be the country’s worst terrorist incident in a decade.

The attack, on a border police office in the city of Kashgar in Muslim-dominated Xinjiang region, is a grave blow against the Chinese security forces just four days before the opening of the Beijing Olympics. Chinese leaders have identified Muslim separatists from the remote, desert region as the biggest threat to the security of the Games.

Details were still sketchy this morning, but according to the state Xinhua news agency, two attackers drove one or two lorries into a police station in the far western city of Kashgar, an oasis town on the ancient Silk Road. The building was a station of the border patrol armed police division, which is responsible for the nearby borders with Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. In some reports it was unclear whether the attack occurred in the city of Kashgar or in the broad administrative region of which it is the capital……. (more details from The Times Online)

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China: One Explosion Incident, Two Different Reports

Posted by Author on November 22, 2007

By Yizhen Jiangu, The Epoch Times, Nov 16, 2007-

On October 22, an explosion occurred in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province. However, there were two totally different reports about the incident: one published on an official communist party website and one posted on a BBS.

The two reports clearly show the level of media censorship in mainland China.

The communist party version:

Taihu Mingzhu net reported—At 10:15 a.m., October 22, a homemade bomb exploded and wounded people in Wuxi. According to the investigation, Xu Guoxin, a resident in room 102, No. 38 Helie Street, Wuxi, had a dispute with neighborhood office staff regarding the termination of electricity to his home on October 21. The local Police Station quickly sent officers to handle the incident. During the dispute, the bomb that Xu was carrying exploded, seriously wounding police officer Wang and injuring Xu’s right arm. They were sent to The No. 4 Wuxi Municipal People’s Hospital for emergency treatment.

The BBS version submitted by Nu Hai:

At about 10:00 a.m. October 22, 2007, a suicide bombing occurred in the demolition project office of Wanda Commercial Plaza in Wuxi. A police officer died and the bomber’s right arm was blown off.

Sources revealed that the bomber, Xu Guoxin, 48, and a resident at room 102, No 38 Helie Street had tried several times to prevent the pending demolition of his home by a demolition company located in Helie of the City government. The company was not willing to negotiate with Xu and even hired thugs to beat him up, which caused Xu to suffer physically and mentally. However, the Helie police station refused to investigate the beating when Xu reported it.

On the morning of October 22, Xu reported to the power company electrical power to his home had been terminated. When an electrician investigated, he concluded that the electrical line had been purposefully damaged. Xu went to the demolition company, but once again he was beaten by a group of people and locked up in the company’s office.

Xu eventually escaped and reported what had occurred to the Helie Police Station; but again, the police refused to register the case. In his indignation, Xu returned to the demolition company office, this time carrying a homemade bomb at around 9:30 a.m. The group beat him again. Meanwhile, the company called the police. Police officer Wang Jianfeng and another civilian police officer arrived within a few minutes. When officer Wang reached for the bomb on Xu, it went off.

Wang sustained severe injuries to his abdomen and Xu had lost an arm. An ambulance took 25 minutes to arrive, and transported the two injured people to the 4th Wuxi Municipal People’s Hospital. The 32-year-old Wang Jianfeng died on the way to the hospital, leaving behind a 5-year-old son.

According to local residents, Xu had been unstable after his girlfriend broke up with him because he was unable to get an apartment from his work unit.

On the night of October 22, the official report concealed that the incident was caused by a pending demolition of Xu’s home, and changed the “City government demolition company” to an unspecified “neighborhood-related department.”

Original report from the Epochtimes

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China Tries To Cover-up Suicide Attack Death in Zhuzhou City

Posted by Author on September 12, 2007

China correspondent, NTDTV News, 2007-09-10-Zhuzhou riot


Last Wednesday a suicide attacker struck Zhuzhou city of China’s Hunan province. Local residents tell NTDTV that the number of deaths and injured are much higher than what the state-run media is reporting. The explosion happened around 6pm on a street in a busy commercial area. In addition to the damaged shops and properties, residents say they saw scattered body parts.

Local residents describe the incident.

[Zhuzhou Resident]:

“I heard a big bang followed by a large fire on the street. The flame was about ten meters high.”

Official reports say one person was killed and eight injured. But witnesses say more died. They also tell us that there were several people with bombs tied to their bodies.

[Zhuzhou Resident]:

“At least ten were killed including costumers in the nearby Internet bar. The CCP claimed there was only one death to cover up the incident and reduce peoples’ anxiety.”

Police are not making any comment at this time.

This report was brought to us by our NTDTV Chinese correspondent.

Original report from NTDTV

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