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    Reporters Without Borders said in it’s 2005 special report titled “Xinhua: the world’s biggest propaganda agency”, that “Xinhua remains the voice of the sole party”, “particularly during the SARS epidemic, Xinhua has for last few months been putting out news reports embarrassing to the government, but they are designed to fool the international community, since they are not published in Chinese.”
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Archive for the ‘Exhibit’ Category

China artist cancels ‘politically sensitive’ show

Posted by Author on February 14, 2011

BEIJING — Chinese artist Ai Weiwei said Monday he cancelled his first large solo exhibition in mainland China after organisers told the outspoken government critic the timing was too politically sensitive.

Ai, one of China’s most famous artists and a bold political activist, told AFP his show was due to start in March at UCCA, a gallery founded by Belgian collector Guy Ullens in a Beijing art district.

“The timing is sensitive and politically they feel it is not suitable at the moment,” said the 53-year-old. Read the rest of this entry »

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North Korea in First Expo as Kim Jong-Il Visits China

Posted by Author on May 4, 2010

VOA News, May. 4, 2010 –

Reclusive North Korea is one of several nations participating in a World Expo for the first time. Its participation comes as the country faces a grave economic crisis, and its leader is on a rare visit to China.

North Korea’s pavilion is nestled in a corner of the Asia section at the World Expo, next to Iran.

The design is modest. The outside of the rectangular building features a large mural of blue skies and a photo of Pyongyang’s Chollima statue, a horse that is said to symbolize the heroic and unconquerable spirit of the North Korean people.

Inside, there is a replica of Pyongyang’s Juche Statue, a small waterway that represents the North’s Taedong River, a traditional bridge and large fountain with colored lights.

On top of the fountain, a group of white marble statues of naked boys encircle two others. One boy holds the other up in the air as he lifts a dove into the sky.

In one corner, there is a small cave that contains a reproduction of a mural from the North’s Koguryo Tombs, a World Heritage site.

Along a wall, beneath the phrase “Paradise for the People,” a row of television sets plays videos depicting everyday life in North Korea.

Some of the videos show North Koreans leisurely bowling, playing golf and ice skating. Although some of the footage appears to be recent, other shots seem to be decades old……. (VOA News)

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World Expo in China: “City under surveillance – Lives under surveillance”

Posted by Author on April 26, 2010

Reporters Without Borders, 26 April 2010 –

It is hard to imagine a “Better city – Better life” in a country that censors the Internet and jails human rights activists on such a wide scale as China. The Expo 2010 Shanghai slogan is meaningless when a government imposes so many curbs on its citizens’ freedom of expression. “City under surveillance – Lives under surveillance” would be a better slogan for this World Expo in China.

As Shanghai prepares for the official opening of its World Expo on 1 May, Reporters Without Borders is today inaugurating its own online Garden of Freedoms.

Reporters Without Borders invites Internet users all over the world to come to visit its Garden of Liberties, a Shanghai World Expo virtual pavilion in Chinese, French and English that is dedicated to freedom of expression. Visitors will be able to explore the cyber-police pavilion, the Tibet pavilion and the prisons of conscience enclosure, where they will be able to sign petitions for their release.

The Garden of Freedoms will be the only place in the Shanghai World Expo where you will be able to discover the realities that the Chinese authorities go out of their way to hush up. Several dozen Shanghai human rights activists are currently under close police surveillance to prevent them meeting the foreign journalists who will be covering the inauguration.

A World Expo is meant to bring people together around such values as progress, humanism and culture. What kind of universal values is China offering us when it jails such advocates of democracy as the intellectual Liu Xiaobo? Why do the representatives of the democratic countries including French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who will be at the inauguration, say nothing about China’s dark side?

“The silence coming from the Paris-based International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE) is deafening,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Why doesn’t its president, who used to be France’s ambassador to China, intervene publicly to get the Chinese authorities to display some tolerance during this Expo?”

Reporters Without Borders wrote to BIE president Jean-Pierre Lafon urging him to press the Chinese authorities to stop censoring the Internet and release dissidents for the Shanghai Expo. There was no reply. Similarly, journalists have received no response from the BIE to requests for interviews about the forced evictions that took place in Shanghai while the exhibition was being prepared.

Two Reporters Without Borders representatives, including the organisation’s secretary-general, Jean-François Julliard, have just been denied visas to visit Shanghai. “The authorities in Beijing have just instructed us to refuse you visas,” an official at China’s consulate in Paris said. “The reason? You know why.”

Reporters Without Borders

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China: Policing human rights history

Posted by Author on November 27, 2006

What’s the true situation of human rights in Chinese? Read about the personal experience of Geoffrey York, Canada newspaper The Globe and Mail‘s Beijing correspondent, written in his today’s blog titled “Policing human rights history“, regarding the ‘China Human Rights Exhibit’ held by Chinese government in Beijing from Nov. 17 to 26.

Here is the first 3 paragraphs of Geoffrey York’s article:

BEIJING – This was no ordinary stroll to a museum. To reach this exhibit, I had to walk past a long menacing line of police vans and police cars. (I counted 24 police vehicles parked at the museum entrance, including jeeps and vans, not including the undercover police who were certainly there too.) Then I had to slip through a gauntlet of policemen and security guards, who were pushing back an angry Chinese citizen who waved his identity card in a futile attempt to enter the hall.

As a foreigner, I was ushered through the police gauntlet, and then through a metal detector. Then past an open space where dozens of back-up security guards were lounging, ready for duty. And finally into a grandiose hall the cavernous Museum of Culture Palace of the Nationalities where more policemen and guards were on high alert, watching every visitor carefully.

Welcome to a human-rights exhibition – China style. None of the organizers seemed bothered by the irony of the scene. Here was China trying to boast of its political rights and freedoms – yet the entire event was blanketed by a heavy police presence and a thuggish attitude to visitors.

This blog is published under Witness The World section on the newspaper’s website, which is said is a diary-style blog written by The Globe’s far-flung foreign correspondents who describe what they are seeing, hearing and experiencing in Afghanistan, Moscow, Beijing, the Middle East, Washington, London, and other world capitals and hot spots.

Geoffrey York’s full article can be find out here

You may also have the interest to read more stories about the ‘China Human Rights Exhibit’ from the report I posted before: Appellants Refused Entrance to ‘China Human Rights Exhibit’

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