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Archive for the ‘celebration’ Category

President of Asia Coalition: Work Till the End of the Chinese Communist Party

Posted by Author on July 30, 2007

Speech, by Mr. Hai Van Ha, President of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition, on July 20, 2007, in Washington D.C., at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party-

Speech at Rally to Support 24 Million Chinese Quit The Chinese Communist Party

by Hai Van Ha
President of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition
Mr. Hai Van Ha

Good Morning

Professor Sen Nieh
Distinguish guests
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am very honored and privileged to be here with you today not only to show my support but also to let you know that I always stand by your side to fight for freedom for the Chinese people and to promote democracy for Asia.

Through your hard work during the past few years, over 24 million of Chinese Communist party members have given up their memberships and joined the people harmony forces, in hope that nearly 2 billion people will rejoice their liberty as the rest of the people in the free world.

Communism is falling therefore Communist of China is no exception. I want to tell the Chinese Communist leaders that, this is the time for all of you to give up your power to the people; this is the time for you to stand by side with your people to rebuild the country in the way of your people wanted; this is the time for you to restore the country which you have ruined and destroyed for many decades and this is the time when Chinese people welcome you to the China Democratic country and you will become the Chinese heroes. Otherwise you will be looked on as traitors of your country and war criminals of your people.

As president of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition, I urge President George W. Bush and our U.S Senators and Representatives in Congress to put pressure on China Communist Regime to:

·Release all Political, Religious Leaders unconditionally
·Return all lands, properties to the people
· Stop imprisonment and the killing of Falun Gong Members and the selling their Organs
· Respect human rights for its own people
· Restore liberty for Chinese people

Today, we get-together to make a commitment with our Asian fellows, that we neither can rest nor stop working until China is freed and put an END to the Communist Party. I strongly believe that that day will come very soon and we will all be welcomed back with dignity and respect.

God bless America and China !



Hai Van Ha
President of the Southeast Asia Democracy Coalition

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Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party Announced at Rally

Posted by Author on July 25, 2007

Speech, by Li Dayong, Executive Director of Global Service Center forLi Dayong at Rally Quitting the Communist Party, July 20, Washington, DC, US-

Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party was made by Mr. Li Dayong, Executive Director of Global Service Center for Quitting the Communist Party, and founder of Future China Forum, on July 20, 2007, 10 am -12 noon, at rally to support 24 Million Chinese People quit the Chinese Communist Party, in Washington Monument, DC

Help Heaven to Exercise Tao — Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party

by Li Dayong

Greetings, my friends; greetings to everyone and especially fellow Chinese who are now watching this rally via the Internet: thank you for your participation as all of us serve as witnesses during this historic time.

Since the discovery of a giant rock imprinted with the words “Chinese Communist Party destroyed”, dated as 270 million years old in Guizhou Province, a Memorial to the Victims of Communism was unveiled in Washington D.C. , The Council of Europe passed a resolution condemning the crimes committed by totalitarian communist regimes, and Human Rights Olympic Torch has been lit around the world, Some US Congressmen’s discussion on the wave of withdrawal from the Communist Party took place as banners that read “quit the Party and save yourself” are sprouting up all over China, 24 million people have quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, for which we are celebrating today through group withdrawals and speeches foretelling the collapse of the Party- Ancient Chinese philosophy talks about the oneness of heaven’s will and people’s will; well, the two have never been in greater harmony than they are now. So, let us carry out heaven’s will by disintegrating the Chinese Communist Party!

The Global Service Center for Quitting the Communist Party proposes “Justice Shall Prevail—Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party”, and we are calling for wide support to speed up this process.

Justice Shall Prevail—

Resolution to Disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party

WHEREAS, Chinese Communist Party has killed more than 80 million people and inflicted tremendous and ongoing catastrophe on the Chinese civilization and natural environment; and

WHEREAS, Chinese Communist Party’s nature as an evil specter against heaven, earth and mankind has led it to persecute Truth Compassion Tolerance, harvest and sell the organs of living Falun Gong practitioners and has since turned itself into a synonym for vice and corruption. This totalitarian regime not only imposes violence on the Chinese people but also creates widespread terror and moral corruption; and

WHEREAS, divine principles forbid the existence of the Chinese Communist Party, we will “enforce justice on behalf of heaven” and together fulfill the sacred mission of disintegrating the Chinese Communist Party;

THEREFORE, we, our families, friends and supporters will learn about the crimes committed by the Party, systemically participate in the effort to spread Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and help people quit the Party. The Nine Commentaries directly eliminates the Party, an evil specter, and quitting the Party is the step we take to disintegrate the Party; and

THEREFORE, we, our families, friends and supporters will destroy all books, paintings and statues associated with the Communist Party, as well as all Communist Party flags and emblems, and take down the signs of Communist Party committees on all levels and leave no space for the Party to survive; and

THEREFORE, we, our families, friends, supporters, and especially civil rights protesters will not believe the Communist Party, cling to illusions regarding the Communist Party, cooperate with the Communist Party, and we will disintegrate the Communist Party on all levels by taking advantage of our unique strengths as individuals; and

THEREFORE, we will expose the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party to the international society, give advice and prevent deception by the Chinese Communist Party’s financial interest and chameleon acts, and help the world recognize the Chinese Communist Party as the single largest terrorist organization and stand on the right position of the history.

Disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party reflects the solemnity of the heavenly principle “goodness is rewarded and evildoing is punished”; disintegration of the Chinese Communist Party is the inevitable path for the Chinese race to gain revival from its current rapid moral decline. We call on all political parties, organizations, social groups, religious groups, and armed forces in China except the Communist Party to join the action to disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party; let us form an unprecedentedly united front and recreate the glory of our civilization.

Original Chinese and English report from The Epochtimes.

20% Member Resigned, Chinese Communist Party Collapsing , July 23rd, 2007
Photos: Parade Celebrates 24 Million Chinese Quit the Communist Party, July 20th, 2007

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School Teacher: The Chinese New Year Shows a Part of Lives

Posted by Author on March 12, 2007

Letter from Ms. Rong Jing,  East Orange Community Charter School, New Jersey, published on the Epochtimes

I have been working at East Orange Community Charter School (EOCCS) in New Jersey for many years, but I am the only Chinese teacher at this school. Quite often, many students tell me, “Ms. Jing, I like Chinese food, my favorite food is chicken and broccoli.” At those moments, I really want to tell them—China is not only famous for Chinese food, my dear students!

I prayed for an opportunity that would allow the students exposure to more of the great Chinese traditional culture that I knew. And then came along New Tang Dynasty Television’s (NTDTV) Holiday Wonders show and Chinese New Year Spectacular.

I immediately told my principal, Mr. Dash, about the shows and emphasized that these shows would let the kids see traditional Chinese culture, including music, dancing, singing and costumes. Mr. Dash happily decided to fund more than 100 students to watch the Holiday Wonders Show at the Beacon Theatre in Christmas 2006.

After watching the show, Mr. Dash said, “We were absolutely thrilled at the performances.”

The students especially enjoyed the dragon scene. In our curriculum, we have been teaching students about other cultures. After they watched the show, students and teachers were talking about the amazing performance.

Then, another grade requested to attend the Chinese New Year Spectacular. So, another 100 students went to Radio City Music Hall to watch the Chinese New Year Spectacular in February.

After watching the show, the educational supervisor for the teachers at EOCCS was very excited, “It was fabulous! The show is so beautiful and it has such a wonderful connection with our students because we study world cultures. The children were just in awe of the fabulous display of color and dance and songs.”

We would like to express our appreciation to New Tang Dynasty Television for bringing genuine Chinese culture to American audiences! The shows have become a wonderful part of our lives!

original report 

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Secret Document Reveals China’s Interference with NTDTV New Year Show

Posted by Author on March 5, 2007

By Wang Fang, Epoch Times Staff, Mar 04, 2007-

The Epoch Times has obtained a secret document from China’s State Administration ofSecret document from CCP Radio, Film and Television that reveals the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) attempts to interfere with New Tang Dynasty TV’s Chinese New Year shows.

(Right: secret document. Picture from Epoch Times website)

The document, translated at the bottom of this article, orders that the NTDTV New Year Show should be destroyed by “any and all means”, and if not possible, to “contain them and minimize their impact.”

It is believed that this order was not passed down only to the state administration and its affiliated organizations, since the Chinese consulates and embassies in various countries have also actively participated in suppressing and sabotaging NTDTV shows.

This document offers an explanation for the various bizarre incidents that happened before and after the Spectacular in Chicago.

The Chinese New Year Spectacular was hosted by the Chicago Sound of Hope Radio station this year. The two performances in Chicago were the final shows in North America. Only 70,000 to 80,000 Chinese live in Chicago, yet the CCP sent three Mainland Chinese performance groups to Chicago within three months around the time of the Chinese New Year this year.

Including the annual New Year celebration activities organized by the local Taiwan communities and the local Mainland China communities, there were a total of six Chinese New Year celebration shows this year. On Jan. 6, China sent the Sichuan Province Performance Group and the Shaolin Temple Performance Group to Chicago.

The host, China Star Media Corporation, which is sometimes referred to as “The Junior People’s Daily” due to its close ties to the Chinese Communist Regime, claimed on its website that “In order to introduce Chinese culture to the mainstream society in Chicago, China Star Media Corporation has overcome many obstacles and organized in a short period of two months, The First World Peace New Year’s Gala in Chicago.

“We successfully held the performance on Jan. 6 at the same theater where the Chinese New Year Spectacular hosted by NTDTV will be held. We have efficiently obstructed this Falun Gong show which is scheduled to perform in March.

“Also, on Jan. 1, we started the China Star English Channel, which is a milestone of China Star Media Corporation and a great improvement for China Star Media Corporation to proactively undertake the tasks concerning propaganda for China.”

On Feb. 17, The Beijing Overseas Chinese Art Group sent a group of several dozen people to Chicago to perform.

The 2007 Chicago-Shanghai Chinese Lantern Festival Performance sponsored by the Shanghai City government, Shanghai People’s Congress Standing Committee and Shanghai Wenguang Corporation, was scheduled to be held on March 3, the same day as the Chinese New Year Spectacular.

The Wenguang Corporation organized a large group of eighty performers, including famous stars from Taiwan and Mainland China. However, three days before the show, the host held a press conference to cancel the show. According to the host, the show was canceled because the performers were unable to obtain visas to enter the U.S.

The Chicago affiliate of NBC (the U.S. National Broadcast Company) WMAQ Channel 5 reported Feb. 6 on the interference with the Spectacular in Chicago,”Someone in China has been tying up their phone lines, and the consulate has been calling the events sponsors, include NBC 5 T.V.”

The reporter goes on to say that “The Chinese Consulate says it is discouraging people from attending the show” and then the report shows Dr. Yi Liu of the Sound of Hope explaining that sponsors of the Spectacular have received phone calls or letters from the Consulate telling them “not to support our event.”

According to the NTDTV Web site, NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular started in 2004 (when it was called the Chinese New Year Gala). The first gala held in 2004 had performances in five cities, with 10,000 tickets sold. Today, the show has expanded to 28 cities with 78 performances around the world. According to the spokesperson for NTDTV, 200,000 tickets are expected to be sold worldwide for the Spectacular tour.

The Chinese Communist regime each year sponsors “The Spring Festival Show.” The rapid growth of the Spectacular is a direct challenge to the primacy of this show in Chinese-language communities.

The following is the text of the highly classified document

To: The Broadcasting and Television Bureaus in each province, autonomous region, and directly administered municipality (Signature and stamping required upon receipt)

Classification: Highly confidential; Classification No.: XXXXX

Re: The incident of “Falun Gong” Plotting for the “Inaugural Global Chinese New Year Gala”

The Broadcasting and Television Bureaus in each province, autonomous region, and directly administered municipality:

It was learned that the “NTDTV Station” by “Falun Gong” is expediting the recording of the “Inaugural Global Chinese New Year Gala” and is planning to broadcast it on January 18, 19 and 21 next year. The gala lasted about 100 minutes, and will be broadcast globally via three satellites leased by the “Washington DC Chinese Television Station” (with Taiwanese background), with one of the satellites, NSS-6, covering regions of Asia. The “Falun Gong” organization is also plotting to propagate the gala through DVDs and radio broadcasting networks. Li Hongzhi is planning to show up on the site of the gala to make a live speech. The “Falun Gong” organization is also planning to invite VIPs of the American government, diplomats to the U.N. from various countries, Chinese celebrities, and people from the entertainment and athletic circles to attend the gala, in an attempt to expand the international impact of “Falun Gong” through the gala and interfere with the broadcasting of the CCTV’s Spring Festival Show. Currently, “Falun Gong” is, in the name of “Chinese Television” or the “NTDTV Station”, “interviewing celebrities” in various places and will use the interviews in their gala. The intended targets of their interviews are the unknowing members of the delegations from China.

For the aforementioned activities, the leadership of the Central Government has ordered that they be destroyed by any and all means. If the situation is such that it is not possible to destroy them, we need to contain them and minimize their impact, so as to prevent them from interfering with our Spring Festival Show.

The Broadcasting and Television Bureaus at various levels are required to implement the order from the central government seriously and raise their guard. It is prohibited for the personnel of your unit to be interviewed; it is prohibited for our delegates visiting overseas countries to watch any related shows; it is prohibited to spread the “Falun Gong” programs. In the meantime, our overseas propaganda needs to be intensified in order to eliminate the impact caused by these activities of “Falun Gong.” Any important developments are required to be reported to the Central Government in a timely manner.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television December 16, 2003

original report 

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Genuine Chinese Culture Enchants Berlin

Posted by Author on March 1, 2007

By Hans Bengtsson, Epoch Times Gothenburg Staff, Feb 28, 2007-

BERLIN—Genuine Chinese cultural shows are rarely seen these days. But on Tuesday and Chuang shi, NTDTV spectacular 2007Wednesday night this week, the large audience at the International Congress Centrum in Germany had a chance to experience NTDTV´s extraordinary Chinese New Year Spectacular.

The brief sojourn of the unique troupe, with their performing theme of myths and legends, displayed beauty and drama in a way that lucky Berliners will never forget.

In one of the acts, a Buddha descended to the world to spread goodness among man. His earthly life was manifested as an emperor of the Tang Dynasty, the era that is considered the most splendid and prosperous in Chinese history, a culture inspired by the divine. Many of the performances bring into life the culture of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

“The beautiful colors, the music and the dances—all of it are great,” said Olli and Jenni Werthman from Berlin during the recess of the Tuesday performance, and they longed to get back to see the second part of the show.

Among the eighteen performances, many westerners would probably recognize the legendary female warrior Mulan about whom Disney had made an animated movie. Unlike the movie that showed off her personality and love for a man, this performance highlighted her respect towards her family and loyalty to her country.

Without much special-effect, the Spectacular still achieved a magical impression. The stage design, the music, the lyrics, and the choreography displayed authentic Chinese culture that is completely different from the contents that are common in the New Year shows of the Communist China.

One of the acts told the story of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China today, in a dramatic and artistic dance that illustrated the struggle between good and evil.

“It is a great show. I am from Brazil and this was a completely different culture—more spiritual. It is very good, and I think the world needs it,” said Maria Elena Pedrosa, tourist guide who attended the Spectacular on Tuesday night, with her daughter, Daniellen.

original report from the Epoch Times

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Last Opportunity to Experience Chinese New Year Show in Chicago

Posted by Author on February 26, 2007, Feb. 26, 2007-

CHICAGO, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ — The divine beauty of the ancient East comes to life in the legendary Chinese New Year Spectacular — the largest overseas Chinese New Year show. The Spectacular takes back nearly 1400 years to the illustrious Tang Dynasty — China’s golden age of artistic brilliance and sophisticated elegance — with music and dance performances at Auditorium Theater in downtown Chicago on March 3 (2PM and 7PM).

See the heroes of Chinese legends, elegant court ladies in opulent Tang fashions and hairstyles, lovely heavenly maidens, energetic drummers, and much, much more. Donn Murphy, President of the National Theater commented the show at Washington DC as “This is not only entertainment, but avaluable cross-over cultural event; a strong, gracious gesture toward international understanding.” Larry O’Brien, Mayor of Ottawa, proclaimed the show in Ottawa as “Riveting … intriguing and beautiful … I’ve been all over China and never been treated to this level of sophisticated entertainment.”

Following a sweeping success in NYC at Radio City Music Hall with seven shows to over 35,000 live audiences during February 14-17, the Chicago shows will conclude the 2007 Spectacular’s tour of North America to fourteen major cities. In honor of this final production, we’ve invited a special live 45- piece symphony orchestra to back the traveling ensemble, ensuring a production of the highest caliber. Audiences will experience both the splendor of Western symphony and the style of Chinese traditional instruments.

The Chinese New Year Spectacular began in 2004 in five cities (New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Taipei, and Hong Kong) with an estimated total audience of 10,000. The 2006 Spectacular was performed in 17 cities worldwide and was ranked 7th out of the top 10 shows by Billboard Boxscore.

This year, the Spectacular was invited to 28 cities with an anticipated audience of over 200,000.
What: 2007 Chinese New Year Spectacular
When: March 3, 2007 (2PM and 7PM)
Where: Auditorium Theater (50 E. Congress Parkway, Chicago)
More Info:
Tickets: $28 and up
Reservations: 312.225.5120, 312-324-0298 or 312-902-1500

The Spectacular grants complimentary accreditation to journalists, photographers, and television crews on assignment from recognized media.

original report from

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1 Dead 270 Injured in China Fireworks Furore

Posted by Author on February 19, 2007

Radio Australia, 19/02/2007-

One person has been killed and 270 others injured in China’s capital, as millions of fireworks were set off to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Officials says although deaths and injuries are often linked to the traditional pyrotechnics, the problems were magnified in Beijing this year, as a flood of unsafe, illegal fireworks hit the market.

A 25-year-old man died of head injuries in hospital on Sunday, the official start of the Year of the Pig, after setting off fireworks the previous night.

A 12-year ban on fireworks in Beijing was lifted in 2006 after authorities said they were satisfied that safety standards had improved.

However city authorities seized 560 million substandard firecrackers this year, more than four times the amount confiscated in 2006.

original report 

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More than Just a Pretty Show: Chinese New Year Spectacular at Radio City

Posted by Author on February 15, 2007

PR Newswire (press release), NY , 13 Feb 2007-

NEW YORK, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — With elegant court ladies in opulent Tang fashions, lovely heavenly maidens, and energetic drummers, all backed by an all-new 45-piece live orchestra, NTDTV’s Chinese New Year Spectacular at Radio City, February 14-17,  promises to be a sumptuous feast for the senses. But there is more to the show than meets the eye.

As The San Francisco Chronicle wrote after a tour performance in January, “New Tang Dynasty Television’s ‘Chinese New Year Spectacular’ has spectacle to spare — and a mission to lift the spirits.” That mission is to revive authentic traditional Chinese culture in all its beauty, richness, and depth.

The show’s producers have drawn their inspiration from what they feel are the core values of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, including the belief in a moral universe, that good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. These are the kinds of universal values espoused by ancient Chinese legends, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and also the spiritual discipline Falun Dafa.

The Chinese government is apparently not pleased by what NTDTV is doing. Chinese consular officials in the US and other countries have even harassed theaters and sponsors and blocked the ticket hotline in an effort to prevent people from seeing the show.

NTDTV Senior Vice President Samuel Zhou says the situation can be seen as a cultural conflict because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was actually a Soviet import into China. “Ever since it entered into China, the CCP has wanted to wipe out Chinese traditional belief systems and replace them with Marxist and Maoist ideology. That’s the only way the leadership can maintain control over the Chinese people. They’re out to destroy a lot of things that are actually quite good.” Zhou quips: “I think the CCP’s really upset because this year’s show is more than good-it’s great!”

Cyril Dabydeen, Professor of English Literature at the University of Ottawa saw the show in Canada and agrees. “It was tremendous; one of the best shows I’ve seen at the National Arts Center … wonderful, superb choreography and beautiful soprano singing.”

For complimentary media accreditation to the show, please contact NTDTV media contacts.

February 14-17, 2007 (two shows daily at 11am and 8pm, 2pm/8pm show on Sat)

Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue @ 50th Street
Tickets: $38 and up
Reservations: 888.260.6221 or Ticketmaster or at Radio City Box Office

About the Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dog comes to an end in February 2007, ushering in The Year of the Boar, on February 18, 2007. Those born in the year of the Boar are regarded as models of fortitude, sincerity, and honor.

original report from  PR Newswire

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China Bans Officials and Students From Tibet Festival

Posted by Author on January 18, 2007

By Clifford Coonan in Beijing, the Independent, UK, 18 January 2007-

The Chinese government banned government workers, Communist Party cadres and students in Tibet from observing an important Buddhist festival, citing the need to keep a tighter grip on education and guidance.

The ban applied to the Gaden Ngachoe religious festival, a key event in the Tibetan religious calendar that marks the death of the 14th-century Buddhist teacher Tsongkhapa, who was a founder of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Local authorities in Lhasa, the capital of the remote Himalayan region, placed a notice in the official Evening News on 12 December, saying the ban covered “all organs of the party and government of Lhasa city, business and enterprise work units and people’s collectives”.

“Everyone must conscientiously respect the government and party committee’s demand,” ran the statement, which was picked up by the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT).

The festival took place on 25 December. The decision to prevent public officials and students from observing the festival followed tension and unrest at three major monasteries in Lhasa – Drepung, Sera and Ganden during the past year.

Beijing insists Tibetans are free to practise their religion but government officials and public servants are regularly banned from observing traditional festivals, including the birthday of the Dalai Lama, the exiled leader who is the most senior figure in Tibetan Buddhism and is viewed as a dangerous separatist by the central government in Beijing.

However, it is believed this is the first time such a ban has been placed on the Gaden Ngachoe festival and the move is seen as significant as it is possibly the first written proof that certain religious activities in Tibet, even those in public areas, are forbidden for officials and students.

And the open publication of the order in a newspaper was seen by Tibet-watchers as a sign of the tougher political climate under the Communist Party Secretary of Tibet, Zhang Qingli, who was appointed in May last year, and has a reputation as a hardliner on ideological issues.

( more details  from the Independent’s report )

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Korea Canceled Chinese Culture Show Under Pressure From Communist China

Posted by Author on January 9, 2007

Editorial, The Chosun Ilbo, Korea, Jan.8,2007-

A traditional Chinese performing arts show scheduled for the National Theater of Korea in Seoul last weekend was abruptly canceled just a few days before opening. Organized by NTDTV, a broadcaster run by ethnic Chinese residents in the U.S., it was supposed to be a simple New Year’s gala celebration.

On its homepage, NTDTV said the National Theater unilaterally canceled the performance under pressure from the Chinese embassy in Korea. At first the theater claimed that China had simply informed them that NTDTV was an enemy organization and that they were lodging a strong protest with Korea’s Foreign Ministry. The theater blamed the Korean Culture Ministry for requesting the cancellation. But later the theater backtracked, saying it had received no such request from the Culture Ministry. It has since been revealed that NTDTV is on a Beijing blacklist for airing reports on China’s human rights abuses.

The NTDTV show is scheduled to tour 28 cities around the world, including Seoul, from early 2007 to April, showcasing traditional stage arts from China and its host countries. These performances have already been held in the U.S. and Australia, and events are scheduled for Japan, France, Germany and several other countries.

There is no political message — it’s simply music and dance. But only in Korea has the show been canceled.

This isn’t the first time that pressure from Beijing has had an impact in Korea.

Last June, the Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibetan Buddhism, was invited here to attend a global religious leaders’ conference and a summit of Nobel Laureates in the southwestern city of Gwangju. The Dalai Lama visited 13 different countries last year alone, traveling to Japan 13 times. But the Korean government rejected his visa application.

When Australia invited the Dalai Lama for a visit 1982, China threatened economic sanctions against that country. But Australia refused to give in — and there is no evidence that China ever acted on those threats.

Any act of Chinese meddling in Korean internal affairs, such as telling us who can perform here or who should not be allowed, would not be possible if our government stood firmly by the principles of fair bilateral relations. The pride and joy of this administration is its stated independence from external influence. But why an independent government would volunteer to perform each and every one of China’s biddings is unfathomable.

( )

– original from Korea Newspaper The Chosun Ilbo‘s Editorial article – An “Independent” Government Tied to China’s Apron Strings
Video: Worldwide Show of Chinese New Year Spectacular coming

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North China: Christmas Celebration Raided, 3 Church Leaders Detained

Posted by Author on January 3, 2007

China Aid Association, 01/02/07-

Midland, Texas (January 2, 2007)- China Aid Association CAA learns that a Christmas celebration activity held by a house church in Duolun County, Inner Mongolia, was attacked by the local police, 3 church leaders are being detained.

On December 29, 2006 about 30 policemen and the staff of the local Religious Affair Bureau in 5 vehicles attacked a Christmas celebration gathering in Duolun County, Inner Mongolia. They declared the celebration as “illegal gathering,” and three church leaders were detained and sentenced to 15 days administrative detention.

This is the second celebration activity held by the church during Christmas. The 3 detained Christians are:  Sister Liu Guanghua, 42 years old; Sister Zhi Huiping, 41 years old; and Sister Zhi Ruiping, 35 years old. All of them are being held at Duolun County Detention Centre.

“To attack and arrest peaceful Christians during Christmas season is contrary to both the spirit of Christmas and the Chinese law. “said Bob Fu, the president of CAA, “we urge the Chinese government to release the 3 innocent church leaders immediately.” ( read original press release here )

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China: House Church’s Christmas Eve Celebration Disrupted in Beijing

Posted by Author on December 29, 2006

China Aid Association, 12/28/06-

China Aid Association (CAA) learns that on Christmas Eve, a Christmas celebration was disrupted in Beijing.

While about 150 young people were celebrating Christmas in a house church in Haidian District, Beijing, two-dozen PSB officers and officials from Religious Affairs Bureau suddenly surrounded them.

The hosting house church used to be ministered by pastor Cai Zhuohua who is serving three years imprisonment because of bible printing work.

All of the participants were videotaped and forced to register their ID numbers. The government officials declared the meeting as an “illegal religious gathering”and warned them not to meet any more.

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Video: Worldwide Show of Chinese New Year Spectacular coming

Posted by Author on November 26, 2006

Top 7th Show Internationally

– Ranked by US Billboard Magazine, in Feb. 2006

In its 4th year, the 2007 Chinese New Year Spectacular is going to be grander than ever, touring 26 cities worldwide with more than 1000 performers, and will go back to Radio City Music Hall in New York City before Chinese New Year, start from Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), to Feb.17, 2007.

The Chinese New Year Spectacular is an important platform for celebrating the Chinese New Year and appreciating Chinese traditional culture and arts, featuring world-class performances of both Chinese and Western traditional artistry.

The performances transport the audience back in time to ancient China – with colorful costumes, graceful dancing and booming drums, mixing high tech set design with ancient values, bringing myths and legends to life.

From the soulful poignancy of the two-stringed erhu to the stirring rhythms of a Mongolian plains dance, NTDTV’s Holiday Wonders and Chinese New Year Spectacular are truly events not to be missed.

The Spectacular performance will goes to 26 major cities around the globe in 2007, including:

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC

Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra

Erope: Berlin, Paris

Asia: Japan, Korea, Taiwan

Details about the Spectacular can be found from it’s official website:
Chinese New Year Spectacular 2007

Photo Gallary:
Highlights of the 2004/2005 Galas

Youtube Video: 2007 Hightlights 

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