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Archive for the ‘Chen Yonglin’ Category

Chinese Groups in Australia Protest China Olympic Event

Posted by Author on October 1, 2007

SOH Breaking News, Australia-

On 18th September, The Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Sydney hosted a formal dinner to celebrate the arrival of the “Flame of Hope” for the Shanghai 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games. However, many human rights groups, including China Current Affairs, China Democracy Support Trust, protested at the site, they appealed for the Australian people not to be fooled by the Chinese Communist Party regime. The protesters called for human rights in China, as their slogans said “We Want Human Rights, Not Olympic Games” or “Democracy and Human Rights Prior to Olympic Games”.

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin said, the attempts by the CCP to take theChen Yong Lin Olympic Games as a life saver, will be all in vain.

Chen said it is only another game the CCP is playing to build up its so called good image at the Olympic related activities. The protesters would reveal its disguise, so that Australian people won’t be fooled by them.

Chen said [recorded]: “This Torch Relay is no more than another game played by The CCP to ¡®paint gold¡¯ on its face, and to build a fake image as if China is in great peace. We are here to reveal its disguise, and to let the public know how they severely violate the human rights in China, also the fact that they arrest people who hold different political opinions. ”

Chen pointed out that, currently, Chinese people are not content with the CCP; hence, it is trying hard to build up a good image in the international society, so that it can stabilize the political power over China. However, their efforts will be all in vain.

He said [recorded]: “Now, the Chinese people are not happy with the CCP, especially the people who live in the lower social classes. They ask for rights on their land, and want justice on many other social problems, such as the appealers, whose cases still remained unsolved. Under this circumstance, The CCP wants to use the Beijing Olympic Games to turn things around; but it just simply won¡¯t work.”

Chen also said, the human rights Torch Relay has drawn great attention from the international society. The CCP has felt the crisis around the corner as the Beijing Olympic will be boycotted, so they spend a fortune to promote the Beijing Olympics overseas.

He said[recorded]: “When The CCP sees how the human rights Torch Relay has drawn more and more attention from the international society and media, they foresee the Beijing Olympics may be boycotted globally, so they urgently form teams to promote the Beijing Olympics overseas. Just think about it, in China, 2 billion people, the average income per person per day is less than US$2. However, The CCP can ignore this fact and spends huge amounts of money to promote the Beijing Olympics overseas. It is totally unacceptable for the Chinese people. ”

After Chen Yonglin denounced The CCP in 2005, he engaged in the China human rights movement. He has helped to rescue people who had different political opinions with CCP.

– Original report from SOH breaking News: Protests against CCP’s “Flame of Hope” torch relay

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Audio: Speeches, by NZ Human Rights Groups, at Joint Rally on China Abuse

Posted by Author on July 20, 2007

Sound of Hope Radio Newtwork (SOH), Jul.19, 2007-

Click the play button to listen:

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, 19TH JULY- For the first time in New Zealand history an event was jointly organised by Amnesty International, the Green Party, Friends of Tibet and Falun Gong. Each group spoke about their individual concerns over the human rights abuses in China.

The event started off with a large road march and motorcade through the heart of the Capital city, with torture displays and organ harvesting displays on the back of trucks exposing the hideous crimes committed today by the Chinese Communist Party.

Later that day outside New Zealand’s parliament buildings a number of VIP speakers outlined their concerns about the NZ Government’s attitude to China’s human rights abuses.

Speakers included Ced Simpson from Amnesty International, Claire ClarkPeter Dunne from Friends of Tibet, United Future Leader, Keith lock of the Green Party, members of the NZ Falun Gong movement and former Chinese diplomat and currently outspoken critic of the Chinese Government – Mr Yonglin Chen.

A recording of the speeches is available at the top of this page.

– Original report from Sound of Hope : Human Rights not for sale March and Rally

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China kidnapped New Zealand Resident – Chinese Defector

Posted by Author on July 18, 2007

China dissident makes kidnap claims“, TVNZ, New Zealand, Jul 18, 2007-

Police are being called on to investigate claims by a former Chinese diplomat that thechen YongLin Chinese government kidnapped a New Zealand resident two years ago.

Chen Yonglin (photo right) , who is in New Zealand to campaign against Chinese human rights abuses, was a diplomat at the Chinese Embassy in Australia in 2005 when the alleged kidnapping took place.

“I know there’s one case, a kidnap case…happened in New Zealand I know, but if necessary the New Zealand intelligence service interested in I may talk with them about the details,” says Yonglin.

He says a woman with New Zealand residency was kidnapped by the Chinese government and taken from New Zealand back to China on a state owned ship.

Yonglin made similar accusations in Australia shortly after he defected in 2005 and was granted a protection visa.

He says there are around a thousand spies working in Australia for the Chinese Communist Party and believes they are active in New Zealand too, monitoring human rights activists and infiltrating groups like Falun Gong.

Amnesty International spokesperson Gary Reese says he is not surprised by the claims.

“Amnesty International for many years now has been monitoring, researching the Chinese government’s activities and abuses of human rights and it’s actually entirely consistent with information we have, we know that they have done kidnappings before,” he says.

But the alleged kidnapping has taken the Green Party by surprise and they want something done.

“I will make sure that the police are aware of this and do investigate what appears to be a very serious accusation,” says Green Party MP Keith Locke.

Attempts to contact the Chinese embassy have so far failed, and the New Zealand government says it has no knowledge of the kidnapping.

However, the Prime Minister’s office is urging Yonglin to report what he knows. Yonglin says he won’t publicly release the name and motive for the crime until he has taken it up with New Zealand police.

More reports on this topic:

Epoch Times: Kidnap Case Exposed by Chinese Defector
Monsters and : Chinese defector alleges 2005 kidnap of New Zealand resident : ‘China kidnapped NZ resident’ – defector

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Chinese Whistle-blower Diplomat Warns Montreal Audience

Posted by Author on June 15, 2007

Stephanie O’Hanley,,  Canada, June 14th, 2007-

In Chinatown last weekend, Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) protesters handed out pamphletsChen Yonglin and petitions alleging the Chinese government is harvesting and selling the organs of live Falun Gong practitioners in China. Chinese émigrés involved in Montreal’s Falun Gong group have long said such activism puts them at risk of being denied travel visas to China or having family members in China threatened.

Enter former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin (photo right) with proof.

During a whirlwind tour last week of Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto, Chen, who spent 14 years working for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs before defecting to Australia in 2005, warned audiences China is using spies and fronting Chinese community organizations in Western countries to work against Falun Gong, Tibetan and Taiwanese groups and pro-democracy activists.

The Chinese government banned Falun Gong – a spiritual practice of meditation and exercises – in 1999. On its website, the Chinese embassy in Ottawa describes Falun Gong as “a cult that brings harm to the society and an illegal organization that engages in law-breaking activities.” Chen says every Chinese embassy and consulate has an internal working group that targets Falun Gong.

“Penetration is very serious into the local Chinese community and also the mainstream,” Chen told Hour. He says a Montreal Chinese newspaper publisher recently received a call from the Chinese embassy in Ottawa telling him not to rerun an ad from a particular group, and that the host of a party a local Chinese organization held for Chen at a Montreal restaurant last weekend was also intimidated. “Most local Chinese people are afraid of their influence,” he says.

During four years as counsel for political affairs at the Chinese consulate in Sydney, Chen says he ran “campaigns of influence affecting governmental and even non-governmental organizations.” He’s kept the list of the 1,000 spies and paid informants he supervised and estimates Canada has just as many informants. Perhaps ironically, in China Chen spent four-and-a-half years working in an office next door to Lu Shumin, these days China’s ambassador to Canada.

– original report from Chen Yonglin warns Montreal audienceChinese whistle-blower Chen Yonglin in Montreal

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China Against Falun Gong Through North American Medias

Posted by Author on June 8, 2007

By Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press (CFP), Friday, June 8, 2007-

The Peoples’ Republic of China, whose tainted food exports continue to plague North America, has for a long time been polluting peoples’ minds with propaganda.

China’s message is delivered in daily newspapers overseas. And the message deliberately targets groups maligned by the Communist government.

The message is served up on a daily basis in a town close to you.

“In Canada, the Toronto-based Chinese Canadian Post is distributed with an insert of the People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist party, which is larger than the newspaper itself. The paper’s publisher, David Lim, is known in the Toronto Chinese community for his ties to the consulate.” (The Epoch Times, June 7, 2007).

Shamefully, the publication receives advertising from the ultra politically correct Ontario government and the City of Toronto, both corporations kept afloat by taxpayers.

Taxpayers, whose dollars pay for the advertising, likely do not know that their money goes to support a regime with one of the worst human rights records in history.

The Toronto edition of the Ming Pao newspaper, one of the largest newspapers read mainly by Hong Kong Chinese in Canada, also prints content from a Mainland Chinese newspaper.

“Ming Pao Canada CEO Ka-Ming Lui wouldn’t describe in detail his newspaper’s arrangement with Guangzhou Daily. He denied that Ming Pao was paid to publish the content, but he also admitted Ming Pao was not paying for it. (The Epoch Times).

“He also said his newspaper has a clear policy not to publish Falun Gong advertisements. ‘This (policy) has been in place for many years–it’s no secret.’ Lui said Ming Pao papers across North America follow the same policy.”

The “policy” is one that allows discrimination against a minority–the practitioners of Falun Gong–and if any other government imposed such a policy public outrage would be the result.

New Tang Dynasty Television, which reports regularly about the persecution of Falun Gong in China ran up against this policy when it tried to place an ad for its international classical dance competition to be held later this month.

Ming Pao said at least three other Toronto Chinese-language newspapers refused to print the paid advertisement.

Surely it is a travesty that no Chinese-language newspaper, aside from the Chinese edition of the brave Epoch Times, would print the ad in Ottawa.

That’s Ottawa, the nation’s capitol and home of the Conservative Canadian minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

The information on the status of Chinese controlled newspapers comes from Chen Yonglin, who made a high-profile defection from the Chinese consulate in Sydney, Australia two years ago.

In an era where the politically correct mainstream media follows the path of least resistance, The Epoch Times conducted an in-depth interview with Chen and publicized never-before-released documents to substantiate his charges. The documents show how China is following a course to “discredit” and “intimidate” five specific target groups: Tibetan exiles, Taiwanese, Uighur Muslims, democracy activists–and most of all Falun gong practitioners.

The strategy of this ongoing campaign is an attempt to control Chinese-language media overseas, and through student and community groups acting as front organizations. Chen, whose conscience forbade him from doing the work, which he says came complete with spying on Australians in five groups and interfering in their activities, raised the alarm.

Chen served as the first secretary of the consulate in Sydney and oversaw the consulate’s political department, which was in charge of combating the five groups.

As head of the political arm, he was a member of the Special Anti-Falun Gong Working Group, which included the head of each department at the Sydney consulate and the Consul general.

This sort of set up is not peculiar to Australia. According to Chen, the same type of group in is action in Chinese missions worldwide.

Minutes of one of the Working Group’s meeting obtained by The Epoch Times, dated February 7, 2001, were signed off by both the consul general and deputy consul general of the consulate and included reports of 22 anti-Falun Gong activities.

Among them is an entry about a Chinese-language newspaper that was reprimanded for publishing a Falun Gong advertisement.

Meanwhile, not even a distance marked by thousands of miles can keep the practitioners of Falun Gong safe from the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck and The Rant. Judi can be reached at:

–  Leaked Document: Minutes of Chinese Consulate’s Anti-Falun Gong Meeting

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Leaked Document: Minutes of Chinese Consulate’s Anti-Falun Gong Meeting

Posted by Author on June 8, 2007

Mr. Chen Yonglin, former First Secretary of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, who defected in May 2005 and is visting Canada currently, provide to The Epoch Times a copy of a minutes of the Consulate’s Special Anti-Falun Gong Working Group meeting, dated February 7, 2001, which were signed off by both the consul general and deputy consul general of the Consulate and included reports on 22 anti-Falun Gong activities.

Mr. Chen says, the anti-Falun Gong efforts consume over half of the Chinese mission’s work.

From the leaked document of the Chinese Consulate, you can see how the Consulate is spreading hatred of Falun Gong in western countries by controlling the medias (especially Local Chinese language medias), Chinese communities, student organizations, etc.

The photo copy of the leaked document (in Chinese) provided by Mr. Chen Yonglin can be found on The Epoch Times’ website.

Here’s the translation of the minutes, by The Epoch Times:

The first part lists 9 items of things that were done in the previous 2 weeks:

Item 1– The Sydney Consulate General Liao Zhihong visited or had meals with the state’s (New South Wales) Premier, Deputy Premier, State Parliament’s head and 3 mayors in order to “seek opportunities” to do work related to “Falun Gong”.

Item 2 – On Feb 8, 2001, Deputy Consulate General Shi (last name) met with the general manager and the editor in chief of The Australian Chinese Daily newspaper. They met at the consulate to discuss the incident of this newspaper publishing a Falun Gong ad. They [the newspaper] said they would deal more cautiously with these [kinds of ads] in the future, and said they would publish related [anti-Falun Gong] articles recommended by the consulate.

Item 3 – This item recommended over 10 anti-Falun Gong articles taken from the People’s Daily and the Xinhua News Agency (Chinese government’s official mouthpieces) to Australian Chinese media.

Other items include sending “exposing and criticizing Falun Gong” materials to the State Member of Parliament Kevin Moss, and Strathfield mayor Virginia Judge on Feb 10.

Item 7 – Feb 20-21 – University classes begin. Consulate’s education department sent staff to monitor, found several Falun Gong members set up a booth at the opening ceremony. The item states: “Has notified Chinese students to go gather information about the related ‘Falun Gong’ people”

Item 8 – Set up an anti-Falun Gong display inside the Consulate compound.

Item 9 – Met with a Christian Chinese Yao Lina who wrote an “expose and criticize” Falun Gong article from a Christian angle. [The consulate] will try to get two Chinese newspapers to publish it.

Item 10 – Met Chinese person Lu Yunfang, provided [anti-Falun Gong] related tapes and materials to her. She expressed that she will write more anti-Falun Gong articles, and will tell more friends and neighbors about the ‘evil nature’ of Falun Gong. The item noted that Lu had used the pen name Lu Ye (Green Leaves) to write anti-Falun Gong articles.

Plan for the next two weeks has a total of 13 Items:

Item 1 – On Feb 24, Falun Gong will have about 50-60 people to do a Falun Dafa day activity, display banners etc.

Item 2 – Mobilize Chinese to write the New South Wales government, Parliament and police to (1) persuade and stop the Australian government from signing the United Nations human rights motion about China, (2) prevent the Australian government and MPs from nominating Falun Gong founder Li Hongzhi for the Nobel Peace Prize, (3) oppose Falun Gong’s protest in front of the Chinese Consulate.

Item 4 – Make appointments with the MPs on whom more work needs to be done.

Item 5 – Set up a meeting with the Chinese students representatives to pass on the (chinese government’s) message (regarding Falun Gong) and do well on the anti-Falun Gong work.

Item 7 – Notify reporter(s) to interview veteran Chinese Yao Lina, to gets her to expose and criticize Falun Gong from a Christian point of view.

Item 8 – Well known Canadian Chinese Thomas Leung will give a talk in Sydney. Leung will be welcomed by a Sydney Christian organization. Leung has negative view on Falun Gong. The suggestion is to invite this person to the consulate and use this to “work” the local Christian organization, and see if they could do some anti-Falun Gong work.

Item 9 – Mobilize Chinese, Chinese companies, Chinese students to write to the state government, the police and the local office of Foreign affairs and Trade ministry to say the Falun Gong protest in front of the Chinese Consulate obstructs them from coming in to do their work at the consulate.

Item 11 – Get detailed materials on a group of Falun Gong people.

Item 12 – Repeatedly play anti-Falun Gong tapes in the room for visa.

Item 13 – Set up a garbage can to let people who come to get their visa to throw the materials they receive from Falun Gong in the garbage can.

– Above documents can be found on The Epoch Times’ website.

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