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Archive for the ‘Hacker’ Category

China based Hackers Now Take ‘Cyber Hostages’

Posted by Author on February 7, 2007

The Hankyoreh, South Korea, Feb.7,2007-

China-based computer hackers are now taking ‘cyber hostages.’ After paralyzing an owner’s Web site, they demand ransom on the condition of returning the site to normal. Such attacks have soared since last October; while adults-only video chat sites are the main targets, recently Internet portals and online shopping malls have fallen victim.

As of February 6, chat service company ‘Moajoa’ shut down its site for two days after being attacked by China-based hackers. Park Jong-woo, a company official, said, “Operations were halted because an Internet server operator suspended service. We are now checking our e-mail to see whether hackers sent an e-mail seeking money.”

So far, most victims have been adults-only Web sites, which are reluctant to report the hacker-related damage to the police because of the nature of their business. However, ordinary Internet companies such as search engines and online shopping companies have become new targets. An Internet server administration company, which declined to give its name, said that recently its servers have been under attack three times daily.

Chinese hackers paralyze a Web site after ordering a virus-infected personal computer to access the Web site several hundred times per second. Due to the sharp spike in traffic, the attack halts the site’s operation. “When the service is halted, Chinese hackers demand an average of 5 million won (US$5,100) from the company,” said an official who manages the Internet servers of victims of such cyber crimes.

Kim U-han, a senior official at the Korea Information Security Agency, said, “Attacks by Chinese hackers are becoming more ‘violent.’ Though it’s important to build a security system at each Web site, individual personal computer users should upgrade their security programs so that Chinese hackers cannot exploit them.”

original report from The Hankyoreh

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Commerce Department Attacked by Hackers from China

Posted by Author on October 8, 2006

By Alan Sipress, Washington Post, October 6, 2006-

Hackers operating through Chinese Internet servers have launched a debilitating attack on the computer system of a sensitive Commerce Department bureau, forcing it to replace hundreds of workstations and block employees from regular use of the Internet for more than a month, Commerce officials said yesterday.

The attack targeted the computers of the Bureau of Industry and Security, which is responsible for controlling U.S. exports of commodities, software and technology having both commercial and military uses. The bureau has stepped up its activity in regulating trade with China in recent years as the United States increased its exports of such dual-use items to the growing Chinese market.

This marked the second time in recent months that U.S. officials confirmed that a major attack traced to China had succeeded in penetrating government computers.

“Through established security procedures, BIS discovered a targeted effort to gain access to BIS user accounts,” said Commerce Department spokesman Richard Mills. “We have no evidence that BIS data has been lost or compromised.”

The significance of the attacks was underscored in a series of e-mails sent to BIS employees by acting Undersecretary of Commerce Mark Foulon since July, informing them of “a number of serious threats to the integrity of our systems and data.” In an August e-mail, Foulon reported that the bureau had “identified several successful attempts to attack unattended BIS workstations during the overnight hours.” Then, early last month, he wrote: “It has become clear that Internet access in itself is a vulnerability that we cannot mitigate. We have tried incremental steps and they have proven insufficient.” ( more from Washington Post report )

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China and US: Get Ready for Cyberwars

Posted by Author on September 4, 2006

Many may not know it but China and the United States have been at war — not with soldiers or bombs, but rather with geeks and computers. In May, American computer hackers mounted attacks on Chinese Web sites and their Chinese counterparts began retaliating in earnest. The “cyberwar,” so far, has been pretty tame. That could change, however.

When the cyberwar finally ended in mid-May, analysts took stock of the damage and estimated that the hackers had struck a few hundred Web sites with messages paying tribute to the Chinese government. But the analysts also downplayed the episode and the media’s use of the term “cyberwar” to describe what happened. ( More details from mi2g)

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