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Archive for the ‘Athlete’ Category

Ages of Chinese skaters in question

Posted by Author on February 15, 2011

CHINA is facing new questions about the ages of some of its athletes after discrepancies were found in the birthdates of nine figure skaters.

According to a list of birthdates published on the Chinese Skating Association’s website and found by The Associated Press, the skaters violated the sport’s age limits by competing when they were either too young or too old.

The birthdates on the federation’s websites differ from those listed on the athletes’ International Skating Union biographies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chinese 2008 Beijing Olympic judo champion stripped of world title for dope test failure

Posted by Author on May 10, 2010

A Chinese Olympic judo champion has been punished after failing a doping test – but her coach says too many pork chops are to blame.

Tong Wen was the women’s 78-kilogram gold medallist at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

She has been banned for two years and stripped of her 2009 world title after testing postive for Clenbuterol.

But her coach, Wu Weifeng, believes China’s well-documented food safety problems are responsible for the first positive test by a Chinese Olympic champion.

Wu says Clenbuterol is a cheap chemical illegally used as an additive to feed pigs in China and it causes breathing disorders and rising blood pressure.

Tong Wen was tested at the world championships in the Netherlands last year. (Australia Network News)

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China cheated in 2000, IOC says, so what about 2008

Posted by Author on April 29, 2010

USAtoday, Apr. 28, 2010-

The International Olympic Committee’s
decision Wednesday to strip China of the bronze medal it won by cheating in the women’s gymnastics team competition at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games is the best sign yet that China was using underage gymnasts when it really mattered to them — at their own 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The IOC will never take away the team gold medal the Chinese won in 2008 over the United States. We know this because the IOC and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) washed their hands of the situation and refused to act 18 months ago, presumably out of fear of ruining the legacy of China’s Olympics by altering the results of the Games’ marquee event.

But this week’s ruling tells us all we need to know about business as usual in Chinese women’s gymnastics, where little gymnasts’ birthdates were altered so they could be used as pawns by the government, just as East German athletes were used by the state during its systemic and widespread cheating through the use of steroids a generation or two ago.

Much was written and said in 2008about five of the six members of China’s gold medal-winning women’s gymnastics team — little girls who said they were 16, likely were 14 and looked like they were 12……. (

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China set to be stripped of Sydney Olympics bronze medal for false birth certificate

Posted by Author on February 26, 2010

AFP via Herald Sun, Australia, Feb. 26, 2010-

could be stripped of their 2000 Olympics women’s gymnastics team event bronze medal after one of its athletes Dong Fangxiao was found to be under age.

Gymnast Dong Fangxiao, who competed in the women’s gymnastics team event, claimed she was 17 years old at the time of the Sydney Games, but an investigation by the International Gymnastics Federation discovered she was just 14, well below the strict minimum age of 16.

Chinese teammate Yang Yun, a bronze medallist in the team event as well as the uneven bars and who was also under investigation, was cleared of breaking the rules but issued with a warning.

Dong’s results in Sydney have been cancelled and the International Olympic Committee will be asked to withdraw the bronze from the Chinese team.

“Young gymnasts cannot be manipulated. Athletes must be protected. To prevent such fraud in the future, a new licensing system has been implemented by the FIG,” said the organisation’s president Bruno Grandi.

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Dong’s case came to light at the 2008 Beijing Olympics when she applied for accreditation as a team official when she declared her birth date as January 23, 1986, which would have made her 14 during the Sydney Olympics.

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Email shows China listed U.S. athletes as possible troublemakers in Beijing Olympics

Posted by Author on October 31, 2008

By Christine Brennan, USA TODAY, Oct. 30, 2008-

China’s government was so concerned about the possibility of athlete demonstrations in the Beijing Olympics that it created a list of nine U.S. athletes and one assistant coach it thought might cause trouble at the Games, according to an internal U.S. Olympic Committee e-mail obtained by USA TODAY.

The names included softball players Jennie Finch and Jessica Mendoza and soccer player Abby Wambach, who broke her leg and missed the Olympic Games. It also included two Paralympians, one athlete who wasn’t a member of the 2008 softball team and a top female collegiate golfer. Golf is not an Olympic sport.

“We viewed these concerns as being entirely unjustified and unwarranted,” USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel said in an e-mail Wednesday. “As such, we rejected the request to address this with our athletes. We saw absolutely no need to burden the athletes with this.”

The list was given to USOC officials in a July 8 meeting by Shu Xiao, minister counselor for cultural affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, according to the e-mail.

“Shu appeared quite concerned” about members of the U.S. team staging “some sort of demonstration at the Games,” the e-mail said, because “many of them” were “apparently associated with Team Darfur,” an international coalition of athletes committed to raising awareness about the crisis in Darfur, Sudan.

Seibel said the USOC “communicated to the embassy in clear terms that our athletes would have the same right to free speech and free expression, consistent with what is set forth in the Olympic Charter, that they have enjoyed at previous Games. We made certain those rights would in no way be infringed upon or compromised.”

“This may be the biggest compliment of my life,” Wambach, a member of Team Darfur, said in a phone interview when informed of the list. “If they’re worried about us, maybe we do have more strength as athletes and as people to speak out. This just gives me more empowerment.”

Calls to the Chinese Embassy on Wednesday went unanswered.


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China: Gymnastic Medal Winners 14 Years Old, Underage, Official Document Shows

Posted by Author on August 22, 2008

Jan Jekielek & Anna Yang, Epoch Times Staff Aug 20, 2008 –

An official Chinese document unearthed today provides further evidence in the ongoing scandal that China’s gold winning women’s gymnastic girls are just that—girls.

The document, first discovered by a search engine hacker who goes by the alias of stryde.hax lists birthdates and hometowns for hundreds of China’s gymnasts.

The document, a spreadsheet titled “2006 Nationwide Gymnastics Registration Table,” is dated February 20,

A cached document, which has been removed from the website of China’s official sports administration, reads in line 1040 (with column headers in brackets), “[name] He Kexin, [gender] female, [born] 1994-1-1, [hometown], [registering organization] Wuhan City.” (The Epoch Times)A cached document, which has been removed from the website of China’s official sports administration, reads in line 1040 (with column headers in brackets), “[name He Kexin, [gender] female, [born] 1994-1-1, [hometown], [registering organization] Wuhan City.” (The Epoch Times)”]

2006 and lists two members of China’s women’s gymnastics, Yang Yilin and He Kexin, as being only 14 years old. To compete, a gymnast is required to turn 16 in the year the Games are held.

Epoch Times has unearthed similar document for 2005 on the same government server through Baidu cache, which also indicated same birthdates for He and Yang showing them 14 this year.

The two gymnasts claimed four medals in total. He Kexin won a gold in the uneven bars and Yang won bronze medals in the uneven bars and in the overall individual competition. Both gymnasts were also part of China’s gold medal winning women’s team.

According to the document, He Kexin’s birthday is January 1, 1994, while Yang Yilin’s birthday is Aug 26, 1993, making her 15 next week.

The cached document, which has been removed from the website of China’s official sports administration, reads in line 811 (with column headers in brackets): “[name] Yang Yilin, [gender] female, [born] 1993-8-26, [hometown] Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, [registering organization] Guangdong Province, [notes] confirmed.”

And on line 1040: “[name] He Kexin, [gender] female, [born] 1994-1-1, [hometown], [registering organization] Wuhan City.”

The incriminating document was found in the Baidu search engine’s cache. Baidu bills itself as China’s own search engine, and is widely used there. The original document has been removed from , a server run by the General Administration of Sport of China.

When contacted by the Epoch Times, a BOCOG Legal Department representative denied the allegations. The General Office, Sports Department and Media and Communications branches of BOCOG could not be reached for a comment.

By removing the document, it appears that someone has attempted to bury the evidence. Indeed, if these documents are accurate, then China’s Communist regime has issued passports to the girls with fake birth dates, allowing them to compete illegally.

Hacker stryde.hax claims to have repeated the search on Google and have found the same document, absent He Kexin’s name. The Epoch Times repeated the search on Google hours later with no results.

“Google’s cached copy of the spreadsheet does not contain He Kexin’s age record, and Baidu’s does,” said stryde.hax in a blog post. “This does not necessarily imply that Google allowed its data to be rewritten by Chinese censors, but the possibility does present itself.”

Google’s New York office has not responded to repeated phone calls and emails from the Epoch Times.

This latest document affirms previous media reports of the athletes’ birth dates. The Epoch Times has found these same birth dates in several state-run media reports and on other government websites  – for example a now-removed article on the Xinhua news agency website dated Nov. 3, 2007, which is still accessible via the Google cache.

A web search on, entering the names and birthdates provided by this document, yields further references.

Attention will now be focused on how the IOC responds to these accusations, which involve an apparent breach of the Olympic Charter. The discovery of the document has become a hot discussion topic on, a popular technology website.

Following these reports, the IOC has now asked the International Gymnastics Federation to investigate the ages of the Chinese gymnasts.

At the time of writing, the document in question is still on Baidu’s cache of the original page.

For the original page (now removed) click here.
For the Baidu cache click here.

– Original: The epochtimes

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Popular Athlete Liu Xiang’s Hurdle Exit Raising Questions of China’s Cover-Ups

Posted by Author on August 20, 2008

By Neil Campbell, Epoch Times Staff, Aug 19, 2008 –

The withdrawal of China’s most popular and most hyped athlete, 110 meter hurdles champion Liu Xiang, is raising many questions in the Chinese community whether or not Liu’s injury was known before race day, and whether or not his withdrawal moments before the event was a well-planned maneuver to sell tickets and focus the interest of the Chinese community on the Olympics.

Many Chinese analysts suspect that the most likely cause of Liu’s breakdown is a combination of the enormous pressure placed on him by the Chinese regime to win the gold and the enormous mental pressure of his sponsorship contracts and fame.

Last year in a press conference, Liu’s coach Sun Haiping said, “Leaders told us that, if Liu Xiang could not win the gold medal in Beijing, all of his achievements before will be meaningless.”

After winning the gold in the 2004 Athens Games, Liu’s face was plastered all over China in commercials and numerous corporate sponsorships such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Visa, Cadillac and Lenovo. In the Chinese sports circle, Liu’s fame can only be contested by NBA star Yao Ming.

In an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, Liu’s former coach Gu Baogang revealed that Liu had been injured during training as late as July.

“He never had any injuries before he hurt his foot in June,” Gu said. “But that injury was not too bad. After the Bird’s Nest was finished, he trained in the stadium in July and hurt his foot again.”

Gu also commented on the pressure Liu was facing. “Liu Xiang has no freedom in China…He is respected and loved, but he leads a really boring life and cannot go out much,” Gu said.

“He feels more relaxed when he races outside China. It would be better if he was in an environment that is more like a foreign country, with less attention.

“He is the only competitive athlete in China’s track and field team so he has been under constant pressure, including from the high hopes of government officials.”

According to a Chinese internet forum, a poster under the alias “NIKEinsider” states that injuries weren’t the only thing burdening Liu. The insider gave a detailed account of how Liu Xiang had been preoccupied with sponsorship activities and advertising opportunities one after another, and thus had little time for intensive training.

It continued to say that this led to Liu’s physical condition no longer meeting high-level competitive standards, and that plans were made to have Liu quit the race to save both his own face, and that of his sponsors.

According to reports, Liu Xiang was not at the Opening Ceremony so he could save his strength and energy. Chinese media reported that he did not join the Olympic Village until Aug. 16, and it wasn’t until Aug. 17 that Liu began to appear inside the National Stadium.

This news led several other Chinese internet posters to raise questions about possible behind-the-scenes control of the situation by the Chinese Communist Party. “Liu Xiang has the ability to attend the competition. If he has to quit, it should have been announced beforehand. They should not wait until the competition had started. This is not Liu Xiang’s fault. He indeed has injuries. But everything can be announced earlier,” said one poster.

“Why was there no announcement and instead, there was so much promotional effort to hype it up? Did they do this to sell more tickets?” they asked.

China’s 90,000 seat National Stadium, also known as the “Bird’s Nest,” was running at over 90 percent capacity for the 110 meter hurdles preliminary heat. When Liu Xiang had to withdraw from the race, more than 60 percent of that audience left immediately, showing obvious signs of disappointment and tears.

Sponsors certainly had a lot invested in Liu Xiang’s performance. Ding Bangqing, deputy Chairman of the Board for the Guangdong Advertising Company told Dongnan Newsflash newspaper, “Liu Xiang’s withdrawal will definitely negatively impact the profit and operation of the sponsor companies. Since the pricing of Liu Xiang’s advertisement is at least 10 million yuan, and considering that many companies use Liu in the advertisement, I personally think the loss of Liu this time will be over 100 million yuan, while for those sponsors, the losses will be over 3 billion yuan.”

As of August 18, there have been reports that both a Lenovo ad featuring Liu and a Visa ad referring to Liu’s world record which he won in Switzerland 2006 that says “Refresh the Dream, 12.88 seconds,” have been cancelled.

– Original: Liu Xiang’s Exit Raising Questions of Cover-Ups, The Epochtimes

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China Refused Entry of U.S. Olympic Gold Medallist Joey Cheek

Posted by Author on August 7, 2008

Owen Slot in Beijing, Times Online, UK, August 6, 2008-

Joey Cheek, an American Olympic gold medallist who has been leading a campaign to stop China from trading arms with the Sudan, has been refused entry to the Beijing Games.

Cheek, who won gold in the men’s 500 metre speed skating event at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, has recruited nearly 400 Olympians and former Olympians worldwide to his cause, called Team Darfur, and was refused a visa at the Chinese embassy in Washington yesterday.

“Despite the fact that I’ve always spoken positively of the Olympic ideal, and never called for a boycott or asked an athlete to break an IOC rule, my visa was revoked less than 24 hours before my scheduled departure,” Cheek said. “The denial of my visa is a part of a systemic effort by the Chinese government to coerce and threaten athletes who are speaking out on behalf of the innocent people of Darfur.”

Cheek’s organisation knows it has been pushing the human rights situation in Darfur hard into the public eye. Concern that their stance may count against them is reflected in the fact that, of the 72 Team Darfur athletes who will be competing here in Beijing, 17 have declined to be named publicly.

A statement received Wednesday morning by fax from the spokesman’s office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing said: “Visa is a sovereign affair of one country, according to Chinese laws and regulations, and based on other host countries’ practice on previous Olympics and other large scale events, China has made appropriate arrangements for foreign entry visas during the Olympic Games . . .”

Team Darfur was started following the Turin Olympics where Cheek won an Olympic gold and spoke out afterwards about how he was intending to give his $40,000 medal bonus to Darfur charities.

According to international experts, some 200,000 people have died and 2.5 million been driven from their homes since rebels took up arms against the government five years ago. China is a major investor in Sudan’s oil industry and is its largest weapons supplier.

– Original: Joey Cheek, gold medallist and Sudan protester, refused entry to China

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2008 China Olympics: U.S. cyclists wear masks upon arrival in Beijing

Posted by Author on August 6, 2008

– from USA Today


– More photos available from USA Today

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China Bans Countries From Taking Their Own Food to the Olympics, Worries Aussie

Posted by Author on April 30, 2008

By Alison Caldwell, ABC News, Australia, Apr 30, 2008-

The amount of information coming out of Beijing about the Olympic Games is impressive, but so is the red tape.

Australian athletes would dearly like to get one thing straight – are they free to take their own specialised energy food and drinks into China?

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) is confident it will be OK, but so far it has not been made clear and it is understood the team has been told to source all of its food in China.

AOC secretary-general Craig Phillips says negotiations are continuing……. (more details from ABC News: China ban Australia taking own food to Olympics)

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New Zealand: Don’t Muzzle Our Athletes At the Beijing Olympics

Posted by Author on February 19, 2008

By JOHN MINTO, The Stuff, New Zealand, Monday, 18 February 2008-

It is time our sports officials gave up trying to say politics and sport do not mix.

It is precisely because they do mix that our Olympic officials are requiring New Zealand athletes at the Beijing Olympics to sign contracts by which they must “not make statements or demonstrations (whether verbally, in writing or by any act or omission) regarding political, religious or racial matters”.

This is an outrage. Why should New Zealanders’ freedom of speech be constrained when they travel to represent this country? Why should they be gagged because the host country for the Games has such little respect for human rights? Must we lower our democratic standards to the Chinese level?

Our Olympic officials say the ban has been in place for the last eight years and in any case, it is consistent with the Olympic charter. The ban attracted no controversy at the time of the last Games in Athens because the host country has an uncontroversial human rights record. But it seems clear the policy was put in place eight years ago for the very reason that Olympic officials looked ahead and saw the China human rights disaster looming.

It is a piece of verbal gymnastics for our Olympic officials to say the contract is consistent with the Olympic charter. The International Olympic Committee does not see it this way.

“Should a journalist ask an athlete a question, the athlete should respond as he or she sees fit,” says the IOC spokesperson, Giselle Davies.

Under criticism, the New Zealand Olympic Committee has begun one of those embarrassing backdowns. Instead of saying it made a mistake, NZOC communications manager Ashley Abbott is reported as saying athletes will not be muzzled. She says they will be allowed to express views on the regime in China if they want to.

“If one of our athletes were asked their feelings on an important issue, it would be absolutely their prerogative to answer as they see fit,” she says.

So why is the ban written into the athletes’ contract? The NZOC is reported as saying the contract simply offers athletes protection from comment on issues they felt would detract from their performance in Beijing. If anyone can work out what that piece of double-speak means, please let me know.

The question remains as to why athletes from around the world will be free to speak their minds, but New Zealand athletes will sign censorship contracts. Why is it that the sensitivities of the Chinese regime resonate so strongly in New Zealand? Why are we virtually alone in gagging our athletes?

It seems clear that one of the reasons is that among the crowd of countries attending the games, only New Zealand is negotiating a free-trade agreement with China.

This agreement is seen as a coup by the Clark government. It has been several years in the making, with negotiations finally ended and just a couple of months remaining while all the complex details are checked and rechecked before a classic photo opportunity is organised for Helen Clark to sign away yet more quality New Zealand jobs at the altar of the free market with the Chinese Premier.

It would be a disaster from the Government’s point of view if this went off the rails because a Kiwi athlete stirred controversy by pointing to the elephant in the room which is China’s abuse of human rights.

Politics have always mixed with sport at the Olympics. This year marks the 40th anniversary of possibly the most famous political statement made at any Games.

It was 1968 in Mexico at the height of the civil rights struggle in the United States. Black US athlete Tommie Smith won the 200m sprint in a world record time. When he stood on the winner’s podium alongside bronze medal winner John Carlos, they raised black gloved fists in a powerful symbol of resistance to racial oppression. Smith also wore a black scarf to represent black pride and black socks (no shoes) to represent the poverty of blacks in racist America. The iconic image of this brave duo will resonate down the centuries after their athletic prowess is long forgotten.

It may well be that Chinese organisations seize the opportunity, with the world spotlight on Beijing, to protest in the struggle for free speech and trade union rights.

If that happens, we should encourage our athletes to use their freedom of speech to actively support those in China who are denied the same rights. That is what we should expect a good athlete to do.

Original report from

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Ex-China basketball star says Olympics are platform for change

Posted by Author on February 17, 2008

AFP, Feb. 16, 2008-

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Olympians who speak freely about politics and human rights while in China for the Beijing Games may be doing their Chinese counterparts a favour, says a former national basketball team member.

“People should remind the Chinese athletes that they are being brainwashed,” said Chen Kai, a member of China’s men’s basketball team in the 1970s. “The Chinese athletes are nothing but tools and lackeys of the state.”

Chen has made trips to Taiwan and Germany in recent months to get his message across, speaking to sports associations about the ritualized conformity of China’s secretive national sports programme.

Chen, who took part in anti-government protests in Tiananmen Square, competed for China at the 1978 World Basketball Championships in Manila but missed out on the 1980 Olympics when China boycotted the Moscow Games.

He is the first Chinese athlete to give a rare glimpse into the secretive world of China’s elite athletic establishment.

“Inside China nobody knows about Tiananmen Square unless they lived through it,” Chen said. “These athletes are all too young to remember it and nobody talks about it.”

Chen has tried to use his platform as a former athlete to open dialogue on matters such as the Tiananmen Square massacre. The former officer in the People’s Liberation Army recently published a book ‘One in a Billion: Journey Toward Freedom – Story of a Pro Basketball Player in China’.

He said the latest controversy involving the British Olympic Association’s plan to prevent all British competitors from commenting on “politically sensitive issues” during the August 8-24 Beijing Games plays into the hands of China’s authoritarian regime.

“There will be huge political and financial earthquakes during the Olympics,” Chen predicted.

Chen launched the Olympic Freedom T-shirt Global Movement last summer and boasts that some of his anti-Chinese Government T-shirts have already been smuggled into mainland China.

The shirts feature the words ‘Beijing 1989 Tiananmen, Beijing 2008 Olympics’ with blood dripping from the letters. They are exactly the kind of attire that might get any athlete caught wearing one during the games, a flight on the next plane home……. (more details from AFP)

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British Olympian Hits Out At China Amid Gagging Row

Posted by Author on February 13, 2008

AFP, Feb. 11, 2008-

LONDON (AFP) — A British Olympian called on China to do more to end the ongoing conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region on Tuesday, amid a row over attempts by the British Olympic Association to gag its athletes.

Richard Vaughan, a quarter-finalist in badminton at both the 2000 and 2004 Olympics and currently ranked 30th in the world, said in a statement released Tuesday that it was “very difficult to keep a polite silence about a conflict that continues to cost so many lives.”

His comments came just days after the BOA backed down over its plan to prevent the country’s competitors from commenting on “politically sensitive issues” surrounding the Games in Beijing this summer.

More than 200,000 people have died from war, famine and disease, and upwards of two million have fled their homes in Darfur since ethic minority rebels began fighting against Sudan’s Arab-dominated regime in 2003.

China — Sudan’s biggest foreign trade partner which has also invested more than 400 million dollars (275 million euros) in Darfur alone — has drawn criticism from the West because of claims it was not using its influence to pressure the Khartoum government to do more to end the conflict.

“While many nations have tried to isolate Sudan by breaking economic ties, China has significantly backed the government of Sudan with trade particularly in oil,” Vaughan said in the statement released by campaigning group Crisis Action.

“It has major influence in Sudan and could help to end the suffering of millions of people affected by the conflict in the Darfur region … In the spirit of the Games, I would ask China as all nations to help Darfur, so that athletes can compete safe in the knowledge that everything is being done to stop the conflict.”

Vaughan, who is expected to be a member of Britain’s team at the Beijing Games, added that he appreciated “it’s a difficult position” for the BOA.

Crisis Action said a letter would be delivered to Chinese embassies around the world calling for action on the crisis in Darfur that has been signed by Vaughan, along with seven Nobel Peace prize winners and several other politicians and celebrities.

Beijing Olympic organisers said Monday they backed a ban on political protests by athletes attending the August 8-24 Summer Games, with organising committee spokesman Sun Weide saying all athletes were expected to follow the Olympic Charter, which outlaws political acts……. (more details from AFP)

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70 Years Later, Why Do We Still Suck Up To Dictators Like Nazi: China Olympics and British Athletes

Posted by Author on February 12, 2008

By DAVID MELLOR, The Daily Mail, UK, Feb 9, 2008-

The British Olympic Association’s squalid attempt to suppress legitimate criticism of the Chinese regime by British athletes – revealed in today’s Mail on Sunday – is a timely wake-up call for all of us who thought sucking up to dictators was something we had left behind in the Thirties.

Perhaps Simon Clegg, the BOA chief executive who has been so vociferous in support of his wretched piece of paper, which could have been drafted by Neville Chamberlain, should pause and consider what effect kow-towing to totalitarian governments had in the run-up to the Second World War: none on the dictators, lasting shame on the appeasers.

On May 14, 1938, in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, the English football team were blackguarded by the Foreign Office and the Football Association into giving the “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute before a friendly game with Germany. It was a piece of contemptible cringing rendered even more pathetic and futile because Hitler, who hated sport, didn’t bother to turn up.

In a picture from a German archive never before published in Britain, the England football team give Nazi salutes in Berlin in 1938

(photo: National disgrace: In a picture from a German archive never before published in Britain, the England football team give Nazi salutes in Berlin in 1938/ by the Daily Mail)

But that picture of impressionable footballers obeying orders from mutton-headed apparatchiks went round the world and became a lasting source of shame to this country. This was, after all, just weeks after Hitler had annexed Austria and came at a time when plans for the Final Solution were well advanced.

Was Hitler made more reasonable by that salute, or by the willingness of the world to offer him a massive propaganda boost two years earlier at the Berlin Olympics by turning up without a squeak of protest? Of course not, which leads to some interesting parallels with today.

In 1936, persecution of the Jews was stopped briefly, dissidents were rounded up and kept out of the way and Nazi Germany put on its best face for the Games.

And that is exactly what the Chinese are doing today. They are desperately trying to clean up Beijing and banishing dissidents – men such as 34-year-old Hi Jia, a brave campaigner for human rights who is under house arrest to ensure he doesn’t rock the boat.

And the Chinese government, rattled by the possibility of public criticism from Olympians, has been applying crude pressure to the international community to keep quiet.

“If at each Olympics people stood up and used politics to attack the host nation, where does that leave the Olympic spirit?” argued the official newspaper, The People’s Daily, last month.

This idea that to criticise totalitarianism is a breach of the Olympic spirit is as wretched a perversion of logic as even the Nazis ever attempted. But, pathetic or not, Simon Clegg seems to see it as something we shouldn’t do.

The Chinese have no right to a free ride this summer. And it isn’t just because China isn’t a democracy or that basic human rights and fundamental freedoms are denied to its citizens.

China is a menace to the civilised world for many other reasons, ranging from its support for renegade regimes such as the government of Sudan, who used Chinese weaponry to commit the Darfur massacres, to its shameless emergence as the number one polluter.

The Chinese deserve as much criticism over their contributions to global warming as over their suppression of human rights.

At the rate of more than one a week, dirty coal and lignite-fired power stations are coming on stream. Over the next 20 years, they will create as much pollution as the rest of the world has since the birth of the industrial revolution.

This is a shocking statistic worthy of condemnation anywhere and everywhere. If British athletes feel strongly about that, why shouldn’t they speak out?

Let’s take the interesting case of Zara Phillips. The Prince of Wales has made it clear in a letter to the Free Tibet campaign that he will not allow himself to be used as a propaganda pawn by the Chinese, and will not attend the Games.

If Ms Phillips were to indicate her support for her uncle’s principled stand, will Clegg really carry out his threat and send her home? If so, he might even snatch the Berk of the Year award from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Clegg claims that all he is doing is imposing the principles contained in the Olympic Charter on individual athletes. Well he would, wouldn’t he?

But he’s wrong, not least because no other major country seeks to do the same. They are content to allow their athletes as free people to make up their own minds about what they say or do. Why isn’t that good enough for the motherland of free speech?

It begs a very interesting question. Is Clegg on a frolic of his own or has he been put up to it by the Government? Is appeasement alive and well and answering to the name of Gordon Brown?

Brown, after all, has recently been in China, making ludicrous remarks about the importance of our relationship with the Chinese – and earning the opprobrium of organisations dedicated to freedom for failing to hold the Chinese to account for their appalling human-rights record.

Is this notoriously intolerant man the real reason why Clegg is ready to make a fool of himself? Brown, after all, holds the purse strings for the 2012 Olympics.

Has he told Clegg and the BOA that unless their people toe the line in China, there will be trouble over the cash? I wouldn’t put it past him, would you?

The Brown line on China – that only the trading relationship matters – is patent nonsense. Our exports to China are barely one-fifth of theirs to us, a gap that will widen as industrialisation in China gathers pace.

During his visit Brown claimed: “Tens of thousands of jobs in Britain for British workers can be created by closer co-operation between our two countries.”

Oh really? Will that many forklift-truck drivers be needed to unload Chinese goods at our ports and airports?

Far worse is the assumption that the Chinese can be allowed to dominate world trade without any attention being paid to the development of democracy or the improvement of civil rights.

No thought is being given to the negative impact an unreformed Chinese superpower will have on world stability unless economic improvements are matched by equally profound advances in democratic institutions.

And that problem goes far wider than Brown. The Americans are the worst culprits in encouraging Chinese manufacturing without insisting on anything in return. And that foolhardy desire to reward China for its many bad habits extends to the International Olympic Committee.

They gave the Games to Beijing despite that city being among the most badly polluted in the world. Will a British competitor be sent home for daring to complain about the smog?

Any intelligent athlete will have a lot to think about on that plane to Beijing. And if they choose to voice those thoughts, why shouldn’t they?

If Simon Clegg and the BOA don’t want to end up as despised as those who told our footballers to make Nazi salutes, he and his cronies should put those contracts where they belong. Down the nearest lavatory.

– Original report from Daily Mail: Shameful picture of England squad giving Nazi salute still haunts British sport. Why, 70 years later, do we still suck up to dictators?

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Olympics Are Not A Reason to Ignore Tyranny: British and China

Posted by Author on February 10, 2008

Daily Mail, UK, Feb. 10, 2008-

It would be simpler if the Olympic Games could always be held in free countries, where athletes can concentrate solely on winning medals without drugs or cheating.

The document the British Olympic Association requires our competitors to sign is controversial only because in China a pledge of good behaviour is viewed by the BOA as a promise to keep quiet about police state repression.

It is easy to see how the BOA got into this mess. The claim that the Olympics are “non-political” has always been part of the humbug of this movement. Nobody really believes it, but as long as everyone pretends to do so, this breathtaking and inspiring festival can take place almost anywhere.

Yet even the most sport-obsessed person must surely wonder whether we are paying too high a moral price for a few weeks of splendid spectacle.

Nobody can now deny that the Berlin Olympics of 1936 strengthened and polished the revolting Nazi regime, at home and abroad.

The England football team giving Nazi salutes in Berlin in 1938

(photo: Past shame — The England football team giving Nazi salutes in Berlin in 1938/ by Daily Mail)

More recently, Warsaw Pact nations used improper and cruel methods to prepare their athletes for Cold War Olympic contests, in the belief that victory in track and field would mean prestige for worldwide Communism.

The 1980 Moscow games encouraged Leonid Brezhnev’s Kremlin to think it could get away with its invasion of Afghanistan and cruel persecution of dissidents.

Meanwhile, the People’s Republic long ago introduced politics into the Games by pressuring the International Olympic Committee to prevent Taiwan from competing under its own flag or even its own name.

And it is clear that the Chinese Government hopes the Beijing Olympiad will help to establish the country not only as a new superpower but also as a modern and advanced nation.

Yet, while it has been only too happy to rebuild its capital and to commission an array of ultra-modern buildings intended to dazzle the world, it shows no sign of renovating its intolerant, censored single-party political system.

So any claim by China that the Olympics are non-political is absurd, dishonest and not to be taken seriously.

Because of this, British athletes who feel moved by their consciences to speak out about Tiananmen Square or Tibet should not feel bound by the BOA’s attempt to silence them.


Not so long ago it was the militant Left who quite rightly condemned apartheid South Africa for its obsession with classifying its people by race and colour. The same people, equally rightly, objected to the law poking its nose into the private lives of homosexuals, and got that nasty law repealed.

But now the same Left is in charge, it mirrors exactly the same obsessions.

Try to win a contract with the London Development Agency and you will be interrogated not only about the race of yourself and your staff but also about their sexual tastes. What if they don’t want to go public about it?

One of the best traditions of this country used to be minding your own business. It is time it was revived.

Original report from Daily Mail

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British Athletes Face Olympic Ban For Criticising China

Posted by Author on February 10, 2008

By Ben Leapman, The Telegraph, UK, Feb. 10, 2008-

British athletes will be banned from competing in this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing if they criticise China’s totalitarian regime.

The gagging order has been imposed by the British Olympic Association. Competitors who break the rule will not travel to the games or, if they are already in China, will be put on the next plane home.

It means sportsmen and women will be unable to raise concerns about China’s human rights record or its occupation of Tibet.

Critics accused the BOA of bowing to political pressure and said that the move raised the spectre of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which passed off without protest and were hailed as a propaganda coup for the Nazi regime.

The reaction is in contrast to other countries, including the United States and Australia, where athletes will be free to speak out about China should they wish to do so. The Prince of Wales will not attend the Beijing games because of concerns over human rights.

Since the 1988 Olympics in Soeul, British competitors have been asked to sign contracts that include a pledge “not to comment on any politically sensitive issues”.

However, this year’s contracts will, for the first time, explicitly refer competitors to Section 51 of the International Olympic Committee charter, which “provides for no kind of demonstration, or political, religious or racial propaganda in the Olympic sites, venues or other areas”……. (more details from

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Side Effects of China’s Marathon to Economic Power

Posted by Author on January 19, 2008

BBC News, Friday, 18 January 2008-

One thing UK PM Gordon Brown, currently on a visit to Beijing, cannot fail to have noticed is the sheer amount of building work going on as the 2008 Olympic Games approach.

But as BBC Beijing correspondent James Reynolds finds as he follows the route the Olympic marathon will take, the authorities are not keen for the world to see the side effects of China’s booming economy.

The Olympic marathon will start in Tiananmen Square. After they have run a few metres, the runners will turn right and head down the main avenue in Beijing.

The last time this road was on the world stage it had nothing to do with sport.

In 1989, the Communist Party sent tanks down this avenue to force out student protestors from Tiananmen Square. Today all we find here are loyal communists.

In the view of one young person I spoke to, “the Olympics will show the world that we are not backwards anymore”.

Homes demolished

After about seven miles (11km) the runners may come across Sun Ruonan.

She refuses to leave her house, despite the authorities having knocked down every property on this section of the marathon route.

Her family’s had this restaurant for more than 100 years.

“I want justice”, she tells me. “The government can’t use Olympics as an excuse to sweep us all away.”

She is not alone. Just down the road more homes are being demolished.

Every year 50,000 houses in Beijing are knocked down to make way for new buildings

Global superpower

After about 18 miles, the runners may have a problem. They will notice it every time they breathe.

Beijing’s big problem is the air. We have our own pollution detector. When we test it the air quality index is 61.60. That’s not too bad.

But the real test will come in August when the marathon is run here. If the reading is over 100, the marathon may have to be postponed.

Those who make it through the pollution will have a dramatic finish.

Waiting at the end is China’s Olympic Stadium – known as the Bird’s Nest – possibly on loan from outer space.

This is the final piece of a project that China’s been working on for 30 years – how to become a global superpower.

– Original report from BBC News: China’s race to economic power

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China Asian Games Woman Champion Banned by ITU for Doping

Posted by Author on October 12, 2007

Reuters, via the Guardia, Oct.11, 2007-

BEIJING, Oct 11 (Reuters) – China’s Asian Games triathlon gold medallist Wang Hongni has been banned from competition for two years after failing an out-of-competition doping test, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) said.

Wang, winner of the triathlon at last year’s Games in Doha, tested positive on Aug. 24 to “exogenous metabolites of testosterone”, a substance on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List, the ITU said on its Web site (

Wang waived her right to a hearing and accepted a two-year suspension after a B sample taken on Sept. 27 confirmed the result, the ITU said.

Wang’s ban would last until Oct. 5, 2009, the ITU said, ruling her out of next year’s Beijing Olympics on home soil……. (more details from the Guardian)

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An Invitation Letter to President Bush by Former Chinese National Basketball-team Player

Posted by Author on September 28, 2007

By Chen Kai, published on the Epochtimes, Sep. 28, 2007-

Please Join Our “Olympic Freedom Run” to

Clarify Your Moral Standing and Solidarity with Freedom Loving People in China

September5, 2007

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Bush:

As the 2008 Beijing Olympics fast approaches, we as freedom-loving people, realize as that time comes, we are standing at the threshold between human freedom in our future and human despotism from our past. Having learned that you had accepted an invitation from Mr. Hu Jintao to attend the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I like to extend my invitation to you to join our “Olympic Freedom Run”in Washington DC on September 30, 2007 from the Memorial of Communism’s Victims to the Lincoln Memorial.

As a former Chinese National Basketball-Team player, I feel compelled by my conscience to speak out, not just to speak out against oppression, slavery and human degradation, but to speak out for human freedom, for hope, for a better tomorrow. I am speaking out not just for those innocent lives perished under the communist regime, not just for those who still suffer under the same oppressive regime of the Chinese communist government, but also for those who are suffering under all kinds of despotism, old and new, in the world.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics is the lesson we ought to heed. As the world indulged itself in the illusion of Olympic grandeur under the Nazi propaganda, millions were suffering unspeakable cruelty under the murderous Nazi regime. History should not repeat itself, and we as free people will make sure that Olympic spirit is nothing but the spirit of human freedom, not opium to induce illusions for despotism and tyranny. Any government that wants to use the Olympics for its own oppressive and reactionary policies against human freedom should be put into the spotlight and have its evil exposed. The 2008 Beijing Olympics should be an example of how the cause of human freedom is pushed forward by the Olympic movement, not pushed backward.

As an athlete with a conscience, I call upon all athletes, all coaches, all people in the athletic establishment in the world, all sports fans and all tourists who will participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to awaken your conscience, pluck up your courage and listen to the call from the deepest recess of your soul to join our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt” global movement:

When you participate in the competition, please wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you interact with the Chinese people,wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you peruse the artifacts in the Forbidden City, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you walk in the gardens of the Summer Palace,wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”.

When you climb the Great Wall, wear our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt”

When you stroll on the Tiananmen Square, under the stare of the giant portrait of Mao – the biggestmass murderer in human history, when you remember those who died in the 1989Tiananmen massacre, wear our “OlympicFreedom T Shirt”.

Mr.President, we do not advocate boycotting the Beijing Summer Olympics. We hope that you to use your presence in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to spread the message of Truth, Justice, Liberty and Dignity to all human beings on the planet earth. We want to see you use your moral conviction, your appreciation of the human yearning for the eternal values of mankind to spread the message of hope and human freedom.

I, as a Chinese athlete with a conscience,call upon the voice in your conscience; call upon your moral courage, your action and your prayer for freedom for the Chinese people, for freedom for all the people in the world. In wearing our “Olympic Freedom T Shirt” and joining our “Olympic Freedom Run”, you areexpressing your solidarity and your support for the freedom-loving people in China. You are indeed building a better tomorrow forthe world.

Let Freedom Ring!

Hereby I cordially extend my invitation toyou to join our Washington DC “Olympic Freedom Run”.


Kai Chen

Original letter in Chinese and English available from the Epochtimes website

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99% Illegal Bodybuilding Drugs in U.S. Originate With Row Chemicals From China

Posted by Author on September 26, 2007

By DUFF WILSON and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT, New York Times, September 25, 2007-

Federal authorities said yesterday that they had exposed a sprawling underground distribution network for steroids, human growth hormone and other illicit bodybuilding drugs supplied by 37 companies in China.

The operation revealed a much wider, more diffuse commerce in performance-enhancing drugs than previously known, with a latticework of bathroom and basement manufacturers and distributors. That contrasted with the more centralized drug network from past years that tapped into established pharmaceutical pipelines.

A network of Internet-based chemical wholesalers, anonymous e-mail services and password-protected chat rooms fueled the trade, federal and state officials said.

“There is no kingpin here,” said Steve Robertson, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington. “We’re going after individual distribution cells. There’s no godfather of steroids.”

The D.E.A. estimates that 99 percent of the illegal steroids originate with chemicals from China. Most of the 124 who were arrested in the operation — including 50 over the past week — were charged with distributing chemicals bought in bulk from China, which as host of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing has been under pressure to deliver a drug-free Games. They are accused of setting up labs in their homes, notably on Long Island, to press them into pills or cook them into injectable liquids, the D.E.A. said.

Sales of the products, which are illegal to buy without a prescription and illegal to sell without a license from the D.E.A., were conducted with presumed anonymity on the Internet……. ( more details from the New York Times: D.E.A. Exposes a Steroid Web With China Tie)

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Drug Ring Relates to 37 China Companies Raided in U.S, 124 Arrested in 4 Days

Posted by Author on September 26, 2007

By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT, New York Times, September 24, 2007-

The Drug Enforcement Administration said today that 124 people had been arrested across the country over the past four days in connection with a performance-enhancing drug trafficking ring.

Officials said the investigation, named Operation Raw Deal, started with more than 30 Chinese companies, which were shipping raw materials needed to make steroids and human growth hormone to manufacturers and labs in the United States and nine other countries.

Since Thursday, the federal government has raided 56 sites in the United States and seized 242 kilograms of steroid and 1.4 million units of steroid dosage.

The facilities in which the drugs were manufactured included the basements of homes, garages, bathrooms and medical laboratories, the authorities said.

No names of athletes have been linked to the investigation yet, officials said, but thousands of e-mails connecting users to the manufacturers were seized by the federal government.

“We will be identifying all the end users,” John Gilbride, a special agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration in New York, said at a news conference today at the administration’s offices in downtown Manhattan. “We do have the lists of a lot of individuals and will be going through them. They may not all be prosecuted, but we will be identifying them.”

Rusty Payne, a spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington said: “If we come across names, are we going to provide them to the leagues? That is going to be the decision of the Department of Justice and the United States attorney’s offices that have those aspects of the case.”

Although the government has not gone through the trove of information connecting users to the steroid ring, Payne said: “We have the ability to identify individual customers, and that should send chills down the spines of athletes and high school and college students who were buying from these manufacturers. We can find you, based on our database.”

Payne said Chinese authorities were cooperating with the investigation.

“Rather than publicly name and indict these companies in China,” he said, “we thought it would be more effective to work with Chinese law enforcement partners and provide them with information so they could go after the companies, which includes as many as 37, that were shipping raw materials. “They have agreed to move forward with their investigation in China.

“There are a lot of sensitive things that go into dealing with a nation like China. We are pleased so far they have done everything we have asked them to, they have agreed to accept the reports and move forward and that is unprecedented.”

The drug case came at a time when the quality of imports from China have become an issue in the two countries. Tens of thousands of toys made in China have been recalled in recent weeks on suspicion of having unacceptably high level of lead in paint and other hazards for small children. Some Chinese-made toothpaste was found to contain a chemical usually used in automotive antidreeze and not intended for human consumption.

Payne said the World Anti-Doping Agency and the United States Anti-Doping Agency had been partners in the investigation, which has spanned 18-months……. ( more details from the New york Times: U.S. Arrests 124 in Raids on Global Steroid Ring)

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Do Not Compete For the Blood-soaked Medals From Beijing Olympics: Chinese medallist

Posted by Author on September 22, 2007

Speech by Huang Xiaomin, Chinese silver medal winner at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics, September 16, 2007, in Paris, France, published on Human Rights Torch Relay website

Please do not compete for the blood-soaked medals from the Beijing Olympics


Huang XiaominHuang Xiaomin

Hello, ladies and gentlemen,

On the 9th of September a Human Rights Torch was lit in Athens marking the start of a global relay. Today, this torch comes to France. Because of my engagement with our team at a competition game, I cannot personally join the activities of the Relay. Please could all those friends attending accept my apology. I wish the activities of the Human Rights Torch Relay in France a complete success.

May I take this opportunity to appeal to all my colleagues working in the sports industry throughout the whole world. I say to you all, please do not join the Beijing Olympics under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) tyranny. Please do not compete for these medals. They are soaked in blood. An Olympics hosted by the tyrannical CCP is against the spirit of the Olympic Games and is a taunt to human justice.

The CCP has claimed that the Olympic movement in both a social and in a cultural context, is the soul of the Beijing Olympics. It has also claimed that it is a movement of culture based on humanity. However, the CCP’s actions and behaviour have been severely violating this same Olympic Spirit. Under the CCP’s tyranny, people have no freedom of speech, media, belief and assembly. They have no access to information or freedom of thought. Under the CCP’s control, China is in fact the largest prison in the whole world. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the CCP is responsible for harvesting the organs of live Falun Gong practitioners. This has been exposed and verified. The CCP has refused to allow members of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) entry to China for the independent investigation of evil crimes that are unimaginable to human beings.

The CCP has shown no respect to the Olympic spirit. It has not changed its horrible human rights records even after it was given the authority to host the Olympic Games in Beijing. Rather, it has accelerated the persecution of human rights activists and continued to arrest Falun Gong practitioners on a vast scale. An Olympic Games run by the CCP therefore, will be an imprisoned Olympics, soaked in the blood of its victims. It will be an outright abuse of the Olympic spirit.

Dear colleagues in the sports industry, please do not ignore the CCP’s crimes. These include the genocide of millions Falun Gong practitioners. Do not strengthen the power of the CCP, which is the most evil regime in human history. Please do not compete for the blood-soaked medals from the Beijing Olympics.

I want to also appeal to the Chinese people to be clear-minded about the real consequences of the Beijing Olympics. After the Games in Beijing, can the huge population of unemployed Chinese people find jobs? Can those innocent children living in poverty return to their education? Can your family’s income be increased? Can those people whose houses have been forcibly demolished to make way for this sham obtain justice?

The answer is no, they cannot! The CCP’s 86-year history proves that it has never, ever considered the interests of our country and those of its people. Everything, including running the Olympic Games,that the CCP has done in its 86-year history is for hijacking and maintaining its own power. It can never, ever truly respect or promote the Olympic spirit. I therefore suggest that we wait until the CCP no longer controls China and to when the Chinese people have real equality, freedom and basic human rights. Only then can Beijing host the Olympic Games nobly and in fulfillment of the high aspirations of the real Olympic Games.

My appeal is for people with righteousness and justice in their hearts throughout the whole world to get together. Use this platform of the Global Human Right Torch Relay, which is launched by the CIPFG, to stop a repeat of the shame of 1936. An Olympic Games should promote peace, friendship, love and dignity. It should not let dictators polish themselves up to cheat the world and strengthen their dictatorship. What the CCP has done to the Chinese people is what it intends to do to all people throughout the whole world.

The Olympic Games can never co-exist with the crimes against humanity within China!

Friends who are involved in the Global Human Rights Rorch Relay, please give your best effort!

Huang Xiaomin,

Seoul Olympic Silver medallist (of Chinese woman swimming team)
& (Current) Sports coach in South Korea

16 September 2007

Original report from 

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Video: China’s First Olympic Women Swim Medallist Supports Human Rights Torch Relay

Posted by Author on August 29, 2007

Xiaomin Huang, former Chinese women swimmer, won for China first-ever medal inHuang Xiaomin 200m breaststroke swimming at Olympic games- a silver at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics in South Korea, claims she support the Human Rights Torch Relay and will run for it.

At that time Xiaomin Huang was 18 years old. Now she’s the coach of Korea national team.

Human Rights Torch Relay’s mission is aimed at ceasing the persecution of Falun Gong, the #1 Human Rights violation in China. The message the Human Rights Torch Relay wants to tell the world is “Olympics and crimes against humanity cannot coexist in China”.

Xiaomin Huang’s medal record in Olympics medal database can be found here

Photo above: Xiaomin Huang shown with her silver medal won at the 1988 Seoul Olympics

Video: Xiaomin Huang claims she support the Human Rights Torch Relay

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