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Archive for the ‘Copyrights’ Category

Motorola sues China’s Huawei for trade secret theft

Posted by Author on July 22, 2010

By Phil Wahba and Melanie Lee, NEW YORK/SHANGHAI, Reuters,Thu Jul 22, 2010 –

– U.S. mobile phone maker Motorola Inc (MOT.N) has sued China’s Huawei Technologies Co HWT.UL for alleged theft of trade secrets, highlighting the fast-growing Chinese firm’s difficulty in shaking the nation’s reputation for piracy.

In an initial suit, filed in 2008, Motorola sued five of its former workers for allegedly sharing trade secrets with Lemko, which was also named in the suit and has a reseller agreement with Huawei.

In the amended complaint, filed on July 16 in a federal court in Chicago, Motorola claimed an engineer shared information about a Motorola transceiver and other technology with Huawei’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, a former officer in China’s People’s Liberation Army.

Motorola claimed a string of emails tagged “Motorola Confidential Proprietary” showed that “Huawei and its officers knew they were receiving stolen Motorola proprietary trade secrets and confidential information without Motorola’s authorization and consent,” according to the suit.

Huawei said the lawsuit was groundless.

“Huawei has no relationship with Lemko, other than a reseller agreement. Huawei will vigorously defend itself against baseless allegations,” the company said in an emailed statement.

Cases like these are hard to prove from an evidence point of view, said Connie Carnabuci, a technology, intellectual property expert and partner at Freshfields in Hong Kong.

“Cases involving misappropriation of proprietary information are usually very difficult cases to run,” Carnabuci said.

“This case is being brought in the courts of the United States, one thing interesting is that decisions of the U.S. courts are not enforceable in China,” she added.

Schaumburg, Illinois-based Motorola accused Huawei of various violations including threatened or actual misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of fiduciary duty and usurpation of corporate opportunity…..(more details from Reuters)

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China Market for Fakes in Beijing Launches Own Brand

Posted by Author on January 25, 2008

Reuters, Thu 24 Jan 2008-

BEIJING (Reuters) – Beijing’s Silk Street Market, famous for knock-off designer gear from North Face jackets to Louis Vuitton bags, has unveiled its own brand and, apparently with a straight face, warned counterfeiters not to copy it.

The first items to bear the SILKSTREET name include “apparel such as neckties, shirts and scarves, as well as a few household items such as tablecloths”, Xinhua news agency said on Thursday.

They are marked “quality guaranteed” with a label that tells buyers that “the goods are certified by the Silk Street Market.

“SILKSTREET products are sold exclusively in the market. Anyone using the brand outside will be held liable,” the Beijing Evening News quoted Wang Zili, general manager of the market, as saying.

The market, a magnet for both local expatriates and foreign tourists, said as early as January 2005 that it would stop the sale of counterfeit goods but they have been on sale openly ever since.

That announcement came a day ahead of a visit by then U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans for an intellectual property rights forum and amid Chinese pledges to get tough on copyright violations.

Original report from Reuters

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Mercedes and BMW Angry Over China Car ‘Copies’

Posted by Author on August 31, 2007

REUTERS via New Zealand Herald, August 31, 2007-

According to the Financial Times, Mercedes and BMW are both threatening legal action over Chinese-made models that look remarkably similar to their own cars.

Even the German Chancellor is getting involved: Angela Merkel recently described copyright infringement in China as “a big problem” during a speech in Beijing.

Mercedes is upset about a car called a Noble, that looks very similar to a smart, while BMW is angry about a Shuanghuan CEO which bears more than a passing resemblance to the previous-generation X5.

Western car companies are usually wary of attacking Chinese car-makers as they need joint ventures with them to enter the Chinese market.

However BMW and Mercedes are such strong brands that they probably feel more confident than most – they also have more to lose from plagiarism. – REUTERS

– Report from New Zealand Herald : Mercedes and BMW angry over Chinese knock-offs

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