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Archive for the ‘Flood’ Category

Deaths in Guangdong Dam Collapse much higher than offcial number

Posted by Author on September 24, 2010

Radio Free Asia, Sep. 24, 2010 –

HONG KONG—Residents near a waste management dam in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong said several dozen households were swamped when the dam collapsed during a typhoon earlier this week, with more deaths than officials would admit to.

“This is really bad,” said a resident of the area near the Yinyan Tin Mine in Guangdong’s Xinyi city. “The houses have totally collapsed. Between one and two hundred people may have died.”

Official media reports said five people died in the collapse of the dam, which was operated by the Hong Kong-listed Zijin Mining Group, in the wake of torrential rain and mud and rock slides caused by typhoon Fanapi last week.

A further six people were listed as missing and seven were injured, reports said.

But local people said the number of casualties was likely much higher. Read the rest of this entry »

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Over 2,000 Dead Or Missing In Giant Northwest China Landslide

Posted by Author on August 8, 2010

“Then on Sunday a huge landslide in Northern China wiped out a village. Over 2,000 villagers are missing and 127 confirmed dead, according to China Daily.” –from

images come from a CCTV video-- Zhouqu, Gansu Province, China

images come from a CCTV video-- Zhouqu, Gansu Province, China

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Northeast China town: Flooding traps 30,000, washed 1,000 barrels of explosive chemicals into a river

Posted by Author on July 28, 2010

BBC News, July 28, 2010 –

Flooding in northeastern China has stranded 30,000 people in one town and washed 1,000 barrels of explosive chemicals into a river, reports say.

In Kouqian town in Jilin province, residents were trapped when a reservoir and two rivers overflowed following torrential rain.

In Jilin city itself, containers of explosive fluid from a chemical plant were washed into the Songhua river.

China is facing its worst flooding in more than a decade.

Weeks of heavy rain have swollen rivers and caused damage, landslides and bridge collapses across a swathe of the country.

According to state media, 928 people have died because of the seasonal bad weather and another 477 are missing.

More than 200 rescue workers have been sent to Kouqian, where tens of thousands of residents are reportedly trapped after the Xingshan reservoir and the Wende and Songhua rivers burst their banks.

Chinese media reports said houses and buildings were under water, and 80 people were trapped in a train station surrounded by water.

In Jilin city, emergency teams were trying to recover barrels of explosive chemicals washed into the river.

Environmental officials were said to be monitoring the water quality in the river.

Further to the south, in Wuhan city in Hubei province, workers were sandbagging river banks ahead of possible flooding where the Yangtze and Han rivers converge…….(More details from BBC News)

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900-year-old drains save China city from deadly floods

Posted by Author on July 16, 2010

By Malcolm Moore in Shanghai, The Telegraph, UK, July 14, 2010 –

Torrential rain and flash floods have caused £1.9 billion of damage in China. Nearly forty people were killed this week alone in a series of landslides.

But the 100,000 residents of the ancient city of Ganzhou, in Jiangxi province, are safe and dry, thanks to two drains built during the Song dynasty (960-1279), which proved far more effective than modern sewer systems at coping with the downpour.

Two long tunnels, built using bricks from the city walls, cross the city and channel floodwater into two ponds that function as reservoirs. The designer of the system, Liu Yi, named the drains “Fu” or Fortune, and “Shou” or Longevity.

“The ancient residents of Ganzhou were very advanced in hydro-technology,” said Wang Ronghong, head of the city’s project management and maintenance office.

“They built 12 water gates at the mouth of the drain, which help block rising water during the rainy season. When the river level is lower than the gate, the water from the drainage system flows out, but if the water outside the city rises, the gates snap shut to prevent any of it coming in,” he explained.

The drainage system also uses the natural camber of the city to quickly channel water outwards. The original Song Dynasty system used hundreds of ponds across the city as reservoirs.

However, most of these have now been filled in by keen property developers, leaving only the old town’s ponds intact. As a consequence, the ancient city is the only one of Ganzhou’s 18 districts not to suffer from flooding.

The Telegraph

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At least 230 people died in China’s torrential rains, major city threatened by surged river water

Posted by Author on June 26, 2010

AFP, June 25, 2010 –

BEIJING — Chinese rescue teams scrambled to shore up flood defences Friday as a swollen river threatened a major city, after heavy rains across the nation’s south and centre left more than 230 people dead.

Workers and soldiers were patching up dykes in Hunan province after water in the Xiang river, which passes through Changsha city, where over six million people live, surged to its highest level in a decade.

The surge rose 2.5 metres (over eight feet) above the river’s danger marks, the third highest reading since 1953 when records of water levels began, the civil affairs ministry said.

“Water levels on the lower reaches of the Xiang river are rising and will not go down, and will surpass flood warning levels again,” the flood headquarters of the ministry warned.

Television footage showed small towns and rural areas upriver from Changsha deluged with water as residents evacuated low lying areas and scrambled to higher ground carting food and other supplies.

Authorities ordered reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Xiang river to store up more water in an effort to reduce the surging flood crests, the ministry said.

Although heavy downpours were not expected around Changsha on Friday, more than 180 millimetres (over seven inches) of rain fell in parts of Hunan on Wednesday and Thursday, ensuring that rivers would remain swollen, it added.

Overall, downpours in south and central China were receding Friday, it said, but heavy rain continued to fall in parts of Jiangxi, Fujian, and Zhejiang provinces and the Guangxi region, where major flooding has already taken place.

At least 235 people have died and 109 were missing since torrential rains triggered flooding and landslides in south and central China from June 13 to June 24, the government said.

The torrential rains have caused 53 billion yuan (7.8 billion dollars) in economic losses, with over three million people forced to evacuate, it said…….(AFP)

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China police detain 13 Uyghur Flood Rescuers

Posted by Author on June 18, 2010

Radio Free Asia, 2010-06-18 –

HONG KONG— Authorities near the Silk Road city of Kashgar have detained around a dozen ethnic Uyghurs after they organized themselves to help local residents hit by huge rainstorms and massive flash flooding, overseas groups and officials said.

“We are all engaged in flood relief work,” said a police officer who answered the phone at Yengisar [in Chinese, Yingjisha] county’s Uchar [in Chinese, Wuqia] police station in the Kashgar region of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

He said local officials had already implemented flood prevention measures in case the floods came back.

But he declined to comment on the reported detentions of 13 Uyghurs for disturbing public order.

“I can’t answer that question,” the officer said.

“Can you get your information from the Internet—we are very busy here,” he said.

An employee who answered the phone at the Wuqia village credit union said the flooding had been going on for three days, and was still causing disruption for local residents, some of whom had been made homeless.

“There was some very heavy rain here,” she said.

“And 330 people had their homes damaged or destroyed.”

Flash flooding

“We can lend them up to a maximum of 20,000 yuan. Some people have asked for 5,000 yuan, so we have made some loans of 5,000 yuan.”

According to official media, heavy flash flooding in Yengisar county caused flooding in villages No. 3, 4, 5, and 6 lasting longer than three hours in a region that had no recorded floods for at least a century, knocking out water supplies, communications, and transportation links.

A large number of houses collapsed, reports said.

Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress, said 13 Uyghur residents had been detained on public order charges after local officials said their assistance efforts had too strong a religious flavor.

“They were detained by the local public security department, and the local authorities said they were disturbing public order,” Raxit said.

“The people were organizing themselves to help people out after the floods, and relaying information of the flood situation everywhere. The government said they were disturbing the peace.”

He said residents had begun to organize themselves in the face of a slow response to the disaster from local officials……(more details from Radio Free Asia)

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Death Toll Rises As Rainstorms Devastate Southern China (photo)

Posted by Author on May 10, 2010

By Shanshan Wu, Epoch Times Staff –

On May 7, Guangdong experienced heavy rains that submerged thousands of cars under water. (The Epoch Times Archive)

Since May 5, heavy rainstorms have been causing destruction and mudslides in the provinces of southern China, including Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Guangdong. As of this report, 86 people are dead or missing. The rainstorms have affected millions of people, displacing about 250,000, and damaging nearly 10,000 houses.

The “most powerful rainstorm in Guangdong history” began on the night of May 6, and 16 people there have died with 4 still missing. After a mere few hours of heavy rain in Guangdong, over 30 parking garages are flooded and thousands of cars lie beneath the water level. A worker at a property company in Longkou District in the city of Guangzhou told the Information Times, “Last night (May 6) we had to stuff the entrances of the underground parking garage with sandbags, but the rain came so hard. It was just like a waterfall.”…… (more details from The Epochtimes)

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China Officials ‘Ordered Town Drowned’

Posted by Author on September 24, 2009

Radio free Asia, 2009-09-23 –

HONG KONG— Police are guarding local government offices in China’s southern Guangdong province after dozens of villagers tried to storm the buildings in protest at deliberate flooding of their land in the wake of a major typhoon.

“More than 100 people stormed the government offices three times, but they wouldn’t let them in,” said a resident, surnamed Luo, of Chuanbu township near Guangdong’s Luoding city.

“Right now there are more than 100 police standing guard there.”

Luo said local township officials had refused all along to meet with villagers.

“The villagers are very angry,” he said.

“The township Party secretary has even said that it doesn’t matter if 100 or so villagers die. The most important thing is that not a single official died.”

Order to flood

The township government was ordered by Guangdong provincial authorities to flood the countryside around Chuanbu last week after water levels at the township’s Shandong Dam rose to dangerous levels in the wake of Typhoon Koppu, which left at least three dead.

A teacher surnamed Li at the Chuanbu Middle School said the school buildings were only a few hundred meters (yards) from the dam and described scenes of panic as teachers and students fled upstairs from the rising floodwaters.

“The water came in so quickly. Within two or three minutes the entire school was under water,” Li said.

“There was nowhere to run to. Several thousand teachers and students tried to escape to the upper storeys of the school buildings.”

Calls unanswered

“At the time, all we could think about was how to survive. There was no time to grab any belongings. We were running for our lives,” Li said.

“When the water reached the second floor, we ran up to the third floor. Then the third floor went under, so we ran up to the fourth floor. There are only five storeys in the school. We wondered at the time what would happen if we ran out of storeys,” she added.

An official who was similarly stranded at the Chuanbu township government confirmed that a total of 5,000 students at the middle school were left stranded by rising floodwaters, which also destroyed hundreds of houses.

“No one expected the water to rise so fast,” the official said.

“It was as deep as two meters. They were stranded for a whole day and night.”

“The government building was also surrounded by water. We too were very hungry and thirsty. We only had something to eat after the water retreated,” he said, adding that no casualties were reported from among the students.

The mother of Chuanbu Middle School student Qu Mingjie said her son was on the third floor when the waters started to rise.

“They were told to remain in their classroom by their teacher. The water was two meters high.”

Repeated calls to the Chuanbu police station and the Luoding municipal government went unanswered during office hours Wednesday.

Villagers were unable to confirm any deaths, but rumors were rife that dead bodies were carried to government offices in protest, and that a number of teachers and students from a local kindergarten were missing.

Guangdong-based civil rights activist Tang Jingling said local officials were refusing to give out details of loss of life and property caused by the flooding for fear of being held accountable……. (more from Radio Free Asia)

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Bad News Under Control- 181 Miners Are Lost In China Flood

Posted by Author on August 20, 2007

Jane Macartney, of The Times, UK, August 20, 2007-

Beijing- Frantic relatives of 181 Chinese miners trapped by flash floods hundreds of metres underground scuffled with security forces today as they criticised rescue efforts.

More than 200 people massed at the mine entrance toppled an iron fence and broke into the compound, desperate to discover the fate of missing husbands and fathers in what threatens to become one of China’s deadliest ever mining disasters.

Li Chuanmei said her 42-year-old brother was one of the missing. “No one has said anything about what is happening. They are treating these people like they are sacrificial goods.”

An official had earlier given them little cause for hope. “I’d guess that the miners down the shaft have no hope of survival,” said the chief rescue officer, Zhu Wenyu, according to state media.

The accident was triggered when the torrential rains that have lashed swaths of China this summer breached a river levee and sent water cascading into the Zhangzhuang mine via an old shaft. More than 750 men were underground when the waters rushed in but most managed to escape. Officials said 172 were trapped.

Nine other miners were also missing after the flash floods poured into a nearby mine.

The Zhangzhuang mine, in eastern Shandong province, some 450 kilometres south of Beijing, is owned by the Huayuan Mining Co. Rescue teams, with help from the army, battled all day Saturday to close the breach in the levee.

President Hu Jintao urged rescuers to “take all necessary measures to rescue the trapped miners,” Xinhua news agency reported. However, officials at the scene held out little hope for the missing men and the absence of obvious signs of rescue activity exacerbated the distress of their families.

Li Xuehua screamed: “Save my little brother. Get him out.” Two relatives propped up the desperate woman. But stone-faced officials turned down pleas from relatives for news of the missing men.

Zhou Jun, the 19-year-old son of one trapped miner, had travelled from the coastal city of Qingdao to be close to his father. After officials could give him no news, the teenager collapsed and was taken to hospital.

Senior officials reported today that the levee had been restored. “This is the first step, which is good. Now we are preparing to pump water out of the mine before sending in rescue workers,” said Wang Dequan, a spokesman for the Taian city government. “There is a lot of water to be pumped.”

The main state television news did not mention the disaster until the end of its evening broadcast, devoting just a minute to reports of efforts to pump out the water and making no mention of how many miners were missing — a sign of the seriousness of the situation.

China prefers to limit the amount of bad news that it tells its people, and just last week ordered a new campaign to ensure that most of the news is good in the run-up to a crucial five-yearly Congress of the ruling Communist Party expected in October.

Its coal mines are the world’s deadliest, with thousands of fatalities each year in fires, floods and other disasters. Many are blamed on managers who disregard safety rules.

The Government has promised for years to improve mine safety, but the country depends on coal for most of its electric power and its economic boom has created voracious demand.

Production has more than doubled since 2000. The deadliest reported coalmine disaster since the 1949 Communist revolution was an explosion that killed 214 miners in 2005 in northeastern Liaoning province.

– Original report from The Times : Family fury as 181 miners are lost in flood

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(photos) After Raided by Rainstorm in East China City

Posted by Author on July 21, 2007

According to Chinese report, east China city Jinan in Shandong province and around area raided by rainstorm on Jul 18, 2007. Most transportation interrupted, 22 people died, other 140 injured.

Here’s some pictures taken by local residence and published on the Internet:

rainstorm in Jinan (1)

Rush hour 

Rainstorm in Jinan (2)

Rainstorm in Jinan (3)

Rainstorm in Jinan (2)

Hand in hand help each other 

Rainstorm in Jinan (4)

Rainstorm in Jinan (5)

Water came in home

– all picture from 

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Tens of Millions Battle Deadly Floods Across China

Posted by Author on July 12, 2007

Reuters, Wed Jul 11, 2007-

BEIJING (Reuters) – Tens of millions of residents across China on Wednesday were grappling with the threat or aftermath of disastrous floods that have killed at least 131 people in the past two weeks.

China’s flood season is notoriously deadly. At least 360 people have died in floods and related disasters across the country this summer and more than 4 million hectares of crops had been destroyed.

About 10,000 People’s Liberation Army troops were on standby to battle the worst flood on the Huai River — flowing through densely populated areas in central and eastern China — since 1954, state media said.

Authorities diverted water from the Huai, home to about 100 million people along its entire length, to flood dozens of evacuated villages in the eastern province of Anhui on Tuesday to ease pressure.

The 180 square kilometre area, home to 157,800 people, would suffer economic losses of 600 million yuan ($79 million) from destroyed crops, fish farms, roads and other infrastructure, Xinhua news agency said.

Water levels remained at alarming levels on Wednesday despite the release and the flooding of another three similar rural “flood reserve areas”, state television said.

The swollen Hongze Lake in the downstream province of Jiangsu was expecting 230 billion cubic metres of water, or six times its normal capacity, from the Huai, prompting the opening of an 163-km emergency canal to discharge floodwater to the Yellow Sea.

More heavy rain was forecast for the upper reaches of the Huai on Wednesday night and throughout Thursday to compound the disaster, China Central Television said, showing pictures of troops rescuing stranded villagers in speedboats.

Floods, landslides and house collapses triggered by downpours since June 28 have killed 131 people and left 31 missing in seven provinces and municipalities and forced the evacuation of 1.17 million residents, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said.

At least 39 of the deaths occurred after downpours across the Jialing River Valley in the southwestern province of Sichuan, which have resulted in floods in almost all the tributaries of Qujiang River, a branch of the Jialing, and triggered severe mountain torrents, mud-rock flows and landslides.

“Ferocious floods battered 40 counties along their route, submerging the downtown areas of four counties and shattering two small dams,” Xinhua said.

Authorities were rushing to restore tap water, power and cooking gas in the flooded towns and residents were cleaning up the mud in the streets, Xinhua said.

“The air-conditioner and refrigerator I just bought last month were all damaged,” Zheng Kaifu, who was inspecting the debris that used to be his house in Qu county, told Xinhua.

The central government on Tuesday allocated 232 million yuan to flood-hit provinces to battle the disaster, which has affected nearly 36 million people in the past two weeks and caused 9.9 billion yuan in direct economic lossed by Tuesday, Xinhua said.

original report from Reuters

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South China Floods: 591,000 people flee, 9 million affected

Posted by Author on June 10, 2007

Reuters reported on Sunday (June 10) that storm floods hit southern China provinces from Wednesday to Saturday,  have caused:

– at least 66 people killed
– 12 people are reported as missing
– nearly 50,000 homes demolished
– 94,000 other homes damaged
– about 591,000 people forced  to flee the area
– more than 8.97 million people affected

Here’s Reuters report: China floods destroy thousands of homes, kill 66

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