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Archive for the ‘Hunan’ Category

Chinese teen allegedly beaten to death at boot camp

Posted by Author on September 30, 2010

AFP, Sep. 30, 2010 –

BEIJING — A Chinese teenager was allegedly beaten to death at a boot camp for troubled youths that his mother had lured him to attend by promising he was going to study IT, state media said Thursday.

Chen Shi, 16, died two days after enrolling in Beiteng School in Changsha, capital of central China’s Hunan province, having been beaten up when he refused to run during training, the Beijing Times reported.

According to witnesses, an instructor — helped by two others — beat him with a plastic pipe, handcuffs and a wooden baton when he refused to run.

The incident comes amid controversy over China’s hundreds of boot camps that aim to discipline unruly youths or wean them off web addictions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Businessman Beaten to Death by police within Days of Detention in South China

Posted by Author on September 8, 2010

Press Release, The Falun Dafa Information Center, 07 Sep 2010 –

NEW YORK— Chinese security agents in Hunan province beat a local businessman to death in late August within six days of taking him into custody for practicing Falun Gong, the Falun Dafa Information Center learned recently.

On August 19, 2010, agents of the Domestic Security Division in Hunan province’s Shaodong county detained 57-year-old Mr. Zeng Huaguo (曾华国), a local appliance salesman. Within six days of Zeng’s detention—on August 25—he was dead, apparently beaten to death. Zeng’s son was able to view his body and saw a large cut on his back that had been sutured with 13 stitches.

“The speed with which Falun Gong practitioners like Mr. Zeng are taken into custody and beaten to death is a horrifying testament to the danger facing each of the tens of millions of people who continue to practice Falun Gong in China,” says Falun Dafa Information Center executive director Levi Browde. “Not only has an innocent, honest man died, but his family is now left to pick up the pieces, all while the authorities are already taking measures to cover-up their crimes.”

Zeng’s detention on August 19 occurred when he visited the Domestic Security Division’s offices to request that his books on Falun Gong teachings be returned to him. The authorities had confiscated the books in June when a plainclothes police officer abducted Zeng off the street. Zeng had spoken to the man about Falun Gong and encouraged him not to believe the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda about the group, thinking the man was an ordinary passer-by.

It is common for practitioners and supporters of Falun Gong inside China to speak with or hand leaflets to people, be they passers-by on the street or fellow passengers on a bus or train, about the human rights abuses Falun Gong practitioners face throughout the country. This grassroots effort aims to expose human rights abuses that are covered up by the CCP as well as let people know the true nature of Falun Gong, which has been much maligned by China’s state run media since the CCP launched its campaign to ‘eradicate’ the traditional Chinese discipline in 1999.

The officer immediately detained Zeng, taking him to the Songjiatang Industrial Zone Detention Center. Meanwhile, officers broke into his home at 11am, ransacked it, and confiscated his Falun Gong-related books. Zeng was released ten days later, but only after his son-in-law agreed to sign a statement in his name condemning Falun Gong and promising he would stop practicing.

According to sources inside China, upon being injured during his second detention, Zeng was taken to a local hospital but died shortly after arrival. Police failed to notify his family of his death until 24 hours later, although they did reportedly inform the local neighborhood committee to take measures to restrict the news of Zeng’s sudden death in custody from circulating. They apparently feared a public outcry as Zeng was fairly well-known in his community, Jiadiancheng, partly because of the noticeable physical and psychological improvements he experienced after taking up Falun Gong in 2007.

Police told Zeng’s son he had died from “jumping off a building at the hospital.” When the son asked to see footage from the hospital’s security camera confirming the officials’ account, they became flustered and claimed that the camera had not yet been set-up. Instead, they reportedly threatened hospital staff and Zeng’s family not to spread information about his death, including offering the family 260,000 yuan ($38,000) for their silence.

Contact details for individuals directly or indirectly involved in Zeng’s case:

Long Yanyun, Shaodong County Domestic Security Division chief: 86-13807391788
Yang Xiuwen, Director of Shaodong County Police Department: 86-13973961612
Chen Liansheng, Jiadiancheng Community Administration head: 86-13975957566
Jiang Xinhe, local officer in Jiadiancheng community: 86-13973581954
Luo Wen, Shaodong County 610 Office director: 86-13973978648
Liu Jianbao, Shaodong County 610 Office agent: 86-13762888586

Falun Dafa Information Center

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China tax office blast– 4 killed, 19 hurt: state media

Posted by Author on July 31, 2010

AFP, July 31, 2010 –

BEIJING — Four people were killed and 19 injured Friday in a blast at a tax office in central China that police said appeared to be a deliberate attack, state media reported.

The explosion went off at about 4:15 pm on the third floor of a district tax office in Changsha, capital of Hunan province, Xinhua news agency said, quoting a police statement.

According to police, initial investigations indicated it was a planned attack, Xinhua said. The report gave no details of possible suspects or the motive for the attack.

Police sealed off the building in central Changsha and blocked nearby roads for investigation after workers were evacuated, Xinhua said.

All the windows on the third floor were shattered and large blood stains could be seen on the stairs, the news agency said.

China sees thousands of cases of violent social unrest each year, typically as marginalised segments of society lash out over illegal seizures of their land, environmental degradation, government corruption or other grievances.

Separately, in the northeastern province of Jilin, one person was killed and 20 injured in a series of blasts at a barber’s shop, Xinhua said.

Four firefighters were among those injured in the explosions which occurred around 4:45 pm Friday in the provincial capital Changchun.

Firefighters and workers from a gas supply company were at the site, it said.

Police were investigating the cause of the explosions.


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At least 230 people died in China’s torrential rains, major city threatened by surged river water

Posted by Author on June 26, 2010

AFP, June 25, 2010 –

BEIJING — Chinese rescue teams scrambled to shore up flood defences Friday as a swollen river threatened a major city, after heavy rains across the nation’s south and centre left more than 230 people dead.

Workers and soldiers were patching up dykes in Hunan province after water in the Xiang river, which passes through Changsha city, where over six million people live, surged to its highest level in a decade.

The surge rose 2.5 metres (over eight feet) above the river’s danger marks, the third highest reading since 1953 when records of water levels began, the civil affairs ministry said.

“Water levels on the lower reaches of the Xiang river are rising and will not go down, and will surpass flood warning levels again,” the flood headquarters of the ministry warned.

Television footage showed small towns and rural areas upriver from Changsha deluged with water as residents evacuated low lying areas and scrambled to higher ground carting food and other supplies.

Authorities ordered reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Xiang river to store up more water in an effort to reduce the surging flood crests, the ministry said.

Although heavy downpours were not expected around Changsha on Friday, more than 180 millimetres (over seven inches) of rain fell in parts of Hunan on Wednesday and Thursday, ensuring that rivers would remain swollen, it added.

Overall, downpours in south and central China were receding Friday, it said, but heavy rain continued to fall in parts of Jiangxi, Fujian, and Zhejiang provinces and the Guangxi region, where major flooding has already taken place.

At least 235 people have died and 109 were missing since torrential rains triggered flooding and landslides in south and central China from June 13 to June 24, the government said.

The torrential rains have caused 53 billion yuan (7.8 billion dollars) in economic losses, with over three million people forced to evacuate, it said…….(AFP)

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Bank Guard Shoots Dead Three Judges in China Court

Posted by Author on June 1, 2010

AFP, June 1, 2010-

BEIJING — A bank guard angry over a legal ruling in his divorce opened fire in a China court building Tuesday, shooting three judges dead and wounding three others before killing himself, the local government said.

Zhu Jun, a 46-year-old guard for Postal Savings Bank of China, walked into the offices of a courthouse in the city of Yongzhou with a machine gun and two pistols, a report on the city government website said.

He then opened fire on the judges as they met to discuss a case, it said.

Zhu was said to have been deeply angered by another court’s ruling in his divorce three years ago, which awarded him 20,000 yuan (2,900 dollars) of the assets he held jointly with his wife.

The courthouse where he carried out the shooting was not where his divorce case was heard, it said.

The announcement said Zhu also was depressed after being off work for two months due to an “incurable disease”.

The state-run Procuratorate Daily said Zhu, who had only returned to work three days prior to the attack, had just delivered a sum of cash to a bank branch before going to the courthouse with his weapons.

Calls to the courthouse and to the city government went unanswered.

Deadly shootings are extremely rare in China, where private gun ownership is banned. However, some bank security personnel in charge of transporting cash are armed with guns.

The incident followed a spate of bloody attacks on young schoolchildren around China since late March that have left 17 people dead, including 15 students, and scores injured.

Experts say the senseless assaults reveal a China struggling to come to grips with rapid social change following decades of booming economic growth.


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Alert: Counterfeit condoms spread out in China and sold in USA

Posted by Author on January 30, 2010

By John M. Glionna, the Los Angeles Times, January 21, 2010-

Reporting from Beijing
– Sex shop owner Wang Yunsu wondered how so many competitors could suddenly undercut her low prophylactic prices.

Now she thinks she knows: The other condoms are counterfeit.

“Some manufacturers are cutting corners,” she said, stocking a shelf with a domestic brand whose name translates as Forever Love. “And it’s all about profit.”

It’s China’s latest knockoff scandal — inferior contraceptives that health officials say provide little protection and may in fact spread infectious diseases, tarnishing the axiom that condoms mean safe sex.

In November, investigators in Hunan province provided details about a July raid on an underground workshop where they found laborers lubricating condoms with vegetable oil in unsterile conditions, passing off the counterfeits as high-quality-brand products.

It wasn’t the first such bust. Police in 2008 raided an illicit factory in Zhejiang province, seizing half a million knockoff condoms.

In another case, workers recycled used condoms into hair bands in southern China.

“People could be infected with AIDS, [genital] warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while weaving their hair into plaits or buns,” a dermatologist told the state-run China Daily newspaper.

The practice poses yet another disease threat in the world’s most-populous nation, where more than 2 billion condoms are used each year, supporting an estimated $530-million industry.

China mass-produces countless fake brand-name consumer goods, from shoes and handbags to DVDs and iPods, even beer. But after tainted milk killed six Chinese children and sickened about 300,000 in 2008, the spread of counterfeit condoms further demonstrates that unscrupulous manufacturers will stop at nothing to turn a profit.

Authorities estimate that up to a third of the contraceptives used in some parts of China are counterfeits, despite improvements in state food and drug oversight. None of the counterfeits are properly sterilized, and others are of such inferior quality that they could rupture during use. Authorities say they’re all dangerous.

“The quality of the knockoff condoms cannot be guaranteed, and they can easily break,” said Cheng Feng, director of the group Family Health International, China. “Such condoms definitely cannot play the role of contraception and disease prevention.”

But counterfeit condoms aren’t being sold only in China.

In 2008, officials in the New York area confiscated knockoff Chinese-made goods, including millions of phony Trojan-brand condoms that were sold in small discount stores in New York, Texas and Virginia……(more details from the Los Angeles Times)

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10 Forbidden Stories of 2009 in China (4)

Posted by Author on January 11, 2010

Epoch Times Staff, updated: Jan 7, 2010 – (cont’d)

<< previous

Shishou City on June 20. (

Mysterious death sparks 70,000 to protest in Hubei Province

Amongst the rising public protests and outcry in China, the Shishou riot was one of the largest “mass incidents” in 2009. The riot (in June) was sparked by the death of a young cook named Tu Yuangao in Hunan Province’s Shishou City with a small population of only 100,000.

However, suspecting the cause of Tu’s death was not suicide as authorities claimed, 70,000 Shishou citizens took to the streets and protested against the local authorities when police tried to seize Tu’s corpse and have it cremated. An estimated 8,000 trained riot police were dispatched to the scene to subdue the protests.

Mysterious Death Sparks 70,000 to Protest in China’s Hubei Province
Battling Over a Corpse in China’s Hubei Province

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3000 Teachers’ Protest in South China Suppressed

Posted by Author on December 17, 2008

By Wen Zhen, NTDTV Via The Epochtimes, Dec 16, 2008 –

Teachers gather outside the Shaodong County government building asking for their back wages. (The Epochtimes)

Teachers gather outside the Shaodong County government building asking for their back wages. (The Epochtimes)

More than 4000 teachers in Shaodong County, Hunan Province held a sit-in protest in front of the County government offices on December 1, to complain that the teachers have not been paid their performance wages for the past two years.

The County government replied by threatening to fire the teachers or to relocate them to remote areas. The deputy County Party Chief who was in a passing car which hit one of the teachers, said that it would not matter if some teachers were crushed to death.

Chinese ‘Teachers’ Law’ Favors the Teachers

According to Chinese “Teachers’ Law” and the Law of Compulsory Education,” teachers’ average salaries should not be less than the income of civil servants. However, the teachers of Shaodong County, Hunan Province have not received their performance wage since 2007. Without the performance pay, a County’s civil servant salary at the same level is three times what the teachers receive.

Many teachers in Shaodong had already appealed to the Department of Education and County Party Committee by letters or in person. These teachers hoped the government could uphold the law and issue the missing performance wages. However, as of December 1, the local government had not given the teachers a clear answer.

Seeing no other option, on December 1, over 3,000 teachers protested in front of government building.

Some of the protesting teachers had books in their hands, and some were holding lunch boxes and eating lunch. No one shouted slogans or held banners.

Most schools in the towns and villages cancelled classes……. (more details from The Epochtimes)

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(photo) South China Provincial Official Attacked by Residents Over Fraudulent Loan Scheme

Posted by Author on October 3, 2008

Gu Qing’er and Barry Mills, Epoch Times Staff Sep 29, 2008 –

Police form a wall to block up protesting people in front of Xianxi Sub-prefecture Government on September 24. (Internet photo)

Police form a wall to block up protesting people in front of Xianxi Sub-prefecture Government on September 24. (Internet photo)

There were more confrontations between local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials and residents of Jishou City in Hunan province on September the 24th. Angry investors left penniless by an illegal loan scheme had gathered to seek help from prefecture governor Xu Keqing.

A billion-dollar investment scam has left most the city’s residents out of pocket and unhappy with a proposed rescue package.

Frustrations had been mounting for the investors who have had previous attempts at protesting quashed by a heavy military and police presence in the city.

The Governor refused to meet with the group and tried to force his way through the protesters. According to eyewitnesses an elderly woman was knocked down and dragged by his car.

The crowd over-turned the car and assaulted the driver.

Communist authorities mobilized their security forces to arrest and beat protesters. Nine people were taken into custody.

Mr. Yao a local resident told the Epoch Times that the protesters were appealing to the officials to help them with the fund raising scandal.

“They requested the governor to solve their problems but he said he had other business to attend to and had no time for them,” said Mr. Yao.

But investors believe corrupt party officials were also part of the loan racket.

“The plan had the consent of the authorities. It is like stealing our money. This illegal fund raising is a case of years of companies colluding with the CCP. Many party officials put in money and earned higher interest. In the development of real estate, and such there have been a lot of behind-the-scene plots,” said Mr Yao.

According to a local activist the prefecture-level and city-level officials withdrew their investments from the scheme when they heard that the loan companies were insolvent.

This has left most others having to accept a rescue package offered by the investment company. But they are unhappy with an offer that gives them back only 30 percent of their original investment. The remaining 70 percent turned into equity shares.

– The Epochtimes: CCP Official Attacked Over Fraudulent Loan Scheme

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Hopes fade for ‘several hundred’ missing in China landslide

Posted by Author on September 11, 2008

AFP, Sep. 10, 2008-

XIANGFEN, China (AFP) — Several hundred people believed missing after a landslide engulfed a Chinese town are likely dead, state press said Thursday, citing a senior official, as the official toll rose to 151.

Minister of Work Safety Wang Jun said “several hundred” people are thought buried in the mud and sludge that came cascading down onto the village after a mining waste reservoir burst its banks on Monday, the China Daily reported.

“There is almost no hope of their survival … they have been buried for three days,” the paper quoted Wang as saying, while indicating the death toll could be even higher than foreshadowed by the minister.

The torrent of sludge in Taoshi township, Shanxi province, buried an entire village of 1,000 people, including a market that was packed with people attending a “major fair,” the China Daily reported, citing witnesses.

“The market was full of people when the slush flowed in… minutes later only a thick layer of reddish slush could be seen there,” the paper said.

Television footage on Thursday showed rescuers clad in orange jump suits wading through mud and searching debris around the marketplace, while bulldozers churned through the sludge.

A bag of apples, a solitary mobile phone and a few overturned cars in the streets lay testament to the speed and ferocity of the landslide.

The official death toll rose from 128 to 151 Thursday, with 35 injured.

However, that was based on the number of bodies pulled out of the sludge and authorities could not say what the eventual toll would be.

“At present, we do not know the exact number missing. We must wait until the search operation (leaders) can confirm the number,” Wang Qingxia, a local government spokesman, told journalists here in the Xiangfen county seat that oversees the disaster area……. (more details from AFP)

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Riot police quell two separate large protests in China

Posted by Author on September 7, 2008

AFP, Sep. 5, 2008-

BEIJING (AFP) — China dispatched large numbers of soldiers and armed riot police to quell two major protests, officials and a rights group said Friday, in the latest public discontent to rock the communist nation.

In central Hunan province Thursday, 5,000 soldiers and armed police converged on a furious crowd of up to 10,000 demanding money back from an alleged fundraising fraud, the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said.

In a separate protest Thursday, up to 10,000 people gathered around a factory in the eastern coastal city of Ningbo after a young boy was injured apparently after being thrown out of a factory window, the centre said.

The organisation said in both cases violent clashes erupted between angry crowds and authorities, who carried out several arrests and left dozens injured. Local governments did not confirm this.

In Jishou city in Hunan, 50 people were injured in rioting and police arrested 20 people, the rights group said.

The Jishou government said in a statement on its website that armed police were drafted in to disperse the crowd, but failed to mention how many, adding no one was hurt.

Car and rail traffic, which was disrupted during the protests, had returned to normal by Friday, it said.

“The railway station is open today, but yesterday it was blocked by people,” said a receptionist at the Tianlu Hotel next to the station in Jishou city.

The local government said the people responsible for the fundraising company that sparked the protests, the Fuda Real Estate Company, were under investigation.

Photos of the unrest were widely available on popular web portals in China and showed a strong armed police presence standing behind shields on railway lines and on the roads.

Meanwhile Thursday in Ningbo, a crowd of 500 people demanding justice for an injured boy had swelled to 10,000 by early evening as demonstrators began pelting the factory with bottles and rocks, the rights group said.

The demonstration turned violent when up to 500 riot police arrived and began clearing the protesters from the factory premises, according to the rights centre.

Up to 20 people were injured in clashes, including a policeman, while police arrested 10 of the rioters, it said.

The government of Xiangshan county confirmed a protest had taken place and accused demonstrators of breaking windows at the factory.

The government insisted that the boy had jumped from a window after workers found him hiding in the factory, adding he was in hospital in stable condition with a broken leg.

Xiangshan police refused to comment on the incident when contacted by AFP.

The protests were the latest in a series of confrontations over social issues in China, where tens of thousands of riots erupt each year, many stemming from grievances over abuse of power, corruption or land grabs.

In June, tens of thousands of people rioted in southwest Guizhou province over claims police had covered up an alleged rape and murder of a teenage girl.

– Original: AFP

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Thousands of Workers From Two Factories Protest For Welfare Issues in Southern China

Posted by Author on April 16, 2008

By Gu Qing’er, Epoch Times Staff, Apr 10, 2008-Workers protest (1) Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory

On April 7 and 8, thousands of workers employed at the Huayun Machinery Factory and the Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory, both in Hunan Province, had a sit-in protest inside the facilities. Workers demanded that their employers follow state policies and resolve their welfare issues such as wage compensation and placement fees. The protest went peacefully.

(photo at right: Workers protest in Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory/the epochtimes)

At 7:30 a.m. on April 7, workers of the Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory started a sit-in protest in the factory. At 9:30 a.m., workers of the Huayun Machinery Factory did the same. A banner hanging at the front door of the Huayun Factory said “We strongly demand that provincial or municipal commissioners send a team to investigate corruption in the factory,” “Workers protecting theirWorkers protest (2) Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory legal rights.”

A worker from the Huayun factory, who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Everyone out there did it out of his/her own will. About 1,000 people from our factory and 2,000 people from the Changsha factory participated. This protest involves everyone’s rights. We all went. The workers sat there from 8 a.m. until the time they usually get off work.”

(photo at rights: large protest banner at Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory/the epochtimes)

The workers want their compensation, placement fee, redundancy pay, and medical care, which they are entitle to by law, but the companies failed to provide. The workers want the local government to solve these problems.

One worker said, “This is a problem caused by the state owned enterprise reform. There are very few factories in Changsha now. Factories here used to make a lot of profit but [during the economic reform] corrupted officials came in and left workers with little money. Most people get several hundred yuan retirement pension and some have even less. The cost of living is so high now. We can’t take it anymore.”

A Changsha factory sales department worker told the reporter, “We were a state owned enterprise, butWorkers protest (3) Huayun Machinery Factory during the reform, the compensation given the workers was too little. Some retired employees and those who had to leave after a certain age blocked the factory’s entrance [to protest].”

On April 7, the local police and the joint defense team came to the protest scene. No police came on April 8. The local government did not send a representative to talk to the protesters.

(photo at rights: workers protest at Huayun Machinery Factory/the epochtimes)

The Huayun Machinery Factory in Hunan Province was a middle-size military enterprise. It was established in 1974 and there used to be over 1,000 employees. The company declared bankruptcy July 2007.

The Changsha Heavy Machinery Factory was a state owned large enterprise established in 1958. Its main products were bucket wheel excavators including dozens of kinds of bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers and blending stacker-reclaimers. The factory employed over 10,000 in the past. After the reform, about 2,000 employees now work in the factory.

– Original report from The Epochtimes
: Thousands of Workers Protest in Southern China

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China Says 22-Year Old Man Died of Bird Flu

Posted by Author on February 18, 2008

By VOA News, 18 February 2008-

China’s Health Ministry says a 22-year old man from the central Chinese province of Hunan has died of bird flu.

In a statement Monday posted on its Web site, the Health Ministry says the man first showed symptoms of the disease in mid-January and died more than a week later on January 24.

Health officials say samples taken from the man confirm that he had the deadly H5N1 strain of the disease. The ministry says that individuals who came into contact with him were under close supervision and reported no signs that the disease was spreading.

The statement did not say how the man contracted the disease or why it has taken nearly four weeks for news of his death to reach the public.

Not including today’s reported death, the World Health Organization says 27 people in China have already died from the deadly H5N1 strain of disease since 2003.

Since then, the disease has claimed 227 lives worldwide, most of them in Asia. Most bird flu cases involve close contact with infected poultry.

China was heavily criticized for its cover-up of the outbreak of SARS, (severe acute respiratory syndrome) pandemic which started in southern China in late 2002 and killed more than 700 people worldwide.

Original report from VOA News

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Central China: No Electricity and Stable Water Supply For Over a Week

Posted by Author on February 4, 2008

By John Ruwitch, Reuters, Feb 3, 2008-

CHENZHOU, China (Reuters) – For a freezing city of four million people that hasn’t had electricity or a stable water supply for over a week, Chenzhou in southern China is hanging in there but residents said pressures were building.

The sound of generators and traffic rattled through the slushy but lively streets, and people browsed the few stores that were open for winter coats, shoes, vegetables and bottled water.

The authorities appeared to be racing against time, though, as the price of everyday goods rose sharply, banks were shut, ATMs knocked out, petrol supplies low — and the Lunar New Year holiday just days away.

“We can’t go on like this for much longer,” said Hu Jian, selling cigarettes by candlelight.

Since the temperature dipped to unseasonably low levels and it began to snow here almost two weeks ago, Chenzhou, in Hunan province, has been at the heart of one of China’s worst weather-related transport crises in years…… (more details from Reuters)

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China Tries To Cover-up Suicide Attack Death in Zhuzhou City

Posted by Author on September 12, 2007

China correspondent, NTDTV News, 2007-09-10-Zhuzhou riot


Last Wednesday a suicide attacker struck Zhuzhou city of China’s Hunan province. Local residents tell NTDTV that the number of deaths and injured are much higher than what the state-run media is reporting. The explosion happened around 6pm on a street in a busy commercial area. In addition to the damaged shops and properties, residents say they saw scattered body parts.

Local residents describe the incident.

[Zhuzhou Resident]:

“I heard a big bang followed by a large fire on the street. The flame was about ten meters high.”

Official reports say one person was killed and eight injured. But witnesses say more died. They also tell us that there were several people with bombs tied to their bodies.

[Zhuzhou Resident]:

“At least ten were killed including costumers in the nearby Internet bar. The CCP claimed there was only one death to cover up the incident and reduce peoples’ anxiety.”

Police are not making any comment at this time.

This report was brought to us by our NTDTV Chinese correspondent.

Original report from NTDTV

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China Lovers Fined For a Hug by Plain Clothes Police

Posted by Author on September 6, 2007

Two young lovers fined 5,000 yuan (329 pounds) by three plain clothes police for hugging in public on the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day, in central province of Hunan, according to a Reuters’ report on Sep. 5, 2007.

Reuters quotes the Chinese media report that “a clerk at the police station” said the three police were “punished”, but did say how.

Here’s some details from Reuters:

“As we hugged each other, three policemen came and separated us so they could ask questions. They brought us to the police station and didn’t free us until we paid a 5,000 yuan fine,” the paper quoted female detainee, Xiao Hong, as saying in an Internet posting on a local news portal.

The police were in plain clothes and many other couples were out strolling on the evening of “Qi Xi” — a local festival often dubbed Chinese Valentine’s Day, the Beijing News said in a separate report.

Internet users poured derision on the police, which “forced officials to look into the case”, the paper said.

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Chinese Writer Forcedly Sent to Psychiatric Hospital For His Rights Article

Posted by Author on August 24, 2007

Reporters Without Borders, 23 August 2007-

Reporters Without Borders is outraged by the confinement of cyber-dissident and blogger He Weihua in a psychiatric hospital in the central province of Hunan against his will. Relatives interviewed by Reporters Without Borders denied that He has any kind of mental illness and said they thought his confinement was linked to what he has posted on his blog

“It is unacceptable that the Chinese authorities use such methods to silence citizens who have just expressed their views peacefully online,” the press freedom organisation said. “We call on the central government to intervene with the Hunan authorities to obtain He’s release. How can the authorities expect us to believe that a mentally ill person is capable of detailed investigative reporting?

Reporters Without Borders added: “We fear that this case shows that the Chinese authorities have still not abandoned the use of punitive psychiatry against those who expose abuses and defy censorship.”

He was confined against his will by the authorities in Hunan earlier this month after he posted an article on the Boxun site criticising an arbitrary increase in the price of pork by the provincial authorities. He also predicted the imminent collapse of the Communist Party as a result of internal corruption. He received a judicial summons from the Public Security Bureau after the article was posted in July.

A local State Security unit had previously raided and searched his home in Hengyang (in Hunan province) in June, taking his laptop computer and warning him that he would suffer dire consequences if he continue to write about human rights. His blog contains many investigative reports and comments critical of the authorities.

When reached by Radio Free Asia, He’s mother did not want to comment on his confinement, indicating that she thought her phone was tapped. She just said: “He is in a psychiatric hospital. He went there this month.” But a relative contacted by Reporters Without Borders linked his confinement to his articles: “He has written an enormous number of articles on human rights, especially on Boxun. I think he has all the qualities of a person of sound mind.”

This is not the first time he has been confined. Members of the State Security Bureau gave him injections against his will when he was placed in psychiatric hospital in December 2004. When he was run down by a motorcycle in September 2006, the driver warned him not to continue his human rights activities.

– Original report from Reporters Without Borders : Blogger confined to psychiatric hospital against his will

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Reporters Covering Bridge Collapse Harassed in China

Posted by Author on August 18, 2007

By VOA News, 17 August 2007-

Chinese journalists covering the recent collapse of a bridge in central China, which killed at least 41 people, have been harassed while trying to interview grieving families of the deceased.

According to a Chinese-language Web site, China Public Opinion Monitor, that focuses on human rights issues, a group of reporters from five state-run newspapers, including the Communist Party’s People’s Daily, were attacked by a group of unidentified men earlier this week in Hunan province.

An editor from China’s Southern Metropolitan Daily confirmed to VOA Mandarin service that the clash occurred. Local government officials deny that any reporters were beaten.

Monday’s collapse of the bridge over the Tuo river in Hunan province has captured nationwide media attention and China’s president has promised a swift investigation. It is still unclear why the bridge collapsed.

– Original report from VOA News : Chinese Reporters Covering Bridge Collapse Harassed

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Raped By Teachers in China: Nightmares for Young Girls

Posted by Author on August 15, 2007

ChinaScope, 08/12/2007-

In China, teaching has always been regarded as a highly respectable and honorable profession. However, in recent years, the number of teachers who rape and harass young students has increased, thus tarnishing that image.

On Jan 1, 2005, the New York Times reported that an elementary school teacher, Li Guang in Xinji, Gansu raped 26 students, the oldest of them being 14.

In 2003, the Chinese Ministry of Education reported 10 cases in which treachers in multiple provinces raped students.

In June 2007, a middle school teacher in Tongwei, Gansu was executed for raping 18 female students. These cases reflect the shift in moral values from traditional Chinese culture to Chinese Communist Party culture.

13-year-old girl Na Li’s Cases:

On March 10, 2005, 13-year-old Na Li’s life changed dramatically. Na was a student at the Puliqiao middle school in Lengshuitan district, Yongzhou City, Hunan. She had been living with her grandmother since her father’s death and her mother’s re-marriage. [1]

While she was doing math, her chief class teacher Junwei Wang took her to the hall and said, “The principals are not satisfied with your grades. You need my help to get good grades.”

Wang asked her which courses she did not pass last semester. Na answered, “English and Biology.”

Wang then asked her to bring her Biology and English books to his room. He took her to the bedroom, opened the Biology book to the chapter on female physiology and asked whether she knew where her body part was located. Na flushed, but Wang told her, “Don’t be shy in front of your teacher. Let me point to where it is.” He then stripped off her pants and raped her, warning her not to tell anyone.

On March 14, while in the physical education class, Wang told her that she was appointed the commissary for the PE class, and asked her to go to his room to write down her duties. Once in his room, he raped her again.

Na was under extreme fear. She went to her mother’s house and cried for days, but would not tell her mother what happened. Her mother persuade her to go back to school, where Wang attempted to rape her a few more times, but she refused to go to his room again. She became silent, sluggish, was in a trance state, and declined physically until she was very sick.

Wang also raped or harassed 7 other students. On December 25, 2005, several of them left school and home, which led Wang’s crimes surfacing. However, he was only sentenced to 5 years with the excuse that “the crimes were not so bad,” because he “did not rape them many times.” [1]

“A Nightmare for 26 Pupils”

On Jan 1, 2005, an article titled “Rape in China: A Nightmare for 26 Pupils” appeared in the New York Times. An elementary school teacher, Guang Li, raped 26 female students in his class. “The teacher always sent a girl to buy his cigarettes. He left the class unsupervised and waited in his office. When the girl returned to class with flushed cheeks and tousled hair, the other students said nothing.” [2]

“School is where our children learn,” said Cheng Junyin, the mother of a 14-year-old victim. “We thought it was the safest place for them.”

Quite a few similar cases have been exposed recently.

From Year 1998 to 2002
In 2002, a teacher, Daqing Ren, from Huiyao elementary school in Jiuquan City, Gansu was sentenced to death for raping 7 and harassing 6 female students. Of them 7 were under the age of 14. His death sentence was suspended. [3]

From 1999 to 2002, an elementary school teacher, Feng Su, raped and harassed 19 female students under 14 in the classroom, the water house of the school and his home. He told them, “I will kill you if you let others know.” He was executed in March 2003. His father, a district representative of China’s National People’s Congress, was also sentenced to two years for hiding his criminal son.

Su often gave the pupils extra lessons until 6-7 p.m. free of charge, visited students at home, appeared very polite and smiled sweetly. Therefore the parents had a good impresson of him and felt he was “diligent and responsible.”

When the children swore at him and hid from him when he visited, the parents thought their children were “ignorant” and scolded or beat them. [4]

In 2003, the Chinese Ministry of Education published a notifice that teachers had raped students in multiple provinces during the years from 1998 to 2002. [5]

The notifice mentioned 10 cases of theachers raping students in Liaoning, Jilin and other Provinces. Two of the criminals were executed. In addition, the principals of the schools and the education department officials were fired; the Party secretaries of the education department and the town were expelled from the Party and fired.

Year 2004

In January 2004, an elementary school teacher Guan Lin in Beiliu, Guangxi was sentenced to death for raping 4 female students. Those girls were only 9 to 12 years old. [7]

On June 8, 2004, in Linxia County in Gansu Province, a teacher from the Lujia elementary school, Huisheng Zhao, was arrested for raping and harassing 9 female students in his class. The oldest of them was under 15; the others were only 9 to 10 years old. One of them was raped about 100 times, as often as once a week. [6]

Year 2005

In December 2005, an elementary school teacher, Hongxian Liang, in Nanning City, Guangxi was executed for raping and harassing 14 students from 2003 to 2005. Most of them were only 7 to 8 years old. [8]

Year 2007

In January 2007, a teacher, Wu, in an elementary school in Luzai City, Guangxi was arrested for raping two 8-year-old female students. The teacher had been awarded “model” teacher 4 times and in 2006 had been promoted to advanced teacher. [9]

A middle school teacher, Laifu Cheng, in Changhe Town, Dingxi City, Gansu raped 18 students more than 70 times from 2001 to 2005. [10]

Sensitive Topic

According to the New York Times, the Chinese authorities are very sensitive to negative publicity and have limited the media from reporting these rapes [2]. Especially before the 17th National People’s Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, they have tinghtened control of the media. The guideline is to post “positive” reports as the mainstream and limit negative reports so as to create an impression of a “harmonious society.” [11-16]

A result of the Chinese Communist Party’s effort

According to the values of traditional Chinese culture, “promiscuous sex is number one of 10,000 evils.” Throughout China’s long history, there are no records of young students being raped or harassed.

Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has launched numerous campaigns, including the Cultural Revolution, whose purpose was to destroy traditional Chinese culture and replace it with its own. It has promoted hatred, fighting and class struggle (for more details, refer to the sixth of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party [17]). China has become more and more erotic, and CCP officials appear to be leaders in the spread of pornography.

According to one study, 95% of the high-ranking officials had a second wife. Porn websites have proliferated and even wife swapping has become common [18-19].

[1]~[19] Please check Original report from ChinaScope.Org : Nightmares for Young Girls in China: Increasing Cases of Elementary and Middle School Teachers Raping Students

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China Bridge Safety Scare: Bridge Collapse Killed 22 At Least

Posted by Author on August 14, 2007

Reuters, Via Yahoo News, 2007-08-14:

BEIJING (Reuters) – A road bridge under construction across a river in southern China collapsed, killing 22 people and injuring 22, state media reported on Tuesday, but witnesses expected the death toll to rise substantially.

At least 39 people were missing after the 320-metre (1,000-foot) concrete arc bridge spanning the Tuo river in Fenghuang county, Hunan province, collapsed on Monday during the evening rush hour, Xinhua news agency said.

Some 400 police had been sent to the scene to keep order, Xinhua said.

Pictures showed bulldozers and rescue workers picking through a massive pile of debris stretching between two hills at the banks of the river.

“I saw a lot of bodies lying on the road, some of them were construction workers, and some were passers-by … blood was everywhere,” Yang Shunzhong, a witness, told Reuters.

“A car was crushed flat under the bridge, it was so ruined that I could not even tell the size of the car,” he said by telephone.

Police told Yang that they had found about 60 bodies, and more rescue workers were searching for the missing buried amid the ruins and in the river below.

State-run China Central Television reported the death toll at 22, but Yang said “people on the scene” told him it could rise much higher.

“A lot of women and children were on the scene, crying and looking for their families or friends,” Yang added.


A total of 123 workers were at the site of the 42-metre (138-foot) high bridge, which had been scheduled for completion this month, Xinhua said.

They had been “dismantling steel scaffolding erected during the construction process” at the 12 million yuan ($1.58 million) bridge since mid-July, it added.

Part of the bridge collapsed across a highway linking Fenghuang county to an airport in neighboring Guizhou province’s Tongren region, according to a notice posted on the local government Web site on Tuesday.

The accident was under investigation and police had detained a construction manager and a “project supervisor” for questioning, the agency said. (…… more details from Reuters’ report: China bridge death toll rises to 22, dozens missing)

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China Suffers Severe Drought and Floods in July

Posted by Author on August 14, 2007

By Xin Fei, Epoch Times Staff, Aug 11, 2007-

Recent climate anomalies in China has caused ceaseless droughts in some areas and continuous floods in other places. Experts have pointed out that the global greenhouse effect and other human factors were the main reasons for the disasters.

Continuous droughts and high temperatures have been afflicting many areas including Hunan, Jiangxi, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Xinjiang, Fujian provinces and Shanghai City, with Jiangxi and Hunan being the hardest hit. The drought in the mid-eastern part of Inner Mongolia has lasted a long time, and the situation keeps worsening.

According to the latest official figures, this year 23 million acres of cultivated area suffered from the droughts, which is 2.7 million acres higher than average. The droughts affected 21.7 million acres of crops, among which 7.8 million acres are severely affected, and 1.4 million acres completely withered. The drought has also caused a fresh water shortage for 5.88 million people and 4.7 million cattle.

Since this summer, heavy rainfalls have caused floods in many parts of China, especially in Chongqing City as well as Sichuan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Guangxi and Hubei provinces. So far the flood has killed nearly 700 people, affected 120 million, and caused US$7 billion economic losses.

Jiangxi is experiencing the worst drought in 50 years, with 1.06 million people facing a drinking water shortage, and 1.3 million acres of crops affected by the drought. The drought is still worsening, and is spreading quickly from the middle to the rest of the province.

According to latest figures, from April 1 to July 30 this year, the average rainfalls in Jiangxi is 594 mm, 32 percent below that in the same period of past years, and 20 percent blow that in the same period of 2003.

In Hunan Province the drought has continued for four weeks, which omens a dry autumn. Several million people are facing a drinking water crisis. Rainfall is down by 25 percent compared to previous years, leaving half of the two million water reservoir facilities empty.

According to the Hunan Meteorological Bureau’s forecast, the temperate will reach up to 40° C (104° F) in most of August.

Since June, high temperatures and low rainfall have affected the northeast Heilongjiang and some other areas in the province. The provincial Sanjiang Plain area is afflicted by a summer drought, which has not occurred in that area for many years. Some areas experienced over 40 continuous rainless days. A lot of farmlands are covered with a 30-centimeter (11.8 inches) deep layer of dry soil.

In Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian Province, high temperature as lasted for 31 days by July 30, the longest period since the city’s first official weather record was made in 1880. In many other parts of Fujian, hot weather has also lasted for 26 to 35 days.

In Zhejiang the continuous hot weather has lead to water shortages in many places and the situation is becoming more serious.

Recently Shanghai has suffered continuous hot days with temperature as high as 39° C (102° F) or even higher.

According to a meteorological department report, Shanghai’s temperature peeked at 39.6° C (103° F) on July 29. The last time Shanghai had the same temperature was on July 25, 2003, and it broke a 63 years’ record.

So far nearly 700 people have died as a result of the flood, lightning and mudslides across China. The flood has affected up to 120 million people with economic losses amounting to $7 billion.

Chongqing City recently was hit by the heaviest rainfalls in the century. Millions of people were affected and nearly 100 were killed or missing. The losses reached 2.978 billion yuan ($0.39 billion).

Guangxi Province was also hit by continuous torrential rainfalls, resulting in mountain torrents and river flooding which affected 8.3 million people and caused a direct economic loss of 9.84 million yuan ($1.3 million).

From July 27 to 31, heavy rains hit Sanmenxia City of Henan Province, the south part of Shanxi Province, middle southern parts of Shannxi Province. Serious rainstorms and landslides have occurred in many areas. According to preliminary statistics, 57 people were killed and 43 were missing as of August 10.

Original report from the Epochtimes

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China Modern Torture Methods (9) – Forced Abortions

Posted by Author on February 6, 2007

The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group

Evidence has surfaced of over 100 torture methods being employed against Falun Gong practitioners in China’s labour camps, detention centers, and mental hospitals.

Torture Methods (9) – Forced Abortionsforced abortion

The Chinese laws and codes explicitly prohibit the jailing of pregnant women.

(photo right: demonstration: Forced Abortion)

However, with the instructions from the central government that, “No measure is too excessive [when dealing with] Falun Gong,” the Chinese police not only regularly jail pregnant Falun Gong practitioners, but also use their pregnancy to force them to choose between their un-born children and their practice of Falun Gong.

Listed below are only a few cases we have confirmed.


A. Pregnant Falun Gong Practitioners Who Suffered Forced Abortions

1. Liu Qiuhong, 39, employee of Zhongce Pharmacy Company, resident of Yantai City, Shandong Province, in East China

Ms. Liu Qiuhong was arrested at her home by the Zhifu District Police Station of Yantai City, merely because she practiced Falun Gong.

Ms. Liu was more than eight months pregnant at the time. The police, however, tied her down and forcefully induced an early labor.

The baby was born alive and healthy, and was crying when the police forced it from her womb.

The authorities did not even allow Ms. Liu any time to recover. They immediately sent her to an Anti-Falun Gong Brainwashing Center for one month, and then sentenced her to a forced labor camp.

No one knows what became of the child.

2. Wang Hongmei, Ph. D. candidate in the History Department, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, North-west China

On June 7, 2001, police from the Lanzhou University Police Station arrested Ms. Wang Hongmei merely because she refused to stop practicing Falun Gong. She was sent to the Taoshuping Detention Center in Lanzhou City, where she went on a hunger strike to protest her detention.

Because she was pregnant at the time, she was sent back to her dorm at Lanzhou University and placed under surveillance.

The university authorities pressured her to renounce and defame Falun Gong. Ms. Wang refused, and as a result they escorted her back to the detention center.

There the police cruelly subjected her to a forced abortion.

3. Zhang Wuying, a teacher at Changzhou City’s Technology Education Institute, resident of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, in South China

Ms. Zhang Wuying and her husband went to the central government in early April 2000 to appeal for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Although she was more than 4 months pregnant, over twenty police-men beat and kicked her and her husband in front of the State Appeal’s Office.

When Ms. Zhang was 5 months pregnant, Officer Li from the Cuizhu Police Station ordered the principal of her school, Li Minmin, to send her to the Military 102 Mental Hospital to have an abortion.

There, she was tied to a bed, injected with a labor-inducing drug, and force-fed some unknown drugs. The forced-abortion failed.

Just before Ms. Zhang gave birth, the police detained her husband for 40 days, leaving no one to take care of her at home. Even when she gave birth to a son in a hospital at the end of August 2000, she was under constant police surveillance.

On February 8, 2001, when Ms. Zhang and her husband came back from visiting their parents in Shandong Province, the Changzhou City Police arrested them at the Chang-zhou Railway Station.

The police injured her son’s head and legs during the forceful arrest. The police also threatened to send Ms. Zhang to a labor camp when her son reached one year of age.

B. Pregnant Falun Gong Practitioners Suffer Miscarriages Due to Torture and Hard Labor

1. Dou Jianhua, 28, kindergarten teacher, resident of Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province

In June 2000, Ms. Dou Jianhua went to Beijing to appeal to the government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong, and was arrested and escorted back to the Beishan Detention Center in Lianzhushan Town.

When the police noticed that Ms. Dou was pregnant, they forced her to load heavy bricks, which required repetitive kneeling and bending. This caused Ms. Dou massive bleeding, which resulted in a miscarriage.

The police extorted 2,000 Yuan from Ms. Dou’s family in exchange for her release.

However, less than a week later, the police came and took Ms. Dou back to the detention center.

2. Jiang Zhongli, 25, employee of the Hengyang Blood Bank, resident of Hengyang City, Hunan Province

In January 2000, Ms. Jiang Zhongli was ar-rested for her practice of Falun Gong.

She was pregnant at the time. She was detained in the Hengyang City Detention Center. To force her to renounce Falun Gong, the guards at the detention center frequently beat her.

In early February 2000, the guards savagely beat Ms. Jiang again, causing her to hemorrhage and miscarry.

Even then, the police refused to give Ms. Jiang any medical treatment, and they let her health deteriorate to a critical condition.

Afraid that she would die in the detention center, the police extorted 1,500 Yuan from Ms. Jiang’s family in exchange for her release.

Ms. Jiang is currently under house arrest.

More cases of Forced Abortions can be found from here .

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<< Photo: China Modern Torture Methods (8)- Water Dungeon
>> Photo: China Modern Torture Methods (10)- “Death Bed”

China: 2508 Family Members’ Open Letter Expose Torture, the Epoch Times, Dec 11, 2006
Lawyer’s 3rd open letter urge China to stop the Brutality(1), December 12, 2005, Gao Zhisheng

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China Leader Admitted for First Time Regime is Facing Crisis

Posted by Author on January 16, 2007

By Luo Bing, Chengming Monthly Magazine (Chinese), Hongkong, Jan. 1, 2007-

Chinese President Hu Jingtao admitted recently that the Chinese Communist PartyCover, Chengming Monthly, Jan. 1, 2007 (CCP) regime is facing three unprecedented crises: A political crisis, a crisis revolving around social infrastructure, and a crisis concerning overall governance within the regime. Among them, the crisis of governance is the most threatening.

CCP is Faced With Three Unprecedented Crises

It was at the Annual Conference of the 12th Central Committee Political Bureau of 2006 that Hu admitted to the enormous pressure that the ruling party is facing. This pressure comes in the form of three unprecedented crises. These are: a political crisis, a social infrastructure crisis, and a crisis concerning governance. All three of these crises are triggered by and amplified by one another, creating a very difficult situation.

Among the three crises, the one revolving around governance of the regime is most serious. Hu wasted no time in pointing out that the most serious and urgent issue the CCP is facing is the implementation of the party’s principles and policies to the entire country. This is critical in that it is needed to check, reverse, and ultimately solve the crisis. It is directly related to the country’s fate, the interests of 1.3 billion people, and the vitality of the party as a ruling party.

Vice Premier Wu Banguo said at the meeting that the escalation of the governance crisis at the local level had all but destroyed the stability of society, economic development, financial order, and any potential for a harmonious relationship between the people and the government.

Disclosures: 200 to 250 reports regarding political issues, social stability, or accidents submitted by local governments account for half of the various reports every day.

A new trend has appeared recently, which is, more reports are about superstructure, democratic parties, and appealing events in religious circles. For example, legal proceedings against various party committees and government departments are used to put the heads of the respective government departments and legal departments into a passive state.

Premier Wen Jiabao said, “Lawsuits against the party or its government organs from all circles reflect not only the progress in the legal system and its law-making procedures, but also the administrative gap between the party, government organizations, and the law, which serves to worsen the crisis in governance.”

Summary of the 31-Province Questionnaire on CCP and its Organizations

The assessment questionnaire of CCP and its organizations of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and the municipalities directly under the central government are summarized below:

(1) None of them are listed as Category 1 (good, very good, very satisfied), or Category 2 (good, satisfactory).

(2) Category 3 (normal) consists of: Beijing City, Tianjin City, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Ningxia Muslim Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Hainan Province.

(3) Category 4 (unsatisfactory, bad) consists of: Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Shanghai City, Shandong Province, Sichuan Province, Guizhou Province, Gansu Province and other provinces.

(4) Category 5 (very dissatisfied, poor) consists of: Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Heilongjiang Province, Anhui Province, Jiangxi Province, Henan Province, Hubei Province, Hunan Province, Chongqing City, Shaanxi Province, Yunnan Province and Qinghai Province. Among them, Henan, Anhui, Shanxi, Hunan received very low points. In the provinces (autonomous regions) which are classified as Category 5 (very dissatisfied, poor), city government, police officers, and the legal system are going through judicial darkness and collusion with the business sector. The society is chaotic and wide gaps have developed between the rich and the poor, resulting in fierce, often violent protests.

The Central Committee of the CCP dispatched teams to 19 provinces (autonomous regions) in light of the current situation.

Central Authorities Have Introduced New Plan For Dealing with Social Gatherings

The Central Committee and State Council of the CCP recently promulgated a number of regulations detailing ways to strictly deal with group activities.

It includes five topics in total. It stresses that the accidents resulting from local governments’ violation of regulations and policies made by the Central Committee of the CCP would be investigated for dereliction of duty. If large-scale protests occur and cause casualties and economic losses, the corresponding people in the local government must be held responsible for serious misconduct and receive criminal prosecution.

The so-called “scale” criterion means above 5000 people in the provincial cities and above 2,000 people in other cities are involved in an accident, or above 20 people wounded, including five or more death in an accident, or with economic losses( direct and indirect) of more than 20 million yuan (about U.S. $ 2.5 million).

Chengming Monthly Magazine (Chinese) is the most widely read political magazine published in Hong Kong.
– This Article translated from Chinese by the Epochtimes

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