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Archive for the ‘Xining’ Category

China’s Crackdown Intensified, 5 Tibetan Community Leaders Detained

Posted by Author on April 19, 2008

Radio Free Asia, 2008.04.17-

KATHMANDU—China is intensifying its crackdown on Tibet after the largest anti-Chinese protests there in almost 50 years. But many monks have refused to fly the Chinese flag on monastery roofs, sources in China and India say.

In addition to reports from remote Qinghai province this week that authorities have arrested Tibetan feminist and writer Jamyang Kyi, Tibetans say five other Qinghai Tibetan community leaders are in custody as well. All are residents of Machen [in Chinese, Maqin] county in Golog [Goulou] prefecture, and all are now being held in the provincial capital, Xining, sources said.

The five are Golog Dape, a popular comedian, leader of the Gangchen performance group, and animal rights activist; Dolma Kyi, a singer, activist, and founder of the folk-music company Gangchen Metok; Palchen Kyab, principal of the private Mayul Dargye school, founded with donations from Tibetan nomads; Lhundrup, Mayul Dargye’s assistant principal; and Sonam Dorje, a teacher.

Golog prefecture State Security Bureau officers took the five into custody March 31 and moved them to Xining, sources said. No information on charges against them was available. “No relatives have been allowed to visit them,” one source in Qinghai said.

An official at the Golog prefecture Public Security Bureau refused to comment and referred questions to her superior, who also refused to comment and hung up.

Also in Qinghai, according to the exile Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, 100 people, including monks from the Rong Gonchen monastery, were arrested April 17 in Rebkong [Tongren Xian] county.

A hotel employee told RFA’s Cantonese service that tourists were now barred from visiting the Rong Gonchen temple. “There are some armed police there,” a local religious affairs official said.

“There aren’t many armed police, but there are many police there. No one can go to the monastery now. Other monasteries are o.k., though,” the official said. County officials and police declined to comment……. (more details from Radio Free Asia: China Steps Up Crackdown in Tibet)

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One-only child policy fuelling divorce boom in China

Posted by Author on December 7, 2006, Dec 7, 2006-

New Delhi, Dec 7 (ANI): China enforced a one child only policy in the early 1980’s to tide over its burgeoning population problem, and now its giving rise to a new problem.

A recent study by the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences has revealed that couples, who are only children are more likely to divorce than others, and the reason for divorce is primarily parental interference.

Zhang Sining, a researcher at the academy said a survey of 162 couples under 30 showed a divorce ratio of 24.5 percent when both were only children, 8.4 percent when one was an only-child, and 11.7 percent for those from families with more than one child.

According to Zhang, the overprotective manner in which the single child was brought up made them intolerant and uncompromising.

“Parents and grandparents doted on and spoiled the single child – dubbed “little emperors” and “empresses”. Their intolerance and parental interference now threaten the stability of their marriages,” the official Xinhua News Agency quoted Zhang as saying.

“About 87 percent of only children felt pressured to find a spouse to satisfy their parents, 58 percent acknowledged their parents were a factor in the break-up, and 55 percent said their parents interfered in their marriages,” he said.

“We are on the edge of divorce because our parents are already waging war over the ‘dinner issue’. His mother drops in every day to check whether I have cooked her son’s favourite dishes, while my father often asks us to dinner to pull me out of housekeeping, and he quizzes my husband on whether he is taking good care of me,” said Hu Jia, 25, in Xining City in northwest China’s Gansu Province.

The survey further showed that 92 percent of only children wanted a home away from their parents, in order to cope up with their problems on their own.

“Over-protective parents undermine the relationships of young couples by “protecting” their offspring against their spouses rather than teach them how to cooperate,” said Zhang Dasheng, director of a psychological counselling centre in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province.

“On the other hand, over-indulged only children are accustomed to seeking parental care – boys from their mothers and girls from their fathers. The dissatisfaction with the care from their spouses often leads to disappointment or doubts,” Zhang Sining added. (ANI)

original report

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Monks imprisoned for discussing lack of freedom in Tibet

Posted by Author on November 14, 2006

International Campaign for Tibet, November 8th, 2006-

A Tibetan monk who told a gathering of students that Tibetans have no freedom of expression has been sentenced to four years in prison and accused of “doing great harm to society”.

The Tibetan, Gedun, who is also a teacher of traditional monastic dance (Cham), was charged together with another monk, Jamphel Gyatso, with “the crime of incitement to split the state”, according to official Chinese information about the case obtained by ICT.

Jamphel Gyatso (Chinese name: Jiahua Jiancuo) was sentenced to three years for speaking with Gedun on issues such as the Tibetan national flag and loyalty to the Dalai Lama – described as “a poisonous speech” in the sentencing document – to Tibetan students in Tsolho (Chinese: Hainan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai province (Amdo).

The arrest of 31-year old Gedun, a popular and influential figure in his local community, last year was reported by ICT (‘Tibetan monk imprisoned after talking about Tibetan culture’, April 7 2006) but official charges against him were not known until now.

More than 20 monks, students and teachers were also detained in connection with Gedun’s case, although the others appear to have been released soon afterwards, with the exception of Jamphel Gyatso. At least one monk was reportedly severely beaten while in detention.

Gedun, a scholar of Buddhist doctrine and philosophy, was detained on 2 April 2005 after taking part in a gathering at a Hainan college at the beginning of December 2004. According to his official sentencing document, during the meeting Gedun (Chinese: Gengdeng) “expressed that the Tibetan people have low status and no freedom of expression”. He apparently said that Tibetans are not given any rights to help them develop as a nation, and lack the right to use their own language.

During a gathering at the college attended by many Tibetan students, the court document stated that Gedun “later went up onto the platform and proceeded to explain the Tibetans’ national flag which he had drawn in chalk on the blackboard behind him. He said that under the rule of Han people, there were no rights and no freedoms, and that everything had been taken away from them”.

According to the same document, “most of the students had not known that the drawing was the Tibetan people’s national flag”. Gedun apparently explained the meaning of each symbol of the Tibetan ‘snow lion’ flag and said that for everyone to be a true Tibetan they must help and respect the Dalai Lama.

Following his detention, Gedun’s family did not know of his whereabouts for some weeks and he was reportedly held for the first year in custody in different detention centers in the area. Gedun had been a Cham dance teacher at Yulung monastery in Tsigorthang (Xinghai) county since the late 1990s and had studied Buddhist doctrine and traditional Tibetan medicine at the Larung Gar religious institute in Serthar, Sichuan (the Tibetan area of Kham). A Tibetan from the area who knows Gedun told ICT: “Gedun is a very educated monk, and very passionate in his views. He is a good teacher, and always talked about the importance of Buddhist practice.”

Gedun was accused during the trial of expressing his “opinions on Tibetan independence” to several students. According to the official sentencing document, dated December 6 2005, Gedun and Jamphel Gyatso “wantonly advocated the reactionary splittist opinion of ‘Tibetan independence'”.

In his defence to the court in Xining, Gedun said that his speech was not ‘incitement’, but this was ignored, as the court concluded that “He damaged the unity of the ethnic groups and incited to split the nation…Investigations show that both defendants delivered reactionary splittist propaganda among young people, that the circumstances were serious and there was great harm done to society.” Gedun is due to be released on April 1, 2009. (more from International Campaign for Tibet)

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