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5 Chinese Judges from Shanghai Soliciting Prostitutes Together — Jiang Zemin is the Creator of the Bad Precedents

Posted by Author on August 5, 2013

A video exposed five Shanghai Superior Court officers who solicited prostitutes, causing a public sensation. Ironically, the places that court officers go to solicit prostitutes are labeled as “major reception sites of People’s Government of Shanghai City.” Some commentators stated that Shanghai judicial system is corrupt to such a degree that Jiang Zemin, former Municipal Secretary of Shanghai, cannot absolve himself from blame.On August 1, a Sina micro-blogger disclosed that quite a few judges from Shanghai Superior Court went soliciting prostitutes in Hengshan Resort, Pudong New District. A related eight-minute long video was posted online.

Video clips, which were taken in the elevator, hotel corridor as well as from the monitoring video record, subtitled the time, location, persons concerned and the event.

The micro-blogger claimed that this year on June 9th and 11th, five officers of the court solicited prostitutes in the largest and most luxurious room, “Diamond No.1,” in Hengshan Resort. Among them was Chen Xueming (Associate Dean of Shanghai Superior Court) and Zhao Minghua (Vice President of the Court). Chen Xueming hand-picked quite a few hookers.

The video shows those five officials took the elevator, checked in and then the hookers went into their room respectively.

The responses from Shanghai Superior Court confirmed that Chen Xuming is the President of Shanghai Superior Court and Zhao Minghua is the Vice President.

Commentator Shi Da: ”If one official did such a thing secretively, you can think that it’s only that person’s personal behavior.

However, if five officials did it collectively, it’s a lot more severe. It only means that the system has rotten to the core.

Going whoring has become the culture of the party’s judicial system.”

The person who disclosed the news told Jinghua Times that he wants justice in a civil case which he got involved in. The prosecutor and lawyer are both Zhao Minghua’s relatives. He thinks that Zhao Minghua’s interference in the case has lead to the unfair decision of the court.

In order to collect evidence of Zhao Minghua’s breach of law, he has been working diligently for a whole year. By all means, now he is holding a series of videos as proof and the one from Hengshan Resort is only one of them.

He also said that his target was only Zhao Minghua.

It was totally a coincidence that he also caught Chen Xueming and thee other court officers.

Commentator Ren Baiming: ”Those officials were caught when they were avenged and being followed secretively, and thus were exposed. Nonetheless, those officials’ ‘normal entertainment’ has come into vogue and is known by everybody.”

The person also said that he received threatening phone calls after he published those videos.

However, he still submitted the 30-hours long complete version of the videos to Shanghai Municipal Discipline Committee. Meanwhile, Shanghai Municipal Discipline Committee confirmed the authenticity of the videos.

South Metropolis disclosed that Hengshan Resort hangs a sign saying “Designated Hotel for Party and Government Officials’ Business Trip.” On its website, Hengshan Resort claims itself as a “Major Reception Site of the People’s Government of Shanghai City.”

Shi Da: “Shanghai’s judicial system is corrupt to this point, and Jiang Zemin can hardly absolve himself from the blame. Jiang Zemin was a playboy during Japanese puppet period and whoring was his hobby. When he visited the United States, the first thing he did was solicit prostitutes.

As a matter of fact, one of my friends’ father was working in that hotel. When they learned what Jiang Zemin did, they were furious.”

Commentator Ren Baiming stated that the CCP officials’ corruption in sexuality, money and power went rampant starting from Jiang Zemin’s office term.

Ren Baiming: “After Jiang Zemin took office, he ruled the country with the ideology of corruption, that is, he encouraged officials to go rogue with their power.

Then he collected the evidence of the officials being corrupt, thus controlled the officials with the evidence.”

On August 3, state-run media declared that anyone or any business unit who transmits monitoring videos without permission will be fined as much as 30,000 Yuan.

This new regulation will be effective from October 1, 2013.

Many internet users commented on this new regulation, saying that it’s “a timely response” to the exposed video regarding Shanghai court officers’ collective whoring.

However, it has only made the situation uglier.

– Source:

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