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Will Bo Xilai’s Case Haunt the Party’s Beidaihe Meeting?

Posted by Author on July 31, 2013

China’s first group of “model workers” recently gathered in Beijing. This shows that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have been gradually stationed in Beidaihe. This is the first Beidaihe meeting (summer meeting in beach resort district of Beidaihe) for General Secretary Xi Jinping. Will the trial of Chongqing Party Secretary, Bo Xilai, become the main topic discussed and the focus of international public opinion?
On July 29, Mainland media reported that “recuperation activities for national model workers of 2013” were officially launched on July 28. The first batch of 200 model workers gathered in Beijing and Beidaihe. Currently, armed police are stationed in some regions and no vehicles are allowed to enter.

According to observers, this shows the Beidaihe meeting has begun. The next two weeks, in addition to the Central Committee, main figures of the local party, government, military, the National People’s Congress and the CCP veterans will gather in Beidaihe for meetings.

The “Beidaihe meeting,” formed in 1953, has also been seen as a brewing conference for the CCP’s congress. Chinese leaders come to Beidaihe for a summer vacation and meetings, where many important decisions will be finalized. Public opinion believes that this is Xi Jinping’s first Beidaihe meeting, and some of the major decisions will be decided here, paving the way for the 18th third plenary session in October.

Zhang Jian, the US researcher of China social affairs, pointed out when the CCP is about to put Bo Xilai on trial, the gathering of these people in Beidaihe is only a warm up for the show.

Zhang Jian: “It may be a curtain, pulling relatively wider open for these people to warm up and to maintain a high degree of political consensus regarding Bo. Meanwhile, there are also the interests of various factions so Bo Xilai can make a final battle in the Beidaihe meeting.”

However, Zhang Jian believes that since Xi Jinping came to power after the constraints of various interest groups, there cannot be a big act. The conclusion of Bo Xilai’s case has also been set, so this meeting carries very little significance for Bo’s case.

Zhang Jian: “The first, Bo will not die, and the second, factions within the party will follow an agreement laid out in advance if nothing extraordinary takes place. There is no written statement about crucial crimes of Bo, such as murder or organs harvesting from live Falun Gong (practitioners)”.

On July 25, the CCP indicted Bo for bribery, corruption, and abuse of power. The public severely criticized the loopholes in Bo’s case.

Namely, Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang—Jiang’s faction— conspired for a coup and other major crimes like organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. The CCP deliberately conceals these crimes.

Current affairs commentator Wang Beiji pointed out that many people think Bo’s case has been set in stone, but in fact, much of the in-fighting rises within the party factions over interests. The situation is far worse than that during the Hu-Wen period, and the CCP comprehends the approaching of a great crisis.

Wang Beiji: “Political events like Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai are unprecedented in this party. It has been 18 months, and the dust of Bo’s case has not settled, lingering still in the last stage of covering up.”

Wang Beiji thinks that the high level officials, meeting either at Beidaihe or elsewhere, who cannot see their own political blind spots, are filled with anxiety and fear. Wang Beiji said, “Chinese people have awakened, and Chinese society has reached a boiling point. People cannot stand one more day to be ruled by this absurd, decadent, and brutal regime. If human beings live only once, continuing to endure would drive them insane.”

Wang Beiji pointed out that the CCP’s brutal ruling for decades and current surging domestic protests have brought the masses to an exploding point.

If the CCP wants to meet in Beidaihe as before, discussing the current situation and finding new strategies to comfort people and divert public attention, such a route will be fruitless.

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