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China’s Latest Leadership Ranking Change- Hu and Wen Moved Up, Jiang Zemin Lost Standing

Posted by Author on July 27, 2013

Frequently, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) leadership ranking is displayed in public and it shows who the top dogs are.

Recently, Sichuan Agricultural University academic, Zhou Kaida’s funeral, the CCP top brass attendees’list had big changes. Hu Jintao was listed behind Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao was behind Li Keqiang. Hu and Wen ranked on 2nd and 4th position.
This line-up drew public attention.

On July 23, Xinhua website reported Zhou Kaida’s death.

The report said”current CCP leader Xi Jinping and Hu Jintao mourn the death of Zhou Kaida; Premier Li Keqiang and Wen Jiabao give their condolences, and presented wreaths.”

It’s worth mentioning that Jiang Zemin, has long been speculated that he is losing “standing”, this time he didn’t appear on the list.

On July 24, CCP’s mouthpiece Renmin website reported the death of Wang Keming, academic, at China Academy of Science and Professor in Shandong University. Jiang Zemin is again excluded from the CCP’s top level leadership condolence list.

Sources said that before the CCP’s 18th Congress, retired Jiang had always been listed behind Hu Jintao.

Analysts speculate that the name list shows Jiang Zemin’s influence is in deep declined.

Ren Baiming, current affairs commentator:”Hu Jintao was moved up. Xi Jinping-Li Keqiang and Hu Jintao-Wen Jiabao formed strategic pacts. Between them they reached a mutual understanding. It reflects that Jiang’s influence had deeply worsened.”

Since the CCP’s 18th Congress, the top level leadership ranking has been adjusted several times. This is an obvious reshuffle.

On November 27, 2012, the CCP media reported news of the death of Bishop Ding Guangxun. Jiang Zemin was listed behind Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping.

In January 2013, at the funeral of Yang Baibing, former Secretary-General of the Central Military Commission, top-level rankings had begun to see changes.

Jiang Zemin was for the first time listed behind Standing Committee.

On May 2nd, at the funeral of Ni Zhifu, former member of the Politburo in Beijing, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao were listed behind current Standing Committee.

Xing Tianxing, current affairs commentator: “CCP leadership’s ranking has always drawn attention. The major reason is because the CCP’s mouthpiece media was tightly controlled by the ministry of propaganda. It certainly has logic behind it. The reason is, it directly reflects the CCP’s current situation, internal struggles and power balance.”

Xing Tianxing said that from a range of various factors and indicators, the Chinese people can only speculate the reasons behind it and predict future political trends.

Xing Tianxing:”Hence, from the list, it directly shows the political climate. People speculate on the CCP’s power struggles, this atmosphere is created by the CCP system.”

In this regard, Ren Baiming has the same perspective. Ren analyzes that many issues within the CCP are covered up. The Chinese people through years of observation, found that,

via top-level ranking various political scenarios can be deciphered.

Ren Baiming:”There is a major background situation, to it all; former Chongqing party chief Bo Xilai is to be sentenced soon. At this juncture, Xi, Li, Hu and Wen are all listed together, indicating a political stance.”

Analysts said that Hu Jintao fully retired after the CCP’s 18th Congress, which forced Jiang Zemin to step back from “shadowy authority”to clear up the way for Xi Jinping’s term. After the 18th Congress, Xi Jinping launched a set of policies.

It includes “Xi’s eight rules”,”fight big tigers” and labor camp reform. These all occurred around the time of Jiang Zemin’s death.

In many years of the CCP’s political stage, struggles between Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao transferred into struggles between Jiang Zemin and Xi Jinping.

– Source:

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