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New Confessions: Will Zhou Yongkang be Arrested?

Posted by Author on February 8, 2013

Recently, inside sources informed Chinese websites abroad, that former Sichuan vice secretary Li Chengcheng confessed a lot of criminal facts about Zhou Yongkang. Zhou is a former secretary of the central Political and Legislative Affairs Committee (PLAC.) These facts provided direct evidences for arresting Zhou. The new party leader Xi Jinping has also decided to go after Zhou. Evidences show Zhou can’t escape legal actions.

Li Chengcheng is one of Zhou’s political cronies.
In December last year, Li was “detained and interrogated, and Xi looked on that as a typical anti-corruption case, thus the outsiders thought Xi’s aim is Zhou.

According to FanHua network, Li confessed many criminal facts about Zhou, providing direct evidence for arresting him. The report said, the process of Xi’s taking over the military power was very smooth and he had no obstacles in it. Now, when the rest was taken care of, Xi seems to have decided to turn his attention to Zhou.

According to sources, Li is the key figure in Zhou’ and his son’s business. Li contributed significantly to Zhou’s son’ oil, real estate, and investing in Sichuan Trust-Limited Company.

On January 29, regarding the military police investigation, Xi said, he will shift the power of the military police to the central military commission. He enforced his controlling power over the military police force. The military police was controlled by PLAC in the past, and the central military commission couldn’t interfere.

Political commentator Lan Shu pointed out when the fifth generation leaders of the Chinese Communist P arty ( CCP) took power, Xi first took care of Li. Li’s case was continuation of Bo’s case, thus Xi’s aim was to target Zhou and other members of the ‘bloody’ group.

Lan Shu: “CCP’s seniors can’t reach agreement on Bo’s case. Jiang (Zemin) and Zhou pressure other CCP factions to not investigate Bo deeply. We can see how Beijing’s top leaders thought of their way to escape after three or five years. So they may reword their stance in dealing with Bo’s case, if the CCP collapses in the future. However, this wouldn’t be accepted by Jiang’s group and Zhou.”

Lan Shu thinks, when during the 18th party congress CCP said, “don’t take the evil road of changing the flag,” this showed these topics had been discussed for a long time. However, because of the fifth generation leaders power infightings, this can’t be accepted.

Lan Shu: “If the CCP changes its name, CCP victims can’t accuse the CCP as a political group. Nevertheless, there are some with bloody hands, who can’t escape. The corrupted criminals, rapists, Falun Gong persecutors, organ harvesting criminals, they can’t escape. So these people are unwilling to change flags.”

Famous civil rights attorney Pu Zhiqiang used his real name to report on Zhou’s crimes, which drew concerns and support. Now Pu’s microblog account is deleted. But he is safe, and feels no pressure, Pu said in an interview with Epoch Times.

Chinese-American sculptor Chen Weiming made known late last year his open stance against Syria’s dictatorship. He thinks now in China more and more people will resist the dictatorship ruling. That is a good phenomena, however he hopes more people will come out to support it.

Chen Weiming: “Pu is a hero, we need more people like Pu. My Syrian trip made me understand better how to face suppression and fight it – people have no fear, they go out and fight bravely. Now, in China more and more civil rights attorneys are brave, and other Chinese will follow suit. There will be less fear, and the foundation of the dictatorship will be shaken.”

Li Xiangyang, China civil rights attorney: “CCP’ inhumane nature is reflected in Zhou Yongkang and PLAC. It can be said that Zhou and PLAC represent the social darkness and the evil. If CCP’s dictatorship character can’t be changed, China’s disaster can’t be brought to an end.”

Li Xiangyang said, as a civil rights attorney, he noticed that Zhou made countless injustices. These include his involvement in forced demolitions, stability maintenance, forced abortions, black prisons, and labor camps.

Source: NTD News

Chinese lawyer hit out openly at former security chief Zhou Yongkang: “a traitor to the people”

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