Southern China Shaxi Riots Escalates, Police Crackdown Ordered, 30 Died

Security forces in southern Guangdong province have reportedly been cleared to use deadly force in an escalating riot in Shaxi township.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily reports that paramilitary forces and police are to stop the riots and demonstrations that began this Monday with guns if necessary.

Migrant workers are clashing with local residents. The riots began after the son of a migrant worker was beaten by security officials after getting into a fight with a local boy. Riots have been escalating as workers from nearby towns converge in Shaxi.
Authorities have asked residents to stay home. Hong Kong media reported an ebb in violence on Thursday, though the town is heavily patrolled by riot police.

Locals have reported beatings by security forces. As many as 30 people were reported to have died in the riots, according to US broadcaster Voice of America.

- NTD news