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China’s Bo Xilai Removal May Bring Down Politburo Member Zhou Yongkang, Analyst Says

Posted by Author on March 17, 2012

I spoke earlier with NTD Senior China Analyst Dr. Zhang Tianliang, who’s been following Bo Xilai’s situation closely. He said that Bo’s removal was not a surprise…especially after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao criticized Chongqing’s leadership on Wednesday. Dr. Zhang said that Wen’s remarks were highly unusual.

[Dr. Zhang Tianliang, NTD Senior China Analyst]:

“In front of the whole world’s media, the Communist Party now shows people that they are divided. This is very, very rare…It’s never happened after the Cultural Revolution that one Chinese official openly accused another Chinese official of faults or mistakes or crimes.”
The political fallout is still ongoing. Dr. Zhang says that the next officials to fall in this scandal may be two of Bo’s supporters: the current mayor of Chongqing Huang Qifan, and Zhou Yongkang, a powerful member of the Politburo Standing Committee that rules China.

[Dr. Zhang Tianliang, NTD Senior China Analyst]:
“He’s the only standing committee member in the Politburo to back up Bo Xilai, so if Bo Xilai has big problems, it means that Zhou Yongkang cannot avoid trouble.”

Dr. Zhang says Bo’s removal from office also shows that former Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin is losing his grip on power. He says that even though Bo’s replacement is also from Jiang’s group, he may switch sides as current Communist Party head Hu Jintao consolidates his power.

NTD News

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