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Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun stepped down from office, exposing Bo Xilai’ corruption in the process

Posted by Author on February 5, 2012

Prior to 18th Session of Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Wang Lijun, police chief and vice mayor of Chongqing City, known as“anti-gangland hero”was suddenly exempted from the important position of police chief in Public Security Bureau.

Overseas news disclosed that an investigation has been started on Wang Lijun, due to his corruption and abuse of torture. The outside world analyzed and pointed out that Wang Lijun, an important underling of the Party Secretary of Chongqing City – Bo Xilai – stepped down from his office.

This indicated that Bo Xilai’s official career could not be maintained.Wang Lijun himself is in a precarious situation.
“Xinhua Net” reported the Information Office of Chongqing Municipal Government published microblog on February 2. This said that Wang Lijun no longer serves as chief police of the Public Security Bureau and the party secretary. He now takes charge in the economic field as vice mayor.

“Boxun Net” news disclosed that the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection is investigating Wang Lijun. This is apparently due to involvement in corruption between the official and the gangland, and his abuse of torture. People close to him have also been arrested.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily pointed out that Wang Lijun served in the police for 28 years. He was suddenly removed from the Politics and Law system, perhaps for convenient investigation.

Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Information Center announced that Qiao Shi, together with other retired elders of Politics & Law system, sent a letter to the Central Politics & Law Committee, requiring removal of Wang Lijun from office. Prior to the 15th session of CCP, Jiang Zemin wanted to take care of his son Bo Xilai. To do this, CCP veteran Bo Yibo helped Jiang Zemin push aside Qiao Shi, who was deputy prime minister at the time.

Hong Kong “Trends” magazine editor Zhang Weiguo said Wang Lijun’s exemption from important position before 18thsession, Means that Bo Xilai is directly targeted.

Zhang Weiguo: “According to Bo Xilai’s arrangement, he was originally an architect of “To sing the Red and to fight against the Black”, especially the achievement of “To fight against the Black”. With the change of his duty, now it is tantamount to indirectly denying these things done by Wang Lijun. It means that “fighting the Black” has become “the Black fighting”.

When Bo Xilai ruled Liaoning, Wang Lijun skyrocketed in his career. From a policeman, he was promoted to the director of police station then secretary of Public Security Bureau of Tieling City. Then later the secretary of Public Security Bureau of Jinzhou City. But Wang Lijun is also a thug of Bo Xilai’ persecution. This persecution targeted Falun Gong. Bo Xilai ordered that Falun Gong practitioners “must be exterminated”. Following these orders Liaoning become one of the worst areas of the persecution against Falun Gong.

After Bo Xilai took the secretary position of Chongqing City over Wang Yang, he transferred Wang Lijun over to help him. Wang became secretary of the Public Security Bureau in Chongqing City. Afterwards, they set off the storm of “To sing the Red and to fight against the Black”. According to official reports, in 80 days during summer of 2008, Chongqing police solved 32771 cases arresting 9527.

Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun established 270 task forces; arrested some 600 so-called “ganglands”, including billionaire Li Qiang Many of them are private business owners. Their hundreds of billions of assets confiscated with hundreds of injustice cases.

He Bing, professor from University of Political Science, China, estimates that Bo Xilai spent RMB 270 billion On “Singing the Red and fighting against the Black”.

Jiang Weiping, former director in Northeast Office, Hong Kong “Wen Wei Po “, pointed out that Bo Xilai took the money grabbed in the “fighting the Black” campaigns to fill the deficit of RMB 270 billion. But “Dragon-Soft” revealed that there is still RMB 100 billion fiscal deficit in Chongqing City.

What has shocked the nation among “fighting the Black” cases is: Former general manager Chongqing “Silver Steel Group Sales Company” Gong Gangmu was accused as a“boss of gangland” He was tortured by Wang Lijun before being sentenced to life imprisonment. Beijing lawyer Li Zhuang defended Gong Gangmu. But was also framed by Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai and sentenced to 1.5years.

Jiang Weiping exposed that Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun committed numerous crimes. Among them kidnapping the son of Wen Qiang (former deputy secretary of Chongqing Public Security Bureau). And they slandered a taxi activist as the “boss of gangland”, framed and intimidated reporters etc.

Jiang Weiping pointed out that Bo Xilai’s “singing the Red and fighting against the Black” are pointing at Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang, which is the Cultural Revolution- style political movement to climb up in the 18th session of CCP.

Zhang Weiguo: “Bo Xilai’s “achievement” as we see is mainly “singing the Red and fighting against the Black” This is denied by both the public opinion and the authorities because of Wang’s case. It seems that Wang Yang has already surpassed Bo because of Wang Yang’s momentum and his Guangdong model.

“Boxun Net” news disclosed that Wang Lijun has exposed Bo and his wife’s corruption to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection including moving of assets overseas and the issue of Bo Xilai’s son, Bo Guagua.

Jiang Weiping said that Bo and his family ripped off no less than RMB one billion from the wealth people. Nowadays, Bo felt a political crisis that he never felt before.

NTD reporters Chang Chun, Li Yuanhan and Xiao Yu

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