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China ‘the largest hypocrisy in the world’, says Richard Gere

Posted by Author on January 11, 2012

The actor Richard Gere has labelled China the world’s “largest hypocrisy” and condemned the communist nation’s continuing occupation of Tibet during a television interview at a religious event in India.

Gere, a Buddhist who is a devotee of the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, spoke out during an extensive primetime interview on English-language news channel NDTV 24×7 last night. The actor, who is in India for the 10-day annual Kalachakra Puja Buddhist celebration, said China had failed to gauge the level of cultural idiosyncrasy in Tibet.

“China is a very difficult place to live if you are a free thinker, if you are an artist, if you are a religious person, but especially in Tibet,” said Gere. “I think they (China) have so wrongly gauged the Tibetan people, thinking they could subvert the deep, deep, deep religious beliefs and make them true communists. It’s never going to happen. Their whole lives have revolved around Buddhism, around their teachers, around their gurus … the high ideals of Buddhism. They are not going to change that in a hundred years, two hundred years, a thousand years. That will never go away.”
Gere added: “No matter how many roads [the Chinese] build, or how many skyscrapers, or how many – I think there’s about six or seven million Chinese settlers, Han Chinese who have been brought to Tibet at this point – it is not going to change [Tibetan culture]. [China] would have to kill every Tibetan to change it and they are not going to do that.”

The Kalachakra Puja takes place in the eastern state of Bihar at the holy Bodhgaya site, where the Buddha gained enlightenment. The festival was opened by the Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in India in the northern city of Dharamsala, along with a large Tibetan community. He left Tibet in 1959 due to the Chinese occupation. Gere has been a regular visitor to the area and has spoken out about the Chinese occupation on a number of occasions.

The actor was asked about recent cases of self-immolation by Tibetan Buddhist monks protesting against China. “It all really comes down to motivation,” he said. “I mean none of these self-immolators have harmed anybody else. It is totally a self-sacrifice for their people, for others. So on that level it’s a pure act. But I think it’s more important to look into the causes of why people would feel they would need to do these kind of things.”

Gere said the world should not let China’s increasing economic muscle persuade it to ignore the country’s indiscretions. “Are we more interested in money or are we more interested in the truth?” he asked. “Eventually you have to bow to the will of the people and especially as their progress as an economy, education also gets higher; their interactions with the world and other people’s functioning in the world, and the openness of self-expression. No one wants to live in hypocrisy, and China is the largest hypocrisy in the world right now.”

2 Responses to “China ‘the largest hypocrisy in the world’, says Richard Gere”

  1. China as economic aspect, the country is working really hard & putting their finest effort to keep it growing. Yes it is a good thing to develop one’s country. But money never wins over HUMANITY !
    TIBET was always a separate country & It NEVER was a part of China. However, its been more than a decade gone, fellow tibetan in Tibet never had freedom of everything. It is a great concern that world should raise their voice for humanity in Tibet. Communist govt has ruled enough, taken Tibet’s natural resources enough, water supply, animal treads, & forest as well. Now it is high time Communist China go back to their country & mind their own business. Let TIBET BE FREE & Let HIS HOLLINESS THE DALAI LAMA return back to his home (Potala Palace)

  2. Brewskie said

    I really like your blog. I’ve had an interest in China for a while – initially because of her storied history, and perception as a rising power; now because of dysfunctions with her economic growth. China to me is paradoxical: it’s an occurrence where both obstructive government power, and the worst side effects of libertarian economic ideology – horrible construction standards, wanton environmental savagery, archaic food safety standards – co-exist.

    A primary interest of China is the shoddy construction standards behind a good deal of her infrastructure, which I’ve been researching; I arguably have compiled one of the biggest “piles” around consisting of the subject. It never ceases to amaze how quickly nice-looking buildings deteriorate horrendously within a few years; they literally age in dog years. I have a friend with a $500,000 pad in Beijing; it’s six years old, yet leaks, stinks and peels; the toilet stopped working (again), but regurgitates waste when neighbors shower or flush; and the building has the “structural integrity of an eggshell.”

    Anyway, I’ve bookmarked the site. Keep up the good work!

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