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No Jiang Zemin on 90th CCP Anniversary

Posted by Author on July 3, 2011

(NTD)- On July 1, the major 90th anniversary celebration of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) founding, current and former leaders of CCP were all present except for former General Secretary Jiang Zemin. Hong Kong media reports news of Jiang』s dying, and that his personnel influence has declined due to arrangements of the eighteenth congress. Hu Jintao』s July 1st speech recognized Cultural Revolution』 and leftist』 errors, which is interpreted as a denial of Bo』s “Red Song Movement” and the Maoists.

In recent years, Jiang Zemin attended all CCP』s high-profile events including the Beijing Olympics and the 60th anniversary parade of China』s regime. Since last year however, Jiang had not attended official activities or showed up in domestic media.
Recently, the Hong Kong “Phoenix” website cited news from high CCP levels about Jiang suffering from a serious illness and being in danger, with the aged Jiang』s physical health deteriorated.

Apple Daily quoted a well-known writer, Beifeng, that considering Jiang』s showing off personality, his absence in the important 90th anniversary celebration of CCP has only two possibilities: “One, he is ill or dead, and two, the game is over”.

Recently, the CCP factions competing for power in 18th Congress next year got increasingly intense, especially the Bo-initiated “Red Songs Movement”, spreading from Chongqing across the country. US』 Wall Street Journal said, Bo Xilai is hoping to use this campaign to enter the Politburo』s Standing Committee.

The former Wen Wei Po』 Northeast Office Director Jiang Weiping said Bo』s “Red Song Movement” has similar purpose and methods as Mao』s Cultural Revolution had. Bo was called Maoist or even 『Bo Zedong』.

Of the nine Politburo Standing Committee members, all except Hu Jintao, Li Keqiang and Wen Jiabao, together with Li Yuanshuo, the Organizational Bureau Director, went to Chongqing to support Bo.

Jiang Weiping told RFA, “This statement should be under Bo』s pressure, Bo』s sinister place is there. Superficially, you have to come to worship Bo, because you worship Mao Zedong and his thoughts as well as the cohesion of the party allegiance, not to pledge loyalty to Bo. Originally marginalized in the political arena, now Bo became focus of Chinese and the world.”

On May 2011, Premier Wen pointed out “the legacy of the Cultural Revolution” and “feudal” are two forces that hindered political reforms. This was taken as criticism against Bo Xilai.

Wen repeatedly called for a political reform, but was sieged by the conservatives heavily. On June 15, the Director of Premier Wen’s Office, Qiu Xiaoxiong was forced to transfer elsewhere. However, former Director of Press and Publication, Du Daozheng said, Hu did not change his attitude towards Wen.

On June 26, Wang Yang, Guangdong Province』s party secretary said, “enhancing grief awareness” is more important than just “praise”, openly opposing Bo.

Hu』s July 1st anniversary speech further elaborated on the sense of death, related to “party’s survival”. In particular, he referred to two resolutions “on the CCP’s several historical issues”. He said that CCP should never forget the lessons of the Cultural Revolution and the leftists』 mistakes.

Hong Kong』s Phoenix TV said that Hu Jintao’s speech on July 1 “is saying that in order to resolve current conflicts one could not and it is impossible to use the methods of the Cultural Revolution.”

On July 1, Bo argued on the party celebration in Chongqing, that some people make irresponsible remarks about his red songs campaign. Is it back to the Cultural Revolution now? What』s wrong with singing red songs?

Canyu and Boxun websites published analyses about Hu』s referral to the two “resolutions”, implying that the Maoists “red songs movement” should not go to extremes and not restore Marxism. Hu once again stressed “not to turn side to side”, or not to promote the “Chongqing model.”

Chen Kuide, Chairman of the Chinese Association in Princeton, said Bo Xilai also did another thing.

Chen Kuide (Chairman, Princeton』s Chinese Society) told RFA: “They brought out political ideology conflicts into the open, and political factions can not escape but show their cards or basic colors. So it will not be like in China’s political past, quiet, like during Deng』s time. I am afraid now will be a very busy period.”

Overseas political analysts have pointed out that Jiang’s political power has reduced drastically. Hu, Jiang and princlings』 forces will face changes. Maoist and leftist will gradually decline. In this volcanic crisis, the only way out for the CCP is the peaceful transformation and disintegration.

NTD reporters Li Yuanhan and Xiao Yu

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