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Hong Kong Phoenix TV’s Famous Talker Dou Wentao ‘Disappeared’ Suddenly

Posted by Author on June 18, 2011

Dou Wentao, a program host in the Phoenix TV, recently admitted that Phoenix TV is part of the system of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

He ‘disappeared’ after making the foregoing remarks. Phoenix denied it on its own TV for 4 consecutive days, emphasizing that it is only a listed Hong Kong company. The saying was criticized as biting the bullet. What system does Phoenix TV belong to then?

In Dou Wentao’s program, when chatting with guests Xu Zidong and Liang Wendao on the counterfeit issues in China, Dou suddenly said that Phoenix TV belongs to the CCP’s system. Xu then tried to help him by asking a question, but Dou did not seem to understand but continued to affirm his comments.
Next day, the same program changed the host to Liang Wendao, and Liang said Dou went to vacation.

Phoenix TV program host publicly admits their TV is in the CCP’s system, which verifies the saying “Phoenix is a second CCTV controlled by the CCP.”

Ma Xiaoming (former Shaanxi TV editor), “Objectively, considering Phoenix program and its establishment, Phoenix should be a CCP controlled TV. It takes care of Hong Kong for the CCP. The CCP always emphasizes its propaganda.”

Recently, Dou repeatedly claimed that he worked for Phoenix TV for 15 years, and said many lies. He wanted to say something true now. Another famous talker Yang Jinlin was forced to Leave Phoenix TV due to his ‘candid’ remarks.

Ma Xiaoming said: “I personally feel that they cannot tell the truth. They can only say what the party tell them, but cannot say the party does not tell them. I feel very depressed. Phoenix rapes people’s opinion, and is telling lies. I do not have a sense of responsibility, or sense of accomplishment working such a TV station.”

Wikipedia shows Phoenix, formerly known as a Chinese Channel in ‘Star’, headquartered in HK. Later, it was bought by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, and was reorganized. It reached an agreement with the Chinese authorities to merge into shares of the Central Propaganda Dept. and the PLA General Staff. Investors were pro-Beijing businessman Chan Wing-Kee .

Phoenix just had ‘non-domestic TV program service license’, and it is not a local TV station in Hong Kong. Its market share in HK is low. Since 2001, Phoenix did not obtain landing rights in Taiwan. Their set-up permits were removed.

Some people think that although it is governmental, some programs of Phoenix TV are not liked by the CCP.

Ma Xiaoming: “Its content was adjusted to fit overseas taste. Like CCTV’s fourth program designed for overseas, People’s Daily has special overseas edition. Compare overseas edition with domestic version, you can see the CCP’s external and internal publicity are different. They have two faces, and two tones.”

British Financial Times described Phoenix like this: as the only private Chinese TV station allowed in China, Phoenix Satellite TV has its Beijing office located at the Diaoyutai State Guest Hotel, filling the special status. “Phoenix” president Liu Changle and his operation seem to be a comprehensive combination. Liu Changle, 60, is a devout Buddhist, and also a communist. He criticized Beijing’s censorship, but is also an important supporter of China’s current system.

NTD reporters Li Jing, Li Anan and Zhou Ping

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