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Surprise! “Mao Zedong Kneeling Statue” Appears on China’s Internet

Posted by Author on May 28, 2011

(NTD) – Recently, a blog article has been widely circulated among Chinese readers. The article shows a statue of Mao Zedong kneeling. Netizens comment thatMao Zedong going down on his knee is inevitable. Commentators point out that criticism of Mao Zedong is getting popular, yet for the heinous Mao Zedong, even “repentance” would not diminish his crimes.

In this article, entitled “Repent, Mao Zedong!” the most engaging part is a statue of Mao Zedong on his knees. In the statue, Mao Zedong kneels down with his right hand over his chest for repentance.
The article says, “Mao Zedong destroyed the 5000-year Chinese culture, murdered 80 million lives, ruthlessly devastated humanity, topping the 3 murderous monsters of the 20th century (Mao Zedong, Stalin and Hitler). He was an atheist and feared nothing. He called himself a god, believed himself to be omnipotent.

The article states, “[Mao Zedong] should kneel before the Chinese people, the Chinese culture and the entire humanity and repent!”

A victim of the anti-rightist campaign, Ms. Yan Tunfu believes that more and more people have recognized that Mao Zedong is a tyrant.

Yan Tunfu: “Many people believe that Mao Zedong is nobody and worthless. More and more people, not just former victims, many others, including intellectuals and many common people also recognize this.”

Ms. Yan Tunfu pointed out that for an evil person like Mao Zedong, repentance is elevating him. Even if he did repent, it would not erase his crimes.

Former Bijie Daily’s reporter, Li Yuanlong, told NTD “I believe for someone like Mao Zedong, it is not an issue of merits and demerits, but rather a question of how to settle accounts with his evil crimes. Actually I believe that bronze statue is a glorification of Mao Zedong. Someone like Mao Zedong would never voluntarily repent.”

From the 1935 Zunyi Meeting to his death in 1976, Mao Zedong was the highest leader of the CCP. During his rule, tens of millions of Chinese people died unnatural deaths. Just during the cultural revolution, half of Chinese families were under persecution.

Late 2004, the Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party. People were able to understand the crimes of Mao Zedong even more clearly.

Li Yuanlong, “This voice [criticizing Mao Zedong] is very popular amongst people who can think independently.”

Famous Chinese economist Mao Yushi recently published his response to “The Fall of Communism” by Xin Ziling. He wrote that Mao Zedong’s emphasis on “class struggle” caused tens of millions of Chinese to die unnatural deaths and that the Cultural Revolution caused the destruction of traditional Chinese culture.

The New York Times’ contract photographer Du Bin recently published a book, “Chairman Mao’s Purgatory ” describing the history of famine during the 1960’s and exposed Mao Zedong’s heinous crime of purposefully causing the starvation of tens of millions of people.  Shanghai newspaper Wenhui Readers’ Weekly publicly exposed in Feb. Mao’s thanking of the Japanese invaders. In effect, the invasion helped Chinese communists grow, and eventually seize the power. That’s why Mao was grateful of Japanese invasion.

The Mao Zedong repentance statue was created by Chinese artists Gao Shen and Gao Qiang. Their father was labeled “counter-revolutionary” in the Cultural Revolution and persecuted to death. The brothers currently live in Beijing. Some of their works were collected in “Modern Chinese Art History” and the Chinese and foreign museums.

Earlier this year, a ten-meter tall Mao Zedong statue in Hainan province by the sea was intentionally destroyed and split into five pieces. Netizens called this “the most rewarding demolition!”

NTD reporters Huang Lida ,Li Xian and Sun Ning

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