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China’s Army Quitting the Chinese Communist Party ?

Posted by Author on May 6, 2011

The Jasmine Revolution succeeded in Tunisia and Egypt as their military refused to fire upon the people. This caused shocks and reflections within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) army.

Recently, official newspaper People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily published articles that the army spares thoughts on, like an “army without the party.” For the first time, it publicly discloses the impact of the tide of quitting the party within the military.

On March 29, PLA ran a full page of 7 articles to refute demands of an army of no political forces, no partisanship, and under the control of the state (rather than the CCP). With brainwashing techniques, the articles used “soul-stirring” to describe this “war without a gun smoke.”
Straits Times Indonesia commented on April 16: “PLA Daily’s approach shows that CCP is nervous after seeing Arab people fight against dictatorship, and subsequent calls for jasmine action in China.”

Straits Times Indonesia also said that a group called “Jasmine Revolution Committee” of the Chinese Military, issued a statement online on March 6, urging the Chinese military not to open fire on demonstrators, and not to obey orders to kill people.

Wu Fan, China Affairs editor-in-chief said: “As far as I know, within the Chinese military, especially high-ranking officers, exists the thought: ‘Once the mass Jasmine Revolution rises in China, and a million people take to the streets like during the Tiananmen movement, then what position should China’s army take? Remain neutral, or obey CCP’s orders and kill the people?’ So Chinese military officers are also thinking about the future.”

Foreign media quoted senior military sources that there are some internal changes in the ideology. Such changes come from a new generation of officers who are highly educated and impacted by Western ideas, being no longer limited to the “red” concepts. They begin to rethink the relationship between the party and the country. Changes also come from retired officers, who have known for many years the corruption within the communist party and the army.

An even greater impact comes from the spreading tide of quitting the party in the army. Straits Times Indonesia noted: “Interestingly, the PLA article, for the first time acknowledged the impact of quitting the CCP within the army.”

A PLA article by Cao Baoyuan, Chief of Staff of Shenyang Military Region army artillery brigade, says: “Tang Yingwei, quartermaster, went for procurement. He was approached by people persuading him to quit the party. They gave him an information booklet. Tang read with his army cadres, ‘A politicized, one party-controlled army cannot informationize the military’ and so on.”

Wu Fan, China Affairs’ editor-in-chief: “From this small story we see that the Three-quit Campaign has spread to the Chinese army. Letting the military know to withdraw from the communist party, so they can move towards freedom, away from CCP’s rule. This will have a profound impact on minds and morale of Chinese military staff.”

The spreading of “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” and Quit the CCP tide increased withdrawal number to over 94 million on The Epoch Times “Quit the CCP” website. This is a daily average of 60,000 withdrawals. Many of them are active duty soldiers and veterans.

Second Artillery officers, the South China Sea Fleet of 38,396 veterans of Division 86, the 31st Army,and the East Area Military Aircraft Brigade officers, wrote in a statement to quit the party: “I have clearly understood the CCP’s evil nature. From now on, I’ll quit all CCP’s organizations, I’ll take China’s interest as the supreme value, to support the future army of the nation.”

Global Quit the CCP Service Center CEO, Li Dayong said, “For Chinese soldiers, you’ll have the greatest glory if you stop the CCP from killing people. For Chinese people, CCP itself is the largest disaster for the Chinese nation. Only when CCP is disintegrated, will society be fair and harmonious; only then, social security and stability will come.”

Li Dayong said that quitting the CCP is the only peaceful way to disintegrate the CCP. He called on Chinese soldiers to quit the CCP’s associations: the Party, Youth League and Young Pioneers. Following the current trend and public opinion, at this historical moment of dismantling the CCP, everyone should make the right choice for themselves and for the Chinese nation, to create a brighter future.

NTD reporters Li Yuanhan and Xiao Yu.

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