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Anti-Mao Voices from the Grassroots in China

Posted by Author on May 2, 2011

The recent wave of Party-song-singing in Chongqing left an impression of a return of Culture Revolution, and it seems to last. Meanwhile, the national critique on Mao Zedong is spreading and becoming sharp.

82-year-old Beijing renowned scholar Mao Yushi published a 5000-word “Return Mao』s True Face” on Apr. 26 on, itemizing Mao』s sins such as chasing power and indulging prostitutes. Yushi said Mao would sooner or later face justice.
Though the article was embraced by netizens, it was soon deleted after posting. According to Radio Free Asia on Apr. 28, Yushi received threatening phone calls and emails.

Gao Yu, former Xinhua Reporter: Mao Yushi』s posting touched China』s Communist Party (CCP)』s bottom line, as PRC was established by Mao Zedong, who』s clan abandoned its promises such as new democracy after they took power. Instead, it established a ruling that resembled Stalin』s dictatorship of the proletariat. So, in fact, Yushi was talking about liberty of mind. It is a serious issue.

Chongqing took the lead in the wave of Red song singing as Chongqing government intensified the propaganda of 36 party songs to be sung by every citizen; CQTV re-programmed to promote the daily Party songs; Chongqing authorities scheduled 100,000 shows of party songs to promote to all walks of personnel.

On Apr. 26, 28 female university students visited Chongqing』s Zhazidong prison in awe of CCP martyrs. They dressed as Jiang Jie (Jiang Zhuyun, CCP martyr).

Gao: The atmosphere seemed intense as light musicals were all shut down before May 1. It』s worthwhile to observe if every show henceforth will be presented in a Party-style or Jiang Jie-style, since Chongqing already let the students play Jiang Jie. It is also worth noting if Beijing will copy Chongqing by staging cultural revolution like performances.

Chongqing』s Party-song mode is spreading in China. The CCP』s propaganda department and Youth League scheduled a large-scale performance named “May Flowers, Party Guided” to debut on May 4.

In Henan Normal University, students are forced to dine while listening to Party songs for next 2 months.

Four CCP Politburo members Xi, Zhou, Li and Wu visited Chongqing to praise Bo Xilai for his push in “Singing Red, Fighting Black” campaign. It is said that Chongqing has exemplified CCP』s move.

Wu Fan: History has proven that Mao Zedong』s political path was wrong. What he wanted was absolutely socialism, not capitalism. Can Bo』s approach of “Singing Red, Fighting Black” solve all China』s problems in politics, economy, ideology, morality decline and environmental pollution? It is impossible. He』s a liar, fooling himself and others.

The former Wen Wei News director Jiang Weiping said that Bo Xilai was the one messing up China by pushing Chongqing back to Cultural Revolution, and by trickery and corruption while bending the law. If he ever gets promoted in the 18th Congress, he would bring more disasters to the nation.

Fortunately, not all the CCP』s high-rank officials are siding with Bo. Hong Kong』s Ming Pao said, when meeting HK』s leftist Wu Kangming, the CCP』s premier Wen Jiabao talked about the difficulties in political reform in China. He said 2 prevailing forces, pro-feudal and pro-cultural revolution, prevented people from speaking truthfully.

NTD Reporters Li Jing

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