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Confucius Replaced by Sun Yat-sen on Tiananmen Square

Posted by Author on April 30, 2011

Confucius statue removal from Tiananmen Square is still a hot topic, but on April 27,there appeared the portrait of Sun Yat-sen . Why the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) suddenly replaced Confucius statue with Sun Yat-sen portrait? What is the CCP actually doing?

In the dawn of April 27, Sun Yat-sen’s portrait was noticed standing on Tiananmen Square. Many tourists take pictures with it. Some netizens believe this is to commemorate the 1911 Revolution. Mainland media reports that the portrait will be displayed until the end of “May 1” holidays. This is regular for May 1 and October 1 holidays.
Jing Chu (Mainland freelance writer): “It should be a united front tactic. The CCP used to use all means for this objective. It wants to form united front with Taiwan, Hong Kong, therefore puts out Sun as a trump card. CCP has betrayed Sun long ago. From military and political tutelage to constitutional government, 1911 Revolution followed the path of giving rights to people. CCP promoted dictatorship, and just denied Sun. ”

Lin Baohua, a scholar on the CCP’s history, pointed out that Sun’s portrait displayed annually is always a united front tool.

Lin Baohua: “Mao Zedong said Sun is a revolutionary pioneer, meaning he inherited Sun’s revolution. Mao respected Sun for the united front. CCP called itself an heir of Sun Yat-sen, but recognizes him as a Father of the Nation. It just wanted to use him. The CCP took advantage of all that have passed away, as some of them had the same ideas, and if not, CCP would change them to look the same as its own ideas.”

Lin Baohua analyzes that Confucius statue was moved in and out, which must be related to CCP’s political intentions.

Lin Baohua (Political and economic commentator): “Wu Bangguo said in the recent “two conferneces”, that from the”five things not to pursue” one is diversification of theories, and to make sure to hold on to the theory of Marxism-Leninism, which is what Mao Zedong left for CCP. Mao dismissed Confucianism during the May 4 Movement, and in the late stage of the Cultural Revolution he denouced Lin Biao and Confucius. Now the two are put together. Confucius statue is 9.5m high, representing emperors. How about Mao? So from a high-level internal discussions point of view, it is better to move Confucius statue away.”

Lin Baohua believes that CCP’s ideology is in mess. They utilized Sun, but suppressed activities commemorating 1911 Revolution.

In early April, debates in Beijing’s 16 universities were ordered to be canceled. The original theme was “Three People’s Principles and 1911 Revolution”.

Jing Chu believes that the CCP is distraught, and it has always tried to fill the vacuum of faith.

Jing Chu: “The Chinese society is now like a big gun powder keg and will explode from a small spark. Any public activities frighten the CCP. It has tried all means, cruel and horrific, to suppress them. It reflects the mentality that they want to maintain stability by corruption in dictatorship. ”

HK Apple Daily comments that on May 1, 1924, Sun gave a speech on a workers rally, stressing that “workers have the responsibility to raise the national status”, marking Sun’s shift to worker-peasant power. This is also the CCP’s tactic to use Sun’s approach of workers and peasants for its united front.

NTD reporters Ming Yue, Li Ting and Xiao Yu

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