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Libyans Expose China’s Media Lies

Posted by Author on March 29, 2011

The Chinese government has denounced the Western-led military action against the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, with it』s state-run media plying the line that Libyan citizens are opposing Western intervention.

However, Libyan protestors later flashed a banner in Chinese that read: “Muammar Gaddafi is a liar.”

After the Western air strike in Libya, China』s attitude changed from 『acceptance』 to 『in favor of Gaddafi』, and accused the West of interfering with other countries』 internal affairs, causing civilian deaths.
On March 23, Libyan protestors welcomed the Western action by showing a banner with the words “Vive la France (Long live France)”. Other slogans include “Russia and China Can Not Decide on Behalf of the Libyan People!” and “Merci Beaucoup à la France (Thank you France)!”.

According to Chinese netizens, China』s state-run CCTV showed the “Vive la France” banner on March 26. The broadcaster called it a Libyan outcry against the city bombing by coalition forces.

But Libyan protestors later flashed a slogan in Chinese, reading: “Muammar Gaddafi is a liar.”

Chinese activist Zhang Jianzhong: “Social conflicts in China are rising. CCP cannot say Libya』s protests are successful, as it will affect the regime』s stability.

So the CCP is lying to people, through all media, from CCTV to local newspapers.”

RFI reported that CCTV forged evidence by using footage of Gaddafi』s attack on Benghazi as footage of the Western air strike, in order to accuse the West of causing civilian casualties in Libya.

The footage was sent by Al Jazeera』s reporter from a hospital in Benghazi. According to the U.S, there is no reported evidence of civilian casualties in Libya.

Beijing activist: “(CCTV) is not a media, but a tool of propaganda. Just like Xinhua New Agency and People』s Daily, it produces spiritual opium that paralyzes the people to serve the tyranny.”

China』s Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested from the coalition a ceasefire in Libya. CCTV commented that both Iraq and Libya were attacked for oil.

A netizen joked that according to such logic, the Vietnam War was for bananas; the Korean War was for kimchi; the Cuban Missile Crisis was for cigars; and the war in Afghanistan was for goats… If some day China is striked, it would be to join CCP!

Le Figaro reported that actually China has rather large oil stakes in the Middle East and North Africa.

NTD reporters Chang Chun, Wang Ziqi, and Bo Ni


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