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Why Hong Kong Officials Go to Beijing for Training

Posted by Author on March 24, 2011

The Phoenix Weekly (issue 5, 2011) reported that the Beijing National Administration Training Centre for Hong Kong and Macau civil servants will be opened during the first half of the year. It cost 200 million yuan ($A30.4 million) to build this training centre, which is fully supported and sponsored by the central government of the PRC.

A statement by the Civil Service Bureau of Hong Kong indicates that the Hong Kong government will send more officers for training to Beijing.

Beijing worries about Hong Kong officials being “out of control”
Vice-president JiangLi-Yun of DAB (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong) wrote an article in 2004 where she pointed out: “During the colonial period, Hong Kong had a tradition of sending their officials to the universities of England or America for training. Not only did they learn how to manage, but this also trained their political thoughts. The training abroad was a prerequisite for their promotion. After returning from the training, they also needed to pass tests and political check-ups. These included political orientation, past behaviour, a check of families’ backgrounds and whether anything was related to the communists.”

The Phoenix Weekly also reported: “The Chinese Communist Party was shocked by a demonstration of 500,000 Hong Kong people on the streets on July 1st in 2003. This was after Hong Kong reunited with China in 1997. The CCP suddenly acknowledged that Beijin couldn’t control the team of Hong Kong civil servants, which was well established and trained by the British government.”

Training tens of thousands officials in Beijin, hoping for conformed ideas

For this viewpoint, the report added: “The CCP realised that the taking over of Hong Kong was not the same as taking over the thoughts of the people. And thus, the central government worked out a policy to initiatively invite Hong Kong officials to have training classes in Mainland China. The training course was categorised into two parts. The first part was a seminar on the situation in China, including education on patriotic spirit, the political system of China, economics and laws. The 17th National People’s Congress report and the status of Chinese society were also covered in this part. The second part included education on the Basic Law. The officials trained came from different agencies and departments of Hong Kong, whose career fields covered political affairs, judiciary, customs, traffic, hydraulics, sanitation, environmental protection, construction and the police.”

In 2010, about 500 senior officials and 7000 general officers in Hong Kong and Macau attended the training. With the completion of the training centre, the total number will soon reach around 10,000.

The report also claimed that recently, some mainland scholars, such as Professor Shi-Gong Qiang from the Faculty of Law at Beijing University, made frequent visits to Hong Kong and had more exchanges with HK officials. This means that more efforts are being put into the training of pro-China Hong Kong civil servants. It also produces mainland scholars who can learn to know “Hong Kong” affairs and become experts or advisers to the central government of the PRC on HK affairs.

How to train officers to have integrity in one of the world’s most corrupt areas?

The issue of spending large sums of money for training pro-communist officials in Hong Kong and Macau has triggered enthusiastic discussions on the Internet.

The article by the Internet writer Historiographer Words said: “According to the 2009 yearly report of Transparency International, an anti-corruption organisation, the world rankings of China and Hong Kong in the Corruption Perceptions Index, CPI, are 79 and 12, respectively. This means China is one of the most corrupt areas in the world, while Hong Kong is the most incorruptible area in China. How to foster officials of an incorruptible area in such a corrupt area? Will they teach them to splash out public money on travelling, eating or drinking? It’s really like turning back the wheel of history.”

“Hong Kong will also be finished if they continue in such a way,” some net-pals said directly.

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