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Kindergarten Children punished by applying electric iron on faces- Teacher Not Properly Punished, Parents Say

Posted by Author on December 26, 2010

By Quincy Yu, Epoch Times Staff, Dec. 26, 2010 –

A teacher at a private kindergarten in Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, chose an unusual and painful form of punishment for seven young children who had spoken out of turn in her class on Dec. 14: she applied an electric iron to their faces. Two of the children had to be taken to hospital.

Local Communist Party authorities in a press conference on Dec. 18 explained that the teacher had assumed that the iron was no longer hot when she pressed it on the faces of the children, since it had been unplugged for a while.
Some reports in Chinese media said that Yi, the teacher, had told the parents of the injured children that they had fallen in the crowded bathroom due to a slippery floor. The two children with serious injuries are still undergoing treatment in Shanghai; it is unclear whether the burns will scar.

In the press conference, authorities said the teacher will be detained for ten days and fined 500 yuan (US$75.07). No compensation was offered the victims. They said that the kindergarten is a privately-owned facility, and that the teacher was hired by the kindergarten owner, not the local government.

The Beijing Times editorialized that injuries to children in mainland China not only violate the teacher’s code of ethics but also the law. Many such incidents across the country have been downplayed, written off as accidental or careless, and left unresolved, they wrote. The families of victims frequently receive no compensation.

A typical case took place in September, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported. A teacher of Tianma Kindergarten in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, had beaten a two-year-old girl for ten minutes.

After the parents of the victim viewed the school’s surveillance video of the incident, they reported it to the police, anticipating that the school would do something. Neither the police nor the school called back after a week, so the girl’s mother uploaded the video to the Internet.

A subsequent report by a local newspaper told that the teacher who beat the child was not a properly qualified teacher, having only received a diploma from a kindergarten teachers’ school.

Cai Wenjun is a teacher from Shanghai. She told Radio Free Asia (RFA) that the majority of kindergartens in China are privately owned, and they often recruit unqualified teachers, a practice largely unmonitored by the authorities.

She said that it is not unusual for children to be harmed by teachers at kindergartens in China, because “They do not care about the quality of education, so they are very casual about the hiring of teachers.”

Freelance writer Wu Gaoxing from Zhejiang Province told RFA that this form of crude commercialization is not present in only education, but in many other forms of enterprise in China.

“In any work place, as soon as something happens, the first impulse is to cover it up, or if it comes to light, trivialize the mistake, making it sound less serious: often finally reducing it to nothing at all,” he said.

He linked these incidents of violence against children in education to wider themes in contemporary Chinese society, where citizens often complain of the consequences of modernization under a Communist Party that has cast aside the moral compass: “It shows that in China’s over-stimulated environment of going after money for everything, if there is anything that may hurt the interest of a small group, everyone in that group would collaborate together to protect their interests. There is no sense of right or wrong,” Wu said.

The Epochtimes

One Response to “Kindergarten Children punished by applying electric iron on faces- Teacher Not Properly Punished, Parents Say”

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