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MMPA President Reviews the Shen Yun Show: “this is the ultimate”

Posted by Author on July 11, 2010

Epoch Times Staff, July 9, 2010 –

Jarvee Hutcherson, president of Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA.) (The Epoch Times)

— Jarvee Hutcherson, president of Multicultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA), left Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Thursday, July 8, with a full heart.

“I thought the show was very moving, very touching. I found that at moments it was emotional, and at moments it was very exciting.

“The fact that it was Chinese was very, very heart wrenching to me, it brought tears to my eyes.

”It was so synchronized, I’ve never seen something so tightly done. And everyone, I think this is all over the world, something that everybody should experience, and I was very moved by that.”

As the president of the MMPA, Mr. Hutcherson said he appreciated the show’s effort to share traditional Chinese culture.

“Through my 20 years as the president of the organization, I really have learned so much about various cultural backgrounds all over the world, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m here tonight, and I really am impressed. But I understand that there’s issues over in China that are not received so well, not accepted so well, but I hope that this day will come, that this will pass and this will be more united in more support of that. Because they’re missing out! And I hope that one day this can open up to their country and allow them in.”

He said a fan dance in the second half left him transported to another realm.

“I felt like I was in heaven! I felt like something came up, it left a feeling, like we were on a cloud, and I really felt it, very moved by that. It brought tears to my eyes, so I think that was a very touching moment for me—a touching moment for everyone in the audience.”

“I certainly hope that so many of the Chinese come out in support because it’s certainly a wonderful experience for any and everyone to be a part of … especially young people need to see this, because I think they really could identify with certain things of it.”

When asked if he had been to a Chinese performance before, Mr. Hutcherson said: “I’ve been to some productions, but not on this level—I think this is the ultimate, tonight. The choreographers and producers of this show, I really applaud them. And I applaud the dancers, I understand they come from all over. I applaud them. And I was very moved by it tonight.”

He said he would share his excitement with his friends and encourage them to see the show.

“They’ll leave here with a whole new feeling, like I felt tonight.”

After saying the show was educational, Mr. Hutcherson took a moment to focus on the singing which he described as “touching.”

“I had never seen singers of that multitude, especially from the Chinese community. I was totally impressed, I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh!’, you’d never know! I think it’s so important that people should reach out to definitely see this.”

He said Shen Yun confirmed his belief that even if people are form different countries or backgrounds, or have different ideals, they must open up their horizons to new experiences.

“Sometimes we get in our own circle, and that’s where we stay. It’s so good to open up and share and be a part of everything. And that’s why I’m glad that I’m here tonight.”

Mr. Hutcherson has served as president of the MMPA for 19 years. The organization has 1600 members and holds an annual awards ceremony to recognize outstanding and inspiring individuals that have contributed to diverse perspectives in film and television. The organization works to raise awareness about the need for expanded and more realistic roles in the entertainment industry for people of various cultural backgrounds.

Over the years Cuba Gooding Jr., Sandra Bullock, Sinbad, Denzel Washington, Cheech Marin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Eddy Murphy and Will Smith have ranked among the honorees and presenters at the awards.

The Epochtimes

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