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“Shen Yun demonstrated the authentic characteristics of Chinese people- gracefulness, strength and beauty, and it made me feel proud”, says Taiwan Women’s Association Board Member

Posted by Author on April 6, 2010

TAINAN, TaiwanShen Yun Performing Arts has caused quite a stir in Taiwan and many celebrities in artistic circles were drawn to seeing the show because of its good reputation. Accompanied by her husband who is a medical doctor, Ms. Lin Yongqui, Standing Board Member of the Tainan Women’s Association, was one of those who attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company’s show in Tainan on March 3. She was deeply touched by the connotations of the Shen Yun show that her eyes brimmed with tears from time to time. She added in excitement, “I am in the mood that I feel like sharing it with others.”

This was the first time she watched Shen Yun and Ms. Lin mentioned that the show was completely beyond her expectations. “The contents of the show and the way it was presented were actually something regarding human’s longing for the spiritual realm of truthfulness, compassion and gracefulness. So what I saw just now was a performance with profound meanings,” she added. Though she appreciates watching performing arts year round, Ms. Lin said that she has never seen a gorgeous show like this. She continued, “The body language, choreography and the design of the costumes were so exquisite that it was indeed a feast for the eyes.”

Ms. Lin praised Shen Yun for its perfect presentation of Chinese dances. She said, “The performance of the dance Flowing Silk was amazingly good. It was beyond my imagination that Chinese dance could be performed so gracefully.” She mentioned that she was fascinated by the authentic Chinese culture illustrated by Shen Yun, and she was proud of being Chinese. “It [Shen Yun] demonstrated the authentic characteristics of Chinese people, i.e. gracefulness, strength and beauty, and it made me feel proud. I think such beautiful things can be introduced to the outside world.” She explained that though she saw performing arts overseas from time to time, she was surprised to find the broad and profound essence of the traditional Chinese culture showcased by Shen Yun today. She thus regarded Shen Yun as “our treasure,” and it should be promoted worldwide.

As she is familiar with music, Ms. Lin greatly praised all of Shen Yun’s vocalists. She said, “Their voices were very exquisite, and the [lyrics] had profound connotations, so l like them very much,” she exclaimed.

What moved Ms. Lin the most was the program Nothing Can Block the Divine Path, which depicted the current day persecution of practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong by the Chinese communist regime. She said, “A family of three originally led a happy life, but the happy family was broken and the family members became destitute and homeless due to the persecution perpetrated by the evil forces. … So, when I saw the Buddha descended from heaven to save the sentient beings, I was almost in tears. It was really very touching.” She added that she was deeply moved when the evil was eventually overpowered by righteousness. Inspired by the scenes that Falun Gong practitioners were steadfast in their cultivation under persecution, she exclaimed.

After knowing that all the Shen Yun artists are overseas Chinese, she was delighted because these overseas Chinese have carried forward the traditional Chinese culture into the future. She said, “After the Great Cultural Revolution launched by the Chinese Communist Party, many precious things were lost. With the endeavor of these overseas Chinese [performers of Shen Yun], those valuable things have been preserved. I was very delighted and deeply moved today, because I saw those pure elements [in the show].” ( The Epochtimes)

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