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China Army Hospital’s Malfeasance caused at least 27 deaths and disabilities: Open letter by Henan Families

Posted by Author on April 6, 2010

At the request of 27 families in Henan Province, Human Rights in China is releasing an open letter by these families alleging that deaths and disabilities of at least 27 patients resulted from the treatment these patients received at the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) No. 152 Central Hospital in Pingdingshan City.

The Cry of Many Victims:

Lives are at Stake, We Appeal for Your Concern, Save Us!

April 6, 2010

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) No. 152 Central Hospital in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, is taking advantage of the illustrious image the PLA has in the hearts and minds of the people – of the special and unfailing trust that most common folks place in army hospitals, of the peculiar fact that the media may only report on the army’s bright side and not expose a trace of its dark side, and of China’s policy of special protection of the army – to play the game of masquerading as Buddha while secretly laughing and murdering people for profit.

Guo Haoshuai [郭豪帅], son of Ms. Xue Qiuxiang [薛秋香] from Xinhua District in Pingdingshan City, was 24 years old and had graduated from college when he went to this hospital to see a doctor on account of a mild cold and slight anemia on September 24, 2006. He was admitted to the geriatric ward, where he, oddly, died on October 27, 2006. His family spent more than 100,000 yuan [around $15,000] for this, and even donated his remains. At the end of 2006,the family requested copies of his medical records from the hospital in order to find out the cause of his death. The hospital first stalled and gave excuses and later only provided limited information from which the family discovered that the hospital admission record was completely inconsistent with the facts. This aroused the suspicion of the family members and they later gradually found out not only that the hospital falsified the medical record but that, when cross-referenced with the records of fees collected, 125 entries in the medical record were missing. During the 34 days of hospitalization, Zhao Xiaoyong [赵小永] and others, who had no understanding of medicine, administered fake and inferior drugs and more than 70 types of inappropriate new expensive medications, and frantically conducted hundreds of unnecessary, painful examinations in order to earn large amounts of bonuses and kickbacks. Military doctor Zhao Xiaoyong, Guo Haoshuai’s attending physician, did not even have a license to practice medicine. More than 30 other doctors and nurses who showed up in the medical record have not been able to provide proof of their relevant credentials so far either. What is even more absurd is that none of the doctor’s orders in the No. 152 Hospital’s medical records were signed by any of the hospital’s medical staff – something that probably no medical law in the world would allow. This is just one such case that we know of at the present time. (For other cases, please see below.)…… (more details from Human Rights in China)

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