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Shen Yun show review, by City Councilor, Taiwan

Posted by Author on April 2, 2010

TAINAN, Taiwan— Accompanied by his wife and daughter, Tainan City Councilor Lee Weng-Cheng watched the first show of Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company at the Tainan Municipal Culture Center. In an interview after the show, he said, “Watching Shen Yun perform is spiritual joy and an artistic feast.”

Mr. Lee praised the show, saying: “The show was marvelous. All of the programs linked up each other in a well-knit manner. Classical dances and music were integrated with modern lighting and acoustic technology, so well that the show is truly excellent.

“There are many programs in the show illustrating historical stories, which make the audience recollect traditional values, such as loyalty and filial piety, taught in our textbooks. No matter from which angle we examine it, these stories always awaken gigantic echoes and feelings in us,” said Lee in an emotional tone, referring to Shen Yun’s presentation of Chinese legends through dances.

“The dynamic backdrop is unusual. It integrates dances, arts, and music so well and so accurately. I believe prolonged training and continuous refinement must have been done before the dynamic backdrop could work with the performance so seamlessly. This is another delight for the audience. I cherish this opportunity to see a performance, like Shen Yun, in which we are deeply moved by the presentation of arts and stories,” said Mr. Lee.

The lyrics of the solos had profound meaning for Mr. Lee. He said: “I seldom saw such a performance in the past. Through understanding the tenor’s singing, the audience enlightens to truths and facts. The songs they sang have abundant connotations. They are really excellent.

“What moved me the most is the exhibition of the good and the evil of humanity. Falun Gong practitioners do not have freedom of belief in China. Through dances, Falun Gong practitioners won ultimate victory upholding the truth. The artistic presentation greatly affected us,” said Mr. Lee referring to the idea manifested in the show that good and evil have their own rewards.

Lee has been paying continuous attention to human rights issues. He was deeply moved when he saw the scene in which Falun Gong practitioners remained steadfast to their beliefs in spite of the persecution in China. He said: “Freedom of belief is a basic human right. No matter which country is concerned, freedom of belief should not be withheld. The persecution that Falun Gong has been suffering in China needs everyone’s attention. Through the arts, we have a far deeper understanding about these issues.

“I think we should speak up loudly. If we pay more attention and provide more support from Taiwan, a place where freedoms in politics, democracy, and beliefs are secured, we may make freedom and democracy take root in China quickly so that people can freely choose their beliefs,” said Lee. With the power from the general public in Taiwan, he sincerely hopes that people in China can enjoy freedom of belief soon. (The Epochtimes)

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