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Are You Being Followed by “the Man” ? (4)- China’s Ministry of State Security

Posted by Author on March 22, 2010

He Qinglian, Chinese author and economist, via, Mar. 17, 2010- (cont’d)

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4. China’s Ministry of State Security: A Hybrid of KGB and the Secret Police System during the Ming Dynasty

The existing system of reporting can be tracked to the KGB from the former Soviet Union. It also has some traces from China’s own heritage. For example the Secret Police System in the Ming Dynasty was used to monitor its subjects. Another twin brother of such a system was Stasi, the former East Germany’s well-known secret police system.

The Ming Dynasty had a secret agency system that included both the Jinyiwei (Court Secret Agent) and East and West Espionage Agency. These were special agencies of oppression backed by the state. Their role was similar to today’s Ministry of State Security. The agent of this system had the power to monitor, arrest, and torture anyone at any time under the name of the state. People were often executed for saying something against the ruling emperor or for their personal grudge with the agents themselves. A lot more went missing.  It can be said that the Court Secret System was actually a ruthless killing machine of state terror.  People were more afraid of the agents from that system than they were of criminals.

The KGB of the Soviet Union was also a killing machine backed by state power during the reign of the Soviet Communist Party. It is well known for calling white black, fabricating false cases, interrogating people through torture, and killing innocent people. At the KGB’s peak everyone in the Soviet Union, from common people to officials, felt ill at ease. Even high rank State and Party leaders led lives full of anxiety.  Molotov, the second leading figure of the former Soviet Union, could only watch as his wife was arrested and dared not save her.

The Stasi of East Germany used “Shield and Sword of the Party” as its motto, adopting the role of secret police, intelligence agency, and detective agency, even taking on the power of prosecution and trial. The Stasi was everywhere in the life of East Germany. As a result, from January 1992 to 2008, there were some six million visits to BStU, the federal government agency that investigates the past crimes of the former Stasi, to apply to see their files. Unfortunately, those who read their files found out that the informers were not only made up of the secret police, but also their best friends, neighbors, relatives, as well as renowned politicians, professors, and religious people. There were so many cases of people turning on each other. With this revelation of the truth, a painful sensation of suspicion, disappointment, hatred and disillusion spread in the society. The Germans find themselves again and again in a dilemma of moral challenges. Everywhere, couples split, people abandon their families, get divorced or commit suicide.

I cannot imagine the impact the Chinese Communist Party will have on the Chinese peoples’ already broken and shabby moral standards due to the evil conduct of procuring informers on such a large scale in order to protect their regime. I only know that once it becomes such a pervasive practice for people to monitor and hurt each other, the members of society will not be able to save themselves from the mud of this immorality.  (END)

– From Secret China , Original Chinese article from Author’s website

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