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‘It was like I was peeking into Heaven’ by Shen Yun, Says video game concept artist

Posted by Author on February 6, 2010

By Heide B. Malhotra, Epoch Times Staff, updated Feb. 6, 2010-

LOS ANGELES— The rain didn’t keep Ms. Sze Jones, a character modeler that works as a video game cinematic artist, from attending the opening performance of the Shen Yun Performing Arts Company at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the Music Center.

Ms. Jones is a talented video game concept artist and 3-D modeler. She has created beautiful characters and works of art for some very famous games, such as Warhammer Age of Reckoning (WAR) and Charlize Therone in Aeon Flux the game.

She is of Chinese origin and after seeing the show a year ago, she wanted to see what the New York-based artists had in store for her this year.

Ms. Jones brought her friends Ms. Silvia Calvet, a dancer, who had traveled the 200 miles from San Diego to see the Shen Yun show, and Kristine, also a dancer. Both were delighted to have come to the show.

“I’m Chinese actually. This is my second year coming. I don’t get to see much Chinese culture living in West Los Angeles, and this is always the thing I want to see,” Ms. Jones said. “This show is very good.”

Last year’s show got her into action. “I’m taking some Chinese dance classes right now. Last year, after I saw the show, I searched everywhere for Chinese dancing and I found a place in Torrance that teaches Chinese folk dance.

“I wanted to come back and watch the show again to learn some things.

“It’s so good! The costume design, the makeup, the dancers are so dedicated and their facial expressions…it’s all so cool.”

For her the dancing was what drew her to this show and she said, “I really like the Handkerchiefs dance, the Mongolian Hospitality dance and the angels in heaven dance with the Fans.

“My teacher recommended that I take binoculars. So, when I looked through them it was like I was peeking into heaven.

“The Chinese instrument, the erhu [Chinese two-stringed instrument]. You could see she was so into the instrument, it made me want to cry.”

Ms. Jones explained that she only started dancing fairly recently and that she will be learning chopstick dancing. The show helped her grow into her new role as dancer.

“This show reminded me of the fantasy characters I create, and the costumes and make up help inspire me to do more work.”

Ms. Calve said a few words. “I came from San Diego. I saw it announced over there, but I never made it, so my friend said to come tonight and I did!

“Very professional show. We’re all dancers and it was total perfection. Perfect moves, perfect points, everything. Colorful, background, ambiance, and very peaceful, a well-being that helps you appreciate life more as a part of humanity. It was perfect, it really was.

“I am a professional dancer and we chose to go together, and we learned from this show. It was really perfect, wonderful.”

Kristine didn’t want to leave without adding a few words, “I loved it! I really loved it. I missed it last year and was determined not to miss it this year. It was my first time. It was better than I expected. It was really a lot of fun, colorful, dramatic, and we had a good time.”

Shen Yun will perform in Los Angeles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center Friday Feb. 5 through Sunday Feb. 14.

The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts. For more information, please visit

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