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A list of the measures taken by Hong Kong government to persecute human rights

Posted by Author on January 27, 2010

(excerpt) Theresa Chu, human rights lawyer (Taiwan),Via The Epochtimes, Jan 27, 2010-


(excerpt) Since the CCP took over Mainland China in mid-last century, the regime had been treating anyone who raises a dissenting voice as its enemy and issues strict entry denial orders against them, especially during “sensitive periods.” Those targeted include Falun Gong practitioners, civil rights activists and any perceived dissidents, and now this list apparently includes performing arts groups. The CCP is blatantly sabotaging the “One country, two system” policy that it agreed to, as well as Chinese and Non-Chinese people’s freedom of speech, expression and religion. It is not an exaggeration to call the Hong Kong Immigration Department, who assists the CCP to abuse human rights, “Hong Kong’s woe.”

Below is a list of the measures the Hong Kong Immigration Department has been taking to persecute human rights.

1. “Rather wrongfully kill 100 people than letting a single one escape. Better safe than sorry.” It has happened too often that common Taiwanese or Western citizens who happen to have the same name as Falun Gong practitioners or dissidents are refused visa or denied entry to Hong Kong during the so-called “sensitive periods,” regardless of what evidence they provide to identify themselves. The Hong Kong police have admitted that these people were denied simply on the basis of their names. Afterwards the victims are often seen emotionally condemning the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s maltreatment at press conferences.

2. “A disguised means to refuse a visa – hold the application until it’s too late.” Regardless of how early the application was submitted and how complete the supplied supporting documentation was, the Immigration Department holds it for a month or longer without granting or denying the visa, leaving the applicant in a fog of uncertainty about their trips. Then, three or five days before the scheduled departure, the Immigration Department will typically demand more documentation such as more identification or documentation of assets, in order to make the applicant miss the departure time and the activity time in Hong Kong. Some applicants would finally get their visa after the activity date, some would get their visa on the activity date, but in either case the effect was the same as a visa refusal. Some applicants were still refused after supplying more than the necessary personal information, in addition to suffering the financial loss of airline tickets and hotel expenses.

3. “No boarding.” If the Immigration Department realized it had “mistakenly” given out visa to a blacklisted person, it would inform the airlines to stop the person from boarding the airplane. This has happened on Taiwan Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways. For example, the latter had assisted the Immigration Department in 2007 to identify Falun Gong practitioners in the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, who were ready to board its flight, showing the practitioners the notice from the Immigration Department to stop them from boarding. An e-mail in this context has been kept by the Hong Kong Falun Dafa Association as evidence in future legal actions. There are 28 such documented cases concerning Falun Gong practitioners.

4.”No unboarding (meaning if they identify you as being on the plane and flying to Hong Kong, they will not let you get off the plane, when you arrive in Hong Kong)”
If the Hong Kong Immigration Department has identified Falun Gong practitioners among the passengers flying into Hong Kong, then it will have them kept on the aircraft until it’s boarded by Hong Kong police, who would then follow the “collective entry denial or deportation” procedures to send them out of Hong Kong. There are more than 30 documented cases regarding Falun Gong practitioners in this category. Please be alarmed that these people were identified before arriving at the Hong Kong border, which indicates that a blacklist is obviously in existence and being referenced.

Besides the measures listed above, for six years, there are at least 1,200 Falun Gong practitioners who have been refused visas or denied entry at Hong Kong’s border. The US Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a round table meeting titled “Hong Kong vs. Falun Gong” in August 2007 after reviewing the victims’ testimonies, photos and medical evidences. During the meeting Falun Gong practitioners gave personal accounts about the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s human rights abuses.

This time, the Hong Kong Immigration Department has once again played its old trick of delaying and refusing visas for Shen Yun crew members, with the obvious intention of not letting Shen Yun perform in Hong Kong.

In the two years prior to this incident, the CCP has used its consulates and spies around the world at least seven times in an attempt to sabotage and interfere with Shen Yun’s shows. There is no doubt that the CCP is behind the puppet Hong Kong authorities’ disgraceful conduct.

The people of Hong Kong should understand that the CCP is stopping Shen Yun Performing Arts’ performances in Hong Kong at the cost of incurring Hong Kong’s libel law ruling! Hong Kong people should condemn its government for degrading morality in order to execute the CCP’s orders!


From the Epochtimes

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