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Eutelsat’s Favors for China Regime Now Include Satellite Technology

Posted by Author on March 30, 2009

By Evan Mantyk, Epoch Times Staff, Mar 30, 2009 –

The Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported last week that European aerospace giant Arianespace expressed “shock” that a Chinese competitor was chosen by European satellite company Eutelsat to launch its latest satellite into space. The deal leaves precious satellite technology wide open to China and other nations that proliferate weapons of mass destruction.

It is the latest instance by Eutelsat putting business before principle in its dealings with the Chinese Communist Party. In June, the company cut the signal of New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV), an independent network that reports on human rights in China.

United States Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (California) highlighted the satellite launch deal, as well as a similar one by another European company. He called on the Obama administration to immediately cease doing business with the companies until they stop aiding the Chinese regime.

“You’d be reasonable in thinking that the European companies who are helping [China] arm for war and stifle free speech would be at odds with the European companies that are helping the United States keep the peace and sow the seeds of democracy,” reads Rep. Rohrabacher’s letter.

“But you’d be outraged to know that the two companies… who are profiting from their work with the People’s Liberation Army [China’s military], are the very same companies that sell goods and services to the United States Government.”

A Pentagon report released on March 25 found that China’s increasing military build up has uncertain intentions, stretching beyond defense of its borders and potentially challenging strategic U.S. positions throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

“Much uncertainty surrounds China’s future course, particularly regarding how its expanding military power might be used,” reads the report, which came out only a few weeks after tensions were raised when an unarmed U.S. Navy vessel was bullied by five Chinese ships in the South China Sea.

Eutelsat’s Questionable Past

For powerful international companies like Eutelsat, dealing with China has meant taking principles off the bargaining table on a regular basis. In his letter, Rep. Rohrabacher addresses Eutelsat’s questionable past dealings with the communist state.

“One of these European companies [Eutelsat] also helps to muzzle Freedom of Conscience in the People’s Republic of China by denying satellite telecommunications services to dissidents within China,” reads the letter, referencing the termination of NTDTV’s signal.

Eutelsat terminated broadcast of NTDTV into China in June, 2008, citing technical reasons. A July 10 investigative report by Reporters Without Borders revealed, however, that the broadcast cut was a premeditated act, owing to influence from the Chinese regime ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

In January, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling on Eutelsat to resume broadcast of NTDTV into China.

The resolution urges the European Union’s 27 member states “to take necessary action to help restore NTDTV’s broadcasts to China and to support access to uncensored information for millions of Chinese citizens.”

The resolution also “urges Eutelsat to resume NTDTV transmission to China without delay and to provide reasons for this suspension.”

Despite accusations that they caved to pressure from the Chinese communist regime, Eutelsat turned down at least two invitations to discuss the matter with the European Parliament.

“It’s obvious that [the CEO of Eutelsat is] afraid to come. He’s afraid to come and face the Members of Parliament because there is no explanation for closing the signal [into China] and that is obvious,” said Hanna Foltyn-Kubicka, a Member of European Parliament through a translator, in an interview with The Epoch Times in January.

The Epochtimes

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