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Video Confirms China’s Use of Torture in Tibetan Protests

Posted by Author on March 22, 2009

By Joshua Philipp, Epoch Times Staff, Mar 21, 2009-

The Tibetan Government-in-Exile released new video footage of the protests in Lhasa last year that confirms the use of extreme violence and torture by Chinese authorities. The footage is evidence against the Chinese communist regime’s denial that torture is used in Tibet.

“This extremely rare and shocking footage confirms our worst fears about the horrific pain and suffering Tibetans are experiencing at the hands of the Chinese authorities in the wake of last year’s uprising,” said Lhadon Tethong, Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet, in a press release.

“The brutality of the Chinese authorities against Tibetans in this footage is not the exception to, but rather the rule of, Beijing’s treatment of the Tibetan people over the past 50 years,” he said.

One segment of the video, recorded on March 14, 2008, shows Chinese police beating Tibetan prisoners with batons, after they were arrested in the protests. The prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs and can only curl in an attempt to resist the beatings.

Another segment of the video shows gruesome images of a young Tibetan by the name of Tendar being tortured by Chinese authorities. He was reportedly fired at, beaten with an electric baton, burned with cigarettes, and his right foot was pierced by a nail.

The video shows him after being brought to the TAR People’s Hospital. His body is covered with rotting wounds from lack of proper treatment. The hospital removed 2.5 kg of decaying flesh.

Tendar died from his injuries on June 19, 2008.

The protests in Tibet began on March 10, 2008, leading up to the Beijing Olympics.

Officials from the Chinese Communist Party have repeatedly denied that torture was used in Tibet. In November 2008 when the U.N. panel released a report on the use of torture on Tibetans by Chinese police, the Chinese Foreign Ministry called the reports “untrue and slanderous” and accused the committee members of being “prejudiced” against China.

In the Lhasa protests and the following crackdown by the communist regime, close to 220 Tibetans were killed, more than 1,294 were seriously injured, and more than 1,000 simply disappeared. The Chinese authorities arrested more than 5,600 Tibetans, of which 290 are known to have been sentenced.

The Chinese Communist Party is still holding Tibet under martial law.

The video, which is at times difficult to watch, can be seen at:

The Epochtimes

2 Responses to “Video Confirms China’s Use of Torture in Tibetan Protests”

  1. David Taylor said

    WE still have no word on Gao Zhisheng. It is unquestionable in my mind that he has been and probably still is being brutally tortured. It is beyond belief that this Nobel Peace Prize nominee and internationally renowned lawyer had been once again kidnapped by Chinese police and this gets no coverage from networks like CNN, FOX (maybe should have suspected that?), ABC, NBC, CBS. Surely we have departed from the philosophy once adhered to by Woodward and Bernstein. It is as if there is an international conspiracy among the news networks to just look the other way and fail to report the news. Have the chicom bought them like they have bought everybody else lately. If so, get ready to live in a communist dictatorship just like they want. Are all you networks just a bunch of paid for sniveling cowards?

  2. Seems good to me. (flex bahth house)

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