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CNN Apology: a Chinese Communist Party Scandal

Posted by Author on April 23, 2008

By Ren Baiming, Via The Epochtimes, Apr. 21, 2008-

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a long history of intentionally mixing up concepts of the Party, country, government and people, so as to incite Chinese people’s “patriotic sentiment” to instigate or divert a crisis when necessary. Instead of introducing a theory about why this is, I would just like to provide some facts to serve as practical examples for your reference.

CNN recently made an apology to the CCP over its recent comments on the Beijing Olympic torch relay. If one examines it more closely, it should be obvious that it was all a farce.

On April 17, 2008, the CCP-controlled Xinhua News Agency ran an article headlined “China Continues to Urge CNN to Offer Sincere Apology over Malicious Attacks on Chinese People,” in which Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said, ” We demand CNN and Cafferty himself take back his vile remarks and apologize to all the Chinese people.”

This all goes back to the afternoon of April 9, when CNN broadcasted a live report on the Beijing Olympic torch relay in San Francisco. According to the Xinhua News Agency, when CNN host Jack Cafferty was making a comment about Sino-American relationships, he said, “I think they (the Chinese authorities) are basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they have always been over the past 50 years.”

Soon after, the Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned Cafferty’s actions and summoned CNN’s Beijing executives to review Cafferty’s vile remarks. CNN immediately became the target of condemnations by people across China. From some of the Xinhua website article titles alone, one can tell that the matter is indeed very serious.

Such titles include: “CNN Host Refers to Chinese as ‘Goons'”; “CNN Incites Racial Discrimination, Shame to Refer to Itself as Human Rights Defender”; “Who is Trash: Chinese Products or CNN Hosts?”; “Does CNN Host Insult Chinese Due to Ignorance or Shamelessness?”; “CNN Host’s Insults Reveal Racism.”; “The Voices of Justice Around the World Should Condemn Cafferty’s Nazi-like Remarks” and “CNN Host Insults Chinese, Shame on the U.S. Media.”

CNN issued a statement on April 15, saying Cafferty was sharing his strong opinion of the Chinese Government, not China’s people. It also said, “It should be noted that over many years, Jack Cafferty has expressed critical comments on many governments, including the U.S. government and its leaders.” In its statement, CNN added: “CNN would like to clarify that it was not Mr. Cafferty’s, nor CNN’s, intent to cause offense to the Chinese people, and would apologize to anyone who has interpreted the comments in this way.”

Given that, we have got a clear picture the incident. It’s similar to a scene like this: Jack said something about Tome, and Tom, bringing Peter with him, questioned Jack for the “maliciously attack.” Jack then explained to Peter that the comments are only about Tome, not Peter. So what do you think Tom would say? You’d think he would say, “So you were talking about me! Then you should apologize to me!”

But in the actual incident, the CCP, who’s playing Tom, have been acting weird — it behaves more like Peter: “Okay, so you were talking about me. I’m so forgiving and I’m not asking for an apology. However, you have to apologize to Peter again. Don’t say it’s about me any more, because if you say so Peter will stop being angry. Why don’t you just say you attacked Peter so you guys can settle it up and leave me out of this.”

Of course, the CCP has its official routine interpretations. Jiang Yu said, in reference to CNN’s April 15 statement, “CNN turned its attack on the Chinese government to try to sow division between the Chinese government and the people.” Therefore, “It’s totally unacceptable.” She intensified her remarks and argued that “CNN’s statement not only insulted the Chinese people, but also defied the conscience and justice of humankind.”

Jiang’s logic was truly hard to follow. No matter what Jiang said, she avoided recognizing that the defamation was targeted at the CCP. Near the end of her statement, Jiang reiterated that the Chinese people would not tolerate humiliation and demanded CNN deliver a sincere apology to the Chinese people.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry knew full well that media had been “defaming” and “challenging” the CCP. However, the Ministry failed to defend the regime which it represents and demonstrated no courage to ask CNN for a direct apology to the CCP. Instead, the Ministry’s reaction has been confusing and incoherent—it reiterated that CNN should apologize to the Chinese people, an innocent bystander in all of this. Why is it so strange?

The reason is clear. In fact, the CCP has always tried to incite national sentiment among its people. Its hope is that any condemnation of the CCP may be converted into derogatory racial slurs against the Chinese people. The CCP likes to hide backstage. If it’s exposed on stage, it wouldn’t be possible to instigate patriotism among the Chinese people.

This time, the “CCP” and the “Chinese people” were accidentally differentiated by CNN, leaving the regime in an extremely awkward situation. In order to utilize the Chinese people as the scapegoat for its evils, however, the CCP couldn’t do anything other than play the fool so as to spare itself. This is exactly one of the ways the Chinese people have been exploited by the CCP over the past fifty years.

Anyhow, it is certain that the CCP mishandled this case. It has been searching for ways to get itself out of this dilemma. There have been articles, accusing Cafferty of adopting a preemptive and boorish style of hosting TV programs. “He is always deliberately criticizing to arouse disputes so as to secure viewer ratings.”

While the CCP continues attempting to fool the Chinese people, the best way for them to safeguard their self-respect and dignity, and to demonstrate true patriotism is to quit all of the organizations associated with the Chinese Communist Party.

Original report from The Epochtimes

10 Responses to “CNN Apology: a Chinese Communist Party Scandal”

  1. An interesting dialogue is worth comment. I believe that it’s best to write more on this topic, it won’t be a taboo subject but generally persons are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  2. feets 2big said

    leave it to Mike to change the subject for his own favorite complaint, “those terrible Jews and what they do”
    Sounds like a Nazi to me, but why insert his own passionate hate into a discussion about China? He wants a soapbox, and probably looks for any excuse to continue his derisive archaic argument.

    A non-jew

    • Mike said

      leave it to feets 2big to focus on smaller problems. why is it that we can talk about the chinese or the muslims but it’s mocked when we talk about jews? typical indoctrinated double standard drone.

      A jew

  3. Mike said

    Mitch Gerber is only obsessed w/ china’s crimes. he is JEWISH. let’s talk about what these bankers are doing to the global economy. consider jewish last names (gold, perle, silver, rich)

    • Mitch said

      Mike, your comments sound Anti-Semetic.

      I am talking about innocent Falun Gong practitioners killed for their organs in death camps, and then their bodies thrown into crematories.

      If you want to talk about Economy, understand the Humanity of life first.

      Best Wishes,


      • Mike said

        what about the ILLEGAL wall israel builds? what about bulldozing palestinian homes and illegal settlements that have prompted arabs to retaliate? i am persian and why can israel have nuclear but iran can’t? And you obsess over what china does to some small sect because you happen to practice it? Please

  4. Mitchell N. Gerber said

    I believe that the Chinese Communist Party is the most vile natured regime in the World, and as a Jewish South African, I know full hand that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has violated every and any International Human Rights law, wiped out more than 5000 years of Ancient Chinese History, and killed more of their OWN people than 2 World Wars combined.

    Please consider watching the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party:

    This truly opened my eyes to how evil the Chinese Communist Party is, especially in its evil persecution against the innocent spiritual practice, namely Falun Gong.

    Best Wishes,

    Mitchell Nicholas Gerber

  5. niubi4 said

    Of course Mr. Ren is completely correct. And, deliciously, the person or entity ‘Wei Ai’ concisely sums up the CCP’s dreams of blurring the lines between themselves and the Country and its People. Certainly in the case of ‘Wei Ai’ they would appear to have succeeded! Sadly, for ‘Wei Ai’ and all others who profess to hold the same viewpoint a slave is no less a slave by denying his tormentors actions. And thus by so clearly explaining his tormentors success in blinding him to his own lack of political freedom of choice he reminds us -as if free people needed reminding – that it will be a long time before China and the Chinese People under the mesmerizing influence of the CCP carry their rightful, equal weight as powerful, free-thinking citizens of the world community. Whether willfully blind or genuinely fooled the world has little need for the actions of outside detractors or scary ‘Jack Cafferty’s’ to bring down China’s reputation as a powerful, strong and humane world leader. We have ‘Wei Ai’ the happy slave to do it for us :(

  6. leo chiang said

    I don’t like CCP. But I dislike the guy, Ren Baiming, either. He has no sense of logic at all, ignoring the basic facts in Mr Cafferty’s remarks. Mr Cafferty’s comments humiliate the chinese as a whole, not just targeting the chinese goverment. That is the fact!! I don’t understand why/how Mr Baiming make the connection between CCP and Mr Cafferty’s comments. Mr Baiming, you surely can write a long article to tell why the egg in China has anything to do with the car in the US, aren’t you?

  7. moonstudio said

    Nice post. Helped a lot.

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