(photo) China Regime Implicated in Staging Violence in Tibet Protest

By Qin Yue and Qi Yue, Sound of Hope, via the Epochtimes, Updated Mar 28, 2008-

Evidence is accumulating that the Chinese regime orchestrated violence in Lhasa in orderChinese policeman in disguise holding a knife to discredit the peaceful protests of Buddhist monks.

According to the Dalai Lama’s Chinese translator, Ngawang Nyendra, a witness reported that a Chinese policeman in Lhasa disguised himself as a Tibetan and joined the protesters holding a knife in his hand. This witness also recognized the man from BBC news footage and news photos provided by China.

A Chinese woman from Thailand (who prefers that her name not be used) was studying in Lhasa when the protests broke out in March. As one of her friends is a policeman, she visited him at the local police station quite often and got to know other policemen there.

(Photo: The upper portion shows the uncropped photo distributed to news media by the Chinese Embassy, with a Chinese policeman in disguise holding a knife;
The lower portion, the edited version of the same scene distributed by the Chinese Embassy after the man’s identity was revealed at a rally in Darmasala
/ from the Epochtimes website)

After the protests on March 14, she and other foreigners were sent to the police station where she saw a man with a knife in his hand walking in with some arrested Tibetans. The man later took off the Tibetan-style clothes and put on a police uniform.cropped copy of the photo released by the Chinese Embassy purporting to show a Tibetan with a knife taking part in a riot.

This woman was sent out of Lhasa with other foreigners the next day. When she arrived in India via Nepal, she recognized the policeman she had seen in Tibetan garb from BBC TV news and photos that the Chinese embassy had provided to the media.

Ngawang Nyendra said the witness was shocked when she saw the policeman in the BBC broadcast. She realized then that the man had disguised himself as a Tibetan in order to incite people to riot.

(photo: Cropped copy of the Chinese policeman that was released by the Chinese Embassy purporting to show a Tibetan with a knife taking part in a riot/ from the Epochtimes website)

The witness contacted a Tibetan organization in India and told them what she had seen. At a rally on March 17, the organization publicized a news photo originally provided by the Chinese Embassy in India in which the policeman appeared as a Tibetan rioter.

On Xinhua and other Chinese-language Web sites friendly to the regime, after the rally at which the witness spoke, the policeman in disguise had disappeared from photos taken at the same scene in which he had previously been visible. Recently, the original man-with-the-knife photo has returned to these Web sites.

Ngawang Nyendra said, “This photo with this man in it was sent by the Chinese embassy to BBC and Radio Free Asia. The other photo was sent out later. They are exactly the same except the man has disappeared from the second photo.

“From the TV news footage, you can see this man attempting to stab other people with a knife. But in later shots you can’t find this person any more. They were acting. After people raised questions about these shots, this footage never appeared on TV again.”

Other Evidence

The main claim of the dramatic story told last week by the Dalai Lama’s translator— that the Chinese regime incited the riots in Lhasa— has lately found corroboration from other sources.

There is first of all the Chinese regime’s track record of staging this kind of deception.

This is not the first time that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has sent policemen to act as rioters in civilian protests in Tibet to stir up violence and frame the protesters.

In his “Events in Lhasa March 2-10, 1989″, the Chinese journalist Tang Daxian revealed how the CCP orchestrated violence as part of a plan to suppress the 1989 protests in Tibet.

According to the article, “On the dawn of March 5, the Armed Police in Tibet received the action order from the Chief Commander of Armed Police headquarter, Mr. Li Lianxiu.…The Special Squad should immediately assign 300 members to be disguised as ordinary citizens and Tibetan monks, entering the Eight-Corner Street and other riot spots in Lhasa, to support plain-clothes police to complete the task.

“Burn the Scripture Pagoda at the northeast of Dazhao Temple. Smash the rice store in the business district, incite citizens to rob rice and food, attack the Tibet-Gansu Trading Company. Encourage people to rob store products, but, only at the permitted locations.”

According to the commentator Mr. Chen Pokong, “In this year’s protest, the riot scene was quite similar to that of 1989. A group of young men in their twenties acted in a well organized way. They first shouted slogans, then burnt some vehicles near the Ramoche Monastery, and then broke into nearby stores and robbed them, and finally burnt scores of the stores.

“The actions seemed well planned and coordinated, and were conducted with skill. At the crossroads near the Ramoche Monastery, someone prepared in advance many stones of a similar size, each weighing a couple of kilograms. These stones magically escaped the attention of numerous policemen and plainclothes agents who flooded the city.”

Mr. Chen’s account of what happened this year is corroborated by the British high-tech spy agency GCHQ, whose satellites observed Chinese police incite the riots in Lhasa, according to a report in the G2 Bulletin.

These accounts also help make sense of puzzling aspects of a report in the New York Times on the scene on the streets of Lhasa on March 14.

According to the NY Times, “Foreigners and Lhasa residents who witnessed the violence were stunned by what they saw, and by what they did not see: the police. Riot police officers fled after an initial skirmish and then were often nowhere to be found.”

“One monk reached by telephone said other monks noticed that several officers were more interested in shooting video of the violence than stopping it. ‘They were just watching,’ the monk said. ‘They tried to make some videos and use their cameras to take some photos,’” according to the NY Times.

The publication of the photo of the man with the knife by Xinhua and its distribution by the Chinese Embassy, as reported by the Dalai Lama’s translator, would be consistent with this monk’s observation.

Meanwhile, the Tibetans continue to assert that the Chinese regime has been hoodwinking the world about what happened during the protests in Lhasa.

30 young monks broke into a press briefing behind held on Thursday by the Chinese regime in Jokhang Temple in Lhasa. According to USA Today reporter Callum MacLeod (as reported by Reuters), the young monks shouted, “Don’t believe them. They are tricking you. They are telling lies.”

With reporting by Stephen Gregory and Hao Feng

- Report from The Epochtimes: Chinese Regime Implicated in Staging Violence in Lhasa—UPDATED

47 thoughts on “(photo) China Regime Implicated in Staging Violence in Tibet Protest

  1. I urge everyone to see the award winning documentary
    Tibet:Beyond Fear that documents the ta Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Nun leading demonstrations against Chinese repression in Tibet and how they had the courage, inspired by the Dalai Lama, to move beyond fear despite horrific torture during imprisonment. Now they have found a way to let go of their anger and forgive their former torturers. They understand that the Chinese people are also suffering. The film also highlights how are actions can help free political prisoners in China.

  2. you people saying that you this is fake should be ashamed and you need to learn your history about the chinese government. its not completely the chinese peoples fault, The government is very manipulative. i used to love china when i was a little girl but, growing up and following the Middle Path of the Buddha.. I have educated myself on how corrupt the chinese government really is. The buddhist dont want total independence.. they are fighting for equality.. the right to have thier beliefs, their land, and live the Middle Path.. China suppresses religious beliefs, including those of the Buddhist because the conflict with each other. you people who claim that Buddhist are violent, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! LEARN YOUR HISTORY! RESEARCH AND REALIZE the facts about the chinese government. GOOGLE it and you’ll be VERY surprised. The thing is this photo has EVIDENCE that it there are fake protests happening. The chinese government released it to the media (WHICH IS UNDER CONTROL, DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN’T JUST REPORT ON WHAT YOU WANT, THE GOVERNMENT OF CHINA CONTROLS THE MEDIA!) as evidence that Tibetains are violent, when numerous people claimed that they saw this same man come in dressed as an officer, switched to a tibetan style attire and then switched back. as soon as this happened the government told the media to doctor the photo so that the man could no longer be identified as a police officer. Think about it, if there is no man in there to identify they can’t identify him and it protects their butt. the Chinese government is crafty and manipulative. all you folks that dont think so NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

  3. China makes me sick to my stomache. As a young student researching religious freedom as a moral issue for an ethics assignment I can’t believe the lengths “people” go to because of their own fear and shame. It’s pathetic. How do they think they look in the worlds eyes. No-one can hide the truth forever and that is now evident throught the events that have happened throughout this year 2008. They sail on a boat with cracks and leaks through their dark cold sea of fear and shame. How sad.

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  5. Well True or Untrue all this is pointing towards the coming unrest specially during The Olympics. It seems to me as China is rising in international standing and blinding the world with it’s fast pace growth, Tibet will get more opportunities to publicize their protests.
    Instead of concentrating on the violence right now we should try and look into the future. How many of the readers genuinely think that Tibet will get Independence or even complete autonomy in next 50 years. Even though there are lot of Tibet supporters round the world still majority of them know the truth that this is not likely in this period of time. So by protesting Tibet is only destabalizing the region and instead should board the development train.

  6. Hmmm!! Tibet is the part of China, Protectors are just losers.. Pakistanis believe in united and sovereign China, no country should think to change the territories of china.
    Pak-China Friendship Rules!!

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  9. What I see (in the highly detailed image at the bottom of http://www.zonaeuropa.com/20080330_1.htm) is a crowd of passive young Tibetans watching four or five active provacateurs burning a rickshaw and other paraphenalia. One or two are looking around nervously.

    The image with the Tibetan/Chinese knife-holding guy IN it is not likely Photoshopped… I do a lot of that kind of work and the shadows under his feet are very precise and consistent with low-angle sun (including his hanging sash). His right leg is partially obscured by smoke. I would say he’s the original. The best argument that this guy is a police-agent provocateur is that the CPP saw fit to remove him from the image after he was “exposed” in Dharamsala.

    Meanwhile in Lhasa – for decades – the Tibetans have been holding in anger as they are denied jobs given to Han Chinese, forbidden language classes in Tibetan, refused access to better housing and training, refused anything but the most rudimentary exposure to Buddhism (and most high lamas who could teach advanced practice are dead, imprisoned or in exile)… hell, even the yak-herding has long been taken over by totally disinterested Han field hands who don’t know a dzi from a donkey, keeping the herds as much as possible in containable fenced pastures. Tibetan prostitutes desperate for some kind of living haunt the back alleys of Llasa – bet we won’t see that in the tour agency film clips!

    If the Tibetans HAD exploded in violent anger, I would have understood fully. The fact that they are NOT doing so… but watching helplessly and intimidated as Chinese imposters race through the streets as fake Tibetans, instigating beatings, burning down shops and attacking shopkeepers is a travesty.


  11. Actually I see no difference from these two pic. They both show it’s not a peaceful protest in Tibet on Mar 14. Forget about the guy with a knife, it maybe just a fake image. But what’s in the right hand of the guy burning the flag — I see a metal chain. And what the guy besides the guy in yellow is holding — isn’t that a cudgel?

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  15. This is just another proof that China is faking everything. There are pictures of the Chinese policemen who dress up in monk uniforms.

    I think this strategy of faking will not work in the long term.

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  17. “Dan, you should write an article explaining what you saw in detail at the WTO protests.”

    Yes, I think it would be interesting to read the fully fleshed out version! There are many who don’t know about
    that kind of technique used by police, seems to get more and more accepted though.
    The 2001 WTO in Gothenburg, Sweden was the same a small group that spoke English and did its wrecking like professionals.
    They did their thing and left, then the ordinary police got let loose on the ordinary protesters with lots of beatings and clubbing as result.

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  19. guys, think it with your brain but not your knees.
    If the China’s government tried to prevent a peaceful protest, it has 1000 ways to do it and keep it unknown. Need it lead it to a riot to ruin its people’s lives and its reputation? What a ridiculous story! and someone believe it!

  20. “After the protests on March 14, she and other foreigners were sent to the police station where she saw a man with a knife in his hand walking in with some arrested Tibetans. The man later took off the Tibetan-style clothes and put on a police uniform.”

    My favourite line. Yeah, the police just decided to blow their cover in front of foreigners so easily. I also like the part where you guys have zero proof that the man was photoshopped (harder due to lighting) and not photoshopped OUT.

  21. I have to agree that there is no proof whatsoever that the man Photoshopped out of the picture (or Photoshopped in, for that matter) was a Chinese policeman. Or when the Photoshop work was done and by whom. That’s a long way from the accusation blared across the top of the screen. Actually, the man looks pretty Tibetan to me.

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  24. True or not, it doesn’t matter. Logically it is kind of stupid to use this kind of tactic just to shut some people up… to me, if the CCP really did do this I find it idiotic because they are screwing themselves over or the CCP are not fully in control of their own party members.

    The media also kind of overblown the story a bit and everyone ends up using it as a political tool. I’m not saying that this post is true or false, I could care less about that. My question is that, does this story help or hurt the Tibet Issue both legally and morally. People who advocate for human rights is just stupid. As long as humanity put values onto their own standard of living especially in a market economy, human rights is secondary because each individual cares only him or herself.

    Enough with who is more evil, bad, or wrong. We are all evil, one way or another. Just find the permanent solution to this problem and let go of your ego and pride.

  25. Wait a minute. You present two photos. In one photo a person dressed as a monk and carrying a knife has been removed from the image. That is it? That is your evidence? There is no proof, other than your word, that the photoshopped image originated from the Chinese Embassy. There is no proof, other than your word, that the person removed is a police officer/soldier/whatever. That is simply not good enough. The source you give also hurts your credibility. The Epoch Times? I mean come on! That is like quoting Fox News or The Oreilly Factor in support of the Bush Administration.

    What I see is a photo that has been digitally altered to remove a man wearing robes and carrying a knife. Period. You want a PR lesson? Unsubstantiated claims from biased sources are worthless. Enough of them and you taint your position to outside observers.

    What we DO know about the situation is that there was rioting in which Tibetans killed ethnic Chinese civilians and in which Chinese police/soldiers killed Tibetans. That is about ALL we know.

  26. It seems the Chinese govt. has learned from their North American counterparts. This kind of “agent provocateur” stuff happens at a lot of N. American protests.

    It’s just funny to see how the Western press will make a big deal when the Chinese govt. uses these tactics, but pretty much ignore the same in their own backyard.

  27. There was similar tactics used in montreal, canada. It is an age old tactic that allows the police to “legitimatly” persecute peaeful demonstration organizations…

  28. i second chris’ idea.

    with such an interesting post as the one dan put up, the full story would make an awesome article. who knows if dan will make his way back to view our encouraging words though.

  29. The same thing happened at the WTO protests in Seattle, WA in 1999.
    I witnessed the so-called “anarchists,” who only numbered a couple of dozen, strategically positioning themselves at every intersection, communicating with each other with hidden two-way radios under their hoodies, effectively keeping a step ahead of the police. After coordinating the movements of the police, they suddenly joined together in a fast moving group, producing hammers and crowbars from under their hoodies, smashing everything in their path. This all happened in less than a half hour. The police were never anywhere near this group, thanks to their careful reconnaissance. I also witnessed them come up to people who were taking pictures and smashing the cameras.
    The practice of hiring para-military groups to disrupt protests and make innocent people look like a violent mob is becoming more common. It is up to the public to be vigilant and use our own “media,” the internet, to document and expose these villians.

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