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China’s Tibet Crackdown Embarrasses George Bush and Highlights US Rights Policy Flaws

Posted by Author on March 17, 2008

AFP, Mar.15, 2008-

WASHINGTON (AFP) — China’s crackdown on Tibetan protests has dealt a major embarrassment to US President George W. Bush’s administration, which removed the Asian giant from a human rights blacklist just three days before the bloody repression, experts say.

Rights groups and some lawmakers were dismayed by the State Department’s decision last Tuesday to drop China from its list of the world’s worst human rights violators despite what they called Beijing’s worsening rights record even as it prepared to host the Olympic Games in August.

As Chinese troops moved Friday to quell the worst protests in 20 years against Beijing’s rule in Tibet amid claims of heavy casualties, Bush could come under pressure to restore human rights as top priority in bilateral relations, experts said.

“Clearly the Bush administration has been very, very leery of dealing with the Chinese on the human rights issue,” said John Tkacik, a former China expert in the State Department, who feels Washington’s Asia policy has been skewed by heavy US reliance on China to end North Korea’s nuclear weapons drive.

“So if your only priority is North Korean nuclear weapons, you subordinate everything else to what China wants and that’s unfortunately what seems to have happened here,” he said.

The Tibet crackdown is a “big embarrassment for Bush, coming just a couple of days after the State Department decision to delist China as a top human rights violator,” said T. Kumar, Amnesty International’s Washington-based Asia-Pacific advocacy director.

In a move seen by some as kowtowing to China, Bush has pledged to attend the Olympic Games and effectively endorsed Beijing’s contention that the Olympics have nothing to do with politics.

Frank Wolf, a senior House Republican lawmaker and human rights crusader, has asked Bush not to attend the Beijing games, comparing it to the Berlin 1936 Olympics at the time of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany.

Bush’s presence would be akin to President Franklin D. Roosevelt sitting in the same stands as Germany’s Adolf Hitler in 1936, said Wolf, who plans legislation banning US officials from traveling to the Beijing games at taxpayers’ expense……. (more details from AFP: China’s Tibet crackdown highlights US rights policy flaws)

2 Responses to “China’s Tibet Crackdown Embarrasses George Bush and Highlights US Rights Policy Flaws”

  1. Sindibashinwa Colombe said

    Why should one be so surprised? China is one of three remaining major imperialist and colonialist powers in the world today (the others are Russia and Indonesia). The Chinese have have taken over the land of the Tibetans, Uighurs, and numerous other “minority” nationalities, imposing language, culture and central rule. This is imperialism. They have actively settled Han Chinese in these regions – in the case of Tibet at least, against the strongly expressed wishes of the people (witness the Tibetan resistance in the 1950s). This is colonialism. Why be surprised that Tibetans, Uighurs and others try to take the Olympics as a rare occasion when their protests might be heard?

    China has, over the years, accused western nations of imperialism and colonialism. The western nations have broken up their empires and given freedom to their colonies. When will China do the same? Until it does, it is guilty of the same two evils.

  2. ChinaTibet said

    China should learn from what United States did in the past: kill almost all original American residents, the Indians.

    Had Chinese gov really crackdown tibetans, then there would be no protest, no riot in Tibet at all!

    Look at United States nowadays: what a peaceful land full of human rights but without Indian’s voice!!

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