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Chinese New Year Splendor Surpasses the Broadway Shows, Says Insurance Employee

Posted by Author on February 8, 2008

By Zheng Tingwei, Epoch Times New York Staff, Feb 07, 2008- An employee of the New York Life Insurance Company, Ms. Qiu Qinzheng watched the seventh Chinese New Year Splendor show in New York on the evening of February 4. (Dai Bing/The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—On the evening of February 4, the Divine Performing Arts company gave another breathtaking performance at their seventh Chinese New Year Splendor show in New York.

One theatre goer—Ms. Qiu Qinzheng—works for the New York Life Insurance Company, and is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). She used to perform both Chinese ethnic dance and modern dance.

“The show is very good. The dances are very polished and the pictures are so beautiful. The colors are good too,” explained Qiu. “I especially liked the drums of the Tang Court, and the dancing and music were also enjoyable. The entire show is so delicate. I have never seen such a beautiful picture before. It touches upon themes of philosophy and belief. It integrates Chinese culture and popular legends, using dance and music to present them perfectly.”

“The performance level is very high,” Qiu continued. “I feel that it surpasses the Broadway shows—it actually outdoes them. I just watched ‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ and I think that tonight’s show has an even higher performance level—it is four to five times that of the ‘Phantom.'” Qiu added.

“China has five thousand years of history so they can draw from many good topics. The choreography was well done too. What they have done is beyond imagination, it is hard to imagine that they could have done such a fine job,” Said Qiu.

“Because I have performed Chinese ethnic dance and modern dance before, I can tell they have incorporated many movements and skills from Chinese dance such as leg splits in air, and the unique hand gestures and steps. They use these forms to successfully present China’s history and culture,” stated Qiu. “The well-designed background scenery enables the audience to easily understand what they are trying to portray.”

“I feel that the choreographers are very imaginative. The entire production has a powerful artistic expression. It not only has classical beauty, but also a modern touch. It uses traditional Chinese colors in harmony, giving people a very pleasant feeling,” Qiu explained.

“When I was watching, I cried quite a few times; it was so touching. From the lyrics, I could hear deep calls to restore the Chinese traditional truth, compassion and beauty. I could feel the pain of the Chinese nation. I feel it very deeply,” said Qiu.

“I believe this show will win a great response among large audiences in the U.S., causing them to reevaluate their view of Chinese people. They will realize that some media characterizations about the Chinese people are only narrow picture created by a few people, and not what we hope to see. What this show presents is the true image of the Chinese people,” Qiu said.

The Chinese New Year Splendor continues in New York through Saturday, Feb. 9. For other shows in the Divine Performing Arts world tour, please visit: The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of the Chinese New Year Splendor.

– Original report from the Epochtimes: Million Dollar Round Table Member: ‘I feel that it surpasses the Broadway shows’

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