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(video) High Praise for Chinese New Year Spectacular in Philadelphia

Posted by Author on January 12, 2008

By Sharif Roach, Epoch Times Philadelphia Staff, Jan 05, 2008-

PHILADELPHIA— Matinee and evening performances of the Spectacular were held on Saturday, January 5, at the Merriam Theater at the University of the Arts. During intermission and after the final curtain, the theater was filled with smiles and compliments for the show.

“It was excellent,” said Glen from Yardley, PA. “It was very moving. The dances were beautiful, the drums were great. It was a wonderful message of compassion and truth.”

Becky Jenison, a preschool teacher from Collegeville, PA brought her two adopted daughters; Emily, age eight, and Sarah, age four. Ms. Jenison noted that the children have not previously been able to stay at a performance past intermission. At the Spectacular, they very much wanted to stay.

“Great, great,” commented Ms. Jenison about the show. “I liked when the angel girls came out in the beginning—they did it so elegantly.” Emily said with a shy smile, “I liked when they played the drums.”

Linda Cooper, from Philadelphia who taught ballet for many years, spoke very highly of several aspects of the show and said, “I understand why the show is called Spectacular.” “I love the colors. I love all the costumes. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

She especially enjoyed the shows’ two hosts, Leeshai Lemish and Mei Zhou, who prepared the audience for each portion of the show, elucidating pieces with background information and also offering light-hearted comic routines.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.It’s very beautiful,” said Lisa. “It’s peaceful, it’s energizing, it’s everything all wrapped up into one. It’s a terrific night.”

Above video: Short introduction of the show and warm feedback from audience/ by NTDTV

“It was all very colorful. Everything was so detail oriented,” said Liz from Collegville, PA, who saw the show with her husband.

Marie, a senior citizen and an an usher of five years at the Merriam Theater, said, “I love it. It was gorgeous, color. And they’re so light on their feet, it’s like something I never saw before.” “It is perfection, it is definitely perfection,” she added enthusiastically.

Andrew McCann, a teacher at Drexel University and owner of a software company, saw with the show with his wife and two daughters adopted from China.”I really enjoyed it,” he said. “We’d been to China twice. Our goal, at least for an afternoon, was to immerse ourselves in culture beyond going to Chinatown and having dinner. It was really great for that.”

“I like it a lot. The drum, strongest part of the show, you feel it the most,” said Gregg Ferhman, a structural engineer.

Patricia Ackerman, a retired educator from Cleveland, Ohio, was invited to the show by the house guest of a friend. She said she enjoyed the show a lot. The Spectacular gave her the opportunity to reminisce about her trip to China, where she visited a performing arts school that taught students various art forms, including dance and orchestra.

The Saturday shows were two of five scheduled performances in Philadelphia.

Additional reporting by

Original report from the Epochtimes

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